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    Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

    Thursday Night Impact!
    Owner: Dixie Carter
    Owner & Founder: Jeff Jarrett
    Co-Executive Share Holder: Vacamt
    General Manager: Jim Cornette
    Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West
    Backstage Interviewers: Jeremy Borash, Lauren Thompson
    In-Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borash

    Thursday Night Impact! Champions
    World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle
    TNA Legends Champion: A.J Styles
    TNA Tag Team Champion: Beer Money Incorporated
    TNA X-Division Champion: Suicide
    TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

    Thursday Night Impact! Roster
    Sheik Abdul Bashir
    A.J Styles
    Alex Shelley
    Amazing Red
    Angelina Love
    Awesome Kong
    Booker T
    Brutus Magnus
    Chris Sabin
    Christy Hemme
    Consequences Creed
    Christopher Daniels
    Doug Williams
    Dr. Stevie
    Eric Young
    James Storm
    Jay Lethal
    Jeff Jarrett
    Jenna Morasca
    Kevin Nash
    Kiyoshi new japan pro wrestling
    Kurt Angle
    Madison Rayne
    Matt Morgan
    Rhaka Khan
    Rob Therry
    Robert Roode
    Samoa Joe
    Scott Steiner
    Shark Boy
    SoCal Val
    Sojournor Bolt
    Taylor Wilde
    Team 3D
    Traci Brooks
    Velvet Sky

    January, Final Resolution
    February, Against All Odds
    March, Destination X
    April, Lockdown
    May, Sacrifice
    June, Slammiversary
    July, Victory Road
    August, Hard Justice
    September, No Surrender
    October, Bound For Glory
    November, Genesis
    December, Turning Point

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    Re: TNA:

    Slammiversary To Victory Road
    Slammiversary proved to be a controversial and some might say a screw job. The main event pitted A.J Styles, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe in a King of the Mountain match. Jarrett himself had decided that Mick Foley was to win but secretly he told each of them that Kurt Angle were to win, why did he do it secretly, well because Mick Foley didn't want to lose and he refused to lose. So the only way would be to screw Mick Foley. This brought a lot of heat for Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and Total Nonstop Impact, though it wasn't as big as what we call the Montreal Screwjob. Mick Foley even wrote a book about it. The day before Impact, Mick Foley quit but Jarrett gave a shred of decency and gave him his money and offered him a release. Still the ratings for Impact went from 4.0 to 3.21, ECW had even surpassed it and gone to a 3.38 while Smackdown and Raw were at the 5.0 to 6.0. Impact even lost their Prime Time time slot on Spike Television and were directed to the Evening time.

    While this was happening, Christopher Daniels was having much confusing on the Suicide affair. When Motor City Machine Gun finally decided to outhink Christopher Daniels, they challenged him to a tag team match with Suicide. Daniels accepted as they set it for Victory Road. Week in and week out on the road, they attempted to un-mask Suicide earlier but it was unsuccessful.

    On the tag division, Beer Money Incoroporated had reigned superior over the Team 3D but Team 3D decided to use thier rematch clause, this time in a off the wagon match, the rules were clear and this was the clear feud ender, to add something to the mix, their were no rules, and the only way to win was by submission or pin fall. Before this happened, the British Invasion faced Team 3d in a normal tag match were Team 3D came out on top. British Invasion also went on to face the Beer Money Inc and Beer Money also came out on top, losing their only ways to get into the match at Victory Road.

    On to the Latin American Xchange had decided to climb the ladder to tag division as Hernandez returned from injry way earlier then expected. While they cutted a promo on the third week towards Victory Road, British Invasion interfered and a heated argument on what race is superior happened between the two. They went on in the last week before Victory Road, to face each other in tag team match but British Invasions ended up losing by count out. After a request to Jim Cornette, LAX were granted a tag team number one tag team championship contender match up. No count outs or dq this time.

    Nothing much happened in the Legends Division except for A.J Styles having to defend it against Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Booker T for three consecutive weeks suffering at the hands of Main Event Mafia, till he was challenged at Victory Road for it by Sting.

    In the Knockouts division The Beautiful People kept the Womens championship within Angelina waist but she now had someone new after her belt, Tara, she made her proffesional wrestling and faced many Knockouts. When Cornette saw a main event in mind she put all three Beautiful People against each other, with Awesome Kong, Salinas who also came back not too long ago and Tara for the Knockouts championship, every one for themselves, most wondered what controversial thing would happen now.

    How could I forget about Raven and Abyss, Abyss and Raven hadn't done much that month as both were still hurt from the match at Slammiversary. They were given a couple of promos on how Raven would get his revenge but that was all.

    Now onto the main event Samoa Joe acted as a sort of body guard for Kurt Angle, Sting and the rest of the Main Event Mafia had finally decided that Kurt Angle was hiding to much secrets from them and finally booted Kurt out but it didn't fully both them. Kurt and Joe saw a lot of teaming through the weeks and Joe ended up having to face Jeff Jarrett at the end at Victory Road for the number one contender. With Kurt Angle as special guest referee.

    Victory Road

    British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Rob Therry) Vs. Latin American Xchange (Homicide & Hernandez)
    Number One Contender For The Tag Team Championships
    Regular Tag Team Match
    Latin American Xchange had the advantage most of the match the only times they didn't was when British Invasions would use dirty tactics. The match came to an end when Rob Therry would attempt a clothesline on Homicide which was ducked and as soon as Rob turned around he was met with a gringo cutter from the Lucha Thug. From behind came Brutus Magnus but Hernandez put a stop to it and gave him the border toss. To finish the match Homicide lift up Rob Therry and put an end to him with the gringo cutter.

    2nd Match
    Awesome Kong Vs. Tara Vs. Salinas Vs.Madison Rayne Vs. Velvet Sky Vs. Angelina Love(c)
    TNA Womens Knockouts Chammpionship
    Six Men Elimination Match (Every Time Someone Pins Someone She Becomes Champion)
    The First person to get eliminated was Awesome Kong. Everyone in the ring decided that she was the biggest trouble in the match and everyone teamed up, each knockout ended up getting a finisher on her, Angelina was the one to pin her as Madison and Velvet stopped any of them from breaking up the pin. The next elimination was a double pin therefor the champion was vacated. It was Tara locking in a sleeper hold on Velvet Sky, as Velvet was ontop of Salinas but was wrapped by Salina's legs, with both Salina shoulders on the ground. Tara ended up controversally getting pinned but Velvet tapped out at the same time as the ref decided to eliminate both of them and the championship was vacated. Two Beautiful People were left and one Tara. Tara was getting school boyed by Angelina Love but Tara managed to kick out and as Angelina fell back Madison had school boyed or girled if you prefer, Love for the three count as Madison stood up surprised beimg the Knockouts champion as Angelina lookes utterly disgusted and surprised. Tara saw her chances and another School Girl happened but Madison rolled over and Tara was now getting pinned for the three count as Madison Rayne was the new TNA womens knockout champion. Angelina looked surprise as well as Tara while Velvet was still backstage licking her wounds.

    3rd Match
    Christopher Daniels & Suicide Vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)
    Grudge Match
    Regular Tag Match
    Motor City Machine Guns had done their entrance first and were followed up by the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels. MCMG had smirks on their faces, as Suicides music played for a couple of second then out of nowhere Suicide finally came out and appeared as the smirks switched from MCMG to Christopher Daniels and well you couldn't really see Suicides. The tag action was more then acrobatic and filled with high flying maneuvers. The match came to an end when Shelley and Sabin double clotheslined Christopher out of the ring but Shelley was met with a clothesline himself out of the ring by Suicide as Suicide did the D.O.A on Sabin, and pinned him. As both Daniels and Suicide celebrated.

    4th Match
    Sting Vs A.J Styles(c)
    Legends Championship Match
    Singles Match
    The match was an intense one as Sting had told his stable earlier not to interfere in the matchup, Sting and A.J Stried their best to make this an unforgettable match-up. Both had their ups and downs, the match came to an end when Sting got Styles clashed by A.J but he pin was countered into a Scorpion Death Lock by Sting. A.J never tapped and ended up passing out and losing his championship title.

    5th Match
    Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) Vs. Beer Money Incorporated (James Storm & Robert Roode)
    TNA World Tag Team Championships
    Tag Team Off The Wagon, No Count Out Match-Up
    The match wasn't as good as the earlier tag match-up but it was good. we saw a lot of technical moves, the match came to an end when Beer Money accidentaly - used lightly - knocked out the referee. With that advantage they brought in a chair as they attempted to knock out Team 3D they were countered and ended up on the other side of it. Teamd 3D proceeded to perform the 3d on Robert Roode. As Robert Roode was pinned and well fired. Robert was in the ring on his knees surprised as James Storm was outside the ring with disbelief and Team 3D holding their championship.

    Main Event
    Jeff Jarrett Vs. Samoa Joe
    Number One Contender For The World Heavyweight Championship
    Special Guest Referee: Kurt Angle
    The match was a obvious advantage fo Joe. Jarrett did his best to take care of Joe but even without the help of Kurt Joe proved to be too great of a wrestler with his Submissions and each time Jarrett would pin Kurt would do very slow counts. Jarrett eventually decided Kurt needed to be taken care of as he gave a guitar shot straight to the head of Kurt, and a Stroke to Samoa Joe. He went for a pin after a while no ref came till finally one came and went for the one count the two counts till Kurt grabbed him and they started discussing till Kurt went for the Angle Slam. By this time Joe had gotten up with Jarrett and as Jarrett went for another Stroke Joe countered and lifted him up for the Muscle Buster and pinned him for the three count qualifying for Hard Justice.

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    Re: TNA:

    The scene opens up in a meeting room with Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, Dixie Carter, Jim Cornette, Vince Russo, Jeremy Borash, Mike Tenay, Don West.

    "He's going to arrive soon, I know you guys don't feel good about someone new coming to management, but with the ratings slump we've had, with the economy bump that's occuring to us, with the screw job that occured because of someone and well the bad booking decision we're having, I thought we should get someone new and fresh for management, and if you don't find those reasons enough... we've lost are deal with Spike TV, so for the next two weeks we're broadcasting are shows from" said Dixie Carter as she was interrupted.

    "Actually, I got us a deal with the fight network for those two weeks, they've let us their open prime time slot... sorry for my lateness, but anyways are we ready to... well decide on those contrats." said the man that had just came in with a bag who looked in his twenties.

    "Well guys, this is Jonathan Anthony, your new partner, I want you guys to respect him and undoubtfully he will respect all of you. And, if you guys doubted him before I'm sure that's all been terminated because he's the reason we won't have to get are fans from the computer. Now you all know why we are here right now, for the termination of some of the contracts because of the economy slump." Dixie said introducing Jonathan.

    "Well I've already thought of who should be released and who shouldn't in alphabetical order. First off, it's one of Jeff Jarrett friend, BG James, I know you respect him very much Jeff but he isn't bringing anything to this promotion anymore. I think you knowit too." Jonathan said firmly and honestly

    "What? BG James has been giving us a lot of ideas, without him... feuds like..." Jarrett said but stopped his phrase when he realized BG didn't bring as much as he thought.

    "Next is Cody Deaner, I just don't like anything about him, his wrestling ability, his gimmick, his charisma, I just think he's a complete flaw that even we can't bring to success." He said as no one replyed showing their agreement and Jonathan continued spekaing. "Then we've got Daffney, now I know some of you guys like her but you honestly killed her career after that tacks collision at Sllammiversary well no one really thinks she's a female and she won't be having much success anymore." Dixie, and Jim nodded so did Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash while Vince, Don and Jeff disagreed. The superior numbers made an impact as Daffney was officialy off the roster. Doug Williams is an addition to my list, I don't see much future in him except in jobbing with Jacqueline who's just wasting some space in the Knockouts division. To add up to the list, Jesse Neal. I've never watched him wrestle and I see no potential in it. Then Kiyoshi...

    "Umm.... I think Kiyoshi has some potential, releasing him wouldn't be agreeable" Jeff interfered till Jerry replied.

    "Yeah but do you honestly have plans for him, he might have potential but he has no future here."

    "If I may Kiyoshi might improve if we sent him to New Japan Pro Wrestling for a year or so..." Mike Tenay said in compromisation.

    " Alright, Kiyoshi going to New Japan. You guys might disagree on this but ODB has also been someone that I don't like whatsoever because of the gimmick and her wrestling ability. She's just not my type. But I know this will deal a blow to the company so I've got an idea on who to replace. Same thing for Raisha Saeed, she's not needed anymore, Awesome Kong might just have a new gimmick in store for her. Last but not least, I know you guys think he is tremendous but that's not my same opinion for him he is a Frontline member... Rhino." Jonathan said as you could here some people surpised till Jeff finally spoke in agreement with him

    "I agree with Jonathan on this one he's dead weight, he has no storyline going for him, he's never going to win the World Heavyweight Championship and last but not least it gives an open place for someone from the X-Division or something to step up and join the frontline." Jeff said as he managed to get evryone to agree with the release.

    "Well that's it, I'm late for a plane straight to Japan... you know I'm under contract with them, well open that is and I do in fact wrestle." Jonathan said as the meeting was put to an end and everyone left.

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    Re: TNA:

    Straight From
    The recent economy slump has hit the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Company hard and this has pushed or if you prefer forced the company to take drastic mesures and begin releasing some wrestlers and Knockouts but they are rumored to be signing former World Wrestling Entertainment stars like in the past. This will provide you with the wrestlers released, and some comments.

    BG James: BG James is a good friend of mine and he's brought a lot to the company. Unfortunately business is business and his help wasn't good enough, and he didn't make the cut. BG and I have discussed and he feels it's best too, though I can't desert him I've gotten him a contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling where he will be a part time trainer and manager.

    Cody Deaner: Cody wasn't too much too are liking and we overall didn't like how he ended up being.

    Daffney: Daffney has showed heart and pride for the Knockouts division going through thumbstacks but I think that went to are disadventage and now it's best for are company if she were to be released.

    Doug Williams & Jesse Neal: Doug & Jesse has not impressed us in his stay here and he has no future here too.

    Jacqueline: With what we planned for the Beer Money Inc she isn't needed and we wish her best in her future endeavours.

    Raisha Saeed: We feel she wouldn't make a good Knockouts champion and that having Awesome Kong alone would add to the monster factor.

    Rhino: A lot of people have critiscized us for releasing him but it was best for his career, here in TNA we had no idea how to use him no longer and we felt he wasn't in the same league as the already establised members of the Frontline. Rhino has been offered a release so he isn't fired and he has been wished luck in his future endeavors.

    Interested Signings

    Ken Anderson (Ken Kennedy or Mr. Kennedy): Ken Anderson was released from WWE a month and two weeks ago and TNA have doubted themselves on if they should sign him or not, a lot critiscize TNA for signing WWE stars but TNA don't mind as they love exploiting those stars and so Ken is comfirmed to be also interested in signing with TNA. It's not sure if he's going to go straight to the Heavyweight Division yet though.

    Teddy Hart: The third generation Hart has not had his chance in the upper promotions and WWE have not given him a clear opportunity, TNA won't to use that against WWE and exploit his ability to add fresh talent to the X-Division

    Ashley Massaro: The 2005 Diva Search Winner was released from WWE because she had to take care of her sick daughter now that she is cleared to compete again she doesn't want to sign back with WWE because of their PG policy. TNA want to grab her and immediately involve her in a storyline

    Mickie James: Some consider this impossible since WWE still very well appreciate her but TNA feel they can give her a longer championship run and her contract expires in two months. If she were to sign with TNA she would be given her psycho-ish gimmick she had after her feud with legend Trish Stratus.

    Other News

    Hall Of Fame At Bound For Glory: Total Nonstop Action have announced they will be doing their own Hall of Fame class induction and if this is too happen it means all rumors of Sting joining the WWE hall of fame class induction of 2010 should be terminated.

    New Championship Arriving in Two Months: TNA have decided that a new championship is in order, the X-Division only utilizes the lightweights and guys like Brutus Magnus or Abyss or Raven can only reach the Heavyweight, or tag championship. The title will only be for the bigger wrestlers, a name that has been thrown in is "Dominator"

    Bobby Lashley: Many doubted Lashley had signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment when he actually had signed a contract but was waiting for his UFC contract to end, now that it has he will be making his re-debut. It is not comfirmed when.

    Spike TV and Fight Network: Yes it's true Spike TV have terminated their contract with TNA bvt TNA have immediately signed a two week contract with Fight Network on Prime Time. They are rumored to be signing an even longer contract with Fight Network though it want get them as much recognization they are saving up money for their own network. TNA Network, if you wondered what would air on that well, TNA Xplosion, TNA Recaps, TNA Re-Runs, Borash on TNA, Cornette Blog, and more...

    thankss for reading

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    Re: TNA:

    straight from
    Pay Per View Change

    Total Nonstop Action management have been looking through past year ratings and have realized that every pay-per-view that competed with Royal Rumble have almost lost by one full ratings so Total Nonstop Action have decided to create a rival that would match Royal Rumble, so therefor they have replaced Hard Justice with Final Resolution so that will be the next pay-per-view and the pay-per-view for January has been undecided.

    New Member of Management

    With the recent major slump of TNA, it has been needing a shake up in management and it has happened, the new member of management will be heading the creative team, and will be dealing with contract decisions. It is also the reson of why TNA have released several wrestlers. This man is known as Jonathan Anthony and is in his twenties, he is also a wrestler and is touring occasionally with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is the man that has come up with the full changes for Victory Road and he is also the reason for switching the pay-per-view of Final Resolution for next pay-per-view and for getting a new pay-per-view to compete with Royal Rumble.

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    Re: TNA:

    Could You Guys Please Comment, I think I have left sufficient information for a review on how my be the booker is going so far. I can't continue without knowing what the viewers think

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    Re: TNA:

    I found it odd that you would release so many people for financial reasons and then talk about bringing in three people who will do nothing for the show and Mickie James. I'd have kept Daffney over Ashley, she's better in the ring and would surely cost a lot less if you are worried about finances. Doug Williams would beat Teddy Hart any day of the week and twice on Sunday in just about everything. Kennedy could be a good addition but is very injury prone and Rhino probably could have done the same job for less.
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    Re: TNA:

    Teddy Hart over Doug Williams is because I want to make Hart join the X-Division and I know how I could make him fit their well, I also prefer is gimmick over Doug Williams and want to make him a great homegrown talent.

    Ashley Massaro over Daffney is because Daffney is a good wrestler but I just don't like her gimmick as a whole and I don't want to repackage her so I decided that if I couldn't find anything to do with her I'd release her. While Massaro, I already have a good idea of what to do with her. Mickie James was just a rumor nothing more... not everything are true facts.

    Kennedy I know he's injury pronne and I'll be realistic so I won't start out giving him a heavy work load, I'm going to sart out giving him a light work load and as I go I'll give him more. While Rhyno I just don't like him, I never have since I know him back from TNA and I wouldn't know how to use him, I know for a fact I would never use him for the major championship and I'd have no one to feud with him except in a jobber feud.

    I know I'm looking to make and not spend money but I'm trying to make a profit here, if TNA has a name like Hart people would want to see that Hart because his last name make him so prestigeous and I think it can get in more money and fans. Ashley Massaro would gain also some exposure for TNA since she is the winner of the 2005 diva search and she is a playboy cover girl well was. Plus with the storyline I'm going to put her in it'll probably worth the watch.

    Kennedy cost a lot too but their is no doubt in my mind that he is actually worth the money and he will bring in just as much money as I'll pay him.

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