WWE The Bash
Dolph Ziggler vs The Great Khali

Bash Discussion Thread

For nearly two months, Dolph Ziggler has incensed The Great Khali, attempting to make a name for himself at the expense of The Punjabi Playboy. Now the two Superstars will meet at The Bash in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match. And the WWE Universe waits in eager anticipation to see whether Ziggler will continue to be a rising star or take the ultimate Punjabi Plunge.
Several weeks ago while facing Khali, Ziggler suddenly unleashed his vicious side, attacking his 7-foot-3 inch opponent with a merciless steel chair. The Punjabi Playboy extracted a painful revenge weeks later, decimating the smiling Superstar both inside and outside the ring.

Despite the one-sided onslaught, Ziggler chose to face Khali yet again, but with a different strategy, one that would utilize brains rather than brawn. After luring his immense adversary out of the ring by grabbing his interpreter Ranjin Singh, Ziggler leaped back in just before the 10-count and walked away with the victory. The following week, this strategy prevailed a second time. When the referee’s back was turned, Ziggler threw a chair into Khali’s hands. The moment the referee turned his back on the action, he disqualified the seemingly-guilty Khali, giving Ziggler another huge win as big as his livid adversary.

Can Ziggler find another way to outsmart his gigantic opponent at The Bash? Or will the added stipulations finally leave him with nowhere to hide from his excruciating fate?