Daren Storm this time logged on the CWA.com message boards and left another little message for the team he and Axl Storm will face on December 30th.

Daren Storm: Iím sure by now you two amigoís have managed to translate what Axl said the other day. Unfortunately in his haste of making that announcement he left out an important piece of Information. Donít worry, Iím here to tell you what it was he forgot. Several weeks ago we hired a private investigator to find out how exactly you two sneaked back into the country, a few days ago he came back with the results. For some bizarre reason he was unable to tell how you managed to avoid the authorities but he did find something else of great interest that explains exactly why you were deported in the first place. We know your dirty little secret amigoís and we are coming prepared at Five Star Attraction. I feel bad for all the people who you faced without them knowing. Itís not going to happen to us. The only thing we want after Five Star Attraction, are two sets of Tag Team Championship belts and there is nothing, you can do to stop it from happening. You can change the present, but the Future is already written, and it doesnít make for good reading if you are the challengers.