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Thread: CWA Newswire #8

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    CWA Newswire #8

    CWA saddened by the death of Jack Granville

    CWA has just learned of the death of Jack Granville, better known to the wrestling world as the Prince of Darkness O'Doherty.

    O'Doherty was a hard working young man, who was trying to put his troubled past behind him. He had just won one of his biggest matches of his career against Logan V at this past week's Adrenaline Rush and was considered the favourite by many, to win the Ruler of the Ring tournament.

    He will be dearly missed.

    The Black Sheep arrested

    Los Angeles native, former CWA development talent 2Fon Tastic was arrested over the weekend in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Toronto Police say 2Fon is charged with a driving under the influence after he was pulled as he was leaving the Hooters bar's parking lot along Beaver Creek Road.

    Police gave him a field sobriety test which led to the arrest.

    He was taken to Scarborough General Hospital for blood tests which he refused.

    That refusal led to the automatic one year suspension of his driver's license.

    2Fon Tastic is still facing a hearing on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and careless driving.

    CWA Star involved in sex tape scandal

    CWA star Toxic Rain is now the newest celebrity whose sex tape has been leaked on the internet. She can be seen on the tape having with her ex boyfriend. It's still unknown how the tape got leaked out.

    Toxic Rain has been kept off CWA TV since early this year, after she told management she was reconsidering her career path. As of this writing, she is still a CWA contracted wrestler.

    CWA star asks for his release from the company

    Jay "The New Chapter" Walters asked for his release from CWA at the conclusion of Adrenaline Rush in Portland, because he's been frustrated with the creative direction for his character.

    Management initially agreed to grant him the release, but Don de Vries and Ralph McCoy soothed over the situation and his release was never finalized.

    Rich Stone can't catch a break

    At one point, CWA planned on having Rich Stone beat The Ultimate Pain for the World Heavyweight Title at the Redemption PPV. Considering Ultimate Pain retained the title at that pay-per-view, the plan was ultimately nixed.

    He was also scheduled to win the X-Fly title at the September 9th Adrenaline Rush, but a few days before announcing the Title match, management decided they didn't want Joey Nicholas to lose steam towards becoming the top heel he is today, so the match was cancelled.

    Also, there was talk of having Rich Stone and his wife Victoria become the new Tag Team Champions, but the current champs Axl and Daren Storm played hardball and would not agree to drop the titles to them.

    Furthermore, CWA planned on having Rich Stone win the Ruler of the Ring tournament, but his injury ended up being worse than first reported and his return is unknown due to it being a deep muscle injury.

    House Show Results (Don't count towards your record):

    October 29th 2009

    Mini Pain def St.Deuce
    King Johns def The Bulldog
    Don de Vries def Jay Walters
    Victoria def Alexis by DQ
    Brown Storm def Hardcore Hell
    Joey Nicholas def Logan V & Ralph McCoy & O'Doherty to retain Title

    October 30th 2009

    Kenneth Leblanc def Brown Storm in a handicap match
    Mini Pain & Kennif LeBlanch def Uncle Salvatore & Jerry Black
    The Future def Los Calavera to retain Titles
    Don de Vries def Jay Walters & Ralph McCoy in a 3 way dance
    Logan V & Nickolas Kennedy Arsen def The Ultimate Pain & Joey Nicholas

    October 31th 2009

    Damon Deeds def The Amazing Shine
    Logan V def O'Doherty
    Ralph McCoy def Trevor Kade
    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen def Kennif LeBlanch
    Joey Nicholas def Ralph McCoy to retain Title

    November 1th 2009

    The Bulldog def Top Dog
    Uncle Sal & Jerry Black def Mini Pain & Kennif LeBlanch
    O'Doherty def Don de Vries
    Ralph McCoy & Victoria def Daren Storm & Alexis
    "Doc Adams last match" The Ultimate Pain def Doc Adams

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    Re: CWA Newswire #8

    Nice, informing read. Sucks for Rich Stone. Fight through it! Come back!
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    Re: CWA Newswire #8

    Ill be back soon ladies and gents dont worry about that Finals are coming up soon so once thats over with I should be on the road back

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    Re: CWA Newswire #8

    lol Carlito'D.

    Nice report Roberto.

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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