A local fan (on the left) strikes a pose with The Real Deal before Joey (on the right) leaves for LAX for the 15 plus-hour flight to Moscow for CWA's first ever press conference before the extravaganza Known as Redemption.

CWA.com reports that Joey Nicholas was spotted at Gold's gym with a fan of his after Nicholas finished up his workout. "[Joey] is a really great guy, and an amazing athlete. Ralph McCoy may be an up and coming star and all but I just don't see him getting in the way of The Real Deal becoming the first ever X-fly Champion!" says an estatic Michael Starkey. Before The 'Hood member left the scene he had this to say, "We as entertainers thrive on fan interaction whether it be all of them booing my ass out of the arena or cheering on Ralph McCoy to another suprise win. It was my pleasure to meet a local fan of mine in the area, and I hope the CWA will come to L.A. my hometown in the future so the entire CWA crew can put on the best damn show in wrestling today."
source CWA.com