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Thread: The Offical Wrestlingclique Awards 2009 - Send Your Nominations

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    The Offical Wrestlingclique Awards 2009 - Send Your Nominations

    PM me upto 3(5 for the hall of fame) nominations for the following end of year awards by Tuesday

    Previous winners in brackets

    Wrestler Of The Year (2006:Edge, 2007:CM Punk, 2008:Chris Jericho)

    Most Abysmal Wrestler Of The Year (2006:The Great Khali, 2007:Adam 'Pacman' Jones, 2008:Snitsky)

    Tag Team Of The Year (2006:MNM, 2007:Motor City Machine Guns, 2008:John Morrison & The Miz)

    Most Abysmal Tag Team Of The Year (2006:Eugene & Jim Duggen, 2007:Team Pacman, 2009:Deuce & Domino)

    Babyface Of The Year (2006:John Cena, 2007:John Cena, 2008:Jeff Hardy)

    Heel Of The Year (2006:Edge, 2007:Edge, 2008:Chris Jericho)

    Match Of The Year (2006:Edge vs Mick Foley Hardcore Rules/Wrestlemania 23, 2007: Christian vs Kaz Ladder Match/Genesis, 2008:Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 24)

    Most Abysmal Match Of The Year (2006:Booker T vs The Boogeyman & Sharmell Wrestlemania 23, 2007:John Cena vs The Great Khali Judgment Day, 2008:Santino Maarella vs The Honky Tonk Man Cyber Sunday)

    Feud Of The Year (2006:Edge vs John Cena, 2007:Matt Hardy vs MVP, 2008:Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels)

    Diva Of The Year (2006:Mickie James, 2007:Mickie James, 2008:Beth Pheonix)

    Announcer Of The Year (2006:Tazz, 2007:JBL, 2008:Matt Striker)

    Wrestling Clique Hall Of Fame [Not full time active wrestlers, three wrestling personalities will be inducted] (2006:Bret Hart, 2007:Eddie Guerrero, 2008:Mr Perfect, Steve Austin, ric Flair)
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