CWA World Tag Team Champion Axl Storm has posted a rant on the message boards. Surely we donít need to tell you what prompted the rant.

Axl Storm writes:

Are you freaking kidding me? Not only do you get a title match that you quite clearly donít deserve, but now you have even managed to get it made into a ladder match? How the hell is that fair? Iím clearly not 100% and yet have been told that I can either compete injured, or forfeit the title belts! This reeks of a conspiracy against us and Iím willing to bet that two Mexicanís and an English man came up with it. Three cowards who hide behind masks all day are now hiding behind a never-was in the Guardian Devil. This is a joke and believe me when I say we will not take this lying down, you want a war? Youíve got one!