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Thread: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

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    CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    With all the scheduled competitors in the ring for the opening match, referee Tony Stevens is keen to get the action underway, but is interrupted by the entrance music of Charles W. Anderson filling the arena. The CWA owner makes his way to the stage, microphone in hand, and addresses the waiting combatants.

    Charles Anderson: First of all, let me apologise for interrupting. I can see you're all keen to get the action underway, but you seem to have forgotten one thing. I promised you a surprise entrant in this match up, and I always give what I promise. So with no further ado, let me introduce to you the final participant in this match up. Making his return to the Clique Wrestling Alliance, England's very own LOOOOOGGGAAANNNNNN FFFIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEE!

    The sound of Rough Landing's, Holly fills the arena, as the returning CWA star bounds onto the stage. Today his usual skeletal costume has been altered, incorporating the George Cross into the whites of the design. He stands in the entryway, listening to the patriotic crowd exploding at his arrival, and walks towards Anderson. They shake hands, Logan V takes the microphone, and Anderson heads to the back. Logan waits around a little longer, waiting for the roar of the crowd to die down, and when it fails to do so, he begins anyway.

    Logan V: Well look what the cat dragged in! I know everybody in this arena is dying to get this match underway, so I won't take up too much of your time. I just have three very important things I have to say. Firstly, I'd like to thank Charles Anderson for giving me this opportunity. Eight months ago I left that man in the lurch, something he didn't really deserve. I know he wasn't happy about the way I left, but when I came back to him, cap in hand, he was either a big enough man, or a good enough business man, to realise that I'd learnt from my mistakes, and that it'd be in the best interests of everybody in this company to have me back on the roster. And we both agreed that the best place for that to happen would be at Meltdown, right here, in London, England.

    Logan pauses while the crowd responds to the mention of the city.

    Logan V: After all, it seemed especially apt, given that I too am from right here, in glorious England!

    The crowd pop even louder for this, to which Logan V brings a gloved hand to his masked forehead, in a salute to the crowd. When they quieten down, he begins again.

    Logan V: My second announcement is to you, the fans. All you sitting at ringside, and all the ones at home who've forked out cash to watch us in their living rooms. To you people, I'd like to apologise. I'm not big headed enough to imagine I was the favourite superstar of many of you people, but I'd like to think there were at least a few people watching who were disappointed by my absence, and missed me while I was away. To those people, I am truly sorry. I went through a bad patch in my life. I guess you could say I lost my smile, and I tried to find it again in the bottom of a bottle. One day I woke up, and realised I needed a change. I came home to my family. I had some long awaited surgery on my knees. I got myself clean, and now I'm back, healthier than ever, and ready for anything the CWA can throw at me.

    Finally, Logan V turns his attention to the impatient wrestlers waiting in the ring.

    Logan V: Now, as for you guys, my final announcement is aimed at you. I know what you're all thinking. You think I'm a has been and a never was. Well I'll tell you something. I've got myself two new bionic knees, and I think everybody knows that nothing new is rusty.

    He slowly starts to make his way down the aisle, talking as he goes.

    Logan V: But let's face it, I think it's clear that not everything about me is brand new. Take these here gloves, for instance. I've worn these gloves in every match I've wrestled. And they've been just dying to slap the taste out of some people's mouths. And my boots? It's been a long time since I laced these bad boys up. And there's nothing they like more than kicking some serious ass. And boys? Tonight I intend to catch up on every... Lost... Second...

    Logan drops the microphone, slides into the ring, and finally, Stevens rings the bell, and gets the match underway.

    X-Fly Rankings Match
    vs. vs. vs. vs.
    vs. vs. vs.

    As soon as Logan slid into the ring, he was greeted by five men jumping on him. Only Top Dog and Jay Walters refrained from attacking the returning Logan. Walters backed up and chilled out in the corner while Top Dog waited for an opening wherein he could pick someone off. Amazing Shine made the first mistake of the match when he accidentally hit The Bulldog with a stray right hand. Shine apologized but the Bulldog speared him halfway across the ring before returning to Logan. Jay Walters finally made some movement by bending down to pin the nearly dead Shine for the first elimination.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Amazing Shine has been eliminated.

    Top Dog has grown bored of waiting and has decided to pull Rey Guerrero out to pick on, conviently the smallest man left. Top Dog sends Guerrero off the ropes and crushes him with a shoulder block on the way back. Top Dog pulls Guerrero to his feet and delivers a bone crunching Choke slam. Top Dog gets kicked in the side of the head with a running dropkick from debutant O’Doherty. O’Doherty pins Guerrero for the second elimination.

    Lindsay Monahan: Rey Guerrero has been eliminated.

    Top Dog is pissed to say the least and grabs O’Doherty by the neck and simply squeezes. O’Doherty falls to his knees to which Top Dog bends down to maintain pressure. O’Doherty is saved by an unlikely source when Jay Walters hits Top Dog with the C.O.I for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Top Dog has been eliminated.

    Jay Walters looks to follow up on his hot streak by clubbing the back of Shaun Quinn as O’Doherty tries to suck some air back into his lungs. Quinn fights back and sends Walters off the ropes before connecting with a spinning back elbow smash to floor Walters. Quinn makes the cover but only gets a two count. Logan has fought his way to his feet having finally gotten it down to one on one with the Bulldog. Logan swings with several right hands to rock the Bulldog before O’Doherty lends a hand from behind and hit’s a lung blower. Logan quickly climbs to the second rope and hit’s a diving elbow drop for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: The Bulldog has been eliminated.

    Half way there and Quinn has the upper hand on Walters while O’Doherty and Logan begin to trade blows on the other side of the ring. O’Doherty gains a slight upper hand but Logan ends the momentum with a quick spine buster. Shaun Quinn is trying to lock Walters into a sharpshooter but Walters is doing everything he can to avoid it. Walters kicks and crawls until he reaches the bottom rope for the break. Logan tries to one up Quinn by locking in a Texas Cloverleaf on O’Doherty. O’Doherty struggles and inches his way to the bottom rope.

    Shaun Quinn decides now would be a good time to put his Cowboy hat on. The delay in following up the advantage on Walters comes back to cost him dearly as Walters quickly regains his senses and hit’s the C.O.I for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Cowboy Shaun Quinn has been eliminated.

    Walters quickly follows up his lead by hitting Logan with a shining wizard to break the cloverleaf before the ropes do. Walters notices the agony O’Doherty is in and deems him a better target than Logan. Walters bends down to pick up O’Doherty but gets caught in a Small Package for a near fall. Walters isn’t happy at being out smarted and punts O’Doherty in the temple before getting hit with a German Suplex from Logan. Logan pulls the half conscious O’Doherty back to his feet and hit’s a Death Valley Driver for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: O’Doherty has been eliminated.

    The final two are Jay Walters and the returning Logan V. Both men come chest to chest before Walters head butts Logan. Logan is taken aback but quickly recovers to avoid the C.O.I from Walters. Logan dodges the attack and kicks out the knee of Walters. Logan wastes little time in slapping on a figure four but Walters simply refuses to submit. Walters screams in agony as he tries to not only pull himself, but Logan as well across the ring to the ropes for the break. Walters gets the ropes break just before his legs do in the figure four. Logan looks to follow up straight away with an STF but Walters elbows out of it. Walters stuns Logan long enough to get back to his feet and charge at Logan but Logan is ready and uses Walters own momentum against him. Logan hoists Walters up onto his shoulders and hit’s the TKO. Logan quickly gets back to his feet and goes to the ropes where he hit’s a double springboard moonsault. Walters sits up holding his ribs as a result of the impact which allows Logan to go behind him and lock in the Million Dollar Dream. Walters tries to fight it off but has finally run out of gas and reluctantly taps out.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 24 minutes and 12 seconds, via Submission, is Logan V!

    Logan falls onto his back with his fists in the air in victory. Logan takes a few seconds before getting back to his feet and celebrating his successful return properly, by going outside the ring and sharing it with his fans at ringside.

    Meltdown cuts to a video, which appears to have been made earlier in the day. It's a gorgeous day in London, with the sun beating down. The camera zooms around the masses of people wandering past, from tourists, to business men, to shoppers, there's hundreds of people, some rushing frantically, whilst others seem to be much more relaxed. The camera then shows a street sign attached to the wall of a shop, and it becomes clear the camera man is situated at Oxford Street in London. The camera makes it's way through the crowd to the Marble Arch, where a stereotypically English, red double Decker pulls up near by. From it comes The Ultimate Pain, casually strolling down the bus steps. Pain has dressed for the occasion in long shorts, a casual tee, a pair of flip flops, and his usual over-sized aviators. He looks like any other tourist in London, well, apart from the huge CWA World Heavyweight Championship that he has resting over his shoulder. Once off the bus, Pain makes his way over to the Marble Arch where the camera man has presumably been told to wait for him. Once he is near enough, Pain is handed a microphone from behind the camera, and he ready’s himself before speaking.

    Ultimate Pain: I'm sure everyone watching this at the show, and all these passer-bys are wondering why on earth I'm standing beside the beautiful Marble Arch in the heart of London, with a microphone in my hand.

    Pain pauses, allowing the small crowd that has gathered around him to nod their heads in agreement. A few members of the gathering crowd can be heard murmuring, much to Pain's dislike. Pain gives them a cold stare, quickly shutting them up, before continuing.

    Ultimate Pain: Well, wonder no more, because the reason is, I'm sick of Orlando and Michelle. So sick of them in fact that I've decided to take to the streets of London to find out what the people really want to know about The Ultimate Pain and more importantly, what everyone wants to know about my upcoming battle with Doctor Jack Adams. I'm surprised I haven't thought of this excellent idea sooner, and I hope the British public don't let me down.

    Pain begins to march off, causing the crowd to clear a way for him to exit. Pain is closely followed by John the cameraman, making sure to keep up with Pain's brisk pace.

    Ultimate Pain: So who's got the first question for everyone's favourite Champ?

    Pain stops beside a teenage boy. The boy is roughly sixteen, and seems hugely excited to have been randomly selected by Pain first. The boy is like any other average teen, wearing a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt.

    Ultimate Pain: Well young sir, what is it you want to ask the Champ today?

    Random Interviewer #1: Firstly I'd just like to say how much of a great honour this is Ultim...

    Pain shakes his head at the boy, implying he's chosen the wrong name to call him by.

    Random Interviewer #1: Uh...Mister Pain?

    Ultimate Pain: Much better, now what's the question kid? I haven't got all day you know!

    Random Interviewer #1: Of course. I was just wondering what difference you think Guardian Devil becoming the special guest referee will make to tonight's match?

    Pain becomes obviously irritated at the thought of GD being the referee for tonight's main event, before regaining his composure.

    Ultimate Pain: Hmm, good question kid. It seems either Anderson or GD want to continually meddle in Brotherhood business, especially mine. I don't know which of them it is, or maybe it's both of them, but what I do know is it's a big mistake. If I'm being honest, I think GD's jealous of me. He's never held a World title, and it's pretty clear I have.

    Pain pats his beloved gold, letting a slight smile creep across his face in doing so.

    Ultimate Pain: The Brotherhood have gone from strength to strength since he's left, and that annoys him. He's infuriated that I've proven myself as a worthy leader in his absence, and now he's trying to find ways to get back at me. I'm going to warn GD and Charlie boy one final time. Stop putting your nose where it doesn't belong. GD has no place being in tonight's match! Its been set now, so I understand it can't be changed. However, GD, just make sure you call this thing down the middle! You'll get to see first hand, what it really takes to become a World Champion, you'll be in the ring with me after all.

    Pain has an arrogant chuckle to himself, before marching off once again, looking for his second 'interviewer'.

    Ultimate Pain:You sir! How would you like the chance to ask The Ultimate Pain a question before tonight's huge PPV extravaganza?

    Pain has pointed at a man with a particularly sharp suit on. The man is carrying a briefcase, and just gives off the aura that he thinks he's more important than he is.

    Random Interviewer #2: Sorry, Ultimate who?

    Pain is taken aback by someone not knowing or recognising him. And becomes instantly mad at the young business man.

    Ultimate Pain: That's Ultimate Pain, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, and I'm giving you the chance of a lifetime here. You get to ask me whatever you like.

    Random Interviewer #2: That's great and all, but I'm really far too busy to mess about with some silly questions.

    The young man then rushes off, leaving an irate Ultimate Pain staring at the camera. Pain seems to be unsure as to what to do next after this set-back, but manages to keep cool, before picking his next 'interviewer'.

    Ultimate Pain: You! Get over here, and don't even dare be smart about it!

    Pain, unsurprisingly picking an easier target, has selected a middle aged lady. The woman is dressed very well, and just from her appearance it is clear she is a very wealthy lady.

    Random Interviewer #3: Excuse me? Where are your manners? Don't you dare speak to me like that!

    Pain is once again shocked at how he is being treated here on Oxford Street, and simply stares at the woman in amazement. No doubt he is wondering why he ever came up with the idea to take his Meltdown interview to the streets.

    Random Interviewer #3: Now, what is it you want?

    Ultimate Pain: Well, I was wondering if you cared to ask me a question before my match with Doctor Jack Adams tonight? Something tells me you won't though.

    Random Interviewer #3: You're fighting a doctor you say? That hardly seems fair?

    Ultimate Pain: Ah, that's a fine point actually madam. Some people say I should feel bad for beating down a helpless doctor, but what I say to them is...

    Suddenly Pain is interrupted by the woman, who has taken it upon herself to examine Pain's over-sized aviators at closer inspection. She has lifted them off Pain's face, whose attempts at being polite have quickly vanished.

    Random Interviewer #3: These sunglasses are just divine! Wherever have you got them from?

    Pain simply takes his sunglasses back, puts them on once again, and walks away from the woman who seems quite aghast at this second act of such rudeness.

    Ultimate Pain: Somebody better have a bloody good question for me next or I'm quitting this crap! So who's next? Who wants to ask Pain a question?

    A couple of teenage boys step up, looking much more interested in getting themselves on television than in asking Pain a question.

    Ultimate Pain: Alright shoot. What's the question boys?

    Random Interviewers #4 and #5: Well we're actually huge fans of yours, and we've been wondering for ages...

    Pain's face lights up, not only at hearing that these boys are fans, but also as he thinks he's finally found another legitimate question.

    Random Interviewers #4 and #5: ...what's your favourite pizza topping?

    Ultimate Pain: Well, it's funny you should ask that actually, just the other night I ha...wait! Do you know who the hell you're talking to? Pizza topping? What crap is that?!

    Pain raises his hand in fury, before bringing it down as if to slap one of the young boys. Pain thinks twice, and leaves the two teenagers flinching, before marching off once again, having clearly lost his patience.

    Ultimate Pain: That is it! John, get Orlando on the phone, looks like I'm going to need him after all.

    Pain suddenly comes to an abrupt stop, causing John the cameraman to bump into him! Pain doesn't even seem bothered, as he's simply staring at someone in the crowd.

    Ultimate Pain: Hold that call John. I think we might just save this yet.

    Pain goes running off after someone in the hundreds of people. He finally catches up with who he wants. As Pain moves out of the way, the camera catches its first glimpse of the man. He's an overweight, balding man in his mid-thirties. More importantly than that though, the man is wearing a Doctor Jack Adams t-shirt!

    Ultimate Pain: It's your lucky day sir. You're going to get the opportunity to ask me a question before my match tonight with your beloved Jack Adams. What do you think of that?

    Random Interviewer #6: R...Re...Really?

    The man is still clearly very surprised at what has just occurred.

    Ultimate Pain: No kidding. It's a real treat for you to meet someone like myself when you look up to the Doc I'm sure, and not only that, a question too. I could understand if it's all a bit too much for you. Get the tissues at the ready John!

    Random Interviewer #6: No I'm fine thank you. I do have a question for you though.

    Ultimate Pain: At last! Let's hear it big man.

    Random Interviewer #6: What do you honestly think the chances of you beating the reinvigorated Doctor Jack Adams tonight?

    Pain stands contemplating the question for a moment, thinking a few things over, before he finally answers.

    Ultimate Pain: You know something big boy, you're right. The Doc has definitely been a reinvigorated man since his return to wrestling a few months back. Hell, if he wasn't he wouldn't be getting a title shot at me would he? However, he isn't the first man to face me, thinking they're in the form of their lives. I've taken on some huge names who have all made it their aim to take me off the top of the CWA food chain, but look at me, here I am, still standing proudly at the top. I'm still the Heavyweight Champion for a reason. I get the job done when it matters most. I've studied the Doc, I've studied his strengths, I've studied his weaknesses, and I'm not going to lie; I've been impressed. However, I've talked it over with Joey, who knows what it takes to beat him one on one, and I'm going to be walking into Meltdown more confident than I ever have walked into a PPV.

    Random Interviewer #6: That's all very well and true, but there's more to this match than just the title. Doc Adams also thinks you're the man who put his great friend Roberto out of action at Redemption. Do you think that'll play a par...

    Ultimate Pain: Whoa there tubby! It's one question only you know? Get the hell out of here with your stupid Doc Adams t-shirt! Oh, and lay off the cream buns or you'll be requiring a doctor of your own!

    Pain as usual laughs away at his own joke, before returning to his more serious side. He then returns his attention to the camera.

    Ultimate Pain: Listen up Doc, and listen up good! You may think I'm the man who took Roberto out, but you're entirely wrong. I don't fear Roberto, just like I don't fear you. I had no reason to take him out. I expected to go out and beat him at Redemption just like I expect to go out and beat you at Meltdown. I think it's a lovely story, I really do. An aged washed up doctor fights for the justice of his beloved, slightly fruity companion. Let's be honest, it's not everyday you hear a story like that, is it? Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending Doc. Come Meltdown your's and Roberto's little fairytale will have to come to a sad end. You think I'm going to suffer the fate of the Final Adjustment? Well here's my final judgment on that matter, I'm going to walk in as Champ, and I'm going to walk out as Champ. Doc, just like your friend before you, you will suffer...The Ullllltiiimaaaatee Paaaaaaiiiinnn!!

    Grudge Match

    As soon as the opening bell sounds both men are swinging for the fences. Equinox gains the early advantage and refuses to let up on the rights and lefts that are constantly connecting with the head of his former mentor. Deeds backs up and eventually reaches the ropes at which point the resorts to trying to cover up. Equinox pulls Deeds away from the ropes and knees him in the ribs before elbowing the back of his to floor him. Equinox mounts the back of Deeds and goes to town on the back of his head with clubbing blows. The official moves in to try and get Equinox off but gets shoved back for his efforts. Deeds uses the momentary opening to turn and punch Equinox in the Adams apple to get him off.

    Deeds gets back to his feet and takes a much slower and more methodical approach as he delivers several well placed kicks to the joints of Equinox, first the left knee, then the left shoulder, then the hip. Deeds continues to change his target area so that Equinox is unable to cover up and protect himself. Deeds finally decides to focus on the head as he drops several knees before trying to twist his head off. Deeds releases Equinox but only so that he can kick him in the chest to put him down again. Deeds goes off the ropes and this time drops an elbow to the face of Equinox. Equinox quickly grabs his face and tries to roll away.

    Equinox quickly reaches the ropes and slides outside. Demon Deeds follows and decides to shove Equinox into the ring post. With Equinox still holding his face, he doesn’t see it coming until it is too late. Equinox smashes his face off the ring post and the red stain left on the post tells the story. Deeds wipes the blood off the post with his hand before raising it to his mouth and tasting it. Deeds seems to enjoy the taste of his opponents blood and stamps on the back of Equinox’s head to show how much he enjoyed it. Deeds pulls Equinox back to his feet and sends him back first into the ring steps. We can now clearly see a river of blood flowing from the mouth and nose of Shadow Equinox.

    Deeds charges at Equinox and drives his knee into the face to smack the back of Equinox’s head off the steel steps for a doubly effective attack. If the nose of Shadow Equinox wasn’t broken before, it is now. The official tries to convince Demon Deeds to take it back inside the ring but gets ignored as Deeds pulls Equinox back to his feet again. Equinox tries to fight back but his punches are having little effect. Deeds grabs the head of Equinox and drives his knee up into his face to splatter blood in the surrounding areas. Deeds keeps a hold of Equinox and follows up with several more knee shots to put Equinox onto his knees.

    Demon Deeds finally lets go of Equinox but only so that he can take a step back and admire his handiwork. Deeds makes those few steps count by quickly running and kicking Equinox in the face again. Equinox is forced backwards again making his head collide with the steel ring steps. Shadow Equinox remains motionless on the floor as the blood starts to pool around his head. Demon Deeds moves in and starts to kick the defenceless Equinox in the ribs until the bell is sounded.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has decided that Shadow Equinox is unable to continue, therefore your winner, in 12 minutes and 39 seconds is Demon Deeds.

    Demon Deeds doesn’t seem happy that the match has ended so soon, he wanted to inflict some more punishment. Deeds grabs the official by the neck and shoves him away from Equinox before he continues to kick away at his former student’s lifeless body. The blood flows faster and thicker out of the mouth of Equinox as Deeds seems to kick harder and harder every time. Several other referees come to ringside but none have any luck in getting Deeds to let up.

    The Amazing Shine has seen enough and runs to Equinox’s aid. Shine gets in a few punches before Deeds knees him in the stomach and drives his head into the ring apron. Deeds grabs Shine by the hair and bends him over backwards to deliver the Last Rights on the outside. Adam Brown gets to ringside to prevent any more damage to Shine but suffers a similar fate when Deeds sends him back first into the ring post. Demon Deeds grabs a nearby steel chair and reshapes it in the form of Brown’s head. Deeds grabs a second steel chair and makes his way back around to Shadow Equinox who is still yet to move.

    Deeds takes the point of the chair and drives it into the exposed ribs several times until he is convinced they are broken several times over. Deeds repositions himself before smashing the chair off the top of the head of Equinox in a conchairto type move. Deeds goes looking under the ring and this time brings out a steel chain. Deeds swings the chain from behind his head and crashes it into the ribs of Equinox several times before putting on the ring apron. Deeds grabs Equinox by the hair and pulls the lifeless figure to his feet. Deeds sits Equinox on the ring steps with the ring post holding him up. Deeds grabs Equinox by the face and quite clearly tells him this was his final lesson.

    Deeds grabs the steel chain again and this time puts it around the neck of Equinox before sliding into the ring with both ends in hand. Deeds takes a second to think about his next action before pulling with all his might in an attempt to strangle the helpless Equinox on the ring post. Deeds puts all his strength into it as several referees try unsuccessfully to pull the other way to relieve some of the presser on the neck of Equinox. Deeds drops the chain but only so that he can pick it up again closer to the ring post. Deeds grabs each side again and this time uses the ring post to push himself backwards to cut off the air supply and basically hang his former student live on pay per view. Demon Deeds eventually releases the chain and the officials and security quickly removed the very badly injured Shadow Equinox. Equinox is carried backstage as Demon Deeds follows with an evil smile on his face clearly very happy with what has just went down.

    “La, la, la, la, wait till I get my money right….” blasts through the arena. The crowd pops. The music is playing for about a minute and the crowd wonders where this man is. Suddenly, Marshall Jones throws up the curtains and walks on to the main stage. The crowd erupts. Jones is dressed sharply in a tanish-white suit. He’s got a pair of black shades on. The music cuts and the crowd is still cheering. He waits for the crowd to settle before he talks.

    Marshall Jones: The one, the only, Marshall Jones has came to CWA!

    Crowd pops.

    Marshall Jones: I’m sure you all know this, I quit WS a few weeks back. I’ve decided to come to CWA, just because the talent is so much better, and I can’t truly prove myself in WS. Now it’s time to show what I got, here in the CWA!

    Crowd cheers.

    Marshall Jones: Thank you, you are all far too kind.

    The crows cheers and Jones’ music hits as he walks off the stage.

    Before our next match we go backstage where off in the distance we see two figures apparently having quite a friendly conversation. The camera zooms in and we see it is Minimal Pain and Guardian Devil. The two are laughing and having a good time on their own. Pain and Devil shake hands before going their separate ways.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships

    Before the match even starts the Future jump both TJ Styles and The Machine from behind. TJ gets thrown out of the ring quickly so both men can focus fully on the Machine. Daren Storm works the legs as Axl Storm simply tries to keep the Machine grounded long enough for Daren to do some damage. Daren locks in a Figure Four and slams himself backwards to put as much pressure as possible on. Axl goes off the ropes and splashes down across the legs of both men in an attempt to injure the big man rather than wear him down. Axl goes to the middle rope but TJ Styles grabs his ankle and trips him. TJ slides back in and breaks the figure four before getting a thumb to the eye from Axl.

    Axl scoop slams TJ before climbing to the second rope again. Axl comes off with a double axe handle smash but the Machine catches him in a bear hug. The Machine walks to the centre of the ring before he starts to swing Axl like a rag doll. TJ Styles hit’s a bulldog from behind on Daren to prevent him breaking the hold. The Machine swings Axl around and slams him down with a belly to belly suplex. The Machine makes the cover but Alexis put’s Axl’s foot on the bottom rope to make sure it doesn’t end there.

    TJ Styles this time climbs the ropes and has Axl as his target. The Machine raises Axl’s legs and spreads them to give TJ a target. Axl begs him not to jump but TJ delivers a top rope leg drop right between the uprights. Axl flops around in agony until the Machine grabs him by the neck and pulls him back to his feet. Daren Storm clubs the back of the Machine but it has little effect. The Machine drops Axl and turns around. Daren runs off the ropes but runs right into a spear from TJ Styles that takes both men out of the ring. Alexis hands Axl one of the CWA World Tag Team Championship belts but the official see’s it and takes it away.

    Axl protests and conviently keeps the official busy while the X-Fly Champion Joey Nicholas slides in the back door and connects with a set of brass knuckles to the temple of the big man. Nicholas slides back out of the ring and makes his quick escape via the crowd. Axl goes off the ropes and hits an elbow drop before pinning the Machine to pick up the three count and retain the CWA World tag team championships in the process.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, and still the CWA World Tag Team Champions, in 17 minutes and 48 seconds, the Future.

    Axl Storm quickly exit’s the ring and grabs a nearby steel chair. Axl makes his way around ringside and smashes it across the back of the unsuspecting TJ Styles. Daren Storm takes the opening and sends TJ face first into the ring steps to make sure he doesn’t get back up. Axl slides back into the ring as Daren Storm looks under the ring for something.

    Axl connects with the ribs of the still motionless Machine in the ring before he is rejoined by Daren Storm who has found a kendo stick. Daren takes aim at the face of the Machine as Axl works over the body. Both men take several shots before Alexis stops them and gives some new instructions. Daren and Axl drag The Machine to the ring ropes and tie his arms up in them to leave him helpless. Axl takes another chair shot to the unprotected head of the Machine before Alexis steps forward confidently. Alexis reaches under the chin of the Machine and starts to pull off his mask.

    Alexa runs to the ring in an attempt to prevent the unmasking but gets hit in the head with the kendo stick from Daren Storm as Alexis continues uninterrupted. Alexis removes the mask of the Machine and raises it above her head before noticing the prone body of Alexa. Alexis thinks for a second before dropping the mask and deciding to make an example of Alexa. Alexis grabs hold of Alexa’s arms and shouts instructions to Daren and Axl. Axl grabs the left leg while Daren grabs the right and start to strip Alexa in the ring. First her boots, then her jeans, then her shirt.

    Alexis stands over Alexa and bends down to remove her bra but the party is crashed by two men we haven’t seen in quite a while. Jose and Julio better known as Los Calavera charge to the ring to the delight of the fans. Alexis, Daren and Axl bail out as soon as they reach the ring. The Future were looking for some fresh challengers, and it seems they may have found some thanks to their open invite to any tag team in the world.

    The Lumberjacks are pacing the outside of the ring awaiting for the X-fly championship bout to be underway. Lindsay Monahan is in the middle of the ring to introduce the participants.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentleman, the following contest in the Triple Threat Lumberjack match for the CWA X-Fly championship! Introducing first from Houston, Texas weighing in at 165 lbs, Ralph McCoy!

    Cheers resound throughout the building whilst She's Country begins playing , McCoy comes out towards the stage wearing his wrestling attire plus a cowboy hat. As he descends down the ramp, he make sure he claps everyone’s extended hand. He sprints and slides into the ring taking off his cowboy hat, kissing it, and then throws it into the audience as the music fades out

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing next, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa weighing in at 280 lbs, Don De Vries!

    Never Scared resounds throughout the arena as deafening boos begin to drown out the music. De Vries quickly makes his way to the ring and attacks McCoy with vicious lefts and rights as Monahan flees out of the ring for safety. McCoy finally gets the upper hand on De Vries just as Rise blares throughout the speakers.

    CWA X-Fly Championship
    Lumberjack Match

    vs. vs.

    Joey Nicholas slowly comes to the ring, scouting out the perfect opportunity to jump into the match. As McCoy gets De Vries in the far corner, Nicholas decides to jump into the ring to make his move but Ralph knows the champs antics by now and proceeds to take Joey down right when he enters and throws him over the ropes where the lumberjacks await him.

    Bret Storm along with Steel take turns laying into the champ making Nicholas volley between the two before they ultimately decide to throw him back in. As Nicholas stands up in a daze, De Vries spears him out of his boots knocking the very breath out of The Real Deal. Joey tries to roll out of the other side of the ring to recuperate but sees more lumberjacks and decides against it. Meanwhile De Vries turns his attention to McCoy, throwing his entire body at the smaller man with a spear, however Ralph leap frogs over the Elephant man causing the big man to hit the middle turnbuckle. Don gets up in a rage and swings his fist at the Roadrunner who dodges them with ease. Finally De Vries catches Ralph and sends him on his way over the top rope.

    But wait! Ralph catches the top rope in mid flight and he hangs from it on the outside of the ring with his feet a couple of inches from the ground. He attempts to pull himself back into the ring using the rope better known as skinning the cat but Eoghan O’Neill stops him by jabbing at the Roadrunner’s ribs causing him to finally let go of the tope rope. The monstrous Irishman has his way with McCoy as he rains down on the smaller man with kicks and punches before throwing him back in the ring.

    Joey gets up and hits De vries with an elbow to the back of the big man’s head. It seems to barely phase the Elephant man though as he turns around and gives a vicious head butt to the champ’s skull causing him to fall to the mat. Don picks up Joey’s lifeless body and Irish whips him to the rope. As Nicholas is coming back he’s tripped up and pulled out to the floor by Hardcore Hell before getting beat senseless by nearly all the lumberjacks in attendance.

    Finally the Lumberjacks decide to throw Joey and McCoy back into the ring much to De Vries delight as he picks up the scraps. He stands Ralph up before hitting the Elephant driver on the Texan. Ralph Screams in pain as the force of De Vries’ entire body lands on his already injured back. Don hooks McCoy’s leg up for the pin. 1...2... But Ralph kicks out causing the crowd to pop! Don is in shock as he hammers his fist into the mat in frustration. As he turns his attention towards Joey he gets a boot to his face as the champ hits him with a spinning heel kick, knocking the big man over the top rope to the outside! Shaun Quinn and Frankie Enzo give Don a few kicks to the ribs before they start beating him down.

    Meanwhile back in the ring, Joey pulls Ralph by his feet to the middle of the mat and locks on the Realization putting pressure on the injured back of McCoy! The challenger screams in agony before slowly crawling towards the bottom rope. His back can’t handle much more and Ralph looks to tap until the crowd begins to cheer him on. Their chants seem to give him the drive to continue for the rope as he’s almost at the bottom rope, he stops … and with one final heave, extends his hand towards the rope. But no! the rope is moved by Rueben Johns to the crowd’s displeasure! Joey with the hold still intact sits atop of McCoy causing the challenger to raise his hand to tap. But No! De Vries clocks Joey with a huge forearm smash to the skull breaking the hold!

    As both men get to their feet, the Elephant Man clotheslines them over the top rope before catching his breath inside the ring, but before he can regain his composer completely, Tony Burlom gets on the apron nearest to him. Don proceeds to sucker punch Burlom to the floor however, his partner Devon is there to pull Don to the outside to enable Hardcore Hell to beat him down. On the opposite side, Rueben Johns has McCoy against the guard rail with his foot on Ralph’s skull putting his full weight on it. The Roadrunner’s cries of pain can be heard throughout the arena. A couple of feet away Steel is charging at Joey but is meet by a big boot from fellow ‘Hood member Kennif LeBlanch!

    All three men finally make their way back into the ring looking at one another then back towards the lumberjacks. They nod to each as if to actually agree on something before all three of them suddenly go opposite directions in the ring towards the outside! De Vries runs to a turnbuckle, climbs atop it, and flies into the air with a cross body onto the group of Frankie Enzo, Devon Jones, Eoghan O’Neill and Shaun Quinn knocking the four men to the ground. McCoy Moonsaults atop of the duo of Rueben Johns and the Bulldog. Joey’s boot meets Bret Storm’s face as he baseball slides into the Canadian. Kennif is nearby to speak his mind

    Kennif LeBlanch: Now that’s what I’m talking Aboot!

    And with that Kennif picks up Rey Guerrero and runs him back first into the post with tremendous force! The Bulldog gets a hold of Ralph and holds him for Rueben Johns to measure him up. Johns charges with his sceptre in hand and swings at McCoy’s head. Ralph ducks as the royal staff strikes the bulldog in the jaw knocking the colossal man to the floor. Rueben looks down in shock before receiving an Enzugiri from the Roadrunner! De Vries gorilla presses Damage Nixon in front of the guard rail before throwing him three rows deep into his hometown crowd! Joey and Kennif have Tony Burlom cornered near a ring post now, Burlom nervously looks at Joey then to Kennif to decide which would be the lesser punishment. He decides to go after the champ who in turn raises his fist causing Burlom to flinch fast enough to smack his face against the post knocking him out cold making the ‘Hood members in turn laugh at his dispense.

    Finally, both McCoy and Nicholas return to the ring after they dispose of the lumberjacks. Ralph goes for a DDT on Nicholas who reverses it amazingly into a fisherman suplex! De Vries gets into the ring and hits Joey with an Axe bomber lariat! De Vries then sets Ralph up for another Elephant Driver! But wait! As Don picks Ralph up its reversed into Dust ‘Till Dawn by McCoy! But before he can get the pin, Axl Storm runs into the ring to return the favour from earlier. Title in hand Axl swings for the fences at Ralph. McCoy ducks but the title catches Nicholas in the face! Axl looks in awe at what just occurred before turning into a drop kick by McCoy, knocking the man out of the ring! Ralph jumps onto the to top rope looking to hit Eight-seconds onto the champ but no! Ruben Johns gets atop of the apron and pushes Ralph to the outside of the ring below! Joey gets up and floors De Vries with the Deal Breaker, before hooking his leg, 1...2...3!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner in 33 minutes and 51 seconds, Joey Nicholas!

    Joey rolls out of the ring grabbing the X-fly championship belt from the time keeper before making a beeline for the entrance ramp. Ralph is in disbelief at what has just occurred as he glares at Ruben Johns who is making his way up the ramp looking back at McCoy with a smirk on his face

    We go back inside the ring where we see the ring all decorated with colourful veils, leather couch and the Rainbow looks like we are going to have another edition of the Rainbow Room. The fans in attendance are going nuts, as they believe Roberto is back and hosting the Rainbow Room, but after a few moments, it's Uncle Salvatore's music playing on the loud speakers. Uncle Salvatore usually gets a warm ovation from the fans, but tonight they seem a little disappointed. Uncle Sal gets in the ring and asks Lindsay Monahan for a microphone.

    Uncle Sal: Buonasera everybody, Buonasera. Earlier today I was talking to my nephew and he told me that no PPV would be a hit without the Rainbow Room. Now, like everyone knows, Roberto was injured and he is still recovering, so he has asked me to be the special guest host here tonight. I know what you guys are's been months since he was attacked and he broke his neck, but he should have been back already. But you see, Roberto is a little delicate, not like me, strong like bull. In fact, I broke my neck three times last week and I’m here...I didn’t even go to the hospital. But whatever, what can I say, these kids today are not like the old generation. Now, when I told people in the back that I was going to host a special edition of the Rainbow Room, people lined up in droves to be here. Everyone knows I am still looking for the man who attacked my dear nephew, so the man I decided to invite here tonight is a man who is on top of my suspect list. Without further due, please welcome Shaun Quinn.

    Shaun Quinn's music plays and he comes out dressed exactly like Roberto. He does a great job imitating the former Champion and the fans seem to find this amusing. Quinn gets to the ring and goes to hug Uncle Sal, but the old man from Napoli pushes him off.

    Uncle Sal: Very funny and I'm happy you are having a good time, but I guarantee you Shaun Quinn, you wont be having fun after this interview.

    Quinn shakes his head and tells Uncle Sal to calm down, before grabbing the mic from him.

    Shaun Quinn: Listen Uncle Sal, first of all, I don’t know why you are pissed at me, but I'm not here to get into a fight...and second of all, my name is not Shaun Quinn, but Quinnberto.

    Quinn laughs and tries to pump up the crowd as they are all laughing as well.

    Uncle Sal: I'll tell you why I'm pissed at you. You were part of the Brotherhood and it's no secret you want to get back on their good graces and in my opinion, you would do anything to make sure that happens.

    Shaun Quinn: Well, you are right when you say that, but I still didn’t attack your nephew.

    Uncle Sal: Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but I am still gonna kick your culo tonight.

    Shaun Quinn: Whatever zio, I see you are in a bad mood tonight, I think I'm out of here.

    As Shaun Quinn turns around and tries to walk of the ring, Uncle Sal grabs him and applies his Claw hold. Quinnberto struggles to get free, but with no success. Its time for him to take a long nap. Uncle Sal releases the hold, yells at the unconscious Quinn a bit and then leaves the ring very satisfied of what he has done tonight.

    No Disqualification Grudge Match

    Rich Stone didn’t even wait for the bell to ring to start this one. As soon as Arsen entered the ring, Stone was on him. Stone started by pinning Arsen down and delivering several vicious knee strikes to the side of the head as Arsen tried to cover up. As Arsen struggled, Stone lost his positioning and allowed Arsen to catch one of the knees and hold on to end the attack. Arsen got back to his knees and then his feet while still holding the knee of Stone. Stone tried to punch out but Arsen pulled him in and hit a back body drop. Arsen didn’t even hesitate in spinning and kicking Stone in the face.

    Stone grabs his face but Arsen doesn’t let up as he drops a knee to the temple. Stone rolls out of the ring to recover. Arsen goes through the ropes and comes off the ring apron with an axe handle smash to the head of Stone. Arsen pulls Stone back to his feet and whips him rib first into the steel guardrails. Arsen runs at Stone but Stone comes out and lifts Arsen into the air before dropping him neck first onto the guardrail for some payback. Stone holds his ribs as he goes looking for some weapons. Arson struggles to breath and is unable to arm himself. Stone brings a steel chair back with him and smashes it across the back of Arsen to floor his opponent.

    Stone repositions himself and smashes the chair across the back of Arsen several more times before following up with a few stomps. Arsen throws the chair away and goes looking for a new weapon. Arsen tries to crawl away but Stone is quickly back with a trashcan in hand. Stone hits Arsen in the kidneys with the trashcan several times, each time harder than the last. With the trashcan bent out of shape, Stone needs yet another weapon. Arsen uses the ring apron to pull himself back to his feet and at least be able to see Stone coming. Stone returns again, this time with a kendo stick. Stone aims for the head but Arsen gets desperate and kicks one between the uprights of Stone.

    Arsen grabs the unused kendo stick and gets some payback with several shots to the head of Stone. Stone covers up but Arsen is a man possessed and keeps going until the kendo stick breaks. Arsen breaks the kendo stick in two and doubles his attack by hitting Stone with each end. Stone crawls under the ring to escape. Arsen takes a few seconds to plan his next move before making his way around the other side of the ring and bringing a steel chair with him. Arsen stands on the ring apron and waits for Stone to come out. Stone comes from the side and catches Arsen off guard with a running knee to the back. Arsen is sent flying off the ring apron and into the announce table ribs first.

    Arsen remains half on the announce table as Rich Stone takes an uncharacteristic risk by going to the top rope. Stone takes aim at Arsen and comes off with a leg drop but Arsen slides out of the way to send Stone crashing through the announce table. Arsen grabs a nearby trashcan lid and smashes Stone in the face with it before covering the fallen opponent for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, via Pinfall, in 44 minutes and 54 seconds, is Nickolas Kennedy Arsen.

    Arsen seems to have used up the last of his energy with that final shot as he is unable to get back to his feet following the match. Arsen rolls off of Stone and raises his arm in victory while still lying on the ground. Arsen wins the battle, but it doesn’t look like either man has won this war yet.

    We go backstage where we see the CWA X-Fly Champion Joey Nicholas with his title belt draped over his left shoulder and an ice pack on the side of his head presumably from where he had been hit near the end of his match. Nicholas doesn’t look to be in a good mood and soon vents his frustrations when he bumps into one half of the CWA World Tag Team Champions Axl Storm, the same man who almost cost him the title less than an hour ago.

    Joey Nicholas: You, you son of a bitch!

    Axl Storm: Calm down man, it was an accident.

    Joey Nicholas: An accident would be missing completely, hitting me instead isn’t an accident.

    Axl Storm: I’ve apologised already, what more do you want?

    Joey Nicholas: Your apology means nothing, why the hell did you get involved to begin with? I didn’t need your damn help.

    Axl Storm: I was returning the favour for earlier tonight.

    Joey Nicholas: Difference was, you needed my help.

    Axl Storm: We didn’t need your help, and we damn sure didn’t ask for it, so don’t get all high and mighty on me.

    Joey Nicholas: You may not have done the asking.

    Axl Storm: What’s that supposed to mean?

    Joey Nicholas: Why don’t you ask Alexis? She knew she couldn’t count on you so turned to me to keep the titles in the Brotherhood.

    Axl Storm: Whatever man, it was an accident, and don’t worry, I wont be helping you again.

    Joey Nicholas: Make sure you don’t.

    Joey Nicholas and Axl Storm lock eyes with neither man wanting to blink first. We leave the two to continue their staring contest and head back to ringside.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the CWA Heavyweight Championship of the World! Introducing first, the special guest referee, The Guardian Devil!

    "Holy Diver" by Dio blasts through the arena as The Guardian Devil makes his way down to the ring. He gets a mixed reaction from the fans in attendance, but he doesn't seem too concerned.

    Lindsay Monahan: ...and now introducing the challenger. He is from Toronto Ontario Canada, the Submission Specialist, Doctor Jack Adams!

    The fans pop as “Headstrong” by Trapt begins playing. Adams comes running out, full of energy, obviously excited for his World Title match! Many kids cheer as the ecstatic challenger pounces to the ring. Adams gives some high fives before rolling into the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: ...and introducing now his opponent! He hails from Detroit Michigan, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Ultimate Pain!!!

    "Supernaut" by Black Sabbath can be heard through out the arena, as everyone, and I mean everyone, is booing as the Champion makes his way down the ramp way. His eyes are on fire, his face full of determination. He charges into the ring, never once moving his eyes away from Adams and The Guardian Devil. It looks like The Ultimate Pain is not planning on dropping the Title tonight. The opening bell sounds, and the match begins.

    CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Special Referee: Guardian Devil


    The Ultimate Pain is ready and takes a quick swing at Adams who ducks and delivers an awesome spinning dropkick. Pain quickly returns to his feet and delivers a high arcing dropkick of his own. Adams jumps up and bounces off the rope. He flies through the air for a cross body block but misses as the champ rolls under and bounces off the rope himself. Doc stays down and Pain jumps over the top of him to the opposite rope. Adams jumps up for a leapfrog and then runs to the rope and nails a springboard elbow! Pain rolls to the outside of the ring for a time out, but Doc’s having none of it! He bounces off the rope and flies over the top rope vertically and nails a missile dropkick! The crowd goes crazy, not only for Doc, but for an awesome start to the match!

    Doc climbs on the apron, Pain still down from the move. Adams bounces off the middle rope for a moonsault, but Pain manages to roll out of the way, as Adams lands flat on his stomach & face! Pain gets to his feet, and climbs the barrier outside of the ring area! As Doc gets to his feet, Pain flies off and lands a double axe handle that sends the fan favourite back on the floor! The Champ bows for the crowd as they start booing again, and then goes back to work on Adams. Suddenly, GD gets in the middle of the two and orders Pain to get back in the ring. As Pain argues with Devil, Doc, who now got back on his feet, nails the Champ with some nasty right hands. Doc then slams Pain's head against the steel steps then slides him into the ring. Doc puts a few boots to him, and then goes for the pin...

    1...2...and the champ kicks out!

    Pain is in trouble and Doc takes the opportunity to climb the to rope and go for a high risk move. Before he can get to top though, Pain gets back up, grabs Adams and slams him down.

    Pain decides to go for a high risk move himself now and climbs the turnbuckle. He does a cutthroat sign and flies through the air for a huge big splash. Maybe he took too much time, 'cause Doc manages to get his knees up and Pain lands directly on the knees in the split second block! Doc pulls himself up and lands a bunch of elbow drops before picking him up by his hair and executing and back body drop. It seems he is trying to work on Pain's back so he can soften him up for the Final Adjustment. Doc now waits for Pain to stand back up and as he does, nails him with a sharp punch right to the middle of his back. Doc is not ready to go for his submission move just yet and instead decides to work on him some more, but as he tries to lift Pain back to his feet, the champ pokes him in the eye and then lifts him over his head in a show of power! Incredible that Ultimate still has the strength to pull off such a move...but wait, Doc begins shaking and falls back to his feet, hitting a lightning fast DDT on Pain. The fans begin cheering loudly as Doc gets to his feet again. He drags Pain to the centre of the ring and decides to apply the Final Adjustment. IT'S ON!!! Pain is screaming in agony as GD asks him if he wants to quit. Pain says no and tries to get to the ropes, but with no avail. But wait, Pain grabs Devil by his shirt and somehow manages to get to the ropes. GD has no choice and orders Adams to release the hold. Doc all frustrated refuses, but GD grabs Adams and forces him to release the hold. Doc gets on his feet and gets on Devil's face. It looks like they are about to come to blows, but Pain gets to his feet and pushes GD out of the way, which sends him crashing to the ground, before nailing Doc with a clothesline. GD is furious at this point as he gets to his feet and confronts the champ. Now they argue and they are about to come to blows, before Pain gives him the finger and gives him a push. It looks like the special guest referee is not going to DQ Ultimate Pain, but he is also not going to stand there and take the abuse. GD decides to charge at Pain with a clothesline, but Pain ducks and GD nails Adams instead, as he had barely just gotten back to his feet...

    Pain without even thinking twice, covers the unconscious Adams and orders GD to make the count. GD hesitates, then unhappily, it seems, makes the count...


    The match is over and Pain retains.

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner and still CWA World Champion, in a time of 40 minutes and 04 seconds, The Ultimate Pain!!!

    Pain slides out of the ring right away, collects his belt and with a smile from ear to ear makes his way up the ramp as all the while he looks at his former partner. Doc in the meanwhile gets back to his feet and still drowsy from the clothesline, confronts GD. He yells at him a bit, but the former Brotherhood Leader doesn’t wanna hear it and tries to make his way out of the ring...Doc is not done yelling and pulls him back, but GD is done listening and shoves the Doc backwards. With neither man paying attention, Pain re-enters the ring and nails GD from behind with the title belt. Adams considers helping but after what just happened is finding it hard to have any sympathy. Pain stomps away on the head of Devil until Joey Nicholas joins the fun. Adams has a change of heart and isn’t going to allow the double team attack.

    Adams pulls Nicholas off of GD and fires off several right hands. Nicholas finds his thumb in the eye of Adams and suddenly with the advantage back again. Pain hits GD with the Ulti-Bomb and prepares to lock in the Ulti-Vice when Logan V charges to the ring. Logan fights off both Pain and Nicholas but is soon out matched by the two on one advantage. Jay Walters comes to the ring next and pulls Adams back to his feet before surprisingly checking if he is okay. Walters turns and tackles Nicholas off of Logan to put the Brotherhood back on the defensive.

    The Future are next out with steel chairs in hand. Axl Storm blasts Logan in the back before Daren Storm takes down Walters with a shot to the head. Daren Storm then drives the tip of the chair into the ribs of Adams to allow Nicholas to hit the Deal Breaker. Devil tries to fight back to his feet but four on one is too much for him. Pain barks out the orders. Nicholas puts the chair across the neck of GD and uses it to choke him as The Future bring a table into the ring. The table is set up while Pain verbally rips into his former team mate. With the table in place, Pain drags Devil over to it and sets up for an Ulti-Bomb through the table.

    Adams tries to make the save but both members of the Future kick him back out of the ring. Pain hoists Devil up but then the lights go out in London. A remixed version of the Canadian National Anthem plays and when the lights come back on the fans explode at the sight of Kenneth LeBlanc standing in the ring with a hockey stick in hand. The Brotherhood are all looking up the entrance ramp and don’t even notice the founder behind them. Joey Nicholas is first to turn and find out as he takes a shot to the ribs. Axl Storm runs without thinking and suffers a similar fate. Daren Storm takes the worst of it when LeBlanc brakes the hockey stick over his head as Pain quickly bails out of the ring. Ultimate Pain cant believe what he is seeing. Kenneth LeBlanc has made his long awaited return to professional wrestling. LeBlanc helps Devil back to his feet before both men embrace each other and hug it out to end the show.

    ++Quick Results++
    Logan V def Jay Walters, O'Doherty, Shaun Quinn, Top Dog, The Bulldog, Rey Guerrero, Amazing Shine
    Demon Deeds def Shadow Equinox
    The Future def TJ Styles & The Machine
    Joey Nicholas def Ralph McCoy, Don de Vries
    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen def Rich Stone
    The Ultimate Pain def Dr. Jack Adams

    ++GFX BY++
    Dr. Doom

    ++Matches Written By++

    ++Matches Graded By++

    ++Promo's By++
    The Half Boy
    Timmy Tebow
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    Holy shit, Griff coming back?! Epic swerve at the end of the show.

    Great great showing by everyone, seems like people are really stepping up here.

    Roberto, Daren and Tom doing a helluva job.

    Pretty shocked to see Logan V come back, good to see Halfy again.

    Props to PY and Doom for GFX as well, I fear I will be out of rep after today. Job well done everyone.

    Time for the original Hood to get down, eh Stevo?

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    1 word.. Awesome.
    I think I'm gonna like it here plus O'D ranked 3 in the rankings match which for a 5 minute RP is awesome
    Smiles all round :D

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    Marked for the returns. Adams apparently can't take a fucking clothesline.

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    CWA, here I come :D

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    I marked seeing the returns and Marshall's debut will his tag team partner be following him?

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    Quote Originally Posted by The Brain View Post
    Marked for the returns. Adams apparently can't take a fucking clothesline.

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    All around good show, I especially liked the way the lumberjacks were integrated into the X-Fly title match, since I know writing things like that isn't easy.

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    I know I say this every week, but this was the best show we've ever had imo.

    Cant wait to see Marshall in action and it was about time Griff and HB made their long awaited comebacks.

    ps: Doc, it was 2 clotheslines

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    I lose again hurray!! Sarcasm if you didnt notice

    Great show everyone

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    Yeah, really nice show.

    Just got internet back so nice to come back to this.

    Good match Brain, we'll have another soon I'm sure.

    And Griff's return ftsurprise!

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: CWA Meltdown - September 23rd 2009 - Live from London, England

    Yeah know, I'm gonna have to end up doing something about Ruben and The Future...

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