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Thread: Breaking Point: DX vs Legacy

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    Breaking Point: DX vs Legacy

    WWE Breaking Point
    Submissions Count Anywhere
    DX (HHH & HBK) vs Legacy (Rhodes & DiBiase)

    Triple H & Shawn Michaels made a triumphant return as D-Generation X at SummerSlam. But the opponents they conquered at The Biggest Event of the Summer – The Legacy’s Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase – established themselves not only as a force to be reckoned with, but as a persistent thorn that refuses to leave DX’s collective side.

    Well, The Game & HBK are determined to pluck that thorn once and for all at WWE Breaking Point – in the first-ever Submissions Count Anywhere Match.

    It’s understood by all combatants that there will be many firsts come WWE Breaking Point, the first-ever event of its kind that pushes WWE Superstars to their very limits. But for DX and Legacy, it will also be a first time that one member from these tag teams will tap out and submit to their opponents - a fate both sides must consider worse than the traditional pinfall defeat.

    At SummerSlam, Triple H & Michaels were geared for war with Rhodes & DiBiase, even riding out to ringside on a tank. But The Legacy was also prepared, countering every salvo DX could throw at them until some arguably desperate Sweet Chin Music from HBK brought a decisive end to the conflict – at least on that night.

    However, if there's one trait that Rhodes & DiBiase have inherited from respective fathers Dusty Rhodes and The Million Dollar Man, it’s dogged determination. WWE Champion Randy Orton may have fostered that attribute into something overly antagonistic, but Rhodes & DiBiase have since taken it to extremes, especially where The King of Kings & The Showstopper have been concerned.

    Though not victorious at SummerSlam, the diabolical duo has certainly achieved its fair share of success against DX before and following The Biggest Event of the Summer. On Raw, while triple-teaming Orton’s opponent for WWE Breaking Point, John Cena, Rhodes & DiBiase – aided by the WWE Champion and Special Guest Host Dusty Rhodes – foiled a DX rescue attempt and left The Game & HBK tasting canvas.

    At WWE Breaking Point, though, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase won’t care where Triple H & Shawn Michaels fall; a Submissions Count Anywhere Match means precisely that. Whether inside the ring, on the outside floor, in the stands of Montreal’s Molson Center or beyond, Legacy’s sole objective will be to force D-Generation X into submission – a "d-feat" that could symbolically forever "d-rail" D-Generation X.

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    Re: Breaking Point: DX vs Legacy

    Wow. Lots of bets for the Legacy.

    Went with 50 on DX. Can't see Trips or HBK tapping to Legacy since they don't really use submissions. Would be nice to see Trips pass out to the Million Dollar Dream though.


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