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Thread: Championship Wrestling Federation

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    Championship Wrestling Federation

    Championhip Wrestling Federation

    Vince McMahon decides that WWE isn't reall selling that much and his view of wrestling isn't really appealing to the fans these days. Hence why the fan base is dropping at the moment. So, he finally handed the company and all superstars to his son, Shane McMahon to try and revive wrestling and win back their fans. Shane decides that he needs to start fresh hence why he decided to make a new company with a mixture of different wrestlers. This sign of promising acts has already brought a sold-out crowd in the first show to come live from Madison Square Garden - New York. Can Shane pull this off?

    Staff and other Details
    Chairman of the Board - Shane McMahon
    General Manager - Teddy Long
    Color Commentators - JBL and Tazz
    Interviewers - Todd Grisham and Michael Cole
    Ring Announcer - Tony Chimel
    Broadcast Shows -

    Tuesday Night Thunder - Main Show
    Thursday Night Mayhem - Secondary Show

    Randy Orton - Heel
    CM Punk - Face
    Edge - Heel
    Rey Mysterio - Face
    Brock Lesnar - Heel
    Bobby Lashley - Face
    Chris Jericho - Heel
    Shawn Michaels - Face
    Carlito - Heel
    Montel V. Porter - Face
    Booker T - Heel
    William Regal - Face
    Fit Finlay - Heel
    Christian - Face
    Kane - Heel
    Mr. Kennedy - Face
    Umaga - Heel
    Rob Van Dam - Face
    The Big Show - Heel

    Tag Team Roster
    The Hardy Boys - Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy
    World's Greatest Tag Team - Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
    MnM - Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury
    Team Priceless - Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr
    Team 3D - Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley
    The Giants - Mark Henry and The Great Khali
    Arab Invasion - Muhammad Hassan and Davari
    Londrick - Paul London and Brian Kendrick

    Cruiserweight Roster
    Chavo Guerrero - Heel
    AJ Styles - Face
    Shane Helms - Heel
    Juventud Guerrera - Face
    Psycosis - Heel
    Super Crazy - Face
    Spike Dudley - Heel
    Ultimo Dragon - Face
    Kid Kash - Heel
    Evan Bourne - Face

    CWF World Heavyweight Champion - Vacant
    CWF European Champion - Vacant
    CWF World Tag Team Champions - Vacant
    CWF Cruiserweight Champion - Vacant

    PPV Schedule
    Royal Rumble - January
    Heat Wave - March
    WrestleMania - April
    Cyber Sunday - June
    Summerslam - August
    Halloween Havoc - October
    Survivor Series - November

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    Re: Championship Wrestling Federation

    Tuesday Night Thunder - Opening Day Preview
    New York - Madison Square Garden

    It's been announced by Shane McMahon that 6 men based on records will compete in a Six-Pack-Challenge Match to see who will claim the Undisputed CWF World Heavyweight Championship. The following are included: Randy Orton. Edge. Rey Mysterio. CM Punk. Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels.

    It has also been announced that a Tournament will be held to see who will claim the CWF European Championship. It will consist 8 people and the finals will be held at the first ever PPV, Summerslam! The following are participating in the European Title Tournament: Carlito. Booker T. William Regal. Montel V. Porter. Fit Finlay. Christian. Mr. Kennedy. Rob Van Dam.

    The following are the First Round Matches this week:

    Carlito v. William Regal
    Fit Finlay v. Mr. Kennedy

    The following are the First Round Matches next week:

    Booker T v. Christian
    Rob Van Dam v. Montel V. Porter

    The World Tag Team Championships will also be decided as Shane McMahon's hand-picked tag teams will face off to see who is fit enough to be named the World Tag Team Champions. The following teams are the chosen ones by Shane O Mac: The Hardy Boys. The World's Greatest Tag Team.
    While the Cruiserweight Championship will be decided to an Open Challenge to any Cruiserweight backstage. So that means all Cruiserweights are qualified to enter this match. The last Cruiserweight standing after a 10:00min limit will win the undisputed CWF Cruiserweight Championship

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    Re: Championship Wrestling Federation

    I understand in an attempt to achieve certain scenarios backstories can sometimes teeter on the line of unrealism to an extent, but yours just tramples all over that line.

    I find it hard to believe that Shane McMahon would abandon a billion dollar brand passed down to him, I also find it hard to believe that with the WWE being an openly traded company the investors would just be cool with Shane saying that the WWE is no more despite it making something like 50 million a year in profit.

    With that said, I'll probably give your first few shows a read. I try to at least give each BTB on here a chance to wooooo me. Good luck, I look forward to your first show.

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    Re: Championship Wrestling Federation

    I appreciate the critisizm. Yes it is hard for me to think of a creative backstory so I am sorry for that. It's not usual for me to recieve critisizm for my BTBs since other forums don't really analyze each part of my shows. So I am kind of glad to see the small details being noticed by other members. Looks like I'll be having a nice time here.

    As for the backstory, yes it is alittle bit overboard. Not really sure about the profit deals as I am not educated in those stuff. But I'll try my best to convince you that my BTB is something worth looking at. My first show will be up by either sometime later or tomorrow.

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    Re: Championship Wrestling Federation

    I agree with iamthedestroyer on the fact that the backstory is a bit farfetched however I'm glad that you are focusing on using your cruiserweight division as it will add some flair to your shows

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    Re: Championship Wrestling Federation

    CWF Tuesday Night Thunder Madison Square Garden -New York City

    A video package is shown highlighting the moments of wrestling. From Hulk Hogan giving Andre the Giant a body slam to Stone Cold giving Vince a Stunner. Shane McMahon then appears to the screen with a background voice highlighting the man that can change the face of wrestling once again.

    As we see that we cut to the arena where thousands of fans are surrounding the arena. Color commentators JBL and Tazz welcome us to a new beginning and that we are in for a big night tonight! We have a run down through the crowd before Randy Orton heads down to the ring. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Orton gives us a promo

    Randy Orton - "Tonight! I get my chance to claim what really belongs to me ever since the WWE era. My opponents are nothing but distractions to destiny. My destiny is to win the CWF Championship and I will carry this company to bigger and better heights! And nobody and I say NOBODY will stop me from destiny!"

    Orton goes to walk out of the ring until Edge comes down to the ring looking fresh as ever. The Rated R Superstar stops Orton from exiting the ring and gets the microphone as he also cuts a promo

    Edge - "The company did change but you're still the same person I knew from the WWE. You never did achieve anything because I was always in the way. I was always on top and I will be always on top. I will take any oppertunity Randy and tonight will be my night. I will be once again called World Champion! Not only that I will be the reason why this company will be soaring the heights!"

    Shawn Michaels cuts of Edge and heads down to the ring with a nice reception from the audience

    Shawn Michaels - "So I still see both of you blabbing. Nothing's really changed from both of you. I'd also admit, I didn't change at all. I am still the vicious Showstopper that is always hungry for Gold. I will win the World Title while I once again steal the show! I carried the WWF on my shoulders because I am Mr. Ratings and nothing sells better than the Heartbreak Kid!"

    All 3 men stare each other down as Edge and Orton look over each other before double teaming at HBK! The crowd jeer at this action but then it turns to cheers as CM Punk and Rey Mysterio head down to the ring and clean up the house. Edge and Orton head up the ramp as Punk and Mysterio look on at the two troublesome men

    Match # 1 10min Cruiserweight Open - CWF Cruiserweight Championship

    It looks like Ultimo Dragon and Psycosis will start the match for us. Both men quickly go at each other as the time begins to count down. Ultimo Dragon gets a near fall with a suprise roll up. Psycosis matches that with an inside cradle for a near fall. With 9:02 left on the clock, Psycosis went for a DDT but Ultimo Dragon somehow reversed that with another suprise roll up and this time gets the pinfall. Psycosis eliminated with 8:54 left on the clock. Spike Dudley is next as he heads down to the ring and makes quick work of the tired Ultimo Dragon. But the resilient Ultimo fights back and eventually gets in a desperate DDT to even things up. With 7:43 left on the clock, Ultimo Dragon knocked in a DDT and eventually scored the pinfall. Spike Dudley eliminated with 7:35 left on the clock. Kid Kash enters the fray as he works all over the tired Ultimo Dragon. Dragon somehow gets in with the near falls via suprise roll ups but Kid Kash was done playing and finished him off with a BrainBuster DDT for the pinfall. Ultimo Dragon eliminated with 6:23 left on the clock. Evan Bourne was next on the clock as we rushed down to the ring. Both men square off as they exchange manuvers before getting in with near fall after near fall. Kid Kash had to resort to the dirty tactics to make things his way. With 5:04 left on the clock, Kid Kash tried to finish him off but Bourne gave himself a lifeline with an extraordinary DDT counter to Kash's BrainBuster DDT. Soon the bout was decided when Bourne roll-ed up Kid Kash by suprise for the pinfall win. Kid Kash eliminated with 4:33 left on the clock.

    But it was Kid Kash who wasn't taking his defeat lightly as he brought in a steel chair and smashed it across the skull of Evan. Kash then added insult to injury with a BrainBuster DDT to Bourne into the steel chair! Kash leaves the ring as Shane Helms enters the fray and easily covers for the pinfall. Evan Bourne eliminated with 3:57 left on the clock. Out came Super Crazy as both men squared off. Crazy got in with an amazing moonsault off the top rope but didn't come out with the 3 count. Shane Helms perfectly executed a "NightMare of Helms" but Crazy somehow got his shoulder up. The highflying skills were then exposed by Crazy as he was all over Helms. But it wasn't ment to be for the highflying Luchador as Helms caught him in mid-air with an amazing Shining Wizard as he covered for the pinfall. Super Crazy eliminated with 2:45 left on the clock. Juventud Guerrera rushed into the ring as the commentators hype that this is the last man to enter the match. Good back and forth action from both men as it seemed to be an equal match. That is until the fatigue got to Helms and he suffered a stiff kick to the temple. Juventud tried to finish him off with a 450 Splash but Helms moved out of the way.

    Helms went for the NightMare of Helms but Juventud expertly reversed coming off with the Juice Driver. Both men started to get up as Juventud came off the top rope with a 450 Splash and covered for the pinfall. Shane Helms eliminated with :30 left on the clock. And with Juventud the last man he looked to run down the time and claim his Cruiserweight Title. That is until Chavo Guerrero sneeked in from behind and rolled up the unguarded Juventud for the shocking win! Time expires and we have ourselves a new Cruiserweight Champion!

    Your winner and new Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero

    With the whole arena stunned, Chavo Guerrero lifts the Cruiserweight Title up in the air as Juventud looks in disbelief. Chavo taunts the Mexican who feels that the title's been stolen from him as we have a commercial break!

    Back from the commercial and we see the brackets of the European Title Tournament. We then see a highlight video of Brock Lesnar saying that he's back and he's going to "Bring the Pain"

    Match # 2 European Title Tournament - First Round Carlito vs. William Regal

    The match begins with some back and forth action from both superstars. Carlito then got in with a DDT sending William Regal to the outside. Carlito then came off the top rope with a crossbody. Regal tried to match his aggressiveness but Carlito was at his game today. The Carribean Superstar then sent Regal shoulder first to the steel steps before bringing him back to the ring. The target was the injured arm of the Englishman. Carlito locked in a couple of submission holds and knocked down some hard moves as he tried to litterally decapitate Regal's arm! But the ever-so-tough englishman fought his way back and eventually got his knee to the face of Carlito. With blood flowing from the nose, Carlito charged at Regal who took him down and locked in the STF! Carlito was close to submitting but eventually reached the ropes. With both men trying to catch their breath, they tried their best to get up. It was an intriguing finale as Regal went for a Northern Light Suplex but Carlito slipped off and went behind Regal to knock down the BackStabber! Carlito rolled over for the win

    Your winner: Carlito

    Carlito celebrated his win and wiped off some blood from his nose before raising his hand up high. The Carribean Superstar then gestured for the European Title signalling that he wants it bad.

    Back from a short commercial break and we see highlights of the greatest tag team matches of all time. We are then shown of the woeful tag team wrestling that the WWE produced before hyping the World Tag Team Title Match coming up next!

    Furthur backstage we can see Shawn Michaels being attended by the EMT's as he pushes the medics away and limps saying that he's fit enough to compete later on

    Match # 3 World Tag Team Championship The Hardy Boys vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

    The Hardy Boys begin the match with fast pace action as they make quick work of the World's Greatest Tag Team. With the WGTT on the outside, Jeff Hardy then threw himself to the outside as he crashed into both men! Matt brought in Shelton and went for the Twist of Fate but Shelton reversed and knocked down a vicious looking DDT. Haas was tagged in and he cooled things down before starting to work all over the neck of Matt Hardy. The crowd was willing the Hardy but couldn't fight his way back as Shelton and Charlie kept their composure to continue their work. But soon enough it was Matt who gave a Side Effect out of desperation after reversing the T-Bone Suplex. Matt tagged in his brother, Jeff enough to clean house. Jeff was flying everywhere before giving Haas a Whisper In The Wind. Jeff covered but Shelton broke up the count. Matt Hardy threw himself at Shelton as both men flew outside! Jeff got to the top rope and went for the Swanton Bomb but Haas threw himself away as Jeff crashed and burned! Haas got a hand on Jeff as the ref covered, 1..2..No!

    Both men struggled to eventually get up as Haas went for a German Suplex but Jeff rolled up Charlie but only got a near fall. Matt and Shelton went back into the ring and added to the chaos as brawling happened everywhere! Legal men Jeff and Charlie soon took themselves to the outside as Matt and Shelton went at it, inside the ring. Jeff and Charlie exchanged rights and lefts on the outside as Jeff sent Charlie to the barrier before following up with a splash! The ref's count was up to 6 already before both men started to notice. Jeff then gave Charlie a DDT on the concrete floor as the crowd went nuts! The ref's count was at 8 as Jeff tried to re-enter the ring. But to no avail, Charlie Haas was holding him down before the ref reached 10 signalling a Double Count Out for both teams!

    Double Count Out

    With both teams protesting that they should be crowned the World Tag Team Champions, they started to trade lefts and rights that is until General Manager, Teddy Long came out and stopped this madness! Teddy brought a microphone as he made an announcement

    Teddy Long - "Holla Holla Holla Playas! Now stop this madness at once! Because of the official result of a Double Count Out, no one will be crowned the new World Tag Team Champions. For tonight though. But I have a good date for both teams to clash again for the titles...Summerslam!! Yes playas! My first official announcement is to make The Hardy Boys versus The World's Greatest Tag Team at Summerslam...for the World Tag Team Championships! But not only that playas! Since I don't want this to happen again and I want a clear victor, I will make this match....A Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match! Holla Holla Holla!"

    Teddy Long dances his way backstage as both teams are seperated by refs. They stare each other down and scream at each other that they will be claiming the World Tag Team Titles come Summerslam!

    A replay of how Carlito advanced to the semi finals earlier and that he will face the victor of the following match between Mr. Kennedy and Fit Finlay

    Backstage we can see Orton preparing for the Main Event. While a split screen sees all the other 5 men doing their things before the Main Event. We then see a video hyping the Main Event claiming that the winner will be the one to lead the new generation!

    Match # 4
    European Title Tournament - First Round
    Mr. Kennedy vs. Fit Finlay

    Mr. Kennedy does his usual shick on the microphone which pumps up the crowd for this match

    It was a solid start to the match seeing both men quickly go at it. With the aggressiveness level of both men equally good, we had a trade of rights and lefts first like a real brawl. Kennedy soon gave Finlay a knee to the gut before executing a swinging neckbreaker! With Kennedy in control, he gave Finlay a running knee before covering for a near fall. Finlay however got things his way when Kennedy missed a running shoulder thrust as he landed shoulder first on the steel post! Finlay then begins to work on the injured arm of Kennedy as the crowd tries to will the GreenBay Superstar back into this match. He eventually recovered in time to knock down a Samoan Drop as both men struggled to get up. With both men up Kennedy started on a rampant rage following up with clotheslines then a body slam as he climbed the top rope. Kennedy went for a Senton Bomb but Finlay moved out of the way! The finish then saw Finlay going for the Celtic Cross but Kennedy slipped off enough time to knock down the Mic Check for the win!

    Your winner: Mr. Kennedy

    Mr. Kennedy celebrates his win and grabs the microphone from Tony Chimel. Kennedy then makes a quick short promo

    Mr. Kennedy - "Ladies..... and........ Gentlemen. You..have just witnessed pure wrestling.....I will become the.....European Champion come Summer...slam! I guarantee.....that because....I am........MISTERRRRRRRRR KENNNEDYYYYY!.........KENNEDY!"

    Kennedy makes his way backstage as we are then shown a split screen showing all men going down to the ring for the Main Event. Shawn Michaels has taped up ribs with medics trying to prevent him from going into the ring but Shawn refuses and continues his way to the ring

    A replay shows what happened at the opening of the show as the Main Event is coming up...NEXT!

    Backstage we see Shane McMahon as he talks to himself that he's done a good job. But suddenly a man wearing a hood appears as Shane McMahon looks frightened

    Hooded Man - "You know what I want Shane!"

    Shane McMahon - "You'll never get your hands on him. He doesn't even have a contract this company. Lord knows where he is right now. But even if he comes begging, I will never give him a job after what happened at the final episode of Raw"

    Hooded Man - "I know him much more than anyone else Shane and he'll do anything to get his hands on me. But I don't really mind it. I want him to get his hands on me. I want to FEEL his pain!"

    Shane McMahon - "So why are you here then?"

    Hooded Man - "I want him. Even if it means taking out every single one of your precious superstars. I want him in the ring at Summerslam and if you can't grant that...then there's going to be someone who will be hurt"

    Match # 5
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match - Six Pack Challenge
    Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

    2 randomized men will start the match until another randomized man will enter after elimination. The last man standing will be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion. The only way to eliminate is via pinfall or submission, nothing more. The order is as it goes: Rey Mysterio(1) - Edge(2) - CM Punk(3) - Randy Orton(4) - Shawn Michaels(5) - Chris Jericho(6).

    Rey Mysterio and Edge start the match as they quickly exchange grapples and moves. Reversal was the name of the game as they countered each and everyone of their moves. That is until Rey Mysterio set Edge to the outside and came off the top rope with a corkscrew plancha. Rey brings Edge back into the ring as he comes off with a springboard splash and covers but Edge kicks out. Rey then goes to the top rope as Edge follows and comes off with a superplex! Edge then capitalizes on this following with a backbreaker as he starts to work all over the injured back of the Masked Magician. Edge then started to lock in submission holds to work at the back of Rey as the crowd tried to will him back into the match. Rey did get back into the match following a Wheel and Bulldog. Rey then followed up with a Tornado DDT as he covered for a near fall. The finish was crazy seeing Edge knock down the Impaler and covered but Rey somehow got the shoulder up! With Edge frustrated, he stalked Rey and went for the spear! but Rey moved out of the way and tripped Edge to the second ropes. Rey connected with the 619 and came down with the spring board legdrop and covered for the pinfall!

    Edge eliminated via pinfall

    Edge was rolled out of the ring by the ref as CM Punk came into the ring and quickly tussled with Rey. An obvious dream match for the fans as Punk quickly worked on the injured spot of Rey giving him a reversed suplex! It was the main focus but Rey did get in alittle fight connecting with stiff kicks but Punk kept him at bay with a perfectly executed dropkick! Punk then went for the GTS but Rey somehow reversed the move with a DDT out of desperation as both men are down! Both men get up as Rey Mysterio went for a last resort comeback with a flurry of attacks. Punk was then in the 619 position as Rey nailed it and went for the follow up of a Senton Bomb but Punk caught him in mid-air with a powerbomb and covered, 1...2...No! Punk went for the GTS but Rey slipped off and nailed an inverted DDT. Rey soon struggled to climb the top rope obviously going for the Frog Splash but Punk followed him to the top rope. Rey pushed him down and went for a crossbody but Punk caught him in mid-air and connected with the GTS and covered for the elimination!

    Rey Mysterio eliminated via pinfall

    Randy Orton was next in line as he took Rey's body and gave him a cheap RKO! Punk gives a disgusted look before quickly pounding away at the Legend Killer. Both men then traded rights and lefts before Orton went for the RKO but CM Punk held on and locked in the Anaconda Vice!! The crowd went wild but Orton slipped off and quickly connected with his backbreaker! Orton gives a sick look before picking up CM Punk and bringing him to the outside! Orton soon sent CM Punk straight to the steel steps before connecting with a suplex on the concrete floor! Orton then brings in Punk and starts to viciously work on the back of CM Punk. Punk eventually fought his way back after escaping the clutches of the sleeper hold of Orton. Punk then knocked down a running bulldog and went for the cover but Orton kicked out. The finish saw Punk going for the GTS but Edge comes out of no where and gives CM Punk a cheap low blow as he dropped Orton. Orton then gave a quick RKO for the elimination

    CM Punk eliminated via pinfall

    The crowd boo as Edge walks up the ramp only to meet Rey Mysterio as both men brawl! Both men brawl backstage as Orton takes the knocked out body of CM Punk to the outside. Shawn Michaels soon came out with taped up ribs and quickly went all out at Orton! Orton quickly took control with a perfectly executed dropkick before bringing the Heartbreak Kid to the outside. Orton then placed Shawn Michaels on the announcers table and tried a suplex but Shawn reversed and gave a DDT! With table didn't break yet as Orton lays motionless on the announcers table!! Shawn soon gives a crazy look and climbs the top rope. Shawn gestures that he's gone crazy before going for an elbow from the top rope but Orton moves out of the way at the last second as Shawn Michaels goes crashing into the announcers table! The crowd chants "HOLY SHIT" "HOLY SHIT" "HOLY SHIT" as Shawn Michaels lays motionless on the outside. Randy tries to check if he's still alive as EMT's rush down and checks up on the layed out superstar! HBK struggled like hell to get up as the crowd witnesses that HBK's busted open following the fall! Shawn then gives a "Bring It" gesture to Orton who gives him a straight right hand as HBK comes tumbling down. Orton pounds away at the bloody Shawn Michaels before eventually HBK wears the crimson mask! Orton brings in the stubborn HBK as the commentators calls this a disgrace. Orton plays around with the broken body of HBK. But HBK somehow manages to knock a Superkick as both men crumble down! HBK slowly crawls and gets an arm over Orton. 1...2...Thre! NO! Orton got the shoulder up! HBK was too slow to capitalize! Orton soon got up with HBK still down as he went for an RKO but then CM Punk re-enters the ring and quickly gives Orton a GTS! The crowd goes nuts as CM Punk places HBK's arm over Orton for the elimination!

    Randy Orton eliminated via pinfall

    With the crowd witnessing a superb match beyond expectations, Chris Jericho is the last to enter. CM Punk smirks before leaving the ring. HBK's still down as Jericho has a big grin on his face before he kicks the lifeless body of HBK. Jericho then goes to pick up HBK and goes for the CodeBreaker but HBK makes Jericho crash and burn before connecting with a super-desperate Superkick !! The crowd are on their feet as HBK crawls but Jericho just rolls to the outside. Jericho retrieves a steel chair and brings it in the ring. HBK uses the ropes to pull himself up as he dodges the first shot of Chris Jericho but couldn't dodge the second as he smashes it across the skull of HBK who gets on his knees! Jericho soon smashes another shot to the spine, this time using the tip of the steel chair as HBK comes tumbling down! Jericho gives a vicious look before covering the lifeless HBK to win the World Heavyweight Chamionship!!

    Tazz - "Talk about a disgrace! That was a disgrace right there. Chris Jericho didn't do anything to deserve that title. He didn't beat HBK he beat an already beaten man. That's just wrong"

    JBL - "You cannot blame Jericho for facing a weak Shawn Michaels. But a win is still a win and we have ourselves a new World Heavyweight Champion"

    Chris Jericho is handed the undisputed World Heavyweight Championship as he raises it up high. EMT's and medics attend to the layed out Shawn Michaels as the show closes with Jericho standing on the top rope and raising his newly won Title


    Please comment if the font's too small. I will make it bigger on the next show if anyone comments on that. Also, I'll put pictures once I reach 15 posts lol but I have no idea on how to photoshop or things like that so I'll just put pictures I got from the web. Thank you. Anyone who will comment will get a comment from me in return.

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    Re: Championship Wrestling Federation

    If you use notepad you'll avoid all those smilies

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