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Thread: BREAKING NEWS: Arsen escapes from Hospital; Heading to Rush to Confront Pain?

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    BREAKING NEWS: Arsen escapes from Hospital; Heading to Rush to Confront Pain?


    Quote Originally Posted by AZDailyStar/PWInsider/
    After competing in a devastating main event this past Wednesday on Adrenaline Rush that featured Nickolas Arsen and Rich Stone, both men were immediately hospitalized in separate hospitals in Phoenix, which is where the event took place, and both were told that they were not cleared to compete for a month.

    This was news that Nickolas Kennedy Arsen obviously took offense to.

    Arsen, 27, was diagnosed with a broken left hand, bruised ribs, & strained leg muscles. The doctors at the Phoenix Memorial Hospital told Arsen that he was lucky no further damage was inflicted upon him. He was kept in the hospital since late Wednesday night, but regained a conscious the next afternoon. Doctors then realized that maybe he wasn’t in the best mental state.

    “It was bizarre,” said Dr. Gerald Papas, M.D., who examined Arsen during his abrupt stay in the facility. “He fought with this weird desire, but he looked awful. I’m surprised he had the energy he did.”

    Arsen broke out in the middle of Sunday night and Monday morning. Several of the hospital employees did not catch him escaping, nor did any security camera. When his room was checked though, a gown was on a messy bed and his gear bag was missing. Dr. Papas thinks he saw this coming.

    “I knew he had fight, but this decision is a drastic one. Arsen isn’t fully recovered, nor is he in any positive mental state to be traveling or going anywhere. When we restrained him, he kept saying “I have to complete my mission. I want more Pain……..I want the Ultimate Pain. I believe that was the last thing we heard him say. I don’t get what that means, though.”
    A nurse by the name of Mya Tisdale told officials and officers that she developed a calm relationship that consisted of Arsen opening his feelings. She was the only one that knew Arsen’s plans.

    “He seemed like a sweetheart. It was like he was Tarzan and I was Jane. Only in this scenario, he was an angry cripple and I’m a slutty nurse.”

    When we asked Nurse Tisdale if he said anything about where he was going, she replied, “Arsen was going on and on about Minnesota. He said something about getting what is his.”

    Minneanapolis is the next location of Adrenaline Rush. Charles Anderson heard about this news and panicked.

    “What in the sam hell is wrong with this kid?” he exclaimed. “He is my number one contender! If he hurts himself more, by traveling or wrestling, he could kill himself. He isn’t cleared to compete! I want him to rest! I want people to find him and control him.”

    Will Arsen be on Adrenaline Rush this week. According to our sources, if he won’t let a hospital control, what is there to stop him? What is Arsen thinking? We’ll keep you informed on this developing story!!!
    Didn't know where to put this.
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS: Arsen escapes from Hospital; Heading to Rush to Confront Pain?

    Oh noez. >.>

    Did we ever have a match?

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    Re: BREAKING NEWS: Arsen escapes from Hospital; Heading to Rush to Confront Pain?

    It's great to have you back NT.

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