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Thread: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

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    Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    Ralph McCoy vs. Adam Brown

    - Ralph McCoy has been looking to prove himself against the bigger athletes in CWA.
    - Adam Brown has simply been looking to win.

    Jim Taylor points out that while Brown has a size and power advantage, McCoy has a speed and endurance advantage. The crowd is solidly behind McCoy. Although McCoy gets in some good offence, Brown’s power is too much, and Brown gets the advantage but keeps refusing to pin McCoy, pulling him up at the two count over and over. McCoy makes a comeback, and even attempts a power bomb, but Brown escapes. McCoy decides to play possum himself, and rolls up Brown but only gets two. Later, McCoy tries a hurrancanrana, but Brown catches him and power bombs the hell out of him. Then McCoy gets caught in the Sleeper but manages to force Brown over to the ropes for the break. McCoy gets the win with a Code Red out of nowhere.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 9 minutes and 45 seconds, is Ralph McCoy.

    Adrenaline Rush cuts backstage, and we are outside the Brotherhood's very own locker room. The camera waits outside for a moment, focusing on the "Brotherhood" plaque on the door, when suddenly Matt Jones comes running down the corridor, past the camera, and then bursts through the door. Inside the locker room, Ultimate Pain is sitting on a sofa, dressed in his usual smart casual attire, whilst Kennif is dressed in simple tracksuit bottoms and his very own "Talkin' Aboot!" t-shirt.

    Ultimate Pain: Nice of you to join us Matt. Now, everyone's to be on their best behaviour tonight. We're going to have a few new egos to be stroked in here from now on and frankly I've enough to worry about tonight without any inner-house squabbling. You hear that Matt?

    Matt Jones: Like I'd cause any arguments! I'm always on my best behaviour.

    Ultimate Pain: Riiiight. Same goes to you Kennif.

    Kennif LeBlanch: ..Aboot!

    Ultimate Pain: Alright, good stuff. At least we're all on the same wavelength now. Now we just wait for them to show up I gu...

    Just then there's a knock at the door, and Joey comes strolling into the locker room.

    Ultimate Pain: Joey! Welcome to your newest boudoir!

    Joey smugly looks around and nods at Kennif and Matt.

    Joey Nicholas: Not quite the welcoming I was expecting for a two time Light Heavyweight Champion, but it'll have to do.

    Matt Jones: What? What were you expecting? A street party just for you?

    Pain just stares at Matt in disgust, before slapping him round the back of the head. Matt flinches in pain.

    Ultimate Pain: Didn't we cover this before Joey arrived Matt? No smart ass comments from you!

    Joey Nicholas: I'd listen to your brother if I was you Matt. You really don't want to get on the wrong side of me or else you might wake up on the floor!

    Matt takes a seat on the sofa and appears to be huffing. He mumbles under his breath...

    Matt Jones: Pffft. At least I'm undefeated unlike any of you guys.

    The scene then cuts back to ringside.

    Rich Stone vs. Eoghan O’Neill, The Machine and TJ Styles

    - Rich Stone has a number one contenders match next week so will be looking to build his momentum.
    - His opponents meanwhile are trying to find out what winning feels like.
    - This is a three match gauntlet.

    Eoghan O’Neill is first into the ring. O’Neill charges at Stone and gets kicked in the ribs as he does so. Stone grabs O’Neill by the hair and hit’s a Spike DDT. Stone covers and gets the easy victory in close to record time. Stone challenges either TJ Styles or the Machine to get in next. TJ decided it would be best if the Machine went first. The Machine gets in the face of Stone until Stone stamps on his left foot and hit’s a Spine buster on the big man. Stone climbs to the top rope and hit’s the Bright Future for another victory. TJ Styles is next and he really wishes he was anywhere else right now after seeing Rich Stone destroy two men in less than three minutes. Styles slowly climbs into the ring before stupidly running at Stone. Styles clearly wasn’t paying attention earlier as he runs into a super kick. Styles falls to his back where Stone turns him over and locks in an STF. Stone viciously pulls back as Styles taps out like a mad man.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 4 minutes and 02 seconds, The Franchise, Rich Stone.

    Rich Stone has just sent a clear cut message to whoever he will be facing next week as well as to the current CWA World Champion in the Ultimate Pain.

    We cut to a near empty locker room as the camera pans over to Adams who is sitting on a bench taping up his wrists. Jerry Black is behind him massaging his shoulders. The room is deathly quiet except for the pulling and cutting of tape. Adams finishes his wrist, takes a deep breath, and speaks.

    Adams: I appreciate you wanting to be in my corner. We don't know what we're facing tonight, so that really means a lot. I just have one more favour.

    Jerry Black stays silent and continues his work.

    Adams: Don't be in my corner tonight.

    Black: What?

    Adams: You know Quade just as well as I do. If he knows I have a friend at ringside, he will find a way to exploit it. This is the first, and probably only time I'll say this. Your presence at ringside will be more of a hindrance than help tonight. Understand?

    Jerry Black grits his teeth and looks helplessly at nothing in particular.

    Black: Ok, Doc. Just be careful out there.

    Joey Nicholas vs. Bret Storm

    - Joey Nicholas is looking to become the first and only man to be the inagurial champion of two different title belts.

    The match is a good mix of mat wrestling, power moves, and X-Fly style, as Storm is very agile despite being bigger than Nicholas. At one point, Nicholas tries for a cross body block off the turnbuckle, but Storm impressively catches him in midair. Storm makes a comeback, and even hits Nicholas on the floor with a cross body block off the top. In a complicated finish that involves the referee getting pushed into the ropes and accidentally crotching Storm on the top turnbuckle, Nicholas gets the win with his Deal breaker finisher.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 2 minutes and 59 seconds, is Joey Nicholas.

    Backstage, Don de Vries is dressed in a designer suit and top hat, and he stands amongst a trio of groupie-looking women, as they chat, laugh, and sip a couple Heinekens.

    De Vries: But it turns out, Ric Flair isn’t the only sixty minute man in the business!

    The groupies giggle at this remark. Orlando Maxwell walks by.

    Don De Vries: How’s it going?

    Orlando Maxwell: Uh, Ok … what’s with the top hat?

    Don De Vries: It’s celebratory. I went home early after my match, so I didn’t catch all the details, but an associate later mentioned my name in with regards to the new X-Fly championship. Can you believe it, only one match and the higher ups already want to give me my own title! This should go well with all my other feats of greatness: Super 14 champion, Tri-Nations champion … X-Fly champion. Not bad at all. So anyway, I wanted to look dashing for the ceremony.

    Orlando Maxwell: Ceremony?

    Don De Vries: Yeah, when they hand me the belt. I hope my speech isn’t too long.

    Orlando Maxwell: I think your “associate” left out some important details. They’re not giving you the belt, you’re a part of an eight man tournament for it.

    The joviality fades from Don’s face.

    Don De Vries: Seriously?

    Orlando Maxwell: Yeah.

    Don De Vries: *Sighs* So, management wants to make me jump through hoops first, yeah? No worries. You seem to know what’s what, who’s my first victim?

    Orlando Maxwell: St. Deuce.

    Don’s expression picks back up.

    Don De Vries: Well that works out perfectly! My first act as champion was going to be call the bastard out.

    He looks into the camera

    Don De Vries: Everything was set, we were all going to take out Top Dog, but you just had to get cute with things. Had to be big man and “stir things up”. Now’s when you’d expect me to say something like “Nobody screws with Don de Vries!”, but that’s not true. A lot of people do- They just never do it twice. And tonight, you find out why. Girls, celebrations postponed for a few weeks.

    Don shoos the groupies away, and walks towards the arena.

    Don de Vries vs. St. Deuce

    - de Vries had a decent showing at Hostile Takeover but was unable to get the win.
    - St. Deuce likewise had a strong showing but will be looking to get back to winning tonight.

    De Vries starts off the match by showboating and stalling, refusing to even look at Deuce. When they finally lock up, they go to a collar and elbow tie-up, and Deuce quickly forces De Vries back into the ropes, so they break. De Vries grabs a wrist lock, but Deuce quickly reverses the hold and forces him to go for a rope break. De Vries eventually gains the advantage and tries humiliating Deuce. When the ref tries to stop De Vries ’s illegal moves, he goes after him and tries to intimidate him. Finally, Deuce has enough of the games and he unloads on De Vries. Deuce seems about to win when De Vries pokes him in the eye before hitting an axe kick and get the win.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 4 minutes and 19 seconds, is Don de Vries.

    Backstage and we are in the office of CWA owner Charles Anderson. Anderson appears to be in a frustrating meeting with a member of the CWA roster. The camera pulls back to show Shaun Quinn is that member.

    Shaun Quinn: It’s a great idea.

    Charles Anderson: It’s a horrible idea.

    Shaun Quinn: Look man, all I’m asking for is a chance to prove myself to you.

    Charles Anderson: Shaun, I mean this in the nicest possible way, we don’t want you on the creative team.

    Shaun Quinn: I’m a very creative and original person. You’d find that out if you would just give me the chance.

    Charles Anderson: Tell you what, I’ll book you in a match every week and you can show me the kind of gimmicks you can come up with by portraying them yourself. If by some fluke, you impress me, then we’ll talk again. But until that happens, we are not interested Shaun.

    Shaun Quinn: You may as well make that meeting for next week as I will blow you away with what I come up with.

    Shaun Quinn rises from the seat and leaves as Anderson shakes his head in disbelief.

    Shadow Equinox vs. Kennif leBlanch

    - Kennif leBlanch is one of two Brotherhood members in the X-Fly tournament.
    - Shadow Equinox is yet to win when it really matters.

    This high flying, high impact match gets the crowd hot and cheering for the rest of the show. Equinox and leBlanch set a fast pace with loads of reversals and near falls to make this an exciting contest. One of the highlights is when Equinox slingshots off the ropes for a flying cross body onto leBlanch on the floor. leBlanch gets the advantage when Equinox tries a leap off the top onto leBlanch on the floor, but leBlanch side steps and Equinox lands on his ribs on the guard rail. leBlanch goes for a Death Valley Driver off the top, but Equinox slides off and his face hits the turnbuckle. Equinox plays injured, causing the ref to pull leBlanch away. As leBlanch argues with the ref, Equinox sneaks up and gets the pin with a rollup to advance.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 7 minutes and 21 seconds, is Shadow Equinox.

    We cut backstage to the Brotherhood locker room yet again. This time Ultimate Pain is sitting chatting with Joey about some possible Hoodly tactics for later tonight, whilst Matt is sitting playing his Xbox solo, due to Kennif having just wrestled his match. This time no one comes instantly marching in, but instead they appear to be awaiting an answer.

    Ultimate Pain: Get the door Matt.

    Matt Jones: Why me?

    Ultimate Pain: Do I really need to answer that? Now get to it!

    Matt mumbles some incoherent ramblings under his breath as he gets up and makes his way over to the door. Upon opening it, Alexis is standing in the door way with Axl and Daren Storm standing behind her. Matt simply stares at Alexis, his mouth agape.

    Alexis: Excuse me! Who's this idiot blocking my way?

    Axl Storm: I believe that's Matt "Mini Pain" Jones.

    Alexis: Whoever he is, I believe, he better stop staring at me and get out of my way.

    Alexis pushes Matt out of the way, knocking him to the floor. Axl and Daren simply walk over him as they follow Alexis into the room. Matt's mouth is still agape as he says to no one in particular...

    Matt Jones: I think I'm in love.

    Pain has simply been sitting watching this goings on in mild amusement, now they are into the room he finally speaks up.

    Ultimate Pain: I'm sorry. I think I must have missed something here. I believe I offered The Future spots in the 'Hood, not The Future plus one?

    Alexis looks at Pain with dagger eyes.

    Alexis: Pardon me?

    Ultimate Pain: Well, it's not that I've a problem with you being around here really, and heck, maybe a lady's touch wouldn't go a miss around here, but last I checked it said the Brotherhood on that door. And unless I'm hugely mistaken, and I really hope I'm not, you just don't look like a brother to me.

    Joey Nicholas: I dunno, that's a pretty strong jaw line Pain!

    Pain and Nicholas both s****** at this comment on the sofas.

    Alexis: Excuse me! I think both of you need to shut up or The Future of the Brotherhood will be lacking the Tag Team Champions!

    Ultimate Pain: Ohh, a feisty one! I think this could work out just fine. Welcome aboard the Bro-ship gentlemen, and Alexis of course.

    Pain gives her a wink which she simply rolls her eyes at.

    Ultimate Pain: I just hope you don't mind cooking and cleaning dear.

    Even Axl and Daren, as defensive of Alexis as they can be, seem to find this one amusing and both laugh along until Alexis glares at them.

    Axl Storm: Dude, that’s not funny.

    Alexis: Ugh, that's Alexis thanks. And it'd be hard to be much worse than cleaning than you.

    Pain looks on in confusion at this comment.

    Alexis: Cause I know I definitely haven't seen you defend that title of yours cleanly yet!

    Pain opens his eyes wide with shock at this, as everyone else in the locker room laughs at his expense. We then cut back to ringside once again.

    Roberto vs. Top Dog

    - Roberto may have lost the World title at In Exile but he was never pinned and did not submit in his automatic rematch.
    - Top Dog is looking to take a giant step up the ladder in CWA.

    This is an all out brawl, not a wrestling match. They battle up to the top of the bleachers, where Roberto rams Top Dog’s head into the metal barrier. Dog slumps down onto the bench, but Roberto does not let up. On the way back down, Dog hits Roberto with a mule kick to the head. When they finally return to the ring, Dog goes under the ring and starts throwing trash cans and chairs into the ring. When he gets back into the ring, the ref stops him. As Dog is talking to the ref, Roberto hits him with the Colours of the Rainbow. Dog kicks out. They battle on, with the ref often having to stop Dog from using a chair from his bag of tacks. Then Dog charges Roberto, who steps aside, causing Dog to kill the ref with a spear. Dog slams Roberto with the chair, and then goes for the pin, but by the time the ref can make the count, Roberto kicks out. Dog choke slams the referee onto the chair. Roberto hit’s The Fruitilicious on Dog, and another referee runs out, but Roberto only gets two. Roberto again hits Top Dog with the Colours of the Rainbow to get the win.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 19 minutes and 31 seconds, is Roberto.

    We cut backstage where we see several medic’s rushing around. It’s nothing to do with the head of the CWA medical team in Dr. Jack Adams though. As the cameraman finds an opening between the medics we see the unmistakable figure of Ruben Johns. Ruben in lying face down in a pool of blood as medics are trying to wake him up but aren’t having any luck.

    Unsanctioned Match
    Dr. Jack Adams vs. A Mystery Opponent

    - If Dr. Jack Adams wins he will be reinstated as a wrestler.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an unsanctioned match with no time limit, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the head of the CWA Medical Staff, Dr. Jack Adams!

    Dr. Adams steps through the curtain in his ring attire for the first time in over four months. The crowd is on fire as he makes his way to the ring for a chance to be reinstated as a licensed professional wrestler. He steps into the ring and mounts every corner, basking in the cheers of his fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent...

    Lindsay Monahan turns to the timekeeper and various officials around the ring. She obviously has no idea who to announce next.

    Mr. Quade appears on the ramp to a chorus of loud boos. He's being pushed in his wheelchair by his bodyguard, who is in full ring attire. The bodyguard makes his way to ringside and parks Mr. Quade's chair next to the announce position. Mr. Quade grabs a microphone from the announce table.

    Mr. Quade: ...weighing in at 324 pounds, standing 6' 11" tall, my protégé... The Bouncer!

    The crowd boos violently as The Bouncer nods to Quade and then steps into the ring. This guy is a monster with a physique that's obviously been built by lots of weight training and enough steroids to kill a small herd of elephants.

    The Bouncer stares down a much smaller Dr. Adams as the bell sounds. They exchange a few inaudible words as they circle each other. They finally tie up and Adams gets thrown hard into the corner. The Bouncer laughs as Adams gets back to his feet and regroups. Adams circles around The Bouncer and throws a couple of stiff kicks to his left thigh. The Bouncer charges in anger and rams him into the corner. The Bouncer now with repeated shoulders to Adams' gut. The Bouncer whips Adams hard into the opposite corner and follows him in with a hard clothesline and then smears him with a vicious belly to belly. The Bouncer stands over Adams and puts a boot on his chest.


    Adams easily kicks out of the nonchalant pin attempt, but he's visibly stunned and grimacing with pain. The Bouncer helps Adams off the mat and lays a few right hands into his forehead. He follows up with a kick to the gut followed by a vertical suplex, hits the ropes, and returns with a nasty knee drop to Adams' head. The Bouncer taunts Adams with a few slaps to his face while he's down. The crowd boos loudly as The Bouncer pulls Adams back up and whips him into the ropes. The Bouncer sets up for a spine buster but Adams counters with a brain-rattling DDT! Adams covers The Bouncer!


    The Bouncer kicks out with authority, sending Adams a couple feet in the air and back to his feet. Adams quickly goes back to work on the massive left leg of The Bouncer with a series of stomps and elbow drops. Adams now looking for a figure four, but The Bouncer just kicks him away. The Bouncer is now back on his feet and slams a couple of straight right hands into Adams' face. Adams is whipped into the ropes and gets mauled by a clothesline, which causes him to turn a full back flip. The Bouncer comes off the ropes with a splash to the fallen Adams.

    ONE! TWO!

    Adams kicks out and The Bouncer gets back to his feet. He's stalking Adams, who's still on the mat. Adams slowly gets back to his feet and The Bouncer locks in a bear hug. Adams' arms are trapped and he has nowhere to go as he tries to conserve his oxygen. The Bouncer squeezes tighter and tighter with every escape attempt. Finally Adams unloads with a head butt to The Bouncer's chin. The Bouncer hangs on but gets two more head butts and finally lets go. Adams drops to the mat in exhaustion as The Bouncer tries to shake off the cobwebs.

    Adams finally gets back to his feet just in time to deliver a drop toe hold to his charging opponent. Adams goes right back to work on The Bouncer's left leg, pulling and twisting it and dropping elbows. Adams dazes The Bouncer with a few stomps to his chest and a kick to the head before successfully locking in the figure four! The Bouncer writhes in pain as Adams squeezes for all he's worth. After a long minute, The Bouncer reaches the ropes but Adams doesn't have to let go in this unsanctioned match. The Bouncer uses the ropes to reverse the hold and Adams releases, but the damage has been done. Adams gets up, rolls out of the ring, grabs The Bouncer's injured left leg, and wraps it around the ring post three or four times.

    Now Adams applies another figure four around the ring post! The Bouncer screams in pain as Adams is determined to take that left leg home and mount it over his fireplace. From out of nowhere, a man with a lead pipe appears out of the crowd and swings it hard into Adams' gut! It's Abdul Akbar Alsam, the man Adams exiled from the CWA five months ago! Adams releases the hold against his will and takes a few more pipe shots to the chest and gut. The Bouncer stands up shakily and motions to Alsam, and Alsam rolls Adams back into the ring. The Bouncer picks Adams up and holds him for Alsam, who goes to work on Adams with the pipe. He finally delivers one last shot, opening a nasty gash over Adams' left eye.

    The crowd boos wildly as The Bouncer and Alsam celebrate in the ring and Mr. Quade cheers his approval at ringside. Mr. Quade is screaming, "NOW! DO IT NOW!" The Bouncer throws a bleeding Adams down to the mat and rolls him on his stomach. Alsam lays two hard pipe shots into Adams' back. He grins evilly, throws the pipe out of the ring, and locks in the very hold that crippled Quade, Adams' own finishing hold, the Final Adjustment! Adams screams in pain as The Bouncer limps around the ring taunting Adams and the crowd.

    Jerry Black runs down the ramp to ringside, picks up Alsam's discarded pipe, and hits Alsam hard in the back of his head, breaking the hold and knocking him out! Before he can swing again, The Bouncer grabs his arm and twists it, forcing him to drop the pipe. He kicks Black in the gut and demolishes him with a thunderous power bomb! The Bouncer turns his attention back to an unconscious Adams and tries to finish the job with a camel clutch. Adams is still unconscious and it looks like his spine will snap at any second.

    The Bouncer takes a vicious chair shot in the back, breaking up the hold! The Bouncer turns around to see his attacker and Roberto swings again, hitting him right between the eyes, sending him to the mat. Roberto pummels The Bouncer with the chair while he's down. When he's finally satisfied, he drops the chair, grabs Adams by the wrist, and drapes him over The Bouncer! Roberto screams at the ref, "COUNT IT!"


    Lindsay Monahan: Here is your winner, Dr. Jack Adams!

    The crowd erupts as Roberto checks on a bleeding, unconscious Adams and Jerry Black gets to his feet to assist. Alsam and The Bouncer are starting to wake up as Mr. Anderson appears on the Tron.

    Charles Anderson: Security, get that garbage out of my ring and out of my arena. While you're at it, escort Mr. Quade to my office. He owes Dr. Adams an autograph.

    Mr. Quade is absolutely livid as a member of security pushes him up the ramp and through the curtain. Other members of security enter the ring and extract The Bouncer and Alsam, who are still barely conscious. The medical staff rush the ring and attend to Adams. After a couple of moments, and with a lots of help, Adams gets to his feet and raises his arm in victory, much to the crowd's approval. They get him out of the ring and help him to the back as the crowd continues to cheer.

    Suddenly the lights in the arena go out, and Supernaut hits out over the speaker system. Spotlights zoom around the arena, flying over the audience as they go. Then they too go out, and instantly flash on again in the middle of the entrance ramp, where Ultimate Pain stands surrounded by the rest of the Brotherhood members. The crowd gives the Brotherhood a surprisingly warm reception as they make their way down to the ring. Matt surprised by this reaction, makes the most of it, giving a few fans high fives, until Pain tells him to stop it! Once the Brotherhood reach the ring, all seven members climb in, and strike a clearly pre-rehearsed pose in the centre of the ring. Pain then goes over and requests a mic from Lindsay Monahan.

    Ultimate Pain: Alright, alright, alright. Time to zip it, and let the adults talk!

    The crowd's warm reception instantly turns a little frosty.

    Ultimate Pain: Now I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Everyone wanted to know who was going to be in the new look Brotherhood. Well, you're looking at them! Time for a little run-down of who's who.

    Pain begins to pass the mic around the Brotherhood as the members prepare to introduce themselves to the crowd. Pain passes the mic to Matt firstly.

    Matt Jones: You're looking at; Matt Jones! The onlyyy current member of the Brotherhood who is still undefeated.

    Axl whispers something into Matt's ear, to which Matt looks completely shocked at.

    Matt Jones: What? But if you're undefeated too...Th...Then, what am I going to brag about now? Godamnit!

    Matt slams the mic down on the mat and walks over to the turnbuckle where he begins to huff. Axl then picks up the mic.

    Axl Storm: You're looking at the undefeated, CWA Tag Team Champions. Love us or hate us, we don't really care. We're here to bring the Brotherhood back to it's former greatness.

    Axl passes the mic onto Daren Storm.

    Daren Storm: Not only are we the Tag Team Champs, we're the greatest tag team in the world today, and we demand your respect! And what a better way to get it, than to join the greatest stable alive today.

    Alexis: That's right. You're looking at the future of the tag team division, the future of the Brotherhood, and the future of wrestling in this ring tonight. We are...The Future, and the future is now!

    Joey then snatches the mic from Alexis, much to her displeasure.

    Joey Nicholas: Alright, that's just about enough of that. This isn't The Future, this is the Brotherhood, and you're looking at it's hottest commodity. I'm the only two-time Champion in CWA history, and I plan on making myself a three-time Champion soon when I become the first X-Fly Champ.

    Joey strikes a pose, signalling his intention of gaining new gold to wrap around his waist, but before he can begin to speak again, Kennif takes the mic from his grasp. Joey opens his eyes wide at the nerve of Kennif. It takes Pain to tell him to remain calm for Joey to not react to Kennif's cheek, much to the crowd's delight.

    Kennif LeBlanch: Now that's, what I'm talkingggg...ABOOOOT!!

    This receives the largest crowd pop to date for the 'Hood. Kennif then hands the mic back to Pain.

    Ultimate Pain: And, of course, you're looking at the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, the latest leader of the Brotherhood, the man who single handily picked out all this greatness in the ring...Well, besides Matt obviously...The Ullllltiiimaaaatee Paaaaaaain!! And together, everyone, and I mean, everyone in the back better believe that we're an unstoppable force, and no one is safe from us! Cause we are, the Ulllllltiiiiimaaatteee...

    Brotherhood collectively: BROOOTHERRRHOOOODD!!

    We cut to the medical bay where Dr. Jack Adams is lying on a bed being stitched up by a member of the medical staff. Jerry Black is standing in the background watching intently and sipping on his flask.

    Medic: That should do it. I'm sure you know this already, but keep that wound clean and take good care of those ribs.

    The Medic gathers his equipment and heads for the door.

    Medic: I'm going to miss you as a boss, but I look forward to seeing what you do in the ring. Keep up the good work, Doc.

    Dr. Adams rubs his stitched forehead and smiles.

    Adams: You do the same.

    The Medic opens the door and stands aside as Roberto enters, and then leaves.

    Roberto: You ok, Doc?

    Adams: I've never felt better in my life. (to Jerry Black) I thought I told you to stay away from ringside.

    Jerry Black takes a swig from his flask and hands it to Adams with a grin.

    Black: I'm not too far past my prime to swing a pipe. That power bomb was a different story though... damn.

    Jerry Black favours his back a bit as Roberto steps over to Adams and shakes his hand. Adams takes a sip from the flask and hands it to Roberto who takes it hesitantly and takes a sip. He seems pleasantly surprised.

    Roberto: Now that's what I call Scotch.

    Roberto hands the flask over to Jerry Black who quickly takes another sip.

    Adams: It's hard to beat Vat 69.

    Roberto: I just wanted to congratulate you on your successful return. It's good to have you back.

    Adams: Thanks to a few well-timed chair shots, I might add. I owe you in a big way. Also, congratulations to you too, Mr. Future Number One contender. Good luck in your title match.

    Roberto: Thanks, Doc. Take care of yourself.

    Jerry Black takes what looks like the last sip from the flask as Roberto heads for the door and leaves.

    Adams: Jerry, refill that flask and get back here ASAP. This is a celebration, man!

    Jerry: On it, boss!

    Jerry Black leaves with the flask and Adams lays back on his bed with a very content expression on his face. He closes his eyes and reflects on what he's gained this evening. He's shuffled off the guilt of crippling another human being and he's ridden himself of the man he's crippled: a meddling politician. From now on, his career and his life is his own. After a few moments, he hears the door open again.

    Adams: That was quick.

    Jay Walters saunters up to a prone Dr. Adams and opens up with a series of hammer fists to the ribs. He picks a wounded Adams up off his bed and kicks him in the gut, bending him over. Walters then hits a vile cradle DDT on Adams on the hard floor of the medical bay!

    Jay Walters: WELCOME BACK, DOC!

    Walters spits on Adams' prone body before leaving the medical bay with a smile. Dr. Adams lies unconscious on the floor.

    Harvey Buckworth: What we just seen right there was brutal. My god.

    Jim Taylor: We all know who that is, the question is what the hell is he doing in CWA.

    Jay Walters is now seen walking to the ring. Once he reaches the ring he takes down his hood and calls for a mic. Lindsay hesitates before Walters quickly climbs out of the ring and grabs it from her hands. As soon as he does this we see security come either side of the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Get that scumbag out of here before he speaks.

    Harvey Buckworth: He looks like he may have something important to say.

    Jim Taylor: He is trying to wreck our show and you want him to be allowed to speak?

    Harvey Buckworth: Well not everyone attacks injured wrestlers for no reason.

    Walters watches, as the security gets closer, he quickly slides into the ring.

    Jay Walters: Were you all surprised?

    The crowd react with boo’s.

    Jay Walters: I bet you were.

    They continue to boo but it just brings a smile to Jay’s face. Jay then looks out at the security as the try to climb in.

    Jay Walters: I swear if you come in here I will beat the shit out of you like that ass clown.

    They hesitate.

    Jay Walters: Try me.

    Walters pulls an iron pipe out from his hoody.

    Jay Walters: I come prepared.

    The security then back off.

    Jay Walters: Now to the point of all this, I Jay Walters got bored of that shit WS so I came up with a great idea, I gave my two weeks and got me a plane ticket. You see I’ve been watching closely and I am not impressed.

    The crowd continued to boo louder.

    Jay Walters: I knew from watching on the TV that I could come here and take over. I knew there would be no one in my league, let alone someone that could try to stop me. More importantly I seen the champions and I knew I could beat them.

    Crowd continues to boo.

    Jay Walters: I plan to make CWA’s life a living hell until the hand me a contract so I can finally get my hands on what has alluded me throughout my career, The World Title!!

    Harvey Buckworth: Told you he had something to say.

    Jim Taylor: There’s other way to get employed then do this.

    Harvey Buckworth: He said he likes to surprise.

    Walters climbs out of the ring as the security come close, he holds out the iron pipe as he gets closer to the guard rail.

    Jay Walters: So CWA you know what I want, now you can either give it to me or I take it and that’s a certain. I am Jay Walters your next champion!!!

    Jay throws the mic at the security and jumps the rail and runs off.

    Jim Taylor: There is no way he should be hired, damn he should be arrested.

    Harvey Buckworth: You cant say he dint make a point.

    Ultimate Pain vs. Ryan Hall

    - Ryan Hall at one time led the Resistance, the biggest rival the Brotherhood has faced.
    - The Ultimate Pain is unbeaten since February 11th 2009.

    Hall and Pain are very intense in this match. They do some mat work and submission holds until Hall back drops Pain over the ropes to the floor. Hall then flies over the top rope onto Pain on the floor. As they brawl on the floor, Pain grabs the bell from the time keeper and slams Hall in the face with it, busting him open. Blood flows down Hall’s face and over his chest as they battle up the ramp. Pain gives Hall suplex off the ramp and through the pyro board on the floor. Both men struggle to crawl back to the ring, where they again viciously slug it out. Pain goes for the Ulti-Bomb, but Hall counters with the Inferno Cutter for a two count. Hall rolls out of the ring and grab a steel chair. Pain drop kicks the chair into Hall and hits the Ulti-Bomb, but only gets two. Missile drop kick off the top and another Inferno Cutter only get two for Hall. As Hall goes for the killer shot, Pain kicks him with a low blow. Pain decides to use the chair himself, and slams Hall with it, but still gets only a two count. He goes for the Ulti-Vice, but Hall rolls through and pins Pain for a two count. Hall smashes Pain with the steel chair, but is too worn out to get cover straight away. Hall has to crawl over for the pin, but Pain is playing possum and reverses it and gets the pin.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 37 minutes and 12 seconds, is the Ultimate Pain.

    Ryan Hall holds his head in his hands in disbelief as The Ultimate Pain uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. Pain is handed his CWA World Championship belt which he promptly raises over his head in victory. Pain waits for Hall to get back to his feet a which point he offers a handshake to bury the hatchet. Hall hesitates but decided to accept it. As Hall extends his hand Pain pulls his back and gives Hall a one fingered salute before rolling out of the ring with his title in hand. Pain heads back up the ramp as the defeated Ryan Hall stands alone in the ring.

    ===Quick Results===
    Ralph McCoy def Adam Brown
    Rich Stone def Eoghan O'Neill, The Machine, TJ Styles
    Joey Nicholas def Bret Storm
    Don de Vries def St. Deuce
    Shadow Equinox def Kennif leBlanch
    Roberto def Top Dog
    Dr. Jack Adams def The Bouncer
    The Ultimate Pain def Ryan Hall

    ===On Screen Promo‘s written by===
    The Brain
    Jay M. Punkster
    Paid Laid Made

    ===Matches written by===
    The Brain

    ===GFX by===
    Dr. Doom

    ===Matches graded by===
    The Brain
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    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    Yaaah, take that hollow victory TE!~ you big no show-er

    Really good show though. So many storylines going on at present.

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    I like the direction of this efed! lol. it looks great, good job!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    O_O JMP is back?

    Nicely done fellas, good work all around.

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    Awesome show
    Good to see Adams back

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    Nice show but I thought I was guaranteed a title match, at least that is what I understood from Hostile Takeover

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    You're guaranteed a title shot at any time, and if you beat Roberto next week, you have the guaranteed title shot, and a title shot at Redemption.

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    You are guaranteed a title match, but due to a draw at Hostile Takeover, that is being delayed. If you beat Roberto at the next show you will be number one contender for Redemption as well as still having your number one contender spot from Hostile Takeover. In short, you can get two number one contender spots.
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    Awesome show guys, really excited to see what happens with my guy as well as the rest of the roster. The brotherhood has changed since the old days lol. As i said awesome show.

    CWA'S New Chapter is about to begin

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    Ok thanks for clearing that up I thought I was getting screwed over

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - June 17th 2009 - Live from Columbus, OH

    Awesome show, especially the storyline/match of Doc Adams. Well done.

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