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Thread: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

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    World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    It was Christmas Eve on December 24th 2009. It was announced on that Vince McMahon would appear on WWE Superstars to make an announcement regarding the current status of the WWE. There were many major releases after the summer of 2009 due to the overwhelming economy. Many of those major releases were Chris Jericho, Batista, Big Show, Jack Swagger, and Kane. Batista had suffered one injury too many and was useless in Vince’s eyes because of him being on the sidelines too often. Both the Big Show and Jack Swagger wanted luxurious contracts after their current ones were expiring, and Vince refused thus the 2 leaving for other wrestling opportunities. Chris Jericho was released after bad mouthing the McMahon family on the Late Show with Jimmy Kimmel. The backstage conflicts with the McMahons brought both sides to a breaking point, parting ways. Kane and many other midcard superstars were scrapped to save some money. To help the company and focus more on his family, Triple H decided to call it quits and go backstage full time on the WWE creative team. Survivor Series saw the end of an era as the Undertaker announced his retirement as the WWE Universe and members of the locker room payed tribute to the Deadman as his illustrious career came to an end. Both RAW and Smackdown were declining in roster spots and in the Fall of 2009, ECW was shut down from Sci Fi and thus the superstars of ECW spread equally to RAW and Smackdown. After saving some money from the releases, Vince bought out the contract of Christopher Daniels and signed AJ Styles when his contract expired. Vince then talked with former talent Rob Van Dam and convinced him to come back full time along with signing free agent Petey Williams to a multi year contract. WWE Superstars was still standing as the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon came out to address the WWE Universe on the current state of the company.

    The following is a live feed from the WWE Superstars show where Vince McMahon has come out to address the fans:

    Vince McMahon walks down to the ramp as he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. He has his signature suit on and a blank expression on his face. He enters the ring and approaches the ring announcer for a microphone, and then positions himself in the center of the ring.

    You see, around 50 years ago my father founded what is now known to you all as the WWE. My father was a man of many characteristics. He was a kind man and sometimes he was an angry man. He got frusterated and thrilled and the business drove him insane. However, he loved the business and passed it down to me. If my father knew one thing, it was that got to do what you got to do because he knew no matter what he did he wanted the best for the company he ran. Fast forward now and I am in this very ring about to do what my father did, and do what is best for this company.

    The fans are a little confused as they wait for Vince

    McMahon: You see, I have owned the WWE for almost 30 years. In those 30 years I have done the unthinkable. I have made mind blowing announcements and made controversial decisions as well as actions. You people have loved me and hated me and now I do not know what you will think after what I have to say.

    The fans are still wondering what is going on

    McMahon: The economy has been plummeting recently and we all know that. Many superstars were released to save money because that is what I thought was the best for the WWE. I love this company and each decision is for a reason. Now, the ratings for both RAW and Smackdown have been going downhill, and I have been frustrated for months trying to figure out a proper solution to this problem. Just recently this week I came to a conclusion that had to do something quick.

    The fans are now worried as to what Vince has to say

    McMahon: We all know just months ago, ECW got shut down from television and the superstars that were not released, moved onto RAW and Smackdown. Going over the rosters today, I realized that there were not enough superstars for each show. Not only that but people were getting bored and sick of the same old stuff, and quite frankly I was too. Which is why I have come out here today to let the WWE Universe know that I have been negotiating with both the USA network and MyNetowrkTV, and starting on the new year both RAW and Smackdown will no longer be on the air.

    Mr.McMahon takes a deep breath as the crowd is in shock. A bunch of booing is heard as they are not reacting kindly

    : Now listen, I came out tonight for a purpose damnit and I will not be booed at. I want to save this company and this is the best financial decision I could have done. From now on there will be a 2 hour broadcast of WWE Superstars every Thursday starting at 9 pm Eastern. The Announcers will be Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler. As for a General Manger, I will be running the show. You may like it or not, quite frankly I do not care. This is a new era for the WWE and starting next week on New Years Day, we will kick things off with a bang!

    Mr. McMahon hands the microphone back to the ring announcer and goes through the ropes and out of the ring. He fixes his suit as he walks back with the fans still in shock at the announcement just made. McMahon does not show any expression on his face as he walks to the back.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    John Cena
    Randy Orton
    Shawn Michaels
    CM Punk
    Matt Hardy
    Jeff Hardy
    Rey Mysterio
    John Morrison
    AJ Styles
    Ted Dibiase
    Cody Rhodes
    Shelton Benjamin
    Gregory Helms
    Christopher Daniels
    Evan Bourne
    Kofi Kingston
    Santino Marella
    Petey Williams
    The Miz

    Kelly Kelly
    Mickie James
    Beth Phoenix

    WWE Champion: John Cena
    Inter-United Champion: MVP
    ECW Champion: Vacant
    Tag Team Champion: The Colons
    Womens Champion: Maryse

    Announcers: JR and Jerry Lawler
    Backstage Interviewer: Todd Grisham

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    This is a very interesting backstory that you've posted here, I'm planning on doing a BTB and was going to use a similiar story to this (by only using superstars) I guess I'm gunna have to re-think! Anyways, good luck with your writing, I look forward to reading.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    Pay Per View Schedule:

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    January 24th 2010

    New York, New York
    February 21nd 2010

    Boston, Massachusetts
    March 21d 2010

    Phoenix, Arizona
    April 18th 2010

    Los Angeles, California
    May 16th 2010

    Houston, Texas
    June 13th 2010

    Washington D.C
    July 18th 2010

    Orlando, Florida
    August 15th 2010

    Raleigh, North Carolina
    September 12th 2010

    Las Vegas, Nevada
    October 10th 2010

    Detroit, Michigan
    November 14th 2010

    Providence, Rhode Island
    December 19th 2010

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    Looks pretty solid. I like the way it looks, cant wait until shows are up.

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    Looks pretty interesting, you've got a nice set-up and whatnot. Looking forward to more of this!

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    Explosive Debut:

    WWE Superstars Preview for
    January 1st 2009

    Last week Vince McMahon declared that WWE Superstars would be the only running show and that RAW and Smackdown would be scrapped. What will happen now as the superstars get set to battle on a new stage?

    With John Cena being the only world champion, what will he have to say regarding the news and who might his challenger be for the upcoming Royal Rumble pay per view?

    With the United States and Intercontinental titles merged into one, the holder, MVP will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders for sure. He is in one on one action this week against Mr.Thursday Nights, Rob Van Dam.

    We will see the vacant ECW Championship be crowned a holder when Evan Bourne squares off with Shelton Benjamin as well as Christopher Daniels. Those three will surely put up one hell of a match

    In other action it has been announced that the first show for the newly christened WWE Superstars will be opened with a one on one match between The Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams and The Jamican Sensation Kofi Kingston

    All this and more on the very first edition of the new and improved and only show in the WWE, WWE Superstars

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    The pyros blast off as the cameras go around the live WWE audience. They are on their feet on New Years Day waiting anxiously for the WWE Superstars to put on a show. The cameras then go to the announce table where Jerry Lawler and JR are seated.

    JR: Happy New Years ladies and gentleman and what a way to start off the new year then with the first ever 2 hour broadcast of WWE Superstars. Last week on Christmas Eve, Vince McMahon shocked the wrestling world by announcing the cancellation of both the RAW and Smackdown brands. As much as the WWE universe was mad, Vince redeemed himself by announcing that WWE Superstars would be broadcasted for 2 hours and the superstars would be all moving to the same show. What did you think of this King?

    Lawler: To tell you the truth JR, I was actually thrilled to hear this. All the Divas on the same show, I love it. Puppies JR, puppies!

    JR: If you’ll excuse my broadcast partner for a moment, tonight is going to be one historic night and everyone is looking to make a name for themselves by starting the year fresh.

    Lawler: Not only that JR, but it was announced that both the United States and Intercontinental championships have been merged into the Inter-United Title. The former United States Champion MVP will be the holder of that title.

    JR: John Cena is lucky to be keeping his WWE title as the prestige in that title is what made it stay. The World Heavyweight Championship is no longer in existence.

    Lawler: Honestly JR do you have any idea what the wrestlers of the WWE are thinking right now. This new era in the WWE is going to be exciting

    JR: Exciting is an easy way to put it King, I would say that it is going to be extraordinary and I am anxious to see what goes down here tonight.

    Lawler: Let’s start 2010 with a bang!

    JR: I think you got your wish King

    YouTube - John Cena - My Time Is Now
    ‘My Time is Now’ blasts on the PA system. John Cena comes out to a standing ovation from the erupting crowd. He has the WWE title on his arm as he points at it. Cena then stands on top of the entrance ramp and salutes the crowd as he then walks down the ramp high fiving the fans. He slides into the ring and holds the title high in the air. Cena puts it back on his shoulder as he reaches for a microphone.

    Cena: The Champ is Here!

    The crowd gives him a huge cheer

    Cena: Last week I was at home celebrating the holidays with my family. I sat on the couch, turned on the tv and I saw WWE Superstars. Vince came on the mic, and he said a lot of things. One thing however he said was the major announcement every single person was waiting for. Vince announced that RAW and Smackdown were no more. Vince said that WWE Superstars was the one and only show. The thing about Vince is though, a lot of people don’t care what he has to say.

    The crowd cheers as Cena gives out a smile

    Cena: However!, this announcement had to be followed if we wanted to keep our jobs. I do not care where I have to wrestle or who I have to wrestle. I could care less if I defend my title against a 500 pound sumo wrestler or a 3 and a half foot midget. I would even defend it against a diva. I never back down and I never quit and I think all of you people know that about me. Which is why I came out here tonight because right now I am the champion of the only show in the company, and every champion needs a challenger.

    The crowd cheers once against as Cena circles the ring

    Cena: For the past few months Vince has been on a rampage! He is strutting around like a monster ripping up contracts, signing papers, and changing up things week after week. The man has a sore throat from screaming the words ‘Your Fired’ so many times. Chris Jericho got brain damage and trashed Vince on live television. That idiot got fired on the spot. Poor Dave Batista had one injury too many and had to call it quits. Batista was a good friend of mine and you know what it was his time to go. However, guys like Big Show were demanding money. All that food got into his head and demanding for a bigger pay in a bad economy like this one, would make you lucky to keep your job and unfortunately for the 500 pound giant, he got the boot, can’t say I miss him.

    The crowd chuckles as Cena does so himself.

    Cena: Bottom line is, everyone has a fresh start and everyone is looking to make a name for themselves with it being a brand new year. So right now I am going to make a statement, one that will be remembered as the opening segment of the first edition of WWE Superstars on the first day of 2010. I am calling out ANY wrestler that wants to fight me for this title. I have gone through hell and back and I can take any pain inflicted to me. That is because I am a soldier, and I never say no to a fight!

    ‘No Chance’ plays throughout the arena as the fans give out a mixed reaction. John Cena looks confused as Vince McMahon walks down to the ring from the entrance ramp. He has a smirk on his face as he ignores the fans. He climbs the steel steps and then enters the ring, grabbing the microphone from Cena.

    McMahon: If it isn’t John Cena! The man who is constantly running his mouth like always and mocking people left and right. You think you are funny by insulting me Cena? Do you think these fans enjoy you making a mockery out of me?

    The fans start chanting ‘Yes We Do’ as Cena smiles

    McMahon: SHUTUP!

    The crowd boos Mr.McMahon tremendously.

    McMahon: You people are lucky I didn’t sell the company, so be quiet! Now look here Cena, you should be thankful that I chose your title to be kept and not the World Heavyweight Championship. You bring in the ratings Cena I will give you that much, and the WWE title has the most prestige. However there was a champion that was stripped off of his title and that man was Edge. Is there anything that is stopping me from declaring him #1 contender for your title? I did not think so. But I am not going to make it that easy, I am going to make him fight for a #1 contendership opportunity.

    The crowd cheers as Cena is listening to McMahon

    Cena: Like I said before it doesn’t matter who I have to face because the champ is always going to be right here, win or lose.

    McMahon: Stop talking like you run the place Cena, I am the boss here. Now pay close attention because tonight there will be a #1 contendership match where the winner will face you at the Royal Rumble.

    Cena: Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    McMahon: I am not finished talking, because tonight it will be the Rated R Superstar, Edge fighting against the Legend Killer Randy Orton, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, and Captain Charisma himself, Christian! They will fight in a fatal four way match!

    Cena: Let me tell you something Vince, it doesn’t matter who you put to face me at the Rumble. These fans, some of them hate me and some of them love me. They give me a mixed reaction almost every night and it still doesn’t get to me. You put me in brutal matches and I get hurt and it still doesn’t affect me. I have proved time and time again that no challenge is impossible and whether it be HBK, Edge, Orton, or Christian, someone is going down at the Rumble!

    Cena drops the mic as he looks into McMahon’s eyes and then waves his hand across his face doing his signature ‘you cant see me’. Cena then turns around and slides out of the ring as he holds the title high in the air with McMahon glaring at him from the ring.

    --Commercial Break—

    JR: What an announcement made by Mr.Mcmahon, King.

    Lawler: Tell me about it JR, the first ever main event of the new and improved WWE Superstars is a fatal four way!

    JR: This already feels like it is going to be one hell of a night

    Lawler: I hope you’re right JR.

    Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Petey Williams!

    YouTube - Petey Williams TNA Titantron
    Petey Williams comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans. He high fives some of the fans who offer as he then goes in the ring and waits for his opponent

    : And his opponent, Kofi Kingston!

    YouTube - Kofi Kingston Titantron 2009
    Kofi Kingston comes out to a huge reaction from the crowd. He stands on top of the entrance ramp as he claps his hands as the pyros come off. He then jogs down the ramp high fiving the fans. He slides in the ring and stares at Petey

    Match 1: Petey Williams vs Kofi Kingston

    Petey and Kofi meet in the center of the ring. Kofi claps his hands in front of Petey as the fans chant ‘boo boo’ Petey then charges at Kofi and tackles him to the floor. Petey starts hitting punches to Kofi’s head as he goes back and forth with lefts and rights. Petey then gets back to his feet picks Kofi up. He tries to irish whip Kofi to the turnbuckle but Kofi reverses it and sends Petey flying instead. Petey crashes against the post and as he turns around Kofi hits him with a dropkick. Kofi then goes over Petey and starts to kick him around his body trying to get him weakened. Kofi gets him up and puts him against the turnbuckle again. Kofi then goes to the other side of the ring and then runs up to Petey and leaps to the top turnbuckle. He is about to throw punches to Petey’s head but Petey grabs him and drops him, hitting a devastating powerbomb. Petey gets back to his feet and goes over to Kofi. He brings him up and wraps him around his shoulders. He then picks him up to attempt a suplex, but Kofi reverses it and then drops Petey and puts him in a rollup, 1….2….Petey kicks out! Kofi gets back to his feet and stalks Petey as he is getting up. Kofi attempts a kick to the head as Petey gets up but Petey dodges it and then grabs Kofi. He clutches his head and then drops him, hitting a DDT. Petey then goes to the turnbuckle. He starts to climb to the top turnbuckle. Kofi slowly gets to his feet and looks up as Petey leaps into the air and connects with a diving splash. Kofi falls to the mat as Petey covers him, 1….2….Kofi barely kicks out! Petey gets up in anger as he grabs Kofi. He picks him up and starts to throw several punches at his head back and forth. Kofi blocks a punch and then connects with a big uppercut. Petey falls to the mat. Kofi then jumps over Petey and runs to the ropes. He then jumps on the ropes and flips backwards connecting with a moonsault! The fans cheer as Kofi gets up and is catching his breath while waiting for Petey to get to his feet. Petey slowly gets up and Kofi sees him as he runs up and attempts his finisher, Trouble In Paradise, but Petey dodges it! Petey then grabs Kingston and puts him in between his legs. Petey puts his hands in the air as he grabs Kofi and connects with a devastating Canadian Destroyer! Petey covers Kofi, 1….2…3!

    Winner: Petey Williams

    Petey celebrates as the ref raises his hand. He goes on the turnbuckle and poses. He looks down at Kofi and picks him up. He then stares at him and slowly exits the ring as Kofi looks back.

    Backstage we see Todd Grisham standing next to the Miz.

    Grisham: I am here right now with the Miz.

    Miz: And I am unfortunately with you Todd

    Grisham (ignoring the comment): What are your thoughts on the brand split ending?

    Miz: It doesn’t matter who is on what show because I am greatness, and greatness deserves to be recognized

    Grisham: But you are not even booked for tonight, why is that so?

    Miz: I am not Vince Mcmahon, and trust me I would kill myself if I was, but I do not know what is going on in that old retired head of his not to put the #1 superstar on this show in a match.

    Grisham: #1 superstar?

    Miz: Did I studder? I have brought in the ratings it is all me Todd and noone else. People beg and pray to be in my shoes. Thousands of people are jealous of me and I can’t help it.

    Grisham: What are you going to do to prove yourself?

    Miz: Prove myself? I have nothing to prove Todd, I am the best. Just wait until I fight because you will see the dominance that I have. Do you know why I am so good Todd, do you?

    Grisham just stares at the Miz

    Miz: Because I’m the Miz and I’m AWESOME!

    Miz raises his hands as he walks off

    ---Commercial break---

    JR: God I can not stand the Miz. He is an arrogant Punk

    Lawler: He is funny JR, you have to give him that.

    JR: He is cocky King

    Lawler: In a lot of cases that’s a good thing

    JR: What a match that was though between Kofi and Petey huh?

    Lawler: Yeah a possible match of the night candidate

    : The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the vacant ECW Championship. Introducing first, Christopher Daniels

    YouTube - "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels Titantron
    Christopher Daniels comes out to a good amount of cheers. He walks down the entrance ramp high fiving some fans as he then slides in the ring and poses

    Garcia: And his opponent Shelton Benjamin.

    YouTube - Shelton Benjamin Titantron (2008)
    Shelton Benjamin comes out to a bunch of jeers from the crowd as they all boo him. He walks down to the ring grunting as he passes off the few high fives he is offered. He slides in the ring and goes on the turnbuckle, posing as the fans boo

    Garcia: And their opponent, Evan Bourne.

    YouTube - Evan Bourne Titantron
    Evan Bourne comes out to a huge amount of cheers from the crowd. He high fives the fans on his way down to the ring and has a smile on his face. He slides in and looks at his opponents and then poses for the fans as they cheer.

    Match 2: ECW Championship–Christopher Daniels vs Shelton Benjamin vs Evan Bourne

    All three men are staring each other down waiting for someone to make the first move. All of a sudden Shelton charges at Daniles and hits a shoulder tackle, sending Daniels to the floor. Shelton then goes down to the mat and starts throwing punches at Daniels’ head. He continues going left and right until Bourne runs up to Shelton and turns him around. He then hits a dropkick which sends Shelton against the turnbuckle. Bourne then goes to the other side of the ring and starts to run at Shelton. He leaps, but Shelton moves out of the way just in time as Bourne crashes head first on the turnbuckle. Daniels is back to his feet as he looks at Shelton who has his back turned. Daniels goes up to Shelton turns him around and then hits him with several uppercuts. He goes one after the other as Shelton finally drops to the floor. Daniels then starts to stomp on Shelton, trying to weaken his body. Bourne is up however and looks at Daniels. Daniels continues to work on Shelton, but Shelton kicks Daniels away. Shelton then leans up as Bourne then runs at him. Bourne jumps on Shelton’s shoulders and uses that as a springboard as he leaps and clotheslines Daniels. The crowd is amazed at the athleticism as now Shelton gets to his feet. He goes for Bourne as he grabs him by the head. He then puts his arm around him and applies a headlock. Shelton applies pressure as Bourne is struggling trying to break out. Meanwhile Daniels is back on his feet and sees Shelton applying the hold wile trying to rest. Shelton continues to apply pressure but Bourne somehow manages to maneuver his legs and he brings them up the ropes and then flips over Shelton breaking the headlock. Shelton turns around only to get hit with an enzuguri by Bourne. Daniels then charges at Bourne and hits him with a vicious clothesline. Daniels grabs Bourne once again and brings him to his feet. He then runs up to the ropes leaps over them to the outside, and then bounces on the ropes and leaps as he then grabs Bourne’s head and nails him with a DDT. Meanwhile as both men are on the floor Shelton gets up and is stalking them both. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and waits for them to get up. Daniels gets up first and Bourne gets up right after him. Both men look up as Shelton jumps and connects with a double clothesline! All three men are on the floor as the fans are cheering. Bourne is the first to his feet as he sees both men lying down. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps attempting the Air Bourne. Right before he connects Shelton rolls out of the way! Shelton then grabs Bourne and tosses him to the outside. Shelton grabs a fallen Daniels and brings him to his feet. He grabs him and hits the T-Bone Suplex! Shelton goes for the cover, 1….2…Bourne tries to slide in the ring to break the count….3!

    Winner and new ECW Champion: Shelton Benjamin

    Bourne can’t believe it as Shelton is rewarded the vacant ECW title. He holds it in the air as the fans boo. Shelton then brings the title and shoves it in front of Bourne and then over Daniels as he chuckles

    Carlito and Primo are backstage in their locker room talking to each other

    Carlito: Do you understand Primo that not only are we the tag team champions but we are the only tag team on our level

    Primo: don’t you think you’re sounding a little too cocky there bro.

    Carlito: We are Colons, and the Colons are one of the most successful families in the wrestling business.

    Primo: Yeah I know that. We are also one of the most successful families. The Colons, they are cool!

    Carlito: Hey, that’s my line.

    Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase walk in and stare at the Colons.

    Ted: Look at this Cody. Do you see what I’m seeing

    Rhodes: Yeah I do, two Mexican snow cones.

    The two chuckle as Carlito goes up to Cody

    Carlito: Excusme? What did you just say about Carlito

    Ted: You’re real ‘cool’ alright, talking in third person

    Primo: Why don’t you two go where you’re actually wanted

    Ted: Oh don’t worry that little goatee of yours. We just came here to send you a message. We are second generation superstars and we are too good not to be holding a title.

    Rhodes: That’s right, so take note that those tag team titles of yours have are names written on them. So enjoy your time with them right now because sooner or later they are going to have some worthy holders.

    Rhodes and Dibiase smirk as they turn around and exit the locker room. The Colons look back at the in disgust

    ---Commercial Break ----

    Lawler: Scratch that JR that ECW title match was one of the best matches I have seen

    JR: It was filled with back and forth action and honestly I am glad to see Shelton win a title.

    Lawler: He’s arrogant JR, I thought you didn’t like arrogance

    JR: I may have said that. But hey, I say a lot of things

    Lawler: And what was with confrontation between The Colons and Legacy

    JR: I sense a tag team title match in the near future

    We see Maryse standing in the backstage area. Santino Marella comes up to approach her

    Santino: Hello Maurice

    Maryse (confused): Excuse me?

    Santino: Do you have tickets Maurice?

    Maryse: Ugh. For what?

    Santino (flexing): For da gun show! pow pow.

    Maryse: oh mon dieu ce mec est juste un idiot. ce qui ne perdant comme lui veulent d'une beauté comme moi?

    Santino looks confused as Maryse shoves her hand in his face and then walks away

    Santino (proudly): She wants me.

    Back to the arena

    Garcia: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first Mr. Kennedy!

    YouTube - Mr. Kennedy 2006 Titantron - Turn Up the Trouble
    Mr. Kennedy walks out from the backstage curtain as he stands on top of the entrance ramp. The fans are booing him as a microphone is brought down from the roof. He grabs it and adjusts it

    Kennedy: Now let me do it the proper way. Ladies and Gentleman, weighing in at 243 pounds, from Green Bay, Wisconsin..Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Kennedy (pause)…. Kennedy!

    Kennedy lets go of the mic as he then makes his way to the ring. He goes through the ropes as he stares at Lillian and then waits for his partner

    Garcia: And his partner Matt Hardy.
    Matt Hardy comes out to a chorus of boos from the audience. He brushes them off as he makes his way down the entrance ramp. He slides in the ring and then looks at Kennedy as they nod to each other.

    Garcia: And their opponent, introducing first, Rey Mysterio.
    Rey Mysterio pops out from the side of the ramp as the pyros go off. He makes his way to the center of the ramp as he goes down high fiving all the fans. He bumps head with a kid wearing his mask as he then waits on the bottom of the ramp.

    Garcia: And his partner, Jeff Hardy.

    YouTube - WWE Jeff Hardy Titantron 2009
    Jeff Hardy comes out to close to a standing ovation. He poses at the top of the ramp and then jogs down to the ring. Him and Mysterio stare at each other and then nod as they slide in the ring at the same time.

    Match 3: Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Kennedy and Matt Hardy

    Rey and Jeff immediately go to work on Kennedy and Hardy after sliding in the ring. The 4 men go at it as they start brawling with each other. The brawl goes on for a minute or so until the referee finally breaks it up and sends both men to their corners. Rey starts off the match along with Matt Hardy. The two men stare at each other and then bump heads. Matt kicks Rey in the gut and then smashes his elbow to Rey’s back as he falls to the mat. Rey tries to get back to his feet but Matt grabs him and hits an uppercut which drops him to the floor again. Matt then hovers over Rey’s body and starts kicking him right in the head. Rey tries to roll out of the way, but Matt gets him once again and then starts to throw punches, left ad right. Rey however manages to kick Matt off of him, and he jumps back up. Matt runs up to Rey and attempts a clothesline, but Rey dodges it and then dropkicks Matt on the rebound. Matt flies over the ropes and onto the outside mat. Then Mr. Kennedy comes up from behind trying to attack Rey, but Jeff runs in the ring and grabs Kennedy. He throws Kennedy through the ropes and out of the ring. Rey and Jeff then look at each other as they nod and run to the opposite side of the ring, bounce off the ropes and run forward. They leap over the ropes and land onto Matt and Mr.Kennedy! All four men are on the outside as the fans cheer. Jeff is the first to his feet as he helps Rey up. The two roll back into the ring as Jeff goes back outside the ropes. Matt gets up and runs in the ring as he tackles Rey to the floor. Meanwhile Kennedy is on his feet and goes back to his corner. Matt tags in Kennedy and he goes straight towards Rey who is still on the floor. Kennedy goes over Rey and grabs his neck. He then pulls it back and starts to choke Rey. Rey is gasping for breath as Kennedy continues to keep the hold. Kennedy then lets go of Rey after a few moments and continues to work on him. Kennedy gets Rey up and irish whips him against the ropes. Rey bounces off and as he is coming back Kennedy picks him up and hits a scoop slam. Kennedy then goes for the pin, 1…2….Rey kicks out. Rey rolls away from Kennedy and uses the ropes as leverage to get to his feet. Kennedy then charges at Rey, but Rey leaps over Kennedy and tags in Jeff! Jeff runs in the ring and clotheslines Kennedy. Then he runs to his brother and throws a hard left which sends him flying down on the outside. Jeff goes over to Kennedy and irish whips him to the turnbuckle. He then runs up to Kennedy and jumps over him and onto the top turnbuckle while pushing Kennedy away. Jeff then jumps and hits the Whisper in the wind as Kennedy falls to the mat. Jeff then climbs to the top turnbuckle. The fans are cheering as he jumps and hits the Swanton Bomb. Jeff then goes for the cover, 1….Matt gets up and goes in the ring…2…Matt tries to break it up ….3. Matt barely missed it as Jeff gets up. The ref raises his hand as Matt glares at him. Matt walks out of the ring as Rey slides in and celebrates with Jeff.

    Winners: Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy

    ---Commercial Break---

    JR: What a tag team match King, don’t you think?

    King: I was to busy thinking about those puppies on Maryse. What a beauty

    JR: Oh come on King get your head together. The show is almost over

    King: Honestly JR I don’t want it to end. What a night it has been.

    JR: And we still have a whole other half to go!

    Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a non title match. Introducing first, Rob Van Dam
    RVD comes out as the fans cheer. He stands on top of the ramp as he says his name while posing as the pyros blast. He comes down the ramp high fiving the fans and he then slides in the ring. He goes on the turnbuckle and poses as he then jumps down and waits for his opponent.

    And his opponent, the current Inter-United champion, Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP.
    MVP comes out as the fans cheer. He has the Inter-United title on his shoulder as he comes down the ramp. He stops and poses as he slams his hands on the ground and then puts them up as the pyros blast. MVP then goes down and into the ring as he and RVD stare down.

    Match 4: Non Title Match – RVD vs MVP

    RVD and MVP stare each other down in the center of the ring. MVP then throws a hard left punch. RVD falls back but then he throws one back. MVP then starts to throw more punches at RVD and then RVD does the same. The two men go back and forth as MVP gets the upper hand by grabbing RVD’s fist and then kicking him in the chest. RVD bends down as MVP kicks him in the head as he falls back to the mat. MVP then starts to stomp on RVD. He continuously kicks his body trying to weaken him. MVP then grabs RVD and picks him up. He then attempts to irish whip RVD to the turnbuckle, but he reverses it and sends MVP flying instead. MVP crashes into the post as RVD grabs him and suplex’s him to the center of the mat. RVD then goes in front of MVP and jumps connecting with a spinning legdrop. RVD then goes down on his knees and starts throwing puches at MVP’s head. RVD then positions MVP near the ropes and then runs to the other aside. As he is coming back he rolls and then lands on MVP connecting with a rolling thunder! RVD then goes for the pin, 1…2….MVP kicks out just in time. MVP slowly gets to his feet as does RVD. The two then go face to face once again as RVD grabs MVP and irish whips him to the ropes. As he is coming back RVD bends down but MVP stops and kicks RVD. He then grabs RVD and drags him to the corner. He huddles around him and starts to kick him several times. MVP then picks RVD up, but before he can attack, RVD hits an uppercut as MVP falls to the mat. RVD then bounces on top of the turnbuckle as the fans are cheering. He jumps and goes for the Five Star Frog Splash but MVP rolls out of the way just in time! MVP then gets to his feet and then picks up RVD. He clutches RVD’s head and then hits a neckbreaker. MVP then waits for RVD to get up. RVD slowly gets back to his feet as MVP runs at him. MVP attempts a big boot to the face, but RVD ducks and then on the rebound he hits MVP square in the face with a kick of his own. MVP rolls away out of the ring and falls on the outside mat. RVD then runs up against the ropes and throws himself over them using the ropes as leverage as he lands right on MVP. Both men are down as the fans are loving the match. Both men then slowly get back to their feet as they go back in the ring. MVP goes in first and stomps on RVD as soon as he is in. MVP then grabs RVD and suplexes him but RVD flips in mid air and lands on his legs. RVD then kicks MVP in the back of the legs as MVP then falls to the mat. RVD runs up to the turnbuckle and jumps on them. The fans are cheering as RVD does his signature ‘Rob Van Dam taunt’. He then jumps and attempts the Five Star Frog Splash, and it seems like he hits it, but MVP grabs him and puts him into a rollup! The ref then counts, 1…2…3!

    Winner: MVP

    The match is over as the ref raises MVP’s hand. MVP then goes and helps RVD to his feet as both men are exhausted. RVD then shakes hands with MVP as he then rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the backstage area. The referee then hands MVP his Inter-United title and then all of a sudden through the crowd comes John Morrison with a steel chair! MVP doesn’t see him as Morrison slides in the ring and cracks the chair onto MVP’s back. The fans are booing as Morrison grabs MVP once again and this time he drops the chair and hits his finisher the Moonlight Drive. Morrison then stands over a fallen MVP as he holds the Inter-United title in the air. Morrison then drops the title onto MVP’s chest and walks away as the crowd boos tremendously.

    JR: That was wrong King just wrong

    Lawler: What were Morrison’s reasons behind this attack?

    JR: I don’t want to hear his reasons. His actions are his actions and what he just did is unacceptable

    Lawler: MVP didn’t even see it coming JR

    Backstage we see Vince McMahon in his office on the phone

    McMahon: Yes what a night it has been. I mean we already have a new ECW Champion and what a match it was. And then later on tonight is the fatal four way everyone is anxious for.

    CM Punk walks in McMahon’s office.

    McMahon: Um I’ll call you back

    McMahon hangs up the phone and stares at Punk

    McMahon: Who the hell said you can walk into my office like that

    CM Punk: I said so. Now listen here Vince, why the hell am I not in the fatal four way tonight. Huh? What thought went on in that old mind of yours that told you that you shouldn’t incude the greatest wrestler on the show, in the #1 contender match?

    McMahon: EXCUSME? Are you really questioning my intelligence?

    Punk: If there was any to begin with

    McMahon: You are lucky I do not fire you on the spot! Get the hell out of my office.

    Punk: Why should I?

    McMahon: Don’t test me. I do not care who you are, you do not disrespect your boss.

    AJ Styles walks in the office

    Styles: Mr.McMahon can I have a……….

    Styles then sees Punk

    Punk: Shut your mouth. I am talking

    Styles: What did you say?

    Punk: If McMahon doesn’t want to talk to me he obviously doesn’t want to talk to you.

    Styles: Hey, he didn’t even book you this week.

    Punk: Oh you’re funny. Your’e not on the card either.

    McMahon: Both of you SHUTUP! Now if you guys are going to keep running your mouths get the hell out of my office. You two want a match so bad, next week it will be CM Punk vs AJ Styles. Now get out.

    Punk and Styles stare at each other for a few moments as they both leave the office

    ---Commercial Break---

    JR: Tonight is not even over King and a match for next week has already been booked.

    Lawler: Punk vs Styles is going to be a great match

    JR: Do you know what time it is King

    Lawler: It is main event time JR

    JR: What a match this is going to be

    : The following contest is a #1 contendership fatal four way match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

    YouTube - WWE Shawn Michaels-Titantron (Full+Current)
    Shawn Michaels comes out to a huge ovation from the fans. He stands on top of the entrance ramp as he gets on his knees. He bows down and then goes back up as the pyros blast. He gets back to his feet and goes down to the ring

    Garcia: And his opponent, Captain Charisma, Christian

    YouTube - WWE Christian Titantron 2009
    Christian comes out to a huge amount of cheers from the fans. He walks down the entrance ramp as he high fives the fans on his way. He gets into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle as he then gets down and looks at Shawn Michaels.

    Garcia: And their opponent the Rated R Superstar, Edge

    YouTube - Edge Titantron - 2009
    Edge comes out to a lot of heat from the crowd. He snickers as he walks down the ramp. He brushes off the fans as he then looks in the ring. Edge then slides in the ring and looks at his opponents. Edge then taunts them as the fans boo

    Garcia: And their opponent, the Legend Killer, Randy Orton!

    YouTube - Randy Orton Titantron 2009
    Randy Orton comes out to a lot of heat, the same amount as Edge. Orton stands on top of the entrance ramp as he poses and the pyros go off. The fans boo as he walks down to the ramp and looks into the ring. He slides in and taunts them

    Match 5: #1 Contndership for WWE Title: Randy Orton vs Edge vs Christian vs Shawn Michaels

    All four men start off in each corner of the ring. They are looking at each other and waiting to see who makes the first move. All of a sudden Edge charges at Michaels and he tackles him to the floor. Orton and Christian then go up to each other and start brawling. Edge is working on Michaels by continuously throwing punches at him and kicking him in the gut. Christian and Orton are matching each other punch for punch. Christian then grabs Orton and irish whips him to the ropes. Orton comes back however and hits Christian with a flying elbow. Orton is on his feet but Edge goes after him and suplexes him to the mat. Michaels gets up and goes back for Edge looking for revenge. He grabs Edge and irish whips him to the turnbuckle. Michaels goes up to Edge and starts kicking him several times in the chest until he falls to the mat. Orton grabs Michaels from behind and hits a strong uppercut which drops him to the floor. Orton goes for Edge and starts choking him by putting his foot on his throat. Christian and Michaels then nod at each other and head to Orton. They grab Orton and pick him up and hit a double suplex. Michaels then goes on the top rope and attempts to hit a flying elbow, but Orton moves out of the way. Christian grabs Orton and starts throwing punches at him. Edge is back to his feet as Orton pushes Christian off of him and Edge capitalizes by charging at Christian and connecting with the spear! Edge then goes for the cover, 1…2…Orton breaks it up. Orton gets to his feet and grabs Edge. Orton kicks Edge in the gut and then attempts a DDT, but Edge slides out of it and then dropkicks Orton. Michaels then goes up to Edge and turns him around. However before Michaels can attack, Christian runs and hits a double clothesline which sends both wrestlers out of the ring. Orton is back to his feet and is stalking Christian from behind. Christian turns around and Orton strikes connecting with a vicious RKO! Orton then goes for the cover, 1….Edge slides back in the ring….2…Edge breaks it up! Orton gets frusterated as he gets up and says a few words towards Edge. Meanwhile Michaels gets back in the ring. Orton then pushes Edge as Edge comes back and pokes Orton’s eye. He then gets Orton and throws him into the post as Orton hits it shoulder first. Michaels then turns Edge around and grabs him and hits a DDT. Michaels gets back to his feet only to be hit by Christian. Christian grabs HBK and starts throwing shots to the body and head. Christian gets Michaels and elbows him in the back of the neck. He then gets him once again and sets up for the Killswitch. He then connects with the Killswitch as Michaels falls to the mat. Christian then goes for the cover, 1….2….Orton breaks up the count! Orton then grabs Christian and sends him flying into the post. Orton gets him one more time and hits a neckbreaker. Christian tries to break away from Orton by continuously throwing fists but Orton manages to block them off and he throws Christian out of the ring. Orton grins at the damage as behind him, Michaels jumps back to his feet. Orton points at Christian and then turns around. Michaels then nails Orton with the Sweet Chin Music. Orton falls to the mat and seems knocked out. Edge is stalking Michaels from behind and is leaning against the ropes on his knees waiting to strike. Michaels turns around to make sure Edge isn’t around but Edge then charges at him and hits the spear! Edge then goes for the cover, 1….2….3!

    Winner and #1 Contender for the WWE title: Edge

    Edge celebrates in the ring as all three men are on the floor layed out. The referee raises Edge’s hand as the crowd boos tremendously. ‘My Time is Now’ then blasts through the arena as the crowd cheers. Edge shifts his focus to the top of the ramp where Cena is standing with the WWE title. Edge smirks at Cena who raises his title high in the air. Edge points at Cena calling him out as Cena continues to raise his title in the air.

    Fade to Black...

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    I love the idea, I wish it could happen in real life.
    [Show Comments]
    I loved how you used the "SHUTUP!" then boo thing, I always loved it in real life.
    Isn't the piledriver banned in the WWE? I could of sworn it was. Christopher Daniels? a little weird but okay, YES! YES! YES! YOU HAD HIM USE THE T-BONE! Not that little STO! Thank you Viva, You officially have me as a fan. Nice little segment there, I lol'd actuallly at the mexican snow cone comment. HAH, Santino! Do more funny santino segments please.
    *goes to translate what maryse said*
    LOL, Nice and good use of her speaking french. Kind of odd teams, But I can see why you did it. I noticed you have the same match writing style as me which is coolioz, Well...Almost the same. I like these matches so far, Keep up the good work man! I liked RVD vs MVP and it's good you didn't use that awful Playmak-OH NOES! HERE COMES MORRISON! Damn, Wheres Rob Van Damn when you need him? Lol...Oh neat, CM Punk vs AJ Styles! I can't wait. CRAP! I accidentialy read the ending before I finished reading the whole thing, Dammit..Awesome match anyway....
    [Overall Comments]
    I loved it, There was maybe two odd bookings but the matches all turned out to be great.
    Just don't sign everyone form the indys please, That really ticks off some people. It dosen't tick me off BUT it is strange to me.
    Keep up the good work! You have a fan. :D

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    lol thanks for the review, hopefully more can come

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    Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2010 - Presented by Viva

    The Tension Builds:
    WWE Superstars preview for
    January 7th 2009

    Last week we saw the very first edition of the new and improved WWE Superstars. Edge beat Randy Orton, Christian, and Shawn Michaels to become the new #1 contender for the WWE championship. What will he have to say about his victory?

    Also last week tensions were at a high when CM Punk and AJ Styles exchanged a heated conversation and now the two get to put their money where there mouth is as they face off one on one

    After MVP successfully beat RVD in a non title match last week, John Morrison made his presence known as he attacked MVP after his match in what was a classless act. What will MVP do to get revenge?

    Coming off a fresh victory to become the newly crowned ECW Champion, Shelton Benjamin will be teaming up with Legacy as the three men face off against Evan Bourne and the Unified Tag Team Champions, The Colons, in a six man tag team match.

    The divas of WWE Superstars will be in action this week as they make their debut on the show. In a non title match, Maryse will be facing both Kelly Kelly and Mickie James in a triple threat match.

    All this and more this Thursday on WWE Superstars

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