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    Damage Nixon

    Ring Name:

    The President, "The Damage", "The King Of CWA", "The Purebred", "The Narcissist", "Mr. Perfect",

    Age: 19 years old
    Born: November 18th, 1989
    Billed From: London, England
    Height: 6''1'
    Weight: 222lbs

    A diagnosed childhood genius with an IQ of 200 and a superiority complex from childhood as a result, Damage is incredible technical and consistent. Highly educated in Politics amongst other high qualifications, he claims to be "Better Than You"

    Old School Heel

    Wrestling Style
    Mixed Martial Arts, Amatuer Wrestling, Submissions

    Wrestling Abilities

    Brawling – 8
    Power – 8
    Technical – 9
    Submissions – 9
    Speed – 10
    Aerial – 10
    Hardcore – 10
    Charisma – 9
    Stamina – 10
    Psychology – 10
    Intelligence - 10
    Defensive - 7

    Trademark moves:

    Damage Stomps - Circling his fallen opponent like a shark, Nixon dissects his opponent with stompings to the neck, wrists ribcage, chest and one lasting stomp across the head.

    Nucleus War – Split Legged Moonsault

    Suplex Of The Highest Authority (Germanplex From Either the Top Turnbuckle Or An Elevated Platform)

    D.M.G>U: Anaconda Vise

    Blink Effect – Split Legged Moonsault

    Concussive Theory – Rope Hung Spike DDT

    187: Curb Stomp

    Formula Of Success - Inverted Headlock Backbreaker

    A Beautiful Mind – Hammerlock Legsweep DDT

    Finishing moves:
    E=MC2 - Elevated Headlock to Shock Treatment

    Elective Surgery - Sharpshooter modified with an Anklelock

    Acid For Blood (As Opposed To Blood For Oil) - RKO

    Previous Experience
    2WWF Pure Champion
    RIW Resurgence Champion
    RIW International Champion
    RIW Tag Team Champion (awarded, not earned)
    WWA “Canadian” Champion (Renaming the United States Title)
    WWA World Hardcore Champion
    WWA X-Division Champion
    UWA Global Champion
    UWA Tag Team Champion (x2)
    EWL Heavyweight Champion - *Undefeated for four months*
    EWL Television Champion

    Character Image

    ***CM Punk***

    Introduction: (Short hype video)

    Nothing. No polished limousines, no fancy cars or heated lights. Preferring to remain anonymous hidden beneath a baseball cap and casual dress, D.M.G Punk marks his first appearance in front of a CWA camera rather quietly and reserved. Had it not been for the persistence of CWA’s own Desiree Sanchez, the entry into the building would have been uninterrupted. As Desiree attempts to create a blockage point between Punk and the doorway, DMG practically knocks her over refusing to stop, barely even throwing her a second glance as the faceless yet-to-debut talent continues on with his business leaving a very surprised Sanchez floored in gasping shock.
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    Re: "The President" Damage Nixon

    Awesome resume, welcome to CWA.

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