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Thread: CWA Rankings for November 18th 2009

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    CWA Rankings for November 18th 2009

    Originality, Relevance, Setting the Scene, Spelling & Grammar, Overall Quality - Total Score

    05. Trevor Kade & The Bulldog - 4.22, 3.65, 4.00, 3.92, 3.88 - 3.93

    In their first tag match together the duo managed to overcome Shaun Quinn and Frankie Enzo in impressive fashion, especially when you consider their lack of experience together. The new teaming will be hoping that it isn’t a case of beginners luck as they face a new team of Nero James and Rey Guerrero next week in Montana.

    04. Hunter Smith - 4.28, 3.90, 4.14, 4.85, 4.12 - 4.26

    Hunter Smith made his CWA debut in South Carolina and left with a strong fan following thanks largely due to his hardcore style which the fans seemed to really enjoy. Hunter gets another chance to impresses next week on Adrenaline Rush when he faces the somewhat psychotic Damien Kahn.

    03. Nickolas Kennedy Arsen - 4.82, 5.62, 4.96, 6.27, 5.47 - 5.43

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen finds himself in an unusual position this week, not top. Arsen was thrown into a huge disadvantage when he teamed with Logan V to face eight men on Adrenaline Rush. Arsen and Logan got the victory but must now face each other in Montana. Hopefully, Arsen doesn’t already have his sights set on Five Star Attraction. If he does, it could prove very costly.

    02. Ralph McCoy - 4.98, 5.59, 5.22, 6.40, 5.73 - 5.58

    Ralph McCoy guaranteed his spot on the Five Star Attraction card when he overcame his long time rival King Johns to advance to the final of the 2009 Ruler of the Ring tournament where he will do battle with Don de Vries. McCoy, coincidentally will team with de Vries on the next show when they face Steel and Damage Nixon.

    01. Logan V - 7.08, 6.96, 6.81, 7.65, 7.43 - 7.19

    Logan V just seems to keep gaining momentum week after week regardless of what is thrown in front of him. He suffered a shock loss last week to the late O’Doherty thanks to Joey Nicholas but he bounced back in style this week when along with Nickolas Kennedy Arsen defeated eight men to get back on the winning track. Logan V will now face the biggest challenge of his career when he goes one on one with Nickolas Kennedy Arsen on December 2nd.
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    Re: CWA Rankings for November 18th 2009

    Good work Darren...

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    Re: CWA Rankings for November 18th 2009

    LOL. I think I got one point for each minute I did that promo.

    I finally have an idea for a promo against Logan. The theme? Hiding emotions! Oshnapz!
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