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Thread: "The Excellence of English" Callum Fielding

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    "The Excellence of English" Callum Fielding

    Name*: Callum Fielding
    Nickname: The Excellence of English
    Age*: 20
    Hometown: London, England
    Height: 6ft 4
    Weight*: 111 kg
    Gimmick*: English Patriot
    Disposition*: Heel

    Wrestling Style*: Technical
    Wrestling Abilities*: Speed, Technical, Power, Brawling, Charisma.

    Signature Moves*: Spinebuster, Running Powerslam
    Finishing Moves*: The Pride of England ( Twisting Somoan Drop)

    Previous Expierance: None

    Picture*: Kenny Dykstra

    Introduction: We Cut to a dark room where a hooded figure is backstage
    ???: I am Callum Fielding The Excellence Of English we Englishman are held back in Pro Wrestling and im here to change that i am going to restore English pride to this Sport I Am Putting all of CWA on Notice i am coming for you!

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    Re: ' The Excellence of English ' Callum Fielding

    Hrmmmm. You might want to pick your own character rep and be more detailed in your profile.
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    Re: ' The Excellence of English ' Callum Fielding

    Five Star Attraction

    We see Fielding on his own in a training room with the English flag around his waist

    Callum Fielding: Tonight i go into the biggest match of my career the Rumble match. tonight i face 20 other guys all wanting the same prize but none want it more than me! ( Heat from the crowd), im not going into this match for my self im going into it for every single English man, women, child and baby out there who have been disprespected by these American Scum! Tonight i will make all my family and friends proud i am the saviour this company needs and Tonight is the start of something special, tonight marks a new chapter in Wrestling, Tonight is the start of a new age in sports entertainment, tonight is the beginning of THE FIELDING ERA!

    Fielding then holds up the American Flag and spits on it too Huge Heat as we cut to black
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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