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Thread: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

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    December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON


    Anna started off strong with a side headlock but Alexa showed her power when she hit a back suplex to do some serious damage to the newcomer. Alexa noticed Anna holding her neck after the drop and Alexa surprised many by showing she has a wrestling brain but no brain in regards anything else. Alexa quickly locked in a nerve hold on the side of the neck and the shoulder of Anna to neutralise her opponent. Anna screamed in pain as Alexa tightened her grip before breaking the hold and driving her knee into the back of Anna. Alexa didn’t give Anna any chance to recover before she locked in a sleeper and took Anna down to her side. Anna refused to submit and crawled and dragged her way to the bottom rope for the break. Alexa milked the five count and broke on four. Alexa got back to her feet but Anna was one step ahead of her and swept her legs out with one fluid kick.

    Anna, much like Alexa earlier didn’t waste anytime in locking in an STF and pulling back as far as she could. Alexa tried to crawl to the bottom rope but was unable to get a good grip to start herself. Alexa fought through the pain and turned onto her back to break the hold. Anna quickly got back to her feet and hit a dragon screw to the left knee of Alexa before trying for a half crab. Alexa tried to kick her off but Anna was determined and locked it in tight. Anna leaned back but lost her focus when another woman made her way down to ringside. A woman we haven’t seen in quite some time has picked a rather odd time to return to CWA. Toxic Rain reaches the ringside area and holds the attention of Anna Williams.

    Alexa breaks the half crab and almost surprised Anna wit a school girl but only got a two count. Alexa struggled back to her feet but was still quick enough to be able to see Anna’s kick coming. Alexa grabbed the ankle of Anna and turned it around into an ankle lock. Anna lifted herself up and rolled through to send Alexa into the ring ropes. Alexa ended up landing throat first on the middle rope and struggling to breath. Alexa was soon struggling to move as Toxic Rain punched Alexa in the jaw with a set of brass knuckles. Alexa falls backwards into the ring and Anna Williams quickly pounces to pick up the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, via pinfall in 6 minutes and 12 seconds, Anna Williams.

    Anna Williams is soon joined in the ring by Toxic Rain. The two women eye up each other before turning their attention to the half conscious Alexa. Rain kicks her in the face before Anna kicks her in the ribs. The double team continues for a few more seconds until Miss Tyler decides she has seen enough. Miss Tyler charges to the ring and spears Anna Williams off of Alexa. Toxic Rain grabs Miss Tyler by the hair but is soon on the receiving end of a flurry of slaps from the feisty red head. Toxic Rain and Anna Williams quickly bail out of the ring and decide to fight another day. Miss Tyler checks on the condition of Alexa who seems grateful to have been rescued from a two on one beating.

    We go backstage now where the number one contenders for the CWA World Tag Team Championships, Los Calavera, are in handcuffs and are being escorted out of the building by the local law enforcement. Logan V is seen in the back in conversation with one of the officers who has an old lady that looks awfully similar to the one the Future stole from on Halloween when dressed as Los Calavera. It seems the old lady is unable to tell the difference, and finding her handbag in Los Calavera’s locker-room didn’t help their case. Logan continues to protest the arrest but Jose and Julio are soon in the back of the squad car and are about to be taken away from the arena.

    We are Backstage with Nero James and Bruce Mollard.

    Nero: So I make my grand debut tonight teaming with the returning Rey Guerrero to go against Trevor Kade and The Bulldog.

    Mollard: Well.... Well....

    Nero: Ok Mr Reuben Stuttered I guess your just so happy to be talking to the dog pound’s leader Nero James. But don’t feel bad I know being on Primetime in front of millions watching at home and my dog pound watching you that you can be nervous. Sit down here lets have a sit down interview so you don’t pass out from keeping your legs together.

    Nero helps Mollard to sit down and grabs a chair for himself.

    Mollard: Thanks Mr James now you team with the returning Rey Guerrero tonight how do you feel about that?

    Nero: I’m glad that you asked Bruce when CWA creative came up to me and told me that I would be teaming with him I was happy the guy has the same style of me and I think we can work as a great team. Now I know that our opponents tonight are going to bring up that they are a tag team with experience under their belt and how Rey will be rusty in the ring coming off his suspension and to that I have to say you have not wrestled me and with the backing of my Dog Pound cheering me on they are going to be shocked.

    Pauses for crowd reaction.

    Nero: Onto another subject they will bring up his suspension and let me tell you I have done wrong things in my past everyone has I bet Trevor Kade and The Bulldog both have skeletons in their closet they don’t want people to know about. I talked to Rey today and he is more focused then ever he told me he cant wait to be back in the ring and me and him are going to show the CWA along with our opponents and the world that even underdogs can win.

    Mollard: Well your going to have a tough match up on your hands one of your challengers is 6 foot 7 and weighs 285 lbs how are you going to stop that?

    Nero: Bruce I don’t care if he is 6 foot 7 or 3 foot 8. I don’t care if he is Wee Man or if he is Lou Ferrigno I am going to give my all. The thing about him being tall is the bigger they are they harder they fall and if he wants to talk crap I got my equalizer next to me and that is "Woody"

    Holds up his kendo stick up in the air.

    Nero: Oh and I will steal something from my partner Rey but make it my own.................Viva CWA.

    Mollard: That was the newcomer Nero James now back to you at ringside.


    Kahn jumps Smith from behind and goes to work. Big rights by Kahn, he whips Smith to the corner but Smith comes out with a clothesline and sends Kahn crashing to the floor. Back rake by Smith. Kahn starts to stand so Smith knees him in the temple and hits a flying back elbow for a two. Kahn counters a cutter attempt and gets a clothesline followed by a backbreaker for a long two count. Kahn tries a Piledriver but it’s blocked, Smith tries suplex and that’s blocked too. They counter a couple of moves before Smith caches Kahn with a Spike DDT followed by a cradle pinfall for the three.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 5 minutes and 57 seconds, Hunter Smith!

    Hunter Smith gets back to his feet and salutes the fans who are beginning to warm to the newcomer before heading backstage.

    Next we see a very shaky camera angle as the camera man appears to be trying to stay out of view of someone. After a few seconds the camera steadies and we see the CWA World Champion Kenneth leBlanc taking a lead pipe to the ribs of his opponent later tonight Kennif leBlanch. After nearly a dozen shots to the ribs of leBlanch, the champion throws the pipe away and kicks leBlanch onto his back. Kenneth leBlanc then bends down to his fallen opponent and looks him in the eye.

    Kenneth leBlanc: Now that’s, what I’m Talkin’ Aboot.

    Kenneth leBlanc kicks leBlanch in the face several times before stepping over him and walking back inside the arena.


    As Diaz got on the apron, he looked to the crowd and Pain smashed him to the floor. Pain went out to the floor after him showing his new more aggressive attitude. Diaz attacked him and they brawled on the floor. Diaz was slammed into the table at ringside. He kept fighting back but Pain would simply beat him down. Pain Irish whipped Diaz into the ring post… hard. Pain positioned Diaz in front of a ring post and charged but Diaz moved. Pain quite clearly hurt him arm as a result. Diaz returned to the ring and Pain slowly followed. He got up on the apron, where Diaz drilled his arm over the ropes. Diaz went right to work on the arm, snapping it down and backwards. He went to do it again but was caught in a sleeper. Pain swung and dropped Diaz down. Diaz was worked over against the ropes with chops. Diaz tried to fire back with a forearm, but was slapped in the face. Pain whipped Diaz across the ring and into the corner before following up with a running charge. With Diaz dazed, Pain hit’s the killer blow when he nails Diaz with a punt to the temple for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 5 minutes and 15 seconds, the Minimal Pain.

    Minimal Pain has finally gotten back to winning ways tonight as he dealt with the challenge of Vic Diaz pretty comfortably.

    We cut backstage where we see Joven Rayo entering the arena. He is wearing a nice suit, with fancy dress shoes and of course, like always, he is wearing his mask. His AMLL Cruiserweight Title his wrapped proudly around his waist. Later on tonight he has to face Joey Nicholas in a Title vs. Title match and he seems very relaxed. He makes his way down the hallway and towards his locker room. He is carrying his bag with him and it looks like he is going to change and get ready for his match. As he is about to walk in the locker room, Uncle Sal makes his way towards him and cuts him off.

    Uncle Sal: Hey gumba, come va?

    Joven Rayo: Estoy haciendo muy bien, gracias amigo.

    Uncle Sal: I am not sure you've had the pleasure to meet me, but I am Roberto's uncle, Salvatore.

    Uncle Sal extends his hand to the young luchador and Joven Rayo without any hesitation accepts it.

    Joven Rayo: Es un placer que encuentra usted senor.

    Uncle Sal: Si si, whatever you said. Anyway, I hope tonight you beat that piece of turkey Joey Nicholas. I know I have no real proofs yet, but I know he was somehow involved in my nephew Roberto's attack. There is going to be payback one day and I hope that day is tonight.

    Joven Rayo: Nicholas es un gran atleta, pero yo son demasiado.

    Uncle Sal stands there seemingly having zero understanding of what Joven Rayo has just said.

    Uncle Sal: Well, I’m glad we are on the same page here amico. Buona Fortuna tonight, I'll be cheering for you.

    Joven Rayo: Gracias. Voy a prepararé ahora, le veo luego.

    Joven Rayo enters the locker room leaving Uncle Sal standing alone and confused outside.

    Uncle Sal: Ehhh, hard to understand, but he is a nice boy, I really like the kid.

    Uncle Sal nods his head in approval as he genuinely seems to like Joven Rayo.

    Uncle Sal: But he could take the time to learn how to speak the language, we are in America after all. Oh well, almeno sa combattere. Speriamo che stasera ci spacca il culo a quel criminale.

    Next week on Adrenaline Rush we will see the debut of two new talents direct from AMLL in Mexico. The Excellence of English, Callum Fielding will square off against the Magnificent One Rocky Ali.


    The match starts quickly with Guerrero and Nero attacking The Bulldog and Trevor Kade as they made their way to the ring. A bit of brawling until we enter the ring. Nero and Rey whip Trevor into the corner and double elbow him. They then send The Bulldog into the other corner and clothesline him. Trevor goes off the ropes, and gets double back body dropped. Rey and Nero look to be perfectly in synch tonight as they connect with a double kick to the front and back of the head of The Bulldog. Bulldog and Kade quickly retreat to the outside for a short break as the match is stalled. Trevor Kade and Bulldog then start to walk away up the aisle prompting a lot of boo’s. They turn back and come back down to the ring. Nero and Trevor in the ring. Nero catches Trevor with a hurrancanrana then follows up by hitting a springboard cross body. Two count for Nero.

    Trevor regroups and sends Nero in to the corner and knife-edge chops him, then tags in Bulldog. Nero to the ropes and gets double-teamed with a leg drop, sidewalk slam combo. Two count by Bulldog. Nero quickly makes a desperation tag to Rey Guerrero. He charges in and gets shoulder blocked by the massive Bulldog. Guerrero gets right back up and a dropkick follows. He and Nero climb opposing ropes. Kade shakes the ropes, making them both fall. Bulldog then gets to the ropes to superplex Guerrero to the mat. Bulldog chokes Rey and then sends him to the outside of the ring. Kade follows up when he whips Rey into the steel ring steps.

    Nero James decides it’s time to tag in woody as he smashes the Bulldog in the head with the referee’s back turned. Unaware, Trevor Kade dumps Rey Guerrero back into the ring. Nero gets rid of the evidence and gets the tag from the hurting Guerrero. Nero basement dropkicks the knees of Kade to take him off the apron before climbing the ropes and hitting a frog splash for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, in 8 minutes and 18 seconds, Nero James and Rey Guerrero.

    Nero James helps his partner back to his feet and the duo celebrate in the middle of the ring as Trevor Kade shouts at the Bulldog for losing the match as the two of them head back up the ramp and backstage.


    Don de Vries starts the match with a spear to Nixon before he puts a chin lock on Nixon, who slowly gets to his feet and jaw jacks him. Steel gets tagged in and de Vries quickly tags in McCoy. McCoy clotheslines Steel. Nixon comes back in and gets a clothesline for his troubles as well. McCoy to the apron, springboards and clotheslines Nixon for a two count. Steel charges at the corner that McCoy is in and McCoy sidesteps. McCoy flies in and dropkicks Nixon across the ring. McCoy ducks a punch from Steel and hits a Reverse Russian Leg sweep. McCoy offers the tag to de Vries but gets ignored.

    Nixon hits McCoy with a German suplex before Steel hits a Diving Head butt. Steel kicks McCoy then gets a belt and whips poor Ralph across the back. Steel and Nixon set up the Doomsday Device and they hit it for a two count. McCoy gets sent into the corner but back flips off the ropes and sends Steel into the ring post again. McCoy quickly hits Nixon with a step up enzugiri before Don de Vries tags himself in. McCoy isn’t happy but de Vries doesn’t care as he picks up Nixon and hit’s the Elephant Driver for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, in 12 minutes and 08 seconds, Don de Vries and Ralph McCoy.

    Ralph McCoy is clearly unhappy with the way his “partner” acted tonight and he lets him know it. McCoy and de Vries get into a shoving match but the CWA officials are quickly on hand to prevent it getting out of control.

    The CWA World Tag Team Champions are on their way to the ring with Alexis and Miss Barnes alongside them. Daren Storm is dressed to compete but Axl Storm clearly isn’t going to be wrestling as he is on crutches. The four piece slide into the ring and do the best version of their signature pose as they can with Axl on one leg. Daren Storm wastes little time in getting a mic from Lindsay Monahan.

    Daren Storm: I’ll keep it short, in the contract for the CWA World Tag Team Championship match, it does not specify a date nor a location. Since we are the champions, that means we can choose when to have the match, and we are choosing to have it right here, right now.

    The fans in attendance voice their disapproval at the champions as they know well that the challengers are no longer in the arena having been wrongly arrested earlier tonight.

    Daren Storm: Now, two things. Firstly, the illegal immigrants have gone and gotten themselves arrested, meaning a substitute needs to be named.

    The fans once again let the Future know that they are not happy with what is happening but the champions don’t seem to care.

    Daren Storm: I don’t know why you people are getting so bent out of shape, it’s as clear as day in the contract. We even had Miss Barnes go over it herself to make sure we were not mistaken. If the challengers are unable to fulfil their contractual duty, there must be a substitute named so the match can take place. Since Calavera are no longer here, we have taken the liberty of naming a replacement team for their title shot. Ladies and Gentlemen, our opponents for the CWA World Tag Team Championship defence, Hardcore Hell!

    Tony Burlom and Devon Jones come out on cue and make their way to the ring, seemingly thrilled with having been handed a title shot for doing absolutely nothing. Burlom and Jones slide into the ring and go through their final warm ups in front of the Future.

    Daren Storm: If you were paying attention, I said I had two things. That was one, meaning there is one more. Obviously, Axl here wont be able to compete due to an injury received while we were out showing Mexicans what real wrestling was. As a result, we have found a substitute.

    Daren Storm points up to the entrance ramp. As soon as Hardcore Hell turn their backs, Axl Storm and Miss Barnes exit the ring, Alexis goes up behind Burlom and Jones and drops to her knees to deliver a double low blow.

    Daren Storm: That substitute is Alexis.


    Daren Storm throws the mic out of the ring as the bell rings and goes to work quickly on Burlom as Alexis kneels on the back of the head of Jones to keep him down. Storm quickly hit’s the Future Shock before turning his attention to Devon Jones. Storm pulls Jones to his feet and hit’s a second Future Shock before placing both opponents side by side on their backs. Alexis steps forward and steps up onto the challengers, with one foot on each man’s chest. Daren Storm holds her hand to keep her balanced as Tony Stevens counts both men down and out.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners and still the CWA World Tag Team Champions, the Future.

    Alexis remains atop Hardcore Hell as she and Daren Storm raise their arms in victory. They are soon joined by the injured Axl Storm and Miss Barnes.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is for the AMLL Cruiserweight championship! Introducing first, the challenger weighing in at 232 lbs, he is the current CWA X-Fly Champion, Joey Nicholas!

    Now is the time plays as Nicholas saunters to the arena paying no attention to the booing crowd throwing insults his way. After he slides into the ring, Nicholas climbs the middle rope and raises the championship high above his head. Suddenly his music is replaced by Joven Rayo’s in which the crowd erupts in cheers.

    Lindsay Monahan: And introducing his opponent, the AMLL Cruiserweight champion, Joven Rayo!

    Joven sprints down to the ring clapping all the hands outstretched to him before sliding into the ring and going face to face with his adversary. As senior referee Karl Rooney raises the championship belt to make the bout official, Rough Landings Holly resounds throughout the arena before Logan V makes his way to the entrance ramp, a steel chair in one hand and a microphone in the other with security guards not far behind.

    Logan V: It's ok, Mr. Rooney. I have no intention of breaking the provision set out by our esteemed leader. But I don't think he really thought it through. He said I was banned from ringside, so I'm just gonna set me up this chair right here at the top of the ramp, and get a good solid view of the action.

    Nicholas scowls at Logan as he unfolds the chair and sits atop of it. Rooney signals for the bell and we are on our way.


    Rayo hit’s the distracted Nicholas with a running knee smash knocking him to the mat, Joven quickly goes to the middle rope to hit a leg drop but Nicholas rolls out of the way before hitting a flying spinning heel kick. Nicholas picks up his fallen opponent and hits a fishermen suplex! Nicholas hooks the leg as Rooney counts 1..2... But Rayo kicks out in the nick of time!

    Nicholas argues with the official that the count was indeed three as Rayo starts to recover. Once the Real Deal gives up he turns straight into a standing dropkick from the Mexican native. Nicholas rolls out of the ring as Karl Rooney starts the ten count. Joven uses his agility to balance himself on the top rope and perform a moonsault onto Nicholas on the outside and causing the referee to restart the count

    Both men slowly begin to stir as the effect of the manoeuvre finally wears off. Rooney is at eight on his count to ten causing both men to slide into the ring just as the official counts nine. Nicholas Irish whips Joven into the ropes and flips Rayo over the ropes as he comes back. However, the AMLL superstar hangs onto the rope and give Nicholas a straight right to the face, causing Nicholas to stumble to the middle of the ring with Rooney behind him.

    Rayo jumps atop of the rope and performs a cross body that Nicholas ducks under causing Joven to hit the referee with his entire body weight knocking the senior official out. Nicholas grins as he exit’s the ring and snatches his championship belt from Bruce Mollard and slides back into the ring lining up Joven for a direct shot to the face.

    Joven slowly gets up before being clocked in the face by the belt! Nicholas nudges a lifeless Rooney who now stirs from unconsciousness as Joey puts Joven in the Realization in the middle of the ring! Rooney finally awake sees Joven has seemingly “passed out” from the submission and calls for the bell!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner at 14 minutes, and 58 seconds and NEW AMLL Cruiserweight Champion, Joey Nicholas!

    Nicholas hold up both Championships in unison and mocks Logan V who is now standing and shaking his head in disapproval along with the crowd who’s boos overwhelm the arena over how the events unfolded. Unbeknownst to Nicholas however, Miss Tyler has since made her way to ringside through the crowd and is standing on the apron. Logan points behind Nicholas who turns into a low blow from the manager! Nicholas falls down on the mat writhing in pain and dropping both belts in the process. Miss Tyler quickly makes her way to Logan who puts his arm around her as they begin to laugh at Nicholas’ dispense.

    We go backstage where we see the two original CWA Diva’s in Alexis and Victoria Stone. Surprisingly, they are not calling each other names or even throwing abuse at each other. Shockingly, they seem to be having a friendly conversation.

    Alexis: You know as well as I do that CWA management don’t want either of us as the face of the division simply because we wont do as they tell us to. They don’t want us to succeed because they know they wont be able to control either of us. We’re pretty much the same in the fact that we do what we want, when we want, and that scares the crap out of management.

    Victoria Stone: Look Alexis I am a very busy woman. I got things to do, and people to see. So is there a point to all of this or are you just wasting both of our time.

    Alexis: There is. I propose we put our difference aside for a short while and work together.

    Victoria Stone: You cannot be serious. Oh wait you are. Well you are over looking one very important detail... you have my title.

    Alexis: I know, I know, and that’s exactly why we should work together. I have it on good authority that there will be a six woman match at Five Star Attraction for this title. What’s the point in having six, when only two actually deserve to be on the show, I’m sure you know which two I’m talking about.

    Victoria Stone: Ok you got my attention, but how are you going to get this to work?

    Alexis: We take out the so called competition, one at a time, until it is just us left. We are a little short on time so we’ll need to plan quickly and act as soon as possible.

    Victoria Stone: Take out the four slut’s and have a the one on one title match I deserve at Five Star Attraction?

    Alexis: Exactly.

    Victoria Stone: Deal.

    The two diva’s shake on it and seemingly cement their new found alliance before we jump back to ringside.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Washington, DC, USA, weighing in at 199 lbs..."The Absolute" Nickolas Kennedy Arsen!

    "In the Fade" by QOTSA begins blasting on the loud speakers as NKA makes his entrance. Pyro go off as The Agent of Change walks down the ramp and slapping hands with his fans. He enters the ring and starts posing for the people in attendance by climbing all four turnbuckles. He then begins running the ropes as a pre match warm up.

    Lindsay Monahan: ...and introducing his opponent, from York England, weighing in at 229lbs...Logan V!

    "Rough Landing Holly" starts playing as Logan V comes out through to curtains. Just as they did for Arsen, the crowd give the leader of The Lost Soul's Alliance a great reception. Logan starts making his way to the ring and it looks like he is in the best shape of his life. Logan gets in the ring, poses for the fans and then meets Arsen and official referee Billy Stevens in the middle of the ring.

    Buckworth: The Guardian Devil's really done it this time...

    Taylor: Never cross the boss.


    Billy Stevens gives both wrestlers some last minute instruction and then rings the bell and orders for the match to officially begin. The two shake hands and then they circle each other. They lock up and Arsen gets an early advantage as he gets Logan in a side headlock. After several seconds, Logan pushes him into the ropes, but Arsen bounces off the ropes and shoulder tackle the mask superstar. He runs to the ropes again and tries to hit Logan with an elbow drop, but at the last second Logan rolls out of the way and Arsen hits nothing but mat. Logan gets up fast and tries to hit an elbow drop of his own, but Arsen moves out and Logan misses as well. Both of them get back to their feet fast and a stare down takes place. Arsen starts running the ropes, Logan rolls underneath him as he passes over him and as NKA comes back from the other ropes, Logan hits him with a dropkick. He then picks him up and sets him up for a vertical suplex and hits it. He then climbs the turnbuckle and waits for him to get back to his feet. When Arsen does, Logan goes for a tornado DDT, but his opponent moves and hits hem with an uppercut. As Logan lies on the ground helpless, Arsen goes for a rolling thunder, but quickly Logan gets his knees up . They both get up to a vertical base and stare each other down one more time as the fans applaud both wrestlers.

    Buckworth: The fans love these guys and the effort they are putting in this match.

    Taylor: One of these two might not make it to 5 Star Attraction after this match.

    Arsen finally charges in, but Logan takes him down with a drop toe hold. As he starts to lock in the rear naked choke, Arsen grabs the rope. The ref orders Logan to let go and he does. He gets back up and slams back down with and elbow to Arsen's left shoulder blade. He then proceeds to stomp at both shoulder blades. Arsen eventually rolls away and gets back to his feet with the help of the ropes. Logan stays with him and tries to Irish Whip him into the ropes, but Arsen reverses it and hits Logan who is sent running. As Logan bounces off the ropes, Arsen bends over for a back body drop, but Logan kicks him in the shoulder. He runs back to the ropes for momentum, but this time Arsen gets the better of him by clothes lining him over the top rope. Logan V is now leaning against the barricade and Arsen flies over the top rope with a running somersault. He hits it, but damage was done to both contender.
    A loud Holy Shit chant can be heard from the crowd.

    Taylor: Taking these kind of risks before the big Title match at 5 Star Attraction is just dumb.

    Buckworth: Arsen always gives 100%. That's what real competitors do.

    Arsen is up first and then moves Logan over to the ring post to smash his head into it, but Logan reverses it and pushes his shoulder into it causing him to collapse. It seems he is focusing hard on his shoulder so he can set him up for his "End of the Line" finisher. Logan picks him up, hits his head on the rings edge and rolls him into the ring. When he slides back into the ring, Arsen is almost to his feet. Logan kicks him in the stomach and sets him up for a DDT, but Arsen reverses it into a back body drop. The agent of Change is holding his left shoulder and stomping at Logan's legs. After several stomps he starts to lock in the figure four leg lock and does. Logan is in a lot of pain as the referee asks him if he wants to quit, but he refuses. All of a sudden, Logan rolls over and reverses the lock onto Arsen and now he is in pain. He slides over to the bottom rope and the referee wants Logan to break the hold. He waits until four to break it. Both are slow to get to their feet, but start exchanging lefts and rights with one another. Arsen blocks a left hook from Logan, punches him in the gut and hits the T Bone Suplex. Arsen then picks Logan up and he can barely stand on his own. He goes for another suplex, but this time he counters with vicious elbow to the back of the neck. Logan goes for another DDT, but Arsen pushes him aside, kicks him and once again sets him up for a suplex. Logan blocks it and hits a Shining Wizard of his own. Logan climbs the top rope and goes up for a flying elbow drop….Arsen rolls away at the last second and Logan crashes hard on the mat.

    Taylor: Ha, he screwed himself!!!

    Buckworth: You can’t win without taking risks.

    Arsen lets Logan get up and then goes for a clothesline, but Logan ducks and Arsen hits the ref instead! As Arsen checks on the ref, Logan hits him with a spinning kick to the back of the head. Logan covers Arsen, but there is no one to count. Logan climbs the top turnbuckle again, ready for another risk manoeuvre, but as he gets ready to fly one more time, Joey Nicholas runs down the ramp and pushes him off, causing Logan to crash the mat hard once more. Joey Nicholas enters the ring and starts putting the boots on Logan. In the meanwhile the ref has regained consciousness and rings for the bell.

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of this match at 34 minutes and 11 seconds as a result of a disqualification...Logan V!!!

    The ref tries to stop Nicholas, but he just shoves him out of the way. He keeps beating down Logan, but this time is Arsen who tries to come to the rescue. Arsen and Nicholas exchange punches and Arsen does get a few good shots in on the newly crowned AMLL Cruiserweight Champion, but he is just too tired for Nicholas. The Real Deal gets the better of Arsen and this time is attention is fully focused on him. In the meanwhile Logan slowly rolls out of the ring and towards Bruce Mollard who is sitting down at ringside. Logan shoves him aside and grabs his chair and then gets back into the ring and goes right after Joey Nicholas. Nicholas sees him coming and without even thinking, runs out of the ring. Nicholas walks slowly backwards up the ramp with a huge smirk on his face. Logan V calls for him to return, but Joey just keeps laughing at him. Logan goes over Arsen to check if he is ok and then helps him up. These two guys just had war and yet there seems to be no bad blood between the two.

    To the office of stand in General Manager the Guardian Devil next where he seems to be in quite a bad mood with his stable mate Kenneth leBlanc.

    Guardian Devil: You’re an idiot! Getting caught on camera? That’s amateurish.

    LeBlanc doesn’t seem to care at all, and continues to shine up his title belt.

    Guardian Devil: Do you know what this means?

    Kenneth leBlanc: Don’t know, don’t care.

    Guardian Devil: It means leBlanch can now name a replacement for the match tonight.

    Kenneth leBlanc: Oh well.

    Devil’s mood doesn’t get any better when Shaun Quinn comes up behind him dressed exactly the same. Devil doesn’t notice Quinn at first but as soon as he does he lets out a sigh.

    Guardian Devil: What?

    Shaun Quinn: Hey buddy.

    Guardian Devil: Who the hell are you supposed to be?

    Shaun Quinn: I’m the Quinndian Devil!

    Guardian Devil: That looks nothing like me.

    Kenneth leBlanc: Dude, it looks exactly like you.

    Shaun Quinn does his best impersonation of the famous Guardian Devil thumbs up which gets a laugh out of leBlanc but not out of Devil.

    Guardian Devil: Why are you here?

    Shaun Quinn: I want in.

    Guardian Devil: In what?

    Shaun Quinn: That Royal Rumble match thingy.

    Guardian Devil: When’s the last time you won a match?

    Shaun Quinn: Ehhh, I dunno….

    Guardian Devil: That’s why my answer is no.

    Shaun Quinn: Please? For old times sake.

    Guardian Devil: Tell you what, you can have a qualifying match next week. Win and you are in.

    Shaun Quinn: Sweet! First I gain entry to the Rumble, then I gain entry to Darkness!

    Guardian Devil: Not bloody likely.

    Quinn doesn’t seem to have heard Devil’s last comment as he goes about his day as happy as can be. Devil meanwhile turns back to see leBlanc fixing his hair in the reflection of his title belt as he leaves the room.

    Guardian Devil: I need a vacation.

    Back to ringside now for the main event of the evening.

    Kenneth leBlanc cockily makes his way around ringside where he hands his prized CWA World Championship belt over to the ring announcer Lindsay Monahan. Kenneth leBlanc hasn’t even changed into his wrestling gear for this match, that’s how over confidant he is that leBlanch wont be able to find anyone in his league to face him. As leBlanc climbs into the ring, the lights go out in the arena. The arena remains in darkness for a few seconds before returning to normal. LeBlanc doesn’t look impressed in the ring but within seconds a large section of the crowd exploded into pandemonium. The camera quickly swings around and zooms in on a large group of fans going absolutely crazy. The camera zooms in closer and as all become clear on the big screen the rest of the arena joins in. Making his way through the fans towards the ring, dressed to compete, is the former CWA World Champion Roberto!

    Kenneth leBlanc suddenly perks up in the ring and the confidence quickly changes to worry as Roberto is given a hero’s welcome. Roberto climbs over the guardrail and quickly slides into the ring. Roberto heads to the middle rope and raises his arms which raises the noise level even further. The roof strength is certainly being tested tonight. Roberto casually walks to the centre of the ring where he awaits his opponent. Kenneth leBlanc hesitantly meets Roberto in the centre of the ring for the final instructions from the official in charge. We doubt either man heard a word the referee said as the fans burst into a thundering “Welcome back” chant for the challenger.


    LeBlanc, unsurprisingly started the match with a thumb to the eye of Roberto before following up with a quick arm drag. LeBlanc follows up with n arm wringer as he tries to shut the crowd up by slowing down the match to a snail’s pace. Roberto fights his way out and goes off the ropes before connecting with a flying shoulder tackle to floor the champion. Roberto follows up with a snap suplex before going for the Tutti Fruity but leBlanc elbows his way to safety.

    LeBlanc quickly gets back to his feet and runs off the ropes himself but Roberto catches him coming back with an uppercut. LeBlanc stumbles back and Roberto takes him down with a clothesline. Roberto goes off the ropes again and hit’s a jumping elbow drop to the chest of leBlanc. Roberto again goes for the Tutti Fruity but leBlanc scrambles to the bottom rope. Roberto breaks the hold and quickly ducks the cheap shot attempt by leBlanc. LeBlanc gets back to his feet and charges at Roberto who jumps high into the air and lands on the chest of leBlanc before flipping over to hit the Fruitilicious! The referee drops down and starts to count as the fans count along to crown Roberto the new CWA World Heavyweight Champion!

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, and NEW CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Roberto!!!

    The fans go crazy as they do their best to rip the roof off of the arena. Roberto gets back to his feet and is handed his newly won CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Roberto drops to his knees and holds the title close to his chest for a few seconds before pointing skywards and seemingly dedicating his victory to the late Mario Ganzo. Roberto kisses the title belt as leBlanc slumps out of the rings and heads backstage with his head hung. Roberto exit’s the ring and heads into the crowd to share in this moment with all his fans who are thrilled to see him back where he belongs.

    ++Quick Results++
    Anna Williams def Alexa
    Hunter Smith def Damien Kahn
    Minimal Pain def Vic Diaz
    Nero James & Rey Guerrero def Trevor Kade & The Bulldog
    Don de Vries & Ralph McCoy def Steel & Damage Nixon
    Daren Storm & Alexis def Hardcore Hell
    Joey Nicholas def Joven Rayo
    Logan V def Nickolas Kennedy Arsen
    Roberto def Kenneth leBlanc

    ++GFX BY++
    Dr. Doom

    ++Matches Written By++

    ++Matches Graded By++

    ++Promo's By++
    The Half Boy
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    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON


    I really liked this show

    Nero James 1-0

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

    Wow. I think I'll just leave it at that.

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

    Great show. The Title change was needed, we want a Main Event for 5*Attraction where both guys are going to promo. Griff is obviously gone...again lol.

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

    Great return for Roberto!
    All the feuds seems to be moving well with the exception of the World title obviously

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

    The ending was really confusing but good show nonetheless

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

    That was an awesome show, I really loved it. And a return for Roberto was long overdue... Now we just need to get him a rainbow coloured skull mask and sign him into the LSA...

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic View Post
    The ending was really confusing but good show nonetheless
    Why? Maybe you misread something Sonic...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Half Boy View Post
    That was an awesome show, I really loved it. And a return for Roberto was long overdue... Now we just need to get him a rainbow coloured skull mask and sign him into the LSA...

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    Re: December 2nd 2009 - Adrenaline Rush - Live from Billings, MON

    First of all, my apologies for not promoung this week. I ran into a lot of bad luck mainly with my computer shutting down

    I would li ke to have a match this week to make up.

    Jeez crimity. Another opponent?
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