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    Ryan Daniels

    Real Name: Ryan Charles Daniels

    Ring Name: Ryan Daniels

    - The Chosen One

    Birth Place: London, England

    Billed From: London, England

    Resides: New York City, New York

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 220 lbs

    Date Of Birth: April 3rd 1987

    Age: 22

    Alignment: Heel

    Gimmick: in his own words "Im Obnoxious, Im Ignorant, Im Selfish but God Damn Im The SHIT!"

    Entrance Theme: Drake Feat. KanYe West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem - Forever (Travis Barker Remix)

    Pic Base

    -Sterling James Keenan-

    Standard Moves:
    - Headlock
    - Dropsault
    - Flying Headscissors Takedown
    - European Uppercut
    - DDT
    - Diving Clothesline
    - Lionsault
    - Moonsault
    - Delayed Vertical Suplex
    - Sitout Facebuster
    - STO
    - Hurricanrana
    - Dragonrana
    - Frog Splash

    Signature Moves:
    - Falling Star Press (Standing Shooting Star Press)
    - Oh My God! Did You See That! (720 Spalsh)
    - Pelè Kick

    Finisher Moves:
    - The Hologram (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)
    - Death Drop Technique (Reverse Spiked DDT)

    Ryan Charles Daniels was born in London, England April 3rd 1987. He now resides in New York City, New York. He is a Professional Wrestler currently signed to Clique Pro Wrestling. His younger cousin was Jack Granville who was also a professional wrestler but tragically died after taking a cocain overdose. He attened London University where he studied Sports Psychology.

    Personal Life:
    Daniels bought his aunty a house in New York so she could be close to him after she was diagnoised with depression after her son, Jack's tragic death.

    Ryan is a Vegiterian

    Daniels is on the draft list for the army if a war should ocur

    Wrestling Career:
    Early Career
    Ryan never intended to become a wrestler but when aged 19 he accompanied his younger cousin Jack Granville to a wrestling camp even lying for his under age cousin so he could train. Jack persuaded Ryan to join in the classes. Ryan was noticably bigger then his cousin and was even known as the more natural of the 2 but Jack had the drive to go on and push to get signed to a contract by trainer Yugito Yen. After the camp had finished Jack signed, illegally with EWF whilest Ryan went to university to study sports psychology.

    London Pro Wrestling
    After nearly 2 years out from wrestling Ryan recieved a phone call from his cousin begining him to help him out in a tag team match he was booked in for LPW as his original partner said he wouldn't work with Granville. Reluctantly, Daniels accepted and 1 week later was in London training with his cousin, former trainer Yugito and Jack's trainer little guido. After a monthes intensive training he entered the squared circle for the first time. Not expecting anything out of the match, Daniels was shocked when he read online reviews raving about him and how he "out performed" his cousin, he was even more shocked to recieve a 1 year contract offer from LPW. After over 2 monthes debating, money meetings, discusions about uni, Ryan Daniels left university and signed a 1 year contract with LPW. He re-debuted under "The Chosen One" Ryan Daniels against Delirious which Daniels won in a squash. The crowd took to him but there where many back stage fracaltys. 2 monthes into his stint the inevitable happened, Daniels vs O'Doherty aka his cousin Jack at the LPW PPV Date With Destiny. Daniels lost but put both put on a great effort, Daniels even debuted his new finisher The Hologram which is the exact same move as Granville's Shooting Stardust.
    In his time at LPW he had a 16-7 win loss rate but was released 6 monthes into his year long contract for bad attitude towards other wrestlers

    Move to America and WWE
    After his release from LPW videos of his matches where found on the Internet and ended up landing up in the hands of Dave Findley, the WWE trainer. After showing the videos to Vince McMahon, Daniels was offered a try out match. Daniels reloacted to New York City where he had his try out match before a RAW taping against Kaval formally known as Low-Ki and Senshi. After losing the try out match, WWE offered Daniels a development contract with FCW. His first FCW match came at there annual Six-Flags event against Joe Hennig in which was dubbed match of the year after neither men could answer the 10 count after Hennig speared Daniels through the ring ropes and through a table on the outside. After just under 3 monthes, Daniels had a FCW title shot against then champion Sheamus. During his ring enterance he was attacked by Paul Burchill. Burchill replaced Daniels during the match
    The reason Daniels had his shot removed was because his back stage attitude towards staff and fellow wrestlers. After being disciplined by FCW Staff Daniels was allowed back. Daniels requested his release after his cousins traffic death which was accepted and Daniels left WWE & FCW

    Granvilles Death and CWA
    Following the death of his cousin that got him into the sport Daniels found it hard and took it to heart. He spoke at his funeral about how he got him into wrestling and lying for him to get into EWF. He met several CWA wrestlers at the funeral who took him back to see CWA Officials. CWA continued to help Granville's greaving mother with care packages, Daniels asked CWA to look over his videos. After watching various tapes, CWA Staff were delightfully impressed with Ryan and offered him a contract which was kept secret with the biggest CWA Oay Per View ever, 5 Star Attraction coming up. Daniels was Schedualed to be seated ring side and have a interview but never showed up until the Royal Rumble match. Daniels made a shock debut coming out of no where to finish 3rd in the rumble behind Ralph McCoy and eventual winner Nicholas Kennedy Arsen.

    CWA Match Record:
    Wins - 0
    Draws - 0
    Loses - 0

    CWA Debut Match:
    Five Star Attraction - Royal Rumble Match - 3rd

    CWA Adrenaline Rush Debut:
    Ryan Daniels & Don DeVries Vs. Ralph McCoy & Nero James - Main Event
    CWA Career: Won-3 / Lost-1 / Drawn-1


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    Re: Ryan Daniels

    Five Star Attraction

    We switch to a shot inside Madison Square Garden with a very excited Orlando Maxwell standing ring side. Clutching his mic and wearing a special 5 Star Attraction embroided pine stripe suit and a giant smile on his face.

    "We are live ringside and I am delighted to introduce to you the older cousin of our dear and sadly depart friend Jack Granville who wrestled here at CWA under the name O'Doherty, Ryan Daniels"

    A round of applause goes up around Madison Square Garden as Ryan Daniels removes his shades, gets to his feet and applauds to fans appreciation of his cousin. As the applause dies down Daniels turns to the camera.

    "We at CWA have tried our best to support Jack Granville's family in there loss and Ryan, you and Jack got in wrestling together and I'm sure you most of all miss him the most but if I may ask Where would Jack have been today if he was with us today ?"

    "First I would like to thank CWA and the fans for there help and support you could never understand how much it means to his mother and I so thank you. As for you're question Orlando, he would have been in the ring giving his blood sweat and tears in the final of the Ruler of The Ring tournement and hand on heart I believe he would have won!"

    "How do you think he would have faired in the Royal Rumble ?"

    "Again I think he would have had a great showing and would defenatly have been in the final 4 at least if not, he would have won"

    "And who's your pick for tonights main event ?"

    "My pick is... I don't know. I have a feeling someone unknown or one of the unannounced wrestlers. Expect a few surprises and as a wrestler myself I can tell you it's not as obvious as you may think. In WWE recently Sheamus won a rumble match then shocked the world winning the WWE Title all in the space of one month so I can't pick it

    One side of me wants to say the big man in the match and the proven Guardian Devil, GD. His size gives him an advantage but the former evil reverend seems to rather be loved be the fans then be clinical and win the match. He's a bit goofy which the crowd love but it makes more of a target so no I don't think William Devlin will come out on top

    So if not GD surely the young shot Ralph McCoy, The Roadrunner must win right ? Wrong! His inexperience on big stage WILL play a factor and no matter how much promise and potential you have, 19 other men is to much to deal with on inconsistent shoulders

    So who ? Maybe NKA or Roberto ? Who ever loses there match enters the rumble and having already taken a beating on the grandest stage of all isn't what you need. Nikolas Kennedy... KENNEDY! Arsen, a Man on a Mission and he does not care about the fans which I like. He knows what he wants and will do anything to get it but on the other hand the current champ Roberto, the first Homosexual champ ever seems more concerned about his next perfume then the Title so I'd say Roberto will be in the Rumble

    So my pick is... The unknown man I'm going for a huge shocker to close 5 Star Attraction. I hope I'm right"

    Daniels grins slyly as he slowly begins to put his shades back on, just before he does he winks to the camera as Orlando looks at Daniels with a gleem in his eyes as the crowd are left puzzled by Daniels words.

    "Thank you for those words Ryan, we now head back to the ring!"

    Maxwell shakes Daniels hand as he take his ringside seat just before we go back to the ring
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