Daren Storm has been very vocal backstage as of late in regards his booking in CWA and now he has posted a video on CWA.com expressing his feelings towards some members of the CWA roster as well as his upcoming match on Adrenaline Rush.

Daren Storm: Guardian Devil, we never had a problem with you, but your actions as of late, have made us rethink and re-evaluate that. First of all, you showed a blatant disregard for the laws of this country when you allowed two illegal immigrants to wrestle for this company. And if that wasnít bad enough, you trust them into the spotlight by making them the number one contenders to our CWA World Tag Team Championships. We accept that. We donít like it, but we accepted it and moved on. That brings me to last week. Last week, we made a decision to defend our titles on Adrenaline Rush when we didnít have to. We decided to treat the fans in attendance by having a pay per view quality match on the show. Itís not our fault Los Calavera went and got themselves arrested meaning stand inís had to be found. We fulfilled our contractual obligations when we defended our titles. That should have been the end of this little story. But then, for some unknown reason, you decide to move the goalposts. You decide to give two criminals a chance to earn a shot at our titles? What the hell is wrong with you? We did our part to perfection. Why you feel the need to help the scum of the earth got involved in our business yet again I donít know. I donít know why you are suddenly out to get us, but believe me when I say this, your plan to get these titles off of us, it wont succeed. Your plan is going to blow up in your face in that hick town called Mobile. Weíre going to beat Mechanical Thugonomics yet again and we are doing to do it in a matter of seconds. Los Calavera donít have the talent, or intelligence to formulate a game plan to defeat Brown Storm that quickly. When we leave Alabama on December 16th, weíre going to have the Pay Per View off. Meaning we can sit back in the front row and watch as Alexis retains her CWA Womenís Championship before Joey Nicholas goes out there and humiliates Logan V. Sorry Guardian Devil, if you say jump, we donít say how high. In Alabama, weíre going to prove it. You donít have to like it, but you will accept it.