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Thread: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

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    World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.


    Following Wrestlemania 25, Vince McMahon realized that with Pay-Per-Views happening every month, Wrestler's couldn't develop as deep a Storyline as previously thought. So Vince made the decision that Pay-Per Views would alternate each year from brand to brand meaning Smackdown would have Backlash one year while Raw the next. With the exception of Extreme Rules, Summerslam, Survivor Series, The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Also with ratings on the decline, Vince disbanded ECW and dispersed it's talent equally between Smackdown and Raw. Also with many people wanting faster paced action the WWE has removed it's Women's Division in place for a Cruiserweight division. Both brands will have a Cruiserweight Championship, and new champions will be crowned at each brands Pay-Per-View. With this change in four weeks time Raw will host Backlash and the WWE Landscape will change forever.

    Wrestlemania 25 Results:
    The Colons Unify the WWE Tag Team and World Tag Team Championships
    Christian wins Money in The Bank
    JBL defeats Rey Mysterio for The Intercontinental Championship. He retires right after, Vickie Guerrero Vacates the Title Following the Announcement
    Trish Stratus wins 25 Diva Battle Royal in Last Diva's Match ever
    Chris Jericho Defeats Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka
    Matt Hardy defeats Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules Match, Is Announced that Jeff Hardy recieved a broken Ankle in the Match, He is Out indefinatly
    Undertaker defeats Shawn Michaels
    Edge Defeats John Cena and The Big Show For The World Heavyweight Championship
    Randy Orton defeats Triple H for the WWE Championship. Triple H recieves a Concussion, will be out until Survivor Series

    Raw Roster:
    Batista - Out for 4 Months with a Concussion
    Big Show
    Carlito (Appears On Both Brands) - Unified Tag Team Champion
    Chavo Guerrero
    Cody Rhodes
    Evan Bourne
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Hurricane Helms
    Jack Swagger
    Jamie Noble
    John Cena
    Kofi Kingston
    Mark Henry
    The Miz
    M.V.P - United States Champion
    Paul Burchill
    Primo (Appears On Both Brands) - Unified Tag Team Champion
    Randy Orton - WWE Champion
    Santino Marella
    Shawn Michaels
    Ted Dibiase
    Triple H - Out Until Survivor Series With a Concussion
    William Regal

    Smackdown Roster:
    Charlie Haas
    Chris Jericho
    Chris Masters
    CM Punk
    Curt Hawkins
    David Hart Smith
    Dolph Ziggler
    Edge - World Heavyweight Champion
    The Great Khali
    Jay Briscoe
    Jeff Hardy - Out Indefinatly with a Broken Ankle
    Jimmy Wang Yang
    John Morrison
    Mark Briscoe
    Matt Hardy
    Mike Knox
    Rey Mysterio
    Shelton Benjamin
    The Brian Kendrick
    Tyson Kidd
    The Undertaker
    Vladimir Koslov
    Zack Ryder

    Unditermined Talent:
    Chris Sabin
    Alex Shelley

    WWE Pay-Per-Views
    Raw Presents Backlash, April 29th 2009 from The Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island
    Smackdown Presents Judgment Day, May 19th 2009 from The Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois
    WWE Presents Extreme Rules, June 7th 2009 from The New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana
    Raw Presents Vengeance, June 28th 2009 from the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida
    Smackdown Presents The Bash, July 19th 2009 from the ARCO Arena in Sacremento, California
    WWE Presents Summerslam August 23rd 2009 from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas
    Raw Presents Breaking Point, September 20th 2009 from the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Smackdown Presents No Mercy, October 11th from the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina
    Raw Presents Cyber Sunday, October 25th 2009 from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado
    WWE Presents Survivor Series, November 22nd 2009 from Madison Square Garden in New York, New York
    Smackdown Presents Armageddon, December 13th 2009 from the Fleet Center in Boston Massachuesets
    WWE Presents Royal Rumble, January 31st 2010 from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio
    Raw Presents No Way Out, February 21st from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
    WWE Presents Wrestlemania 26, March 28th from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    Monday Night Raw Preview

    On the heels of a very successful Wrestlemania 25, Raw will kick off the road to Wrestlemania 26 with a bang as John Cena is Set To open up the show. After Cena lost in the World Heavyweight Championship match, what will be on Cena's mind as Backlash is Only Four Weeks away.

    Also following Wrestlemania, Randy Orton won the WWE Championship from Triple H, following the match Orton punted The Game, square in the skull, doctor's have said that he will be out at least until Survivor Series. But on Raw, in the Main Event, Orton will face Hunter's former Partner, Shawn Michaels in a Non-Title Match.

    With the scrapping of ECW following Wrestlemania, the competitors were split evenly over both Raw and Smackdown. Two Former ECW Superstars will make their debut, as the former ECW Champion Jack Swagger will take on The Current United States Champion, M.V.P in a Non-title Match. While Evan Bourne will face off against Jamie Noble.

    All this and more on Monday Night Raw.

    Announced Matches:

    WWE Champion Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels (Non-Title)
    United States Champion M.V.P vs Jack Swagger (Non-Title)
    Evan Bourne vs Jamie Noble

    News and Notes:

    The WWE has been scouting talent in other promotions recently, and has made a priority of trying to sign the following Superstars.

    Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Tyler Black and The Briscoe Brothers.

    The WWE hopes the Sabin and Shelley will be premier competitors
    in the new cruiserweight division, while the Briscoes would be premier Tag Team Competitors.

    Aswell, Smackdown is considering the continuation of ECW's New Superstar initiative as there may be some FCW Superstars making their debuts for the WWE Very Soon.

    With Regards to Backlash the WWE in considering having a Triple Threat Match, for the WWE Championship, though no names have been dropped for the contenders that would face the Champion, which will bw Randy Orton. However it is thought that there will be a New Champion while Randy, goes a different route coming back into the title picture around Summerslam.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    Some cheeky predictions

    WWE Champion Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels (Non-Title)

    United States Champion M.V.P vs Jack Swagger (Non-Title)
    Evan Bourne vs Jamie Noble (unless you make him Matt Sydal again )

    Also like the idea of Sabin and $helley on in the WWE, although if they aren't going to be a team would love to see them in tag split angle, as both are capable of putting some epic matches.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    Dark Match: Chris Sabin def Santino Marella

    *Raw Kicks off with a recap on the Raw Side of Wrestlemania, shows The Colons winning Tag Team Gold, Christian Winning Money in The Bank, HBK losing to the Undertaker and Randy Orton Punting Triple H in the head to regain the WWE Title*

    Opening Pyro and To Be Loved by Papa Roach plays as John Cena starts off the show.


    Michael Cole: Cue The Coronets Here comes Cena.

    *Cena makes his signature entrance recieving a huge pop from the crowd. Once he gets to the ring he grabs a mic and his facial expression changes*

    Cena: Now Last Night at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, I had a chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship and for the people who didn't get to see what transpired, well take a look. *A Video Clip Shows Cena Giving Big Show an Attitude Adjustment, only to be Speared by Edge and pinned*. So last night at Wrestlemania, the Champ wasn't there, but he's here tonight on Raw. Randy Orton, you may have won the WWE Title at Wrestlemania, but at Backlash I'm challenging you to a match for that title.

    *Randy Orton comes down to huge heel heat with the WWE Championship draped over his shoulder and Legacy following close behind*

    Orton: Now Cena what have you actually done to deserve the title that rightfully belongs to me. That's right Nothing, Cena I don't know if you noticed but you lost your match last night, you don't deserve this title, only I do and I hope that Vickie Guerrero realizes that and makes sure that I don't defend this Title at Backlash.

    Cena: As usual Randy your taking the coward's way out. You think your the only one to deserve that title. Randy your Damn wrong, I bet I could find at least four other guys that could A, beat you and B take that title away from you Randy. Infact, one of those people is standing right here in front of you.

    *The Two Men Stare a hole into each other until Vickie Guerrero comes out to heat*

    Vickie: Excuse me *heat*, I SAID EXCUSE ME. Now Randy Orton, you did win your match last night at Wrestlemania, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to defend your title at Backlash. But Cena, Randy is right, you did lose your match last night at Wrestlemania, so for you to even be in consideration for the WWE Championship match at Backlash, you'll have to win a handicap match tonight against, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase.

    Cena: Wow Vickie I'm surprised, you still don't know what your doing as General Manager. I'm still surprised that you have the job.

    *Vickie is infuriated.*

    Vickie: Just for that John, your match will now be inside a Steel Cage.

    *Cena mouths I Don't care as Legacy and Vickie walk to the back.*


    Josh Mathews: I'm here with one of the newest additions to the Raw Roster, Jack Swagger. Now Jack tonight you face M.V.P in a match that could catapult you to a United States Championship match at Backlash. Your thoughts?

    Jack: Well Josh, I truly think I deserve that title because, before I came to Raw, I was the ECW Champion, now because ECW was scrapped thanks to Vince McMahon I am left with no title. and when I beat MVP tonight, people are going to notice the All-American American, and I will show people, that I am the best in this buisness.

    *Swagger walks away heading to the ring, for his match*

    0:15-0:18 Commercials


    MVP vs Jack Swagger: Non Title Match
    Closing Moments:
    Swagger has Porter in a Comprimising Position with Porter on the top turnbuckle and half KO'ed. Swagger goes to the top but MVP has enough left in the tank to shove Swagger off of him and dive off the top with an Elbow Drop. MVP goes for the cover, but he only gets a Two count. Porter picks Swagger up looking for the Playmaker but Swagger gets out of the position and kicks Porter straight in the gut. In turn Swagger goes for the Gutwrech Powerbomb, but he is countered into a Hurrancanrana by MVP. Porter signals for the Ballin Elbow, he does his signature taunt and bounces off the ropes. But there is nobody home when he attempts the move as Swagger rolls out of the way. Swagger stalks Porter as he waits for him to get up. When he does Swagger Kicks him in the Gut and Delivers the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Swagger covers and gets the 3 count to walk away with a victory.

    Michael Cole: A Huge win here tonight for Swagger, King, as we may be looking at the future of Sports Entertainment.

    King: Your right Cole, but he still has to win a lot more matches before he becomes the face of this Company.

    Cole: No arguing with you there partner, up next we will have another new Raw Superstar in Action as Evan Bourne will face Jamie Noble after the break.

    0:31-0:33 Commercials


    Evan Bourne vs Jamie Noble
    Closing Moments: With Borune in control Noble tries to sing the momentum his way with a Low Blow. Unfortunatly for Bourne the ref doesn't see it and Noble sends
    Bourne to the ground. Jamie picks Evan back up and Slams him back down to the mat. Jamie goes top turnbuckle, he tries for a legdrop but unfortunatly Bourne gets out of the way. Borune hits some rapid fire Dropkicks and follows it up with a Hurracanrana to lay Noble Out. Borune signals for it and heads to the top rope.

    Michael Cole: Evan just went Air Bourne with a Shooting Star Press, what a move.

    King: Cover 1, 2, 3. Bourne Picks up the win.

    Cole: A Huge win for Bourne in his debut match on Raw.

    *Cuts to a Split Screen with Legacy and John Cena prepping for their Steel Cage Match up next*

    0:41-0:43 More Freakin Commericials


    Josh Matthews: I'm here with One half of The Unifed Tag Team Champions Carlito, later tonight you will face Kofi Kingston in a match that really has no meaning

    Carlito: What do you mean has no meaning. To Carlito, every match has a meaning, and I will definatly win this match,
    Kofi is cool, but Carlito is even cooler, and I will be riding all the momentum. Now that's cool

    *Carlito leaves as we cut to the ring, The Steel Cage is lowering*

    Cole: Right now it's time for our First of two huge Main events, John Cena will take on Legacy, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes in a Handicap steel Cage match a announced by our General Manager.

    King: Well, for Cena this is a huge risk as if he loses this match, he will not be competing for the WWE Title at Backlash.

    Cole: Your Right King.

    *With the Steel Cage Completely Lowered Legacy makes their way to the ring, they recieve huge heat from the San Antonio Crowd*

    Cole: And here comes Cena

    *Cena makes his way to the ring, recieving a basic pop, though some boos come throughout the crowd*

    *The Ref Rings the bell and we're underway*

    John Cena vs Legacy (Handicap Match)
    Closing Moments: Legacy has Dominated the entire match due to the numbers advantage, they attempt cover after cover but Cena Somehow kicks out of nearly every attempt. Dibiase picks Cena up and tries to sends him into the cage but Cena reverses it and sends Dibiase into the Steel, Rhodes the charges at Cena, but the same result as Dibiase he's sent into the steel. Cena gets pumped and Starts Shoulder blocking everything that moves. He delivers the Protoplex to Rhodes. Cena signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He bounces off the ropes and hits it. But he Backs right into the waiting arms of Dibiase, who hits Dream Street. Dibiase Covers and gets the Three Count.

    Cole: A Huge win for Dibiase and Rhodes

    King: Though it was pretty easy for them considering that it was a Handicap match

    Cole: Right you are King, wait I'm being told that a brawl has broken out backstage.

    *Cuts to the Parking lot where Randy Orton is beating down Christian in the back*


    Orton: *While Stomping his gut* Christian, you better not cash this Money in The Bank Briefcase on me any time soon. *Drives his boot into Chrsitian's neck* Because if you do it's going to be over for you. *Christian grunts, Randy releases his boot, picks Christian up and throws him into a wall* Again don't cash that in on me. *Orton walks away happy with his work*

    Cole: What a heinous attack by Randy Orton. But why.

    King: Well Cole what do you think Orton is trying to make the point that he doesn't want Christian cashing in Money in The Bank on him.

    Cole: Still I don't find any reason for him to be doing this, as it states that he can cash in the clause anytime anywhere.

    King: But I think, that with that the champions have an extra sense of security. So they want to hurt him so that they don't have him cashing it in on them.

    Cole: You do make a good point King as Kofi Kingston and Carlito will face off following this commercial Break.

    1:10-1:13 Continous Commercials

    Cole: We're back on Raw with Kofi Kingston, facing Carlito in what looks to be a high paced Match

    Carlito vs Kofi Kingston:

    Closing Moments: With Carlito stuck in the corner Kingston runs at him and Dropkicks him straight in the face. Carlito just falls practicly knocked out from the blow Kofi covers but gets a two count, probably Carlito just reacting on instinct. Kofi sets up for his signature Legdrop across the chest, he goes for it but somehow Carlito rolls
    out of the way, with both men down the ref starts his ten count. At 6, Carlito gets up by pulling himself up using the ropes, while Kofi does the same. They both charge at each other, but Carlito knocks Kofi down with a Clothesline, he does that succesivly until Kofi stays down. Carlito goes to the top rope, he waits for Kofi to get up and hits him with a Cross Body, however Kofi reverses the pin attempt into one of his own. Carlito kicks out at two. Kofi gets up and looks for trouble in Paradise but Carlito ducks and hits the Backstabber. Carlito then pins him for the 3 count to pick up a victory.

    Cole: A great match from Carlito and Kofi as Carlito picks up the win.
    King: Yes indeed Cole, a great match, definatly fast paced as Carlito, reversed the Trouble in Paradise, to pick up the three count./

    *Cuts to Josh Matthews with HBK, huge pop as the hometown boy is greeted*


    Josh: In just mere moments Shawn you face the WWE Champion, Randy Orton in what could very well be a preview for Backlashes Main Event right here in your hometown.

    Shawn: Well Josh, for one it is definatly a highlight when I can come back to San Antonio. But tonight is also about proving to Vickie Guerrero, that I should be the man to face Orton at Backlash
    *Orton comes into The Picture*

    Orton: Shawn you really think that you, of all people can beat me, I mean look, remember what happened at Judgment Day Two Years Ago, if your my challenger for the WWE Title at Backlash, it's going to just be a repeat of what happened that day.

    Shawn: Well Randy if one thing is for certain, it is going to be a repeat, but Randy not of that night, no it will be a repeat of when HBK Superkicked your ass all over Monday night Raw, that's what it's going to be about.

    *Orton a little upset heads to the ring as we cut to commercial*

    1:37-1:41: Last commercial Break.

    1:41-2:03 (Including Overlap)

    Cole: It's Main Event Time, Michaels vs Orton.

    King: I can't wait for this match, how exciting

    Lillian: This next match is set for one fall, Introducing First, from St Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds, He is the WWE Champion, RANDY ORTON

    *Randy Recieves Tremendous heat from the crowd*

    Lillian: And his opponent, from San Antonio, Texas weighing in at

    *Huge pop for the hometown boy*

    *Bell Rings and the match Starts*

    Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton (Non-Title)
    As the opening bell rings the two men lock up in the center of the ring, Orton pushes Michaels into the corner and knees him in the gut right off the bat. Michaels slumps down in the corner and Orton starts stomping Michaels, before placing his boot into Michaels throat, he let's go when the ref's count reaches four. He picks Michaels back up and his right hands are blocked by HBK, each time Orton is sent reeling by a right from Shawn. Michaels then starts chopping Orton right in the chest, Orton goes against the ropes and Michaels Clotheslines him to the floor. When out on the floor Michaels tries to send Orton into the Steel Steps but his attempt is countered by Orton and Shawn ends up going into the steps. Orton rolls Shawn back into the ring and covers him.
    2.. Kickout

    Orton is infuriated with Michaels and he begins doing his signature stomps all across Michaels body, Orton the bounces off the ropes and tries to hit HBK with a diving forearm but Michaels moves out of the way, Michaels stands up and Suplexes Randy right down to the mat before stomping on Orton's stomach repedeatly. Michaels doesn't go for the cover as he sends Orton into the turnbuckle. He charges at Orton looking for a flying forearm in the corner but Orton rolls out of the way and once Michaels turns back around Orton boots him in the skull. Orton covers

    Orton is in shock that there wasn't a three count, and because of that he starts arguing with the ref. Meanwhile Shawn recovers enough so when Randy turns around he is met by a flying forearm. Shawn gets right back up and goes to the top. He leaps, but misses on the Heart Break Elbow Drop when Randy rolls out of the way. Randy gets right back up and sends Shawn back off the ropes, he looks for a back Bodydrop but Shawn jumps over him and as Randy tunrs around he walks right into Sweet Chin Music. Shawn Covers.
    3... No Orton kicks out at the last possible Second

    This time Michaels is in shock, he speaks with the ref who tells him that indeed it was only two. Michaels backs off and starts tuning up the band for an encore so to speak. Michaels goes for it but Orton ducks out of the way, grabs Shawn's head and excecutes his signature backbreaker. Orton waits for Shawn to get up. It takes a while but when Shawn Eventually gets up Randy looks for the RKO, But Shawn pushes him away and hits Randy with another dose of Sweet Chin Music. Michaels covers
    3... No Orton gets his foot on the ropes,

    Michaels just falls backward as he still can't believe the match is going, He tunes up the band for a Third Time, but Randy ducks it again this time connecting with the RKO. Orton Covers
    3, No Shawn Somehow kicks out.

    Randy extremely Frustrated with Shawn stalks him and looks to punt his head off. But as Orton charges Shawn ducks out of the way, and Orton turns around into a third dose of Sweet Chin Music. Shawn Covers

    Cole: Yes Michaels wins, Michaels beats the Champ

    King: An impressive win for the Heart Break Kid in his hometown

    Lillian: The Winner of this Match, "The Heart Break Kid" SHAWN MICHAELS.

    Cole: Goodnight everyone from San Antonio, Texas. This is Michael
    Cole, and will see you all next week.
    *The Show ends with Michaels celebrating his win,*

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    WWE Superstars Preview:

    The Debut of WWE Superstars is sure to be a good one as the Superstars of Raw and Smackdown will showcase their talent, on the same show.

    After Vickie Guerrero announced that the Intercontinental Title was declared Vacant, Rey Mysterio was traded to Smackdown, for US Champion, M.V.P. In turn Vickie allowed Smackdown to have full control over the Championship. And Teddy Long will have a 16 man Tournament for the title which will culminate on an edition of Smackdown later this month. Facing off in the first opening round match will be two former ECW Superstars Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder as both will be looking to impress and advance in this tournament.

    As for the Raw Side, there will be a Fatal-Four Way Match which will determine one of two challengers, for the United States Championship, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Hurricane Helms will face off in this Fatal Four-Way.

    And the Main Event will see the Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo defend there titles against the newly acquired Briscoe Brothers. It Should Be an Exciting night as the Debut of WWE Superstars airs "Thursday Night".

    News and Notes:

    As Mentioned Earlier The WWE has agreed to terms with the Briscoe Brothers, the deal will put them on the Smackdown brand and had guaranteed a future Unified Tag Title Shot, which they will use on Superstars. As for Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley they have both been signed and they will be used as The Murder City Machine Guns, until a break up scenario which should happen come Vengeance or The Bash depending on which brand they will compete on.

    WWE has not yet reached terms with Tyler Black, however the two parties are still in negotiation. Aswell the WWE has been in contact with two other indy stars, as they have contacted both Chris Hero and Eddie Kingston. However nothing has developped concerning contracts.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    I liked how who you put over, and how you presented it. Especially the Legacy giving Cena a good spanking.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    A really well written first show that established several members of the roster and their rough pecking order. Michaels getting the win was a big plus. Good work and I hope you keep it up.
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    *A Highlight video of Wrestlemania is played, aswell as highlight video's of *The WWE's Newest Acquisitions, The Murder City Machine Guns and the Briscoe Brother play as WWE Superstars goes on the air.*

    JR: Welcome everyone to the First Edition of WWE Superstars, and we have a great line-up for you all. In our Main event we will have the newest WWE Tag Team, the Briscoe Brothers facing off against the Unified Tag Team Champions, Primo and Carlito. We will also have a Fatal Four Way Match to determine who will be the first of two contenders to the United States Championship, as Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Hurricane Helms will all be facing each other. But up next there will be a first round Intercontinental Championship Tournament Match between Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder. It Should be an exciting debut for WWE Superstars as we will kick the show off with Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder

    1st Round, Intercontinental Championship Tournament:

    Tyson Kidd w/ The Hart Dynasty vs Zack Ryder

    Closing Moments: Ryder has had control of the match the entire way through, he has Kidd in the middle of the ring and looks for a Suplex but Kidd Slides out and delivers a German Suplex of his own. Kidd is pumped up and when Ryder gets up he gets Clotheslined right back down. Kidd then starts removing the turnbuckle pad. The ref Doesn't notice this and Kidd Starts smashing Ryder's head on the turnbuckle. Ryder slumps to the ground and Kidd Puts teh turnbuckle pad back on. Natalya then jumps on the apron and starts distracting the referee, so David Hart Smith can Slide into the ring. Tyson Heads out to the apron while Smith holds Ryder in a Bearhug Tyson then Springboards off and hits the Hart Attack, Smith rolls out of the ring has Kidd pins Ryder for the 1, 2, 3.

    Justin Roberts: The Winner of this Match and advancing in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament, Tyson Kidd.

    *Kidd Celebrates and Walks to the back*

    JR: What a despicable act by the Hart Dynasty, they beat Zack Ryder to a pulp here tonight.

    King: Well JR, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    JR: But not like that King I mean, first Kidd exposed the turnbuckle, then they used an illegal Double Team Manuver to finish Ryder off. How can you say what you just said King based on what happened.

    King: I can because I have the freedom of Free Speech and I think that The Hart Dynasty, capatilized on their opportunities tonight. And that's my opinion JR and you can't take that away from me.

    JR: Well King you have me there, anyway let's head to the back where Josh Matthews is with Hurricane Helms.

    Josh: Now Hurricane, You have a match here tonight against Three Other Superstars where the winner will face MVP and one other opponent, your thoughts on you opponents?

    Helms: Well Josh tonight I face Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger. Now Jack Swagger is a former ECW Champion, but he talks with a lisp I mean What's up with that. Bourne and Kingston have similar styles, there highflyers. But none of the three Superstars in that ring can compare, to the might of Hurricane Helms and I will prove that tonight. I'm just saying

    JR: Confident Words from Hurricane Helms King.

    King: But who can really take him seriously, he pretending to be like a superhero or something, I liked him much better as Gregory Helms, where he was the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion ever.

    JR: Well King, that's definatly something that you and the fans will never agree on. But now it's time for Raw's Fatal Four Way Match, It Should be a great Match with four Great Superstars.

    Fatal Four Way Number 1 Contendership for the United States Championship:

    Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne vs Kofi Kingston vs Hurricane Helms

    Closing Moments: Swagger and Bourne have been Fighting each other all match while Hurricane and Kingston have been paired off. Kingston and Swagger have the momentum and they both send Bourne and Helms to the outside. Kofi and Swagger then start trading punches in the center of the ring. Swagger's punches have more to them and after a couple trades he gains the upper hand drilling Kofi with right hands, Swagger sends Kofi off the ropes and waits for Kofi to come back at him but Kofi just hangs on to the ropes. Swagger charges at him and Clotheslines Kofi to the floor. However once he turns around, Swagger is met by Helms who delivers a Shining wizard. The ref refuses to make the count as Swagger's arm is under the ropes. Helms Starts to argue with the ref which gives Bourne enough time to recover and head to the top rope where he delivers an SSP to Swagger. Bourne tosses Helms out and pins Swagger to pick up the win.

    Justin Roberts: The Winner of this Match and Now Qualified for The United States Championship Match at Backlash, Evan Bourne.

    JR: A great win for Evan Bourne tonight in an extremely tough match featuring four of the best young competitors in the WWE.

    King: Are you kidding me JR, Jack Swagger was obviously robbed in this match. He had the thing under control, until that Superhero came in and stopped him.

    JR: What are you talking about King, if anyone was robbed it was Hurricane Helms himself, because he hadJack Swagger out cold and could have won the match, but instead Bourne Capatalises and will be going to Backlash no matter what you say King.

    *Cuts To Eve Torres, she is with the Colons*

    Eve: I'm here with the Colon brothers. Now up next you two will defend your Unified Tag Team Titles against the newly acquired Briscoe Brothers. Now do you guys feel that you will be able to defeat a team who you have never seen or faced in a match before. Are you worried.

    Carlito: Why should we be worried we're the Unified Tag Team Champions, and we aren't afraid of this new team. If we we're we would have never won these tag team titles in the first place. Now Primo and I are going to dominate the tag team division. And hold these titles for a long Time.

    Primo: Now that's cool.

    Carlito: Primo, you got to stop stealing my lines alright, now lets go.

    *The two head out to the ring*

    Unified Tag Team Championship Match
    Carlito and Primo(c) vs The Briscoe Brothers:

    Closing Moments: Mark and Jay have been dominated by the fast paced style of the Colons for most of the match. With Jay in the Colons corner. Primo tags Carlito in and Carlito Irish whips Primo right at Jay. However Jay moves out of the way and Primo hits the turnbuckle chest first knocking the wind out of him. Carlito is concerned for his brother goes to check on him allowing Jay to tag Mark into the match. Carlito is then met by clotheslines and a boot to the face right out of the tag. Mark continues the momentum with stomps to Carlito's chest. Mark bounces off the ropes goes for an elbow across the face but Carlito rolls out of the way. Mark slowly gets up and tags Jay unbeknownst to Carlito, he decides to drill Mark with a Backstabber. but Carlito then turns around to Jay and he hits the Crucible. Jay pins and gets the three count to win the Tag Team Championships.

    Justin Roberts: The Winner's of this match and new WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, The Briscoe Brothers.

    JR: What a win for these two new WWE Competitors, their first win is a Tag Team Title Match. What a match overall

    King: Definatly a good match, to end off an okay Debut edition of WWE Superstars. I'm Jerry the King Lawler.

    JR: And I'm Jim Ross goodnight everybody, and I hope you all tune into Smackdown tommorow night. Goodnight.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    i like so far what im seeing tbh, RAW was ace, esp to see the challenger position to the WWE title still open, though my only fear is if you leave it to late, how will you build it up? on the other hand, the suspense of it could be good also, and leaves everything in the open.

    Superstars was very nice too, esp new tag team champs, that was a suprise. The Briscoes have huge potential, and youve made them out to be a big threat so soon , so kudos

    And lastly, i hope you use sabin an shelley to perfection, their incredible atheletes with masisve potemtial, unfortuantley TNA contonues to underus ethem in favour of broken stars like Nash and Steiner, so make sure you use them well

    Il be reading

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    seems intresting not sure about the colons dropping the titles like straight away but its your btb will read smackdown

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Split.

    Thanks for your insight guys, and the Smackdown Preview should be up either Later Today or Tommorow.

    WWE News:

    Contract Negotiations we're successful and Tyler Black and the WWE Have Reached an agreement. The Contract will be around 1 year and it will give the WWE Time to evaluate his prior matches and see what he will be able to do.

    Aswell look for two FCW Superstars to make their debuts on Smackdown against one another. There is no word on who the superstars will be however the speculation is that it will be Tyler Reks and Sheamus, however nothing is for sure.

    Also Raw GM Vickie Guerrero is expected to name the second contender for the United States Championship at Backlash aswell as one huge match that will see the return of a former Superstar.

    Again, thanks for the comments I will be commenting on your BTB's in the future.

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