Axl Storm has been back on and this time he was in quite a good mood, read on and you’ll quickly find out why.

Axl Storm writes:

I told you we would bring the war to you Los Calavera and I have been true to my word like always. Upon reviewing the contract, Miss Barnes noticed something that may be of interest to you. After she translated it into English, she explained that any and all stipulations added by the challengers, can be countered by the champions. Meaning, quite simply, you got two stipulations, we get two stipulations. Finally, something that even Guardian Devil cant screw us with.

Myself and Daren Storm thought long and hard about this and we believe we came up with two adequate stipulations. Firstly, you get the CWA World Tag Team Championships on the line, we want the AMLL Tag Team Championships on the line. That’s right, a double title match. Whatever title you pull down, your team leaves with that set. In theory, should either of you two pull down an AMLL Tag Team title belt, you’ll retain. In reality however, we are leaving with all four belts over our shoulders.

Secondly, you got ladders added to the match. The painfully obvious next step would be tables and chairs but seeing as everything and anything is legal in a ladder match, that would be a pointless stipulation. We tried to think of something that you couldn’t possibly win at, but the list was far too long for us to decide on just one stipulation so we scrapped the idea and decided to beat you at your own game. Now, before you get all excited and throw your English to Idiot dictionaries away we have decided on a second addition.

We found out who the official in charge would be and it tuned out to be none other than Karl Rooney. Guardian Devil, you couldn’t be more obvious if you tried. Given how Karl Rooney has already tried to screw us this week, we decided to ensure that wouldn’t happen again and have demanded a second official be added to the match. But, it wont just be any official, it will be a brand new official from outside of CWA, one who Guardian Devil has not gotten the chance to pay off yet. One who will actually be fair and call it down the middle.

Those are our terms, if you still want the match, then you would be advised to accept them. C U Next Tuesday Los Calavera.