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Thread: WWE 2009: We Become One

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    WWE 2009: We Become One

    WWE 2009: We Become One

    2009 started with a hug bang and all the hype was on the biggest event in WWE history, Wrestlemania 25! With both shows pushing for ratings and trying to gain the brand supremacy in WWE, PPV events passed and Monday and Friday nights past with Raw gaining and holding the upper hand. Smackdown!'s ratings have nose divided the past month before Smackdown! each week dropping almost half a million viewers, well Raw gained at least half a million viewers in those 4 weeks. WWE head office was beginning to gain their suspicions as to what to do for this problem.

    With a little under a month before Wrestlemania 25 Smackdown! continued it's nosedive and Raw continued to go up. finally shane McMahon stepped forward during a head office meeting insisting that the WWE should take all the good wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown! and combine them to make, what was once knowing as, Raw is War! Head office sat back and watched one more week of Smackdown! and decided to cut the chord on Smackdown! as the final week of Smackdown!'s rating landed a 1.3, otherwise seen as 1.5 million viewers.

    The WWE writers were extatic after this calls as Wrestlemania would have ot be re-written and they would have to start writing in new rivalries. Wrestlemania was decided to be pushed back one week to leave room for 2 weeks of Raw is War to hype up the event and build up the rivalries. WWE was now becoming one for the first time in over 7 years and the reaction was negative by most writers and wrestlers. Well the fans seemed ok with this change, but the really question layed in whether this would truly work out?

    Shane McMahon was very persistent in saying that he could make it work out and pushed to be the GM of Raw is War. Teddy Long decided to take the back seat and be assistant manager well Vickie was already on her way out. Now the WWE was officially one and Shane McMahon was ready to put his heart and soul into this. What will happen? Tune into Monday Night is War for all your answers!


    Raw is War
    GM: Shane McMahon
    Commentators: Todd Grisham/Jerry 'The King' Lawler
    Interviewer: Matt Striker

    WWE World Champion: Randy Orton
    Inter-States Champion: Kofi Kingston
    Television Champion: ???
    Women's Champion: Melina
    WWE World Tag Team Champions: Carlito/Primo

    Main Event:
    Randy Orton
    John Cena
    Jack Swagger
    Triple H
    The Big Show

    Kofi Kingston
    Jeff Hardy
    Matt Hardy
    Tommy Dreamer
    Evan Bourne
    Chris Jericho
    Rey Mysterio
    CM Punk
    The Miz
    THE Brian Kendrick
    Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas
    Santino Marella
    Goldust w/ Hornswoggle

    Tag Teams:
    Cryme Tyme: Shad/JTG
    Priceless: Ted DiBiase Jr./Cody Rhodes
    The Hart Dynasty: Tyson Kidd/DH Smith w/ Natalya
    The New British Invasion: Paul Burchill/William Regal
    The Colons: Carlito/Primo
    WGTT: Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Hass

    Gail Kim
    Beth Phoenix
    Mickie James
    Kelly Kelly
    Michelle McCool

    PPV Events:
    Jan: New Year's Revolution
    Feb: King of the Ring
    Mar: Bad Blood
    Apr: Wrestlemania
    May: Unforgiven
    June: Extreme Rules
    July: The Bash
    Aug: SummerSlam
    Sept: Breaking Point
    Oct: Cyber Sunday
    Nov: Survivor Series
    Dec: Royal Rumble

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    Re: WWE 2009: We Become One

    Raw is War! March 30, 2009
    Golden Night!
    Live from: New York, New York, Madison Square Garden!

    Confirmed Card:

    Inter-State Champion Kofi Kingston will defend his gold against USA wrestler, MVP and British Wrestler, William Regal!

    Randy Orton is expected to make an appearence!

    Carlito and Primo will defend their WWE World Tag Titles against The Hart Dynasty!

    Shane McMahon is going to announce the Wrestlemania Card for this year!

    The Cutting Edge is back as Edge will host John Cena!

    The First Main Event will be a huge 8 man Tag Team Match!
    Randy Orton, Edge, Jack Swagger, The Big Show VS. John Cena, Triple H, Christian, CM Punk

    The Second Main Event will be a WWE Television Title Ladder Match!
    Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne vs. Tommy Dreamer

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    Re: WWE 2009: We Become One

    Raw is War! March 30
    Live from MSG in New York

    Raw is War opens up with a video running down the destruction of the WWE as it turned into one big brand for the first time in over a decade. Grisham and Lawler open the show by running down the confirmed card for tonight as well as hype up Wrestlemania, which to the anger of many fans was pushed ahead a week to make room for Shane to create his own extravagant Wrestlmania 25 with his new roster. We then turn to the ring for the opening mach of our Golden Night.
    -Match #1-
    Inter-States Title Match
    William Regal vs. MVP vs. Kofi Kingston(c)
    Knowing that this is MVP's final chance, MVP goes out swinging early helping Kingston double team the more physical Regal. Regal tries to fight back, but all attempts are thwarted off by Porter and Kingston jumping right back on the double team. The double team doesn't last much longer as Kingston and Porter both toss Regal to the outside and then turn to each other. Porter gains the upper hand early overpowering Kingston, but Kingston slowly fights his way back into the match after Porter tried to lock in numerous submissions, but Kingston is cut off by Regal returning to the ring. All 3 men gain an oppourtunity to control the match, but the odd number of wrestlers makes it hard to keep the advantage. As the match comes to it's conclusion the fight is put on by Regal looking to gain the title he has fought so hard for almost 2 months to gain. Regal has Porter on the outside as he is taking the fight to Kingston. Regal sees MVP getting back into the match and turns to dirty tactics to win, but those do not work as Kingston lands a Trouble in Paradise with Regal going for an eye poke. Kingston then wins the match by dropkicking MVP off the apron to gain the pin on Regal.
    Winner: And Still Inter-State Champion... Kofi Kingston!

    Kingston celebrates his huge win with the crowd when out of no where Burchill hits the ring and starts firing punches at the back of Kingston. Kingston tries to fight him off, but Regal jumps in to rescue his partner. It turns into a two on one assault as Regal goes under the ring and pulls out a british wine glass! Burchill continues firing punches and kicks as Regal lifts the bottle high in the air and slaps it across the forehead of Kingston cracking him wide open. Regal and Burchill hold their hands high in the ring as Kingston rolls out of the ring with his title, evidently angry at this outcome.

    ---Commercial Break---

    When we return to Raw is War, 'Voices' hits the speakers and Randy Orton and his Legacy step out onto the ramp. Orton walks to the ring all cockey with his WWE World Title. Orton gets right to the point saying that this may be a new era for the WWE, but that no one is going to step in his way of becoming the longest reigning world champion. And that as for himself and Legacy they are looking for another member and will start their search for the right man following Wrestlemania and the Tag Team and World title gold are in the Legacy's hands. Orton then turns his attention to all the main event stars and how he has no opponent for Wrestlemania... Orton questions whether any of them deserve an oppourtunity at such a stronger and higher superstar like himself. Suddenly the lights go out through out the arena and then the sound of thunder is heard and the lights flash like lightning. Then there is a huge bang and lightning strike the ring as the lights come back on with Legacy seperated into 3 different corners and a hole in the middle of the ring. Orton approches it slowly, but backs away when out of no where a hand shots up and pulls himself out from under the ring... it is The Undertaker! Taker climbs out from under the ring as Orton and Legacy hurry out of the ring. The lights dim and Taker bends down a one knee raising his hand well a blue light sprays down on Taker. The crowd is going nuts well Grisham and Lawler talk about all the possibilites and how Orton seems to have found his Wrestlemania opponent.

    The camera enters the backstage area where the Women's Champion, Melina, is sitting in her locker room cleaning her title and locker. Suddenly Beth Phoenix and Maryse walk in laughing. Beth does most of the talk making fun of how they chose Melina to represent the Women's division as champion instead of a true leader like Maryse. Melina is quick to defend her title and honor by saying that they are the only two women who believe in that and that she is the champion because she never backed down from a challenge like Maryse did many times. This hits Maryse the wrong way as she steps foreward with a fist wagging, but Beth holds her back and says that they will solve this come Wrestlemania. They exit as Melina flicks her wrist in disgust and continues her work.

    ---Commercial Break---
    -Match #2-
    WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
    The Hart Dynasty vs. The Colons(c)
    The Colon's come out like spark rockets bouncing off the ropes and landing some quick technical moves and kicks. Carlito and Primo keep DH Smith in their corner for the opening couple minutes. Finally Kidd snaps and jumps in taking The Colon's out of the ring to free up sometime for Smith to come back. Kidd is finally able to get into the match and uses his speed with power to counter and land some of his own solid moves well keeping Carlito in the heels corner. Kidd keeps control for a while, but The Colon's slowly battle back to the pleasure of the crowd. Primo uses his speed to finally get the champs back into it, but for a short time as after no more then one minute Smith powers Hart Dynasty back into the match. The match is controlled by Hart Dynasty using their power to lock in submissions and gain near falls, but somehow the Colon's are able to stay in it. As the match begins to come to an end The Colon's use the support of the crowd to fight back into the match, but suddenly Legacy approachs the ring distracting both teams. Carlito notices whats happening and lands a Backcracker on Smith well Primo chases Kidd to the outside for the win.
    Winners: And Still your WWE World Tag Team Champions... The Colons!

    The Colons refuse to take their belts from the ref as Legacy slowly continues their approach to the ring cautiously entering the ring. The Colons motion Legacy foreward, but they back away quickly as Smith and Kidd jump the champions. Legacy lets Hart Dynasty weaken the champions before jumping in and beating them down. Legacy uses some brutal tactics before ejecting Hart Dynasty out of the ring. Legacy then lets The Colon's back to their feet before landing an RKO ressurecting their leader! Legacy jumps to a vertical base and grab the tag titles from the ref, but are interupted when The World's Greatest Tag Team charges to the ring chasing Legacy away! The crowd cheers as the fan favorite tag team makes their return. Raw is War goes to a commercial with 2 tag teams struggling to get up well the other 2 are staring each other down.

    ---Commercial Break---

    When we return to Raw is War the ring is set up with a red carpet lying over it and two stools sitting in the middle of the ring. Edge makes his way to the ring first and welcomes everyone to the new WWE and the longest running WWE talk show, The Cutting Edge. Edge then goes on to run down the history himself and his guest have had over the past many years, being throwing into a river and going through TLC, basically going to hell and back again with this guest... John Cena. Cena makes his way to the ring to an ovation from the crowd like no one else could get. Edge starts off by congratulating Cena on being a member of this roster and a mumble can be heard through the crowd questioning why he wouldn't be. Edge then pushes on to say that they have ripped each other apart and put each other through for the past 5 plus years and that his body can't take anymore fights against Cena. Cena laughs and says that he has finally proving to be the dominant superstar, but Edge interupts Cena's tyriad to say that just because he doesn't want to push his body doesn't make him the better superstar and that that is why he has called Cena to be the guest on his show today. Edge then paces the ring and says that he wants to make a peace offering and become a tag team, knowing that they would be one of the most dominant in the WWE. Cena laughs in Edge's face and says that he is a singles competitor and even if he did have a tag team partner that it would never be him. Edge says that this is his only chance before all hell breaks loose one final time between them. Cena thinks very sarcastically before stepping foreward and sayingh is body will always be prepared to take a beating or deliver one. Cena throws the mic to the ground and flashes his signature 'You can't see me!' taunt before exiting the ring leaving Edge very pissed off. Raw is War goes to it's final commercial break before the Big Double Main Event commercial free event. Grisham and Lawler are in disbelief at what Cena said knowing all his previous injuries, well they also question what Edge may have up his sleeve after trying to make peace.

    ---Commercial Break---
    -First Main Event-
    Orton/Edge/Big Show/Swagger vs. Triple H/Cena/Christian/Punk
    Orton is visibly scared throughout most of the match as he started against Punk. Numerous distractions in the crowd and flickers of lights distracted Orton from fighting as his full potential as Punk is able to use his speed to counter Orton's weak moves. Punk and the face team keep Orton in the corner as all 3 others get a tag in and get their shots at the champion, but finally after almost 5 minutes of being jammed in the face corner Orton fights his way out using punches and kicks and even some dirty tactics when his opponents are blocking the refs view. Orton finally gets out of the ring and lets Big Show go to work on all 4 of them tossing them all out except Cena who is the legal man. Show goes to work beating down on Cena with powerful moves and capping it all off with a chokeslam that gets a 2 1/2 count. Show brings Cena into the corner and the heels begin to beat down Cena. Cena is unable to escape as each attempt is stopped by a fresh heel coming in.

    As the 10 minute mark hits Cena is still left in the heel corner with the crowd getting restless. Cena slowly fights back taking shots at each man before finally escaping and tagging in Triple H. Triple H cleans house, but is stopped by the legal man, The Big Show. Big Show slowly works on Triple H landing some powerful moves topped off with a hard and powerful samoan drop. Triple H is visibly hurt as the heels go to work on the back that Big Show has exposed as a weak spot, locking in submissions and landing suplexs. Triple H tries to fight backm but his weakening back is taking advantage of each time. Swagger gains many near falls on Triple H, but is quick to bail out of the ring when the King of Kings fights away from him and tags in Punk. The match finally turns into the faces favor as they keep Edge in their corner and try to exploit a weakness in him.

    The match comes to an end after almost 23 minutes of hard fought action when Swagger has Triple H at his helms utilizing the hurt back as an insurance policy against Hunter. Swagger has a Boston Crab locked in deep and as the faces get ready to save their partner the heels jump in just in time as Triple H taps out.
    Winners: Randy Orton, Edge, Big Show and Jack Swagger!

    Swagger continues to keep the hold locked in after the match as the heels rout him on, well holding the faces off. Finally the lights flicker and thunder is heard making everyone look around. Suddenly there is a huge bang and a blinding light hits the stage and Undertaker is left standing there. The heels quickly exit the ring and start heading through the crowd as Undertaker stares at Randy Orton following him through the crowd. Triple H and the faces watch on, visually freaked out at this happening.

    We enter Shane McMahon's office where he is typing crazly on his computer. Greg Helms steps foreward and asks Shane what he has set for Wrestlemania 25 so far. Shane gladly takes hold of the mic and begins by saying that after everything that has happened tonight Wrestlemania is turning into a huge event. He begins by explaining that after watching Regal's action towards the Inter-States Champion tonight he though that it would be a good idea to put the title on the line between Regal and Kingston, but make it, for the first time ever, a British Bar Room Brawl. This taking place in a British Bar with no rules! He then goes on to talk about the Tag Team titles and what transpired earlier in the show. He then says that the four teams that were involved in that post match scruffle will fight in a WWE World Tag Team title Battle Royal where the final wrestler standing on one of the teams will declare our new champions. Helms then jumps in asking about everything going on with the WWE World Title picture. Shane says that since The Undertaker is back and hungry for some Randy Orton he will get his shot in a Casket Match where it will be Streak VS. Title. There is a pop from the crowd for that announcement. He then goes onto announce that Edge, John Cena and the Big Show will duke it out in a Falls Count Anywheres match to declare our official #1 contender for the post Wrestlemania title oppourtunity. Shane then says that during the week more matches will be announced including the competitors for Money in the Bank.

    We return to ringside where Grisham and Lawler are in aww over what has transpired and the current Wrestlemania 25 card. They then hype up the grand finale match, the Television Title match and talk about the competitors.
    -Second Main Event-
    WWE Television Title Ladder Match
    Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne vs. Tommy Dreamer
    The match starts fast as The two Hardy's go after each other. Bourne attempts to use his highflying moves early against Dreamer, but Dreamer overpowers him. The two Hardy's have no cair in the world for the title as they are half way up the ramp, but the tables turn when Matt lands a Whisper in the Wind on the steel ramp. Matt then makes his way back to the irng where Dreamer has the ladder up and Bourne is on the outside after going for a spirngboard move, but Dramera landing a spinebuster counter. Dreamer is quick to stop Matt from climbing the ladder landing punches of his own. Dramer is very physcial with Matt landign hard clotheslines and delivering powerful suplexes, but he is stopped by Evan Bourne who is half way up the ladder. Dreamer quickly takes his physical ways to Bourne who gets ripped off the ladder and beating down again. Although the tables shift again when Jeff joins back into the match. It is all back and forth with Dreamer and Jeff, but Matt jumps in and uses his cast as a weapon before tossing the two of them out of the ring.

    We reach the 10 minutes mark and the ladder has barely been touched as Bourne and Matt are fighting in the ring, but Matt quickly gains the upperhand when he ducks a flying clothesline and lets Bourne fly face first into the ladder. Matt take advantage of everyone beaing down and starts climbing the ladder, but Dreamer and Jeff both jump back into the ring before Matt can get to the top. Matt quickly goes for the belt, but the ladder is pushes down as Matt falls out and shatters his cast on the barricade. Matt is in great pain, or seems to be as he starts leaving the arena. Jeff slowly fights up the ladder, but is met at the top by Dreamer where they exchange blows. They continues for a little longer until Dreamer catches Jeff with a snapping punch that knocks him to the canvas. The fight then turns for the worst when Bourne springs off the ropes and dropkicks the ladder sending Dreamer crashing to the outside! All 3 men are down as Matt is no where to be seen.

    The match hits 20 minutes now as all 3 men are feeling the effects of the match. Jeff goes to set up the ladder, but is stopped by Dreamer who begins firing off punches , but they are both stopped when Bourne springs and lands a double flying clothesline. Then out of the blue Matt jumps into the ring and grabs Boune and drops him with a Twist of Fate. Matt starts to climb the ladder, but is stopped by Dreamer. The match continues on with Dreamer tossing Matt out of the ring and climbing the ladder himself, but at two occasions being stopped by Jeff and Bourne. Dreamer fights them both off before grabbing the belt.
    Winner: And New WWE Television Champion... The King of Hardcore, Tommy Dreamer!

    Dreamer celebrates his hard fought victory as he jumps off the ladder holding the belt high over his head. Matt, Jeff and Bourne look on in pain and disbelief as Lawler and Grisham sign off thanking everyone for joining this new era and hyping up Wrestlemania, which is just two Sunday's away!

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    Re: WWE 2009: We Become One

    WWE News Update
    - Wrestlemania 25 is shaping up to be a huge event. The stadium is all set, their is a sold out crowd, the PPV event is already being pre-ordered and the card is shaping up quite well. Tune into Wrestlemania 25, for what is expected to be a historic night.

    - Staying on the topic of Wrestlemania 25 their have been a couple more matches announced.
    --- After witnessing the little war of words on Raw is War this past Monday between Beth/Maryse and Melina it looks as if the women's title will be defended after all. It will be, for the first time in the history of any wrestling event, an Elimination Chamber match between 6 Women; Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James and the Champ, Melina!
    --- In addition to what transpired after the first main event at Raw is War #1 Jack Swagger refused to release a hold on Triple H. This leading Shane McMahon to make a historic match between the two combatants with a special guest referee of the fans choice. The choice are as follows; Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Stephanie McMahon. so make sure to get online and start voting for who you think should be the special guest referee before the end of next Monday nights Raw is War.
    --- Also as announced by Shane during Raw is War we will be having the classic Money in the Bank Ladder Match consisting of 8 men. Shane chose the following men to participate in the match this year; Jeff and Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, MVP, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and 'WWE Hall of Famer' Tony Atlas. Who will be Mr. MITB after this year's historic Wrestlemania?

    - SPOILER!!!
    It has been said that the following five wrestlers will be released after Wrestlemania 25; Cryme Tyme, THE Brian Kendrick, Santino Marella, Tommy Dreamer. This being said it is clearly seen that Christian will become the WWE Television Champion at Wrestlemania, but the question is how they will write out the King of Hardcore?

    With the 5 releases the WWE has agreed to terms with 5 other superstars who will be joining the WWE after Wrestlemania; Finlay, Kane, Chavo Guerrero, Ricky Ortiz and Sheamus.

    Raw is War #2
    It is a week away from Wrestlemania 25 and Raw is War is getting ready with some huge matches and interviews.
    - We witnessed a historic night during week one of Raw is War where we witnessed The Undertaker make a historic return. Now this week on Raw we will have a sit down interview with the Undertaker and Randy Orton. What will the two have to say about Wrestlemania? And the return of the Phenom?
    - We will also get to see two huge match ups just before Wrestlemania, Pick Your Poison! Thats right Triple H and Jack Swagger will each get to pick the others opponent and try to play the mind games early on. Who will gain the upper hand heading into Wrestlemania 25?
    - Fresh off Shane's huge announcement of the first ever Women's Elimination Chamber Match we will witness a huge 6 Women tag team match consisting of the competitors. What will transpire Beth, Maryse and Kim take on Kelly Kelly, Melina and Mickie James?
    - What will Kofi Kingston have to say after being jumped by Burchill and the actions of Regal come this week on Raw? As well what will he have to say about the odds being stacked against him in the British Bar Room Brawl? Well Regal will be in tag team action with Burchill against the Tag Team champs, The Colon's. Another big match questioning whether another assault maybe in the future for The Colon's or any of the four teams in the Tag Team Title Battle Royal at Wrestlemania!
    - We will witness Tommy Dreamer defending his Television title for the first time since winning it on the first Raw is War against a former rival Christian. Will Dreamer be able to retain against Christian, a former rival?
    - After the huge announcement of the Money in the Bank competitors we will get to sit back and watch in the Main Event a huge 8 man tag team match. Which 4 men will gain an advantage heading towards the biggest event in wrestling history, Mark Henry, tony Atlas, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho or Jeff Hardy, Evan Bourne, MVP and CM Punk?

    Tune in for all this action and much more including appearences by John Cena, Edge, Big Show and many more this week on Raw is War!

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    Re: WWE 2009: We Become One

    looks good so far...just one this: you said the best and you have Mark henry and Tony Atlas? Keep it up.

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