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Thread: December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

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    December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

    Harvey Buckworth: We're live from Mobile, Alabama! This is the last stop before the biggest extravaganza of the year, Five Star Attraction! Now let's get to the action!

    Both men are introduced as newly acquired from the AMLL organizationís partnership with the CWA and they try their best to get the crowd riled up for both their respective debut match. Tony Stevens signals for the bell and this bout is underway!

    Vs. Rocky Ali

    Rocky gets the upper hand and right away goes for The lights out! But Callum fights out of it and hitís a running powerslam. The Excellence of English quickly pins the Atlanta native who gets his shoulder off the canvas at the count of two!

    Callum with a swift kick to the gut of Ali makes him writhe in pain as Stevens warns Fielding of a disqualification if he proceeds to use underhanded tactics. Once the two are done bickering Callum turns into an attempted Emerald Fusion by Rocky Ali, but wait! The Englishmen wriggles free landing on his feet before performing The Pride of England! Callum hooks the leg and Tony Stevens makes the pin count and rings the bell!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner at 6 minutes and 45 second, Callum Fielding!

    We now go to the parking lot backstage with Nero getting out of his car on his cell phone

    Nero: I really want you to be out there for my match tonight!

    Nero pauses again to listen while he opens up the trunk of his car

    Nero: Well lets see I got the laundry cart now to fill it with items for my match tonight. They never seem to have enough chairs to sit in out there, nor stop signs. I guess Iíll also have to bring some sporting stuff as well, and since the fans here in Alabama like their country music I guess I have to bring this to the ring!

    Nero grabs a chair, stop sign, baseball bat, Hockey stick, an Alabama football helmet and finally an acoustic guitar and puts it in the cart

    Nero: Hey Hun, I got the items we put in my trunk in the laundry cart but Iím missing something.

    She responds

    Nero: Oh yeah thatís right I totally forgot about you seeing more wood then youíve ever seen before!

    Nero chuckles as he puts Woody in the cart

    Nero: Yes Hun, I plan on proving to you tonight that your worthy of being with me but your going to be at ringside with me as my dogpound is going to love you being there to support me. But hey let me call you right back

    Nero seeing a gigantic cake and proceeds to cut out a few small pieces before taking them with him as he proceeds down the hallway


    We go back to the ring where Hunter Smith and St. Deuce are standing by. Tonight the winner of this match gets in the Rumble. The referee rings the bell and the match starts. St. Deuce with the advantage right away as the big manages to get Hunter in a tight headlock. He squeezes hard and Smith isnt able to get free of it. Finally St. Deuce decides he has had enough and throws into the ropes. On the way back St. Deuce tries to hit his opponent with a clothesline, but Smith ducks and goes for a crucifix.

    1...2...3 and just like that this one is over.

    Lindsay Monahan: "The winner of this match at 3 minutes and 21 seconds...Hunter Smith.

    Hunter Smith celebrates in the ring as the fans cheer on.

    We go backstage where we find the stand in General Manager in his office, on his cell phone.

    Guardian Devil: I told them not to let you in. After what happened last week I think you need to take some time and think about what you actually want from this business. I remember there was a time when you would have died before losing a title, last week you went down with very little fight. Iím doing this for your own good Kenneth, if you donít win the Rumble match at Five Star, donít come into work the next week.

    Guardian Devil pauses for a moment as he listens to the response on the other end of the phone call.

    Guardian Devil: Yes, I am serious. Win, or youíre out of a job. Goodbye Kenneth.

    With that, Guardian Devil hangs up the phone and looks at it for a minute before returning to his day to day work.

    Suddenly ďNow is the TimeĒ resounds over the P.A. system as the once heart filled cheers from the crowd turn into jeering and booing for the X-Fly and newly crowned AMLL Cruiserweight champion as he slowly makes his way to the ring with Jeans and a T-shirt along with his signature Oakley sunglasses and noticeably only the X-Fly Championship draped over his left shoulder.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the NEW AMLL Cruiserweight and current X-Fly Champion, The Real Deal, Joey Nicholas!

    Once in the ring Nicholas raises the Championship high into the air before White and Gold colored confetti and balloons descend from the rafters above littering the inside and outside of the ring. Nicholas calls for a microphone and is instantly handed one from Lindsay Monahan, all the while Anna Williams is uncharacteristically present in the ring smiling with an object covered by a sheet of sorts.

    Joey Nicholas: You know, it seems like just yesterday Logan V sat ringside during my initial match with Joven Rayo for the AMLL Cruiserweight championship where he ultimately cost me my very first opportunity in making history when he intentionally struck Joven in the face just to spite me!

    The Mobile Alabama fans erupt in cheers at the mere mention of the masked Englishmen.

    Joey Nicholas: Oh you all liked that didnít you? Each and everyone of you cheered, and clapped, hell some of you even stood on your feet and chanted Logan V!

    Those in attendance start to chant: Logan V! Ö Logan V! Ö Logan V! Ö As Nicholas grins into the sea of LSA fans.

    Joey Nicholas: Well hereís a reality check for all of you incompetent jackasses here in Hicktown, Alabama. Iíve already etched my name in stone as the first star in this very business to ever hold two championships at the exact same time. Now I never would have fathomed such a feet to ever come true for anyone much less myself, but for it to be accomplished a great athlete had to step up to the plate and well youíre looking at the very best in the ring today with the capability of doing so! I have noticed while Iíve been out here going on and on about being a dual champion that you all have had confused looks on your faceís as to why I am only out here with my X-fly championship and not the very cruiserweight championship I won so valiantly from Joven last week? Well itís all quite simple really, but lets face it Iím always having t break it down for you people so why change that now? You have all been and forever will be dumb as hell!

    ďYou suckĒ chants fill the arena causing the champion to stop his rant and smirk, satisfied that he irked those in the audience.

    Joey Nicholas: To tell you all the truth, I actually forgot the thing back in L.A. while packing my bags. It mustíve been lost in all the other awards, trophies, medals and belts I have been awarded throughout my illustrious career! Now as far as the main event for tonight goes, our stand in General Manager took it upon himself to set the main event to feature the contenders from the co-main events for Five Star Attraction to team with each of their respective opponents and face the other. This requires me to team with that masked imbecile Logan V against the ďDreamĒ team of Nickolas Arsen and the returning Roberto.

    The crowd pops at the names of all the fan favorites.

    Joey Nicholas: What is your angle here Mr. Devil? This seems like the perfect opportunity for all three of the ďFavoritesĒ to gang up on me and take me out before the biggest show of the year! Is this possibly payback for me showing you that I had no need for you or the Darkness to make my way up the next rung of the ladder to the next phase of my illustrious career? Well Iíll tell you this, Iíve been at odds plenty of times in my career and it wont be much of an issue to overcome this trap of sorts youíve set to destroy my chances of walking down that ramp in Madison Square Garden! If that takes me actually cooperating with that incompetent fool Logan, than so be it! I aim to take the winning pin in the contest later tonight on either the World Champ himself or even the number one contender to solidify the very notion that I am capable of taking what will soon be mine: The CWA World Championship! If that fact wasnít fantastic enough, then you all here are surely in for a surprise as tonight also marks my 24th year of greatness in this world! Which is why all these decorations are here before you all!

    The audience grimaces and grumble amongst themselves as Nicholas has since taken notice to the lovely Anna Williams standing patiently in the ring with an object that is covered

    Joey Nicholas: Well hello there Anna, Iíve noticed youíve stood there throughout my entire speech. What have you got there? Is that a gift for me?

    She shakes her head no and shrugs her shoulders when asked from who

    Joey Nicholas: Well nevertheless that cake looks like some can fit inside of it! And I just know my best buds the Future and Alexis sent this out, and trust me they all have great tastes in women, especially Alexis. That girl inside of that cake has to be drop dead sexy! Now Anna, when this girls comes out and jumps on me, you are more than welcome to join us, as thereís plenty of me to go around!

    Anna has a look of disgust as she exitís the ring whilst Nicholas pulls up a chair in front of the cake and proceeds to sit down on it

    Joey Nicholas: Iím sure unlike Anna there this girl wants the Real Deal to fulfill her sex appeal! Play the music boys, it's time to get this party started!

    The lights throughout the arena dim to a purple tint as erotic music suddenly plays all the while Nicholas bobs his head to the music eagerly awaiting the surprise in the cake. Without warning, an explosion erupts from the cake blinding the birthday boy. Logan V begins to climb out of the inside of the cake as the crowd erupts in cheers. The masked man stands atop of the cake and performs a cross body onto the seated champion knocking him along with the chair over. Nicholas jumps back to his feet in a daze swinging wildly and missing Logan by miles to which the masked man proceeds to toy with Nicholas by dodging every single one. Logan finally decides that the games are over and begins to pummel the X-Fly champion with a fury of fists forcing him back to the turnbuckle where Nicholas would then fall to the mat and endure a few stiff kicks to the ribs.

    As Joey Nicholas rolls in agony on the ground, the leader of the Lost Souls Alliance picks up the very championship he strives for and gazes at it for a moment as his opponent in one weekís time struggles to get back to his feet. With one swift movement, the belt hits Nicholas in the face causing th champion to back peddle towards the cake and falling into it head first with his feet squirming in the air. Logan raises the championship high above his head causing the crowd to go into a wild frenzy as well as send a clear message to his adversary before their ultimate showdown in New York.

    The masked man finally exits the ring leaving behind the strap he desires as he watches Nicholasí feet kick wildly in the air. After a few moments of confusion Nicholas is finally able to pull himself out of the cake revealing frosting all over his torso and more noticeably covering his entire face. The only thing visible are the championís scowling eyes at the masked man making his way back up the ramp with what one can assume is a grin

    Harvey Buckworth: How in the world will these two ever coexist as partners later tonight in our main event!?

    We go backstage at Adrenaline Rush where we find the CWA World Tag Team Champions deep in conversation. Daren Storm is dressed to compete later tonight but Axl Storm is still on crutches due to his ankle injury. The camera man slowly moves in close so we can hear what is being discussed.

    Daren Storm: This is a ludicrous decision, he has to have lost whatever semblance of sense he has remaining in that thick skull of his to think otherwise.

    Axl Storm: I know, heís completely making it up as he goes along. If he doesnít like it, you can damn well guarantee that he will change it for no reason other than he doesnít like it. Rules donít seem to apply to him.

    Daren Storm: Drunk with power I believe is the correct term to describe his recent behaviour.

    Axl Storm: I know it seems unlikely, but I can actually remember when he was fair and impartial.

    Daren Storm: That lasted all of ten minutes as I recall.

    Axl Storm: I think Pain kicking him to the curb for the younger and better talent has really hurt him. Now he seems hell bent on taking it out on us and Joey Nicholas. Nicholas is basically in a three on one handicap match later tonight.

    Daren Storm: I can actually see why he would be mad. His glory days, and I use that term loosely, are long since dead and gone. Pain was his last chance to do something big with his pathetic career. It was his last chance to be somebody. For all the victories he owns, who has he actually beat?

    Axl Storm: No-one of note as far as I can tell.

    Daren Storm: It seems he avoids competition like the plague. He could do with taking a page out of our book and just going to the ring and facing whoever is put in front of him instead of trying to find a way out.

    Axl Storm: I happen to know that Joey Nicholas wanted a match with him but he refused. He even refused to face Minimal Pain, thatís beyond cowardly.

    Daren Storm: Hiding behind his past achievements.

    Axl Storm: He doesnít have all that many to hide behind, does he?

    Daren Storm: Iím done talking about cowards. If he wants to be remembered as one, thatís fine, but why he seeís the need to punish us, I really donít know.

    Axl Storm: Los Calavera quite clearly donít deserve a shot at our titles. They had a chance, but blew it.

    Daren Storm: Los Calavera must have been big back in Devilís heyday, why else would they be getting another shot?

    Axl Storm: Thatís going way back. Anyway, weíre getting off topic again. Back to tonight, Mechanical Thugonomics. Again? Have we not already beaten these guys a hundred million times over?

    Daren Storm: I know, and with you quite clearly still unable to wrestle, itís an absolutely ridiculous ruling yet again by a joke of a general manager.

    The two man discussion quickly becomes a three man discussion when close friend and the personal trainer to the Future, Justin Nukem joins in.

    Nukem: I couldnít help but overhear, mostly because I was listening, but this wouldnít be a problem if you guys knew someone with a vast experience in wrestling to team with you tonight in place of the injured Axl.

    Daren Storm: Oh we know plenty of people, they are just injured like Axl, booked like Joey, or suck like Enzo.

    Nukem: Fair point, but what about someone who is retired?

    Daren Storm: Does retired not give away the problem there?

    Nukem: Donít worry, Iíll be fine.

    Axl Storm: Wait, you mean you?

    Nukem: Totally man, Iím pumped to return to action, even just for one night.

    Daren Storm: But you havenít wrestled in quite some time, and this is an important match that we need to win to ensure we have the Pay Per View off.

    Nukem: Look at me, Iím in the best shape of my life. No injures to worry about here.

    Axl Storm: I think it may be worth a shot.

    Daren Storm: Alright, If you think you are up for it then welcome aboard.

    Nukem: WOOOOOOOO!!!!! Iím back baby!!!

    Daren Storm: Woo?

    Nukem goes off to get prepared for his return to action as the tag champions look at each other slightly unsure of what they have just agreed to

    We return from commercials and Lindsay Monahan is already in the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall and it's a No Disqualification Tag Team Match. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 490 lbs...the team of Bulldog and Trevor Kade."

    Bulldog and Kade come down to the ring to a chorus of boos. They dont seem to mind as they ignore all the insults. They get in the ring and await their opponents.

    Lindsay Monahan: "And introducing now their opponents, at a combined weight of 365 lbs...the team of Nero James and Rey Guerero."

    Rey and Nero come out and they are both pushing shopping carts full of weapons down the ramp. The fans are all on their feet and there is no doubt who they want victorious in this hardcore match. They park the shopping carts by their corner but Nero has something else up his sleeve as he goes back up the ramp and is quickly joined by Anna Wiliams! The trio get into the ring and start posing for their fans on top of the turnbuckles. As they are having fun pumping up their fans, The Bulldog and Kade jump Nero and Rey from behind.


    The Buldog hits Nero with a couple of nasty right hands, then lifts him up in a gorilla press. The Bulldog shows off his incredible strenght by holding him up in the air for what it seems an eternity, then tosses him out on the outside where Nero hits the concrete floor hard.

    In the meanwhile, Trevor Kade has been working on little Rey Guerero. The Bulldog now joins him in the beatdown as he picks up Guerero and slams him down with a German Suplex. Trevor follows up with a couple of leg drops before ordering The Bulldog to go on the outside and pick up a table. The Bulldog does just that. They set up the table and the big man chokeslams Rey on it. It looks like they are on their way to victory, but it seems Nero has recovered. He runs to his shopping cart and picks up his trusty friend Woody. He enters the ring and starts nailing his opponents like if they were pinatas.

    As The Bulldog and Kade are down and out, Nero checks on Rey before deciding to go back to work and maybe finish this thing. He makes his way towards Kade, picks him up and signals for the RKO. But as he is picking him up, Kade low blows him and Nero goes down in pain. Nero James is a young guy, but he might never have children after that shot. Kade urges Bulldog to get up fast and to grab Woody. Bulldog does and as Kade is holding Nero, he orders the big man to hit the Underdog. The Bulldog goes for it, but Nero moves at the last second and he hits his partner instead. Bulldog can't believe it and as he is checking on Trevor, Nero strikes him with the RKO and goes straight for the pin.


    Lindsay Monahan: "The winner of this match at 11 minutes and 7 seconds...the team of Nero James and Rey Guerero!!!"

    Nero checks on Rey as he is still down and out. He helps him up and walks him up the ramp and in the back where he can get checked out by a doctor.

    In the meanwhile, Trevor Kade and The Bulldog have recovered as well. Kade starts yelling at Bulldog for messing up and then slaps the big man right across the face...BIG MISTAKE and Kade knows it right away. The Bulldog grabs his partner by the throat and then delivers one of the nastiest chockeslams ever. The Bulldog looks down at his fallen partner and they shakes his head in regret it seems. He picks up Kade, puts him on his shoulder and then exit the ring and in the back.

    Is their partnership over? Can they reconcile after what has just happened? Only time will tell.

    We cut to the back, and see the camera moving through the hallway. It stops at the door marked with "The Lost Soul's Alliance" printed upon a gold star on the door. The cameraman's hand comes into view, knocks upon the door, and upon the beckoning of a female voice, enters. We see Miss Tyler, sat behind a table, hands clasped upon the table top before her. She smiles, beckons the camera in, and begins to talk.

    Miss Tyler: Thank you for arriving so promptly, Mr. Jones. I see you're still rocking that suit Logan bought for you. Have you even taken it off? It's looking a little grubby. You should probably get that dry cleaned. But look at me; I've gone off a tangent, even before we've gotten started.

    She shuffles in her chair, sits up a little straighter, and begins to talk again.

    Miss Tyler: I'm here to talk to you today about the unfortunate incident that befell members of the Lost Soul's Alliance this week. Last week, the brothers who wrestle under the name Los Calavera were wrongly arrested for theft. Thanks to the tireless effort of our team of lawyers, the beloved Spaniards were released from the jail, with a full pardon & apology from the law officials concerned.

    Behind her, the Domino's enter the frame, wearing black and white hooped jerseys, Lone Ranger masks over their usual Wrestling masks, and bags marked "Swag" hung over their shoulders.

    Miss Tyler: They were released with those pardons, because the police were shown a videotape. A videotape that proved that Los Calavera were not the guilty parties in the theft of that poor womanís handbag.

    Miss Tyler: And can I offer a little bit of advice to the Tag Team Champions? Next time you try to frame people, it's probably best not to let yourself be videotaped doing it. When we provided that tape, the police, and poor, sweet old Mrs. Winkleberry wanted to have you arrested for theft, and for wasting police time. But we convinced the old woman to let things drop, although it took a little monetary persuasion. We let them drop the charges, because we don't need tricks, and we don't need to put you behind bars to get those titles from around your waist.

    Miss Tyler: Tonight, we will destroy Brown Storm, and at Five Star Attraction, we shall stand toe to toe with The Future. And when you're lying on your back, counting those lights, and Los Calavera celebrate the gold around their waists, remember this: All your underhand tactics count for nothing when youíre faced with two of the greatest stars the professional wrestling world has ever seen. Boys, go get yourself that title match.

    From behind her, Los Calavera, rip off their Lone Ranger masks and hooped tops, and head out to the ring, lead resolutely by Miss Tyler.


    Adam Brown and Bret Storm argue over who is going to start the match and Los Calavera donít look like they are willing to wait around and waste time letting them decide. Jose and Julio charge at the arguing Brown Storm who have resorted to pushing each other. Both Dominos hit their opponents with running dropkicks that sends Brown out of the ring and Storm into the corner. Jose charges again and hitís a shoulder tackle in the corner before Julio hitís a running big boot to stun Storm. Los Calavera hoist Storm up to the top rope and quickly follow him up. Jose grabs one side, Julio the other as they flip backwards and send Storm crashing down to earth with El Ńguila y la Serpiente for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: The time of the fall, is 51 seconds, your winners are Los Calavera.

    Los Calavera seem pretty pleased with their quick victory as they know they have taken a huge step towards re-earning a shot at the CWA World Tag Team Championships at Five Star Attraction. If The Future cant beat Mechanical Thugonomics in less than 50 seconds, we have another match at the show.

    The Camera pans backstage to Anna and Nero talking

    Nero: Hey Hun, the crowd found out about us now but youíre currently with a guy who is a rising star in this company!

    Anna: Yeah, you really proved it tonight by destroying Bulldog and Kade. No one has beat them that bad before!

    Nero: Well you did tell me I had to prove to you that I belong with you so thatís why I wanted you ringside to prove it to you!

    Anna: So you gonna coÖ

    Nicholas is shown with cake staines all over his clothing and some remaining in his hair staring furiously at Anna

    Joey Nicholas: Iím only going to ask this once Anna, did you know Logan was in the cake the entire time!?

    Anna struggles to reply

    Joey Nicholas: Answer me you trailer trash slut!

    Nero: Whoa hold on there, is that anyway to treat a lady sir?

    Joey Nicholas: Excuse me? I donít know who you are and quite frankly I donít give a damn, so take your business elsewhere. This is between me and her right now!

    Nero whispers in Anna's ear something she goes to the dressing room

    Nero: Well me and her are currently dating so her business is now mine as well

    Joey Nicholas: Youíre biting off way more than you can chew newbie, Iíd watch your back if I was you

    Nero: Donít worry I have Woody here to watch it!

    Nero produces the kendo stick and men scowl at one another before Nicholas backs his way down the hallway toward his Locker room as we go to commercial break.

    We return from the commercial break and instantly the lights go dark as Cult of Personality by Living Colour begins blasting on the arena speaker. Roberto makes his way out from behind the curtains with the CWA World Heavyweight Title proudly draped across his shoulder. The fans explode into a "Welcome Back Champ" as Roberto stands on the top of the ramp soaking all the fans 'love for him. He makes his way down the ramp and like he always does, shakes hands with every one of his fans whose sitting close to the barricade. Roberto enters the ring and asks for a mic and Bruce Mollard hands it to him. He tries to speak, but the fans are cheering way too loud, so he has no choice but to stop and wait for the cheers to slow down a bit. Finally after a long while and some begging by Roberto, the fans stop their chanting and give a chance to their favourite Superstar to speak his mind.

    Roberto: Damn, it's good to be back.

    The fans once again give him a standing ovation. This time it's not that loud and Roberto is allowed to keed going.

    Roberto: At the last adrenaline Rush, I made my return and your response was truely overwhelming. That was one of the greatest receptions I have ever received and honestly one of the greatest moments of my life. And to make things even better, I ended up winning this thing as well.

    Roberto lifts the Title up as he smiles.

    Roberto: You know, when the doctors operated on me five months ago, they told me I'd be out for a least a year.

    The fans boo at the thought of Roberto being out for a year.

    Roberto: I guess, they werent putting into consideration the size of my heart. There was no way I was gonna let a broken neck keep me out of this ring for a year. This is my home! This is what I love! This is my life!

    Once again the fans explode into a thunderous cheer as Roberto tells them to tone it down, so he can keep going.

    Roberto: Now, almost everybody I've come across to, congratulated me on my successful return, except for one man.

    The fans once again boo, as they know he is talking about Nickolas Kennedy Arsen.

    Roberto: Thats right, I'm talking about Nickolas Kennedy Arsen. For some reason, he thinks something was taken away from him when I returned, but the last time I checked, he still had the World Title shot at 5 Star Attraction. If anyone should be pissed off, it's me. When I was ambushed at Redemption, everything was taken away from me. My Title Shot, my chance at Main Eventing a PPV, and almost my career.

    Roberto's demeanour has now changed, as he clearly looks upset.

    Roberto: Arsen, listen to me man! I actually like you, I've watched you and I know you are a great wrestler. Truthfully, I see where you are coming from and I can understand to a certain point why you are mad. It's never easy to face someone on short notice. You were getting ready for Pain, then for Leblanc and now all of a sudden you have to face me instead. But great wrestlers know how to handle such situations and are always ready for curveballs like these. What I dont appreciate, is the fact that you talk about how I didnt deserve the Title shot in Montana. Are you serious? Did you forget that at Redemption I was the number 1 contender and I had a guaranteed Title shot?

    Roberto seems to be getting really frustrated as he cant seem to stay still.

    Roberto: Ok, I wasn't supposed to do this, but whatta hell, I am a controversial wrestler as you can see.

    Roberto points as himself as both him and the fans laugh.

    Roberto: Therefor this shouldnt shock anybody. Tonight you can call this a shoot my friend. At Redemption Arsen, you made your debut and right away you were given everything. Hell, at 5 Star Attraction they were gonna hand you the World title. Ultimate Pain was planning to take a leave of absence, which he did, and they had chosen you to be the face of this company. We all know Leblanc was just a transitional champion and just holding the title for you. So basically, without even having one match, you had it made boy. But how things change, uh? Now I am back and I am the new Champion and this little plan of handing you the Title has all of a sudden changed. Now, if you want this Title, you have a fight in your hands and I don't think you like it. Now you have to earn this Title and I dont think you have what it takes. Now, that's the real reason why you are pissed. Well, too bad. You can cry and you can moan, but it wont change those facts. Face it Arsen, I am back and Im here to stay.

    A loud Roberto fans once again starts up as Roberto climbs the top rope and poses with the World title. He is not done speaking his mind tho and once again gets on the mic.

    Roberto: With that being said, tonight we do have a match against Joey and Logan and if we dont work together, there is no way in hell we can win. I'm willing to put things aside for now, so we can be victorious tonight, but you have to do the same...

    All of a sudden Roberto's shoot is cut off by the familiar and eerie sounds of "In The Fade" by Queens of the Stone Age. Roberto takes the microphone away from his face and shows a bit of relief. He is somewhat getting what he wants. The crowd waits in anticipation with Roberto for the appearance of Nickolas Arsen, Roberto's opponent at Five Star Attraction. Nickolas finally steps out from the entrance tunnel. He gets a suprising mixed reaction from this Alabama crowd. A lot of kids and parents boo Arsen suprisingly, as smart marks and more hardcore wrestling fans cheer Arsen. Arsen is wearing his trademark headband, a leather jacket, a Boondock Saints t-shirt, and a tight pair of jeans. Accompanied with this apparel is a solemn look on his face. He takes his time entering the ring, staring a hole through his partner for the night, Roberto. He gets to the ring and calls over to Bruce for a microphone. He tries to cut a promo, but he is cut off by a sell out chant. He let's it die down.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: This is it, Roberto. This is it. Can you feel it? Do you feel the intensity and the electricity in the air? This is the first time that you and I not only meet each other, but meet face to face. This is the moment where, just like what you were doing, is say how we feel about each other. I heard your words, Roberto, if that is your real name. I took those words that you spilled out of your mouth and took it to heart. So, because I am an honest man and I'm sure you were done speaking those obsanities you were preaching, let me take this opportunity to say what I think about you. Consider this like a counciling session.

    Arsen gets much closer to Roberto. He is almost too close

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I admire your passion, Roberto. I really do. You have this neverending love for the people that support you, just like these fans here in Mobile, Alabama!

    Arsen actually draws a fantastic pop from the crowd. Once again, he let's the reactions die down again before he continues.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Another thing I have noticed is that you have this unbelievable focus. In the midst of this hype for Five Star Attraction, and possibly the biggest match of your career, you want to focus on the task at hand. You are taking things one step at a time. I can't blame you, Roberto! You, as well as myself, have a tough task tonight. We have to square off against two rivals in Logan V and Joey Nicholas. Two men who hate each other, but would love to defeat the world champion and his number one contender.

    Arsen starts walking around the ring, taking his stare off of Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Finally, the thing I admire the most about the most about you is your selflessness and your gratefulness. You are more concerned about wanting to be my friend, wanting to be a compatable partner, and wanting to be victorious in our match tonight rather than wanting to beat my face in and talk as much trash as you can.

    Arsen finally focuses his attention back on Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: This cycle of humbleness, concern, and determination sounds a bit too familiar. It sounds like something that has been demonstrated over and over again for the past five months. The odd thing about this situation is that you haven't been in a wrestling ring during that time span of five months. You have been out with an injury you somehow suffered at Redemption, which even more odd than the situation brought to the table was the same time that I debuted. I'll get to that topic in just a second, pretty boy. I want to tell you that the cycle aforementioned has been in motion by myself. I have lived by those guidelines since making my debut to the Clique Wrestling Alliance. This cycle has put me in the spot where I cannot be stopped. It had isolated myself on a mountain top where I feel higher than any one else on this roster. This mission I have gone on and on about has put me in a position where the mission is almost complete. It hasn't been easy at all. One of the reasons that I'm angry at you, Roberto, is the fact that you fail to truely recognize how hard everything has been for me.

    Arsen takes off his leather jacket and throws it into the audience. He shows off his cast that is on his left hand while taking off his t-shirt, showing the wrapped ribs he has had for months now.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I have gone through hell and back, just like everywhere else I've been. I have two crippling and career altering injuries. I have burned the bridges on relationships I feel like I will never be able to rebuild. I have made more enemies obviously more than I have made friends. To top it all of, I have worked harder than anyone in this business. Slowly but surely, I'm becoming the victim of betrayal and politics. You want to complain about how Im complaining about still being a contender instead of a champion in the midst of all these title changes. Roberto, I don't expect anything to be handed to me. On the other hand, when hard work fails to get recognized while the world title gets handed around like a beach ball at a Dave Matthews Band concert, you will have no choice but expect me to complain. I've had to prepare myself in not only a physical manner, but a difficult mental manner, for the three times my match has been changed for Five Star Attraction. You don't know how tough it has been.

    Arsen puts his shirt back on and brings his attention back to Roberto.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: This brings me to another reason on why you have done a great job of pissing me off lately. I'm getting sick of your disrespect. I'm disturbed at the amount of praise I gave you before you got injured getting exchanged into a slap right in my face. I was a fan of this character you created. I love this flamboyant, charismatic, and possibly gay persona you demonstrate to your fans. Look where it has for you, two world championships!!! I praised your ability. In exchange for what? You to taint the legacy I have established in this company? I know you want that praise now that you are champion once again, but not everyone is programmed to respect you taking away from someone's hard work. I'm never going to congradulate you.

    Roberto looks sick and tired of Arsen's words. Roberto looks to claim his state in this trial, but Arsen gets in Roberto's face.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I'm not finished!

    Arsen starts walking around the ring again. Roberto looks angry. The crowd is getting on Roberto's side.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I took the spot that you backed out of. While you were treating a couple of flesh wounds in this hillbilly slim state, I was too busy fighting through my perils to get to this spot as the number one contender. Now, because these fans don't respect hard work and give credit where credit is due, you want to show Roberto the love and admiration I earned. It shows you why every CWA fan, just like yourself Roberto, are ignorant towards this cycle I have shown. That is the final thing about you that angers me, Roberto. You are ignorant torwards my absolution. Now that you are the hot, new flavor of the week once again, you want to continue like nothing ever happened. You want to make accusations towards me. You want to make yourself the better man, trashing the others. And you want to act like everything Ive done, every blood, sweat, and tear I have splattered on this mat for CWA, means nothing. You say that if any thing, I was reserving your spot on the top.

    Arsen stops trotting around the ring. Roberto is laughing at this point.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: So you want to take another title from me and be 'Mr. Shoot Promo'? You want to be controversial? Well, I have a little shoot of my own! Roberto, I was flamboyant and charismatic while you were still learning the fundamentals. I was fighting riots in our nations capital while you were bribing yourself through obstacles. I was kicking off the faces of men while you were sitting on the faces of men.

    Arsen can't help but smile at the remark. The fans let an 'ooooh' while a majority of fans clap "you got served".

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: As much as you want to bury me for your own personal push, the reason you became the face of this company is because there were no stars. There were no familiar faces. Now that I made my presence and someone familiar can carry the company, they need a way to push you down. As quickly as these fans turned on me, I hope they know that their precious Roberto, a truely devilish and despcable character, will have to step aside.

    Arsen turns to a camera.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: You are right, Roberto. This match tonight is important. Tonight we have to face Logan V and Joey Nicholas, a makeshift team like ourselves. These guys have outdone us in build up. They've thrown punches. They've used weapons. They have used everything to tear each other part in the name of the X-Fly championship. There is obviously a problem between the two. Little do they know is I have more of a problem with them than they do with each other. I am sick of Joey Nicholas. He is a bi-polar, sneaky, dishonorable champion that I have wanted to teach a lesson for the longest time. Although I want to beat him into a pulp, I would much rather take me aggression on Logan Five, who just like Roberto, has traded my praise for ultimate disrespect. Last week was lucky for Logan. Tonight marks my revnge!"

    Arsen turns back to Roberto

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: So while you are getting attacked trying to polish your belt for me, I am going to make both Logan and Joey sing for Absolution. It will be a foreshadowing of why I am The Absolute, The Agent of Change, and the greatest wrestler in the galaxy.

    Arsen gets right to Roberto face as now a staredown takes place. It's intense and it looks like they are about to go, but Arsen breaks the staredown and exits the ring. He makes his way up the ramp as Roberto keeps staring at him. With that the scene fades to black as we go to another commercial break.

    The scene opens up to a pitch, black room. A poorly lit lightbulb turns on, barely illuminating light into the room. The bulb swings around wildly as shadows dance around the figure of Ralph McCoy.

    Ralph: Don, at Five Star Attraction, words won't describe what will I do to you. Long story short, I will become CWA's first Ruler of the Ring.

    Ralph starts to chuckle.

    Ralph: Do you honestly believe you can play games with this mind?

    Ralph raises his arm and points to his head.

    Ralph: You have no idea what I am capable of. I have taken down guys twice your size. Don't think just because you have the height and weight that you can defeat me.

    Ralph starts to cackle evily as the door of the room is swung open and light fills the room.

    Orlando: What the heck are you doing in the Janitor's Closet?

    Orlando notices a figure behind Ralph.

    Orlando: And who is that?

    Ralph: Him? That's Steve the Janitor.

    Steve the Janitor, holding onto his mop, nods at Orlando.

    Steve: Yo.

    The camera focuses back on Ralph who is smiling widely.

    Ralph: Let the games begin!

    & Justin Nukem

    The Future know they have to be quick and jump their opponents before the opening bell in an attempt to steal a few seconds that could prove vital. Daren Storm kicks The Machine in the face several times to keep him out of the ring while Nukem quickly pulls TJ Styles to the center for a snap suplex. TJ Styles gets back to his feet and gets a Mule Kick from Nukem before Daren hits the rolling elbow smash. Styles does a little dance before Nukem sends him flying with the Nuke. Daren Storm makes the cover and gets the three count before looking up at the clock on the big screen.

    Lindsay Monahan: The time of the fall, is 52 seconds, your winners are The Future.

    The Future cant believe it and protest a slow count in order to get a few seconds shaved off so that they donít have to defend at Five Star Attraction. The referee isnít interested and leaves the ring as Los Calavera come out onto the entrance ramp but they arenít alone. Each man in carrying a ladder and it seems obvious what they want at Five Star Attraction. The fans want it but the Future are saying not a chance. It seems we are going to need an executive decision on this one.

    We go backstage in Alabama to the womenís locker-room where Toxic Rain is going through her warm up routine ahead of her return to action later tonight. Rainís warm up is cut short when Alexis makes her way over to her. Toxic Rain gives Alexis her full attention having seemingly heard what Alexis and Victoria Stone are planning.

    Alexis: Calm down, Iím not here to hurt you. Iím here instead to offer you a deal. You and I have worked together in the past and it was very beneficial to both of us, I propose we do so again. How about, tonight, instead of coming to the ring for our match, you go to the hospital instead?

    Toxic Rain: Hospital?

    Alexis: Yes, you know that place where they treat people who have concussion, kind of like you will in a few seconds.

    Exactly on cue, Toxic Rain hitís the deck thanks to Victoria Stone hitting her in the back of the head with a small hammer. Rain lies unconscious on the floor as Victoria Stone steps over her and joins Alexis in leaving the scene of the crime.


    Shaun Quinn today insisted on being introduced as Mr. QuinnedyÖ.. Quinnedy. Steel didnít find this all that amusing and smashed a kendo stick across the head of Mr. Quinnedy as soon as the bell rang. Tony Stevens decided to give Steel the benefit of the doubt and let him away with a stern warning. Steel shoved Stevens away before hitting Mr. Quinnedy across the back several times prompting a disqualification.

    Lindsay Monahan: The time of the fall is 28 seconds, your winner is Mr. Quinnedy.

    Steel doesnít seem to notice, or even care that he has lost the chance to become number one contender as he continues to go to town on Mr. Quinnedy with the kendo stick until it snaps in half. Steel exitís the ring in search of a new weapon but CWA security grab him and drag him backstage before any more damage can be done.

    Next we go backstage to see Alexa has arrived at the arena. Alexa is out in the car park unloading her car when Alexis and Victoria Stone close in on her. Alexa tries to fight them of but the surprise attack means Alexis and Victoria easily smash Alexaís face into the side of her car before they pick her up and dump her in the trunk. Victoria slams the trunk closed and pulls the keys out before looking around her. Victoria spots what she is looking for and makes her way over to a drainage sewer and drops the keys down it to ensure Alexa remains trapped.


    Deeds starts the match off with an uppercut before the bell and follows up with a scoop slam. Deeds goes off the ropes ad drops a running elbow drop for a two. Shine fights his way back up and the two exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Shine gains the upper hand and backs Deeds up into the corner. Shine punches Deeds to the floor before running across the ring to get a head of steam. Shine quickly charges back and hits a splash in the corner to floor his opponent. Shine goes outside and climbs to the top rope. Shine comes off with a 450 splash but Deeds rolls out of the way and Shine lands face and chest first. Deeds goes off the ropes himself and hits a knee to the temple before hitting a hangman's neck breaker for a two count. Deeds pulls Shine back to his feet and tries for the Demon Driver but Shine uses his knees to get out. Shine goes off the ropes again but Deeds catches him in a swinging sidewalk slam. Deeds back up into the ring corner and waits for shine to get back up. Deeds charges at the back of shine and spears him in the kidney's. With Shine in agony, Deeds pulls him up and onto his shoulders where he hits the Demon Driver for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: The time of the fall is 4 minutes and 21 seconds, the winner is Demon Deeds.

    Demon Deeds doesnít celebrate the victory but instead goes back to the ring corner and looks like he is setting up for another spear. Shine is slowly back to his feet and unsure of where Deeds is. Shine soon wishes he was on the receiving end of a spear as that would have done less damage. Demon Deeds instead decided to ensure this feud came to an end when he showed no regard for the well being of Amazing Shine by throwing a fireball into his face. Shine screamed in agony as the medic's quickly came to the ring to try and cool his face down after being hit with the fireball. Demon Deeds smiles at his night's work before leaving the ring which is fast filling up with medics and referees.

    We go backstage at Adrenaline Rush where the Future have cornered Karl Rooney and are forcing him to look at a replay of the end of their match earlier in the night.

    Daren Storm: Right there, a four second delay in making the count, what the hell was that about? Had you not been so slow to do your job, we would have the Pay Per View off.

    Karl Rooney: Thatís how long it takes, itís not my fault you didnít do it faster.

    Axl Storm: It is your fault, Yamaguchi did the count for Calaveraís match and his count was 0.04 seconds faster than yours. Add in the needless four second delay, that Yamaguchi didnít have by the way, and we would have won it in under the required time. Explain that to us.

    Karl Rooney: Tough break?

    Daren Storm: Tough break? Are you kidding me? Do you want me to punch you?

    Karl Rooney: Ummm not really.

    Daren Storm: Then go to Guardian Devil and admit that you screwed us. Admit that we should have won in a faster time. Admit it and weíll let you keep your teeth.

    Karl Rooney: Itís too late, the decision has already been made. We cant go back and change it now.

    Axl Storm: Cant? Or Wont?

    Karl Rooney: Cant. Iím sorry you didnít get it done quicker, but you have to accept it and move on.

    Karl Rooney walks off and leaves the Future is a foul mood looking at the replay over and over again.

    Once all four competitors have made their way to the ring and are in their respective corners, Johnny Yamaguchi signals for the bell and we are underway!


    McCoy starts out against Walters and ducks a clothsline before hitting him with a spinning heel kick knocking the bigger man down, Jay then pounds his fist on the mat in frustration. Ralph hits an impressive standing drop kick to the New Chapter who uses the velocity to rebound from the ropes and hit a spinning lariat on McCoy. Walters begins to drag McCoy to his corner by his feet where de Vries awaits to be let in but the Road runner is fighting with everything he has to stop where he is!

    McCoy hobbles on one foot and performs an enziguri knocking Walters down on the mat. Ralph with the hot tag to Vic Diaz who quickly knocks Jay back down with a boot to the face before running over and knocking de Vries off the apron with a vicious forearm to the face. Vic is fired up now and attempts to get the crowd behind him now but as he turns, Walter hits the C.O.I. on him and hooks the leg, Yamaguchi counts 1...2... But Ralph makes the save pulling Jay away by his feet!

    The official quickly gets in the Roadrunnerís face trying to get him out of the ring as Jay takes Diaz to his corner to de Vries commencing the double team with the Elephant man holding Vic in place while Jay jabs at his gut. Finally the referee restores order while Jay tags de Vries in to pick up the scraps as he measures up the hardcore legend before hitting a vicious spear nearly knocking the big man from his boots! Don hooks the leg and tauntingly grins at McCoy as the official counts 1...2... But the elephant man lifts up breaking the count to add insult to injury one would assume.
    Ralph helplessly looks on as the two proceed to tag in and out to have their way with Vic by pummeling on the rookie.

    While Jay has Vic lined up for another C.O.I., Diaz suddenly has one last burst of energy as he dodges the kick before hitting the Black Tooth Grin on Walters! Both men are down and out now and are struggling to crawl to their respective corners for the tag. Vic tags McCoy in first who jumps over the top rope and drop kicks de Vries off the apron before sending a fury of kicks to Walterís knees making him buckle before Ralph hits Dust tilí Dawn and hooking the leg. While Yamaguchi starts the count Don looks to get into the ring to stop the count but decides against it and walk up the ramp as the official counts 1...2...3!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners at 12 minutes and 46 seconds, Ralph McCoy and Vic Diaz!

    Ralph quickly runs over and climbs the turnbuckle before pointing and mouthing ďIím coming for you!Ē to de Vries who backs his way up the ramp with a grim expression strewn about his face.

    Miss Tyler is shown backstage on her way to the entrance tunnel when she is jumped from behind by, surprise, surprise, Alexis and Victoria Stone. Alexis slams Miss Tyler into a brick wall before Victoria kicks her in the ribs several times while she is down. Alexis pulls open a nearby closet as Victoria drags Miss Tyler over by the hair. Miss Tyler tries to kick her way out of it but Alexis sprays her in the eyes with some hairspray before Victoria slams the door shut and locks it from the outside. Victoria, much like earlier tonight, removes the keys and this time tosses them into a nearby garbage can. Alexis and Victoria look quite happy with their work thus far tonight but they still have one more Diva to see too and that will be in the ring next.


    Anna Williams has suddenly realized the magnitude of the task in front of her right now as her opponents have made it very clear that they want a one on one match at Five Star Attraction and right now, Anna Williams is all that stands in the way of that happening. Both Victoria and Alexis charge at Anna as soon as the bell rings and make their intentions even clearer, they arenít here to win, they are here to hurt. Tony Stevens has to pull both ladies away from Anna as they ignore his five count. Victoria Stone has some less than friendly remarks for the referee as Alexis puts her boot across the neck of Anna and chokes her while the referee is distracted. Tony Stevens finally turns back to the action and puts the five count on Alexis who breaks on four and a half. Much like Victoria, Alexis has some words for Stevens which allows Victoria to use the tag rope to choke Anna some more. Stevens pulls Victoria off of Anna and warns both ladies that they will be disqualified if they try anything else. Victoria Stone decides to test that out as she kicks a field goal before Alexis hitís the Makeover to leave the referee down and out. Anna tries to crawl out of the ring but Victoria and Alexis grab her feet and drag her back to the center of the ring where they lay into her with vicious kicks to the head. Anna tries to cover up but the kicks are coming from every angle and Anna soon starts to feel the effects.

    Alexis pulls Anna to her feet and hitís the Makeover again before Victoria Stone delivers the Cali Crusher. Victoria goes for the OC but Toxic Rain is looking for some payback as she charges the ring. Rain slides in and takes down Alexis but Victoria kicking her in the face stops her attack dead in itís tracks. Victoria hits Rain with the Cali Crusher to leave her down and out as well. Victoria Stone and Alexis look set to do some more damage but Alexa and Miss Tyler have other plans as they both come to the ring at the same time. Alexa goes for Victoria while Tyler goes for Alexis. Alexis quickly bails out and Victoria isnít far behind her as Tyler and Alexa gain the upper hand. Victoria and Alexis back up the ramp as Tyler and Alexa help Toxic Rain and Anna Williams back to their feet. All six ladies shout insults at each other but no more physical contact is made between them.

    We go Backstage where we see Uncle Sal drinking an espresso by the interview area. After a short moment, Roberto enters the picture.

    Roberto: "Hey Uncle Sal, hows it going?"

    Uncle Sal: "Hey Campione, just waiting for Orlando."

    The two give each other a hug.

    Roberto: "So, I guess you're going through with this."

    Uncle Sal: "Si, si, it's about time."

    Roberto: "Are you sure this is what you really want?"

    Uncle Sal: "Im sure."

    Roberto: "Well, you've got my support no matter what you decide."

    Uncle Sal: "I know, I know, thats why I love you son. Oh, by the way, I heard what that Arsen guy said to you tonight. Listen, if you want I can go slap some sense into him."

    Roberto smiles as Uncle Sal is getting all worked up.

    Roberto: "It's ok, dont worry, I got it under control. Thanks anyway though."

    Uncle Sal: "No problem. I'm always here if you need me, dont forget. Anyway, where's this Orlando at?"

    As he says that, Orlando comes running in and he seems completely out of breath.

    Orlando:"Hey guys, sorry....sorry for being late."

    Roberto: "Where the hell have you been sunshine?"

    Orlando: "Joey Nicholas just locked me in the bathroom...that prick. He even turned off the lights. I was so scared."

    Roberto: "Well, why didnt you turn them back on?"

    Roberto and Uncle Sal both laugh.

    Orlando: "It was too dark, I couldnt find the switch."

    Roberto shakes his head as he pats Orlando on the back as a way to console him.

    Uncle Sal: "Ok, let me tell the people what I came here to tell them."

    Orlando: "Sure Sal, go for it."

    Orlando fixes himself up and calls for Cameraman John to get ready.

    Orlando: "Hello everyone! I am here with non other than Uncle Sal and tonight he has a special announcement to make."

    Uncle Sal: "Si, tonight I am here to tell you all, that 5 Star Attraction will be my last appearance as a wrestler. I will still be part of CWA, but only as Roberto's personal trainer."

    Orlando: "What about if you win the Rumble? You would become the number 1 contender."

    Uncle Sal: "First of all, its not if I win...its when I win. Second of all, Im not in the Rumble to become the number 1 contender as the Title is already in the family. I am in the Rumble only because it would be a great way to finish my career as a wrestler."

    Orlando: "Well, you've heard it first hand. The Royal Rumble is going to be Uncle Sal's last match. Back to you Lindsay."

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening! Introducing first from York England, Logan V!

    "Rough Landings Holly" playing over the P.A. system makes the crowd erupt as the masked Englishman makes his way down the ramp confronting the younger kids in the audience wearing L.S.A. masks and giving encouragement to them before sliding into the ring and posing on the tope rope. Suddenly the music is cut short and is replaced with "Now is the time."

    Lindsay Monahan: And his partner, the current CWA X-Fly champion, Joey Nicholas!

    Nicholas uncharacteristically makes his way quickly to the ring without any poses and gives Karl Rooney the X-Fly championship belt before shoving Logan V. The two get into a shoving match causing the other three officials to make their way to the ring to help Rooney separate the two. Throughout all the confusion "In the Fade" resounds causing the crowd to react indifferently.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents introducing first ďThe Agent of ChangeĒ Nickolas Arsen!

    Arsen makes his way to the ring not making any contact with any of his fans instead the Agent of change strides to the ring with an arrogant smirk strewn about his face. Once inside he poses on the middle rope as his music is replaced by "Cult of Personality" making the roof nearly explode!

    Lindsay Monahan: And his partner, the current CWA World Champion, Roberto!

    Roberto comes out and claps all the outstretched hands down the rampway and around ringside before making his way up the steps and into the ring. Roberto stands in the center of the ring holding the championship belt up high for the other three in the ring to admire before handing it to Karl Rooney who gives it to Bruce Mollard and signals for the bell.


    Nicholas and Roberto start the bout quickly locking up and reversing the otherís attempts, the Real Deal goes for a fishermen suplex but Roberto wriggles free landing on his feet and takes a shot at a Ganzo that Joey turns into a front flip landing on his feet causing the crowd to applaud both competitors in awe. Finally Nicholas connects with a spinning heel kick knocking Roberto off his feet before performing a belly-to-belly suplex driving the air out of the beautiful man. Logan calls for a tag but Nicholas shrugs him off as he mounts Roberto and begins to pummel the Cult of personality with a fury of lefts and rights. Roberto finally turns away and escapes Nicholas hold on him before kneeing Joey in the gut before performing the Colors of the Rainbow on Nicholas!

    Both men are exhausted now as they both crawl to their respective corners in an attempt to tag in their fresh partners. Roberto quickly tags in Arsen who makes a beeline for Nicholas who gets denied a tag by Logan who inches away from the ring to make his future opponent struggle adding insult to injury. Arsen grabs Nicholasí boot and drags him to the center of the ring before giving him a swift kick to the face before putting Nicholas on his shoulders and hitting a firemanís carry back breaker and hooking the leg! Rooney counts 1...2... But Nicholas kicks out! Arsen stands Nicholas up and drags him to his corner before tagging a full rejuvenated Roberto back in who starts to jab at the X-Fly championís side. Roberto goes for the Milkshake but Nicolas prevents the maneuver before hitting a move not seen in ages, the Highlight of the Night!

    The two of them are exhausted now more than ever as Nicholas crawls direly toward his corner to Logan who is now out stretched and ready to compete. Nicholas tags him in and the Englishmen is on fire as he clotheslines Roberto and pulls Arsen into the ring from over the ropes! The masked man sets Roberto for the End of the Line but Arsen breaks it up! The referee sends Arsen back to his corner as Logan drags Roberto over to his and attempting a tag to Nicholas who shakes his head no. Logan and Joey argue as Roberto quickly recovers and puts Logan in the Tutti Frutti! Nicholas just looks on as Logan struggles to break free before dragging himself to the rope to break the hold! But as he gets nearer Nicholas drops from the apron and pulls the rope away unbeknownst to the official! Once Karl Rooney spots the action, he orders Roberto to break the hold! Roberto obliges and tags in Arsen as Nicholas walks out on Logan seemingly turning this bout into a handicap match!

    Arsen is a man on a mission now as he completely annihilates Logan with a spring board dropkick knocking the disoriented leader of the L.S.A. down. Arsen strangely begins to taunt a downed Logan causing the crowd to turn sour on him. All of the sudden Logan uses his head to the gut of Arsen knocking the breath away from him before hitting the End of the Line! Logan is unable to go for the cover as all he has endured is taking a toll on him leaving both men to lay on the mat to recover. After a few moments both men stagger to get to their feet before trading blows, to which the crowd erupts in cheers for each blow Logan connects and heavily boos Arsenís blows. Logan finally tackles Arsen driving him towards his corner. Once the two make impact with the turnbuckle, Arsenís back hitís the hand of Roberto causing Rooney to signal the move as a legal tag unaware to Arsen.

    Roberto notices the officialís motions and makes his way into the ring as Arsen has since driven Logan to the middle of the mat and performed a tiger suplex before rolling away to catch his breath turned away from the action and a legal Roberto setting Logan up and hitting the Ganzo bomb before hooking the leg and Karl Rooney counting 1...2...3!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen the winners at 22 minutes and 26 seconds, the team of Roberto and Nickolas Kennedy Arsen!

    Arsen looks up at Roberto in complete disbelief at what has just occurred as Roberto mounts the turnbuckle to celebrate. Karl Rooney fetches the World championship and starts to enter the ring as Arsenís eyes narrow into a sadistic scowl. The Agent of Change grasps the championship and strips it away from Rooney as Roberto climbs off the turnbuckle and hits Roberto with a swift clock to the face with championship as he turns around! The number one contender lays the CWA World Championship across Robertoís body as Arsen looks down on Roberto with no emotion in his face amidst the boos throughout the arena with the camera focusing out to include the scene with the Five star Attraction logo in the uprights behind Arsenís shoulder to end the showÖ

    ++Quick Results++
    Callum Fielding def Rocki Ali
    Hunter Smith def. St. Deuce
    Rey Gurrero & Nero James def Big Bad Trouble
    Los Calvera def BrownStorm
    Daren Storm & Justin Nukem def Mechanical Thuganomics
    Shaun Quinn def Steel
    Demon Deeds def Amazing Shine
    Raloh Mcoy & Vic Diaz def Don de Vries & Jay Walter
    Alexis & Victori Stone vs. Anna Williams goes to a No Contest
    Roberto & Nickolas Arsen def Logan V & Joey Nicholas

    ++GFX By++
    Dr. Doom

    ++Matches Written BY++

    ++Matches Graded by++

    ++Promos by++
    Sir Nicky Talent
    The Half Boy

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    Re: December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

    Fantastic build up for the main event. Pretty good show!
    Quote Originally Posted by RaiZ-R View Post
    What the fuck is happening to you guys? I once got a blowjob where she used her teeth a little bit too much and I ended up with a bloody dick, I still enjoyed the blowjob up to the point I started bleeding. I can honestly say that I have never had anything I would call a bad blowjob, that wasn't a great experience but up until I started gushing blood I was having a great time!

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    Re: December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

    Great build up to the PPV. Should be a good one too. And great to see the womens division starting to pick up

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    Re: December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

    glad to see myself pick up a victory good show also

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    Re: December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

    I actually like this show the best this year, it seemed like every single feud leading into the PPV got time to build

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    Re: December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

    Fantastic show. Great build-up to 5 Star Attraction. Nice job to Darren and Tomas and everyone else who wrote segments for this show.

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    Re: December 16th 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Mobile, Al

    Me and Rey won a match and Nero's secret is revealed :D

    I liked it all around good show

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