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    wwo week 1

    Wwo Power hour
    Location-Frederick Md Harry grove stadium

    Attendance- 6,241
    Opening segment
    Welcome to wwo power hour we are live this is jbl alongside Mick Foley at ringside. And I think I speak for everyone jbl when I say the fans are off the hook tonight. Well as for me Mick I don’t care these people are nothing to me jbl replies.

    Angle/storyline build
    Kennedy we here the music of Mr. Kennedy hit as he heads to the ring to a huge pop. Kennedy waits for his mic as the fans go crazy. Kennedy says ladies and gentleman need I remind you who I am. Crowd chants Kennedy’s name he continues I am Mr. Kennedy…..Kennedy. He says I am here for one reason and that is to become wwo world champion. And I will stop at nothing to win the title. Orlando Jordan music hist and we see him atop the stage Jordan says there is a problem with Kennedy’s plan and its that he will win the wwo title not Kennedy. Vince Russo appears on stage and says the two will settle this in the main event tonight it will be kennedy vs. Jordan for the wwo world title.

    Match one
    La Resistance vs. The bashum brothers
    Title-wwo tag titles
    During match La Resistance dominates the bashum’s and become the first ever wwo tag team champs. Post match Rene Dupree brags about win and gets heat from the crowd.
    Winner-La Resistance and new wwo tag champs 8:23 time limit

    Angle/storyline build
    Monty brown hears to the ring to big crowd pop. Brown says he is going to use wwo to jumpstart his career again back to the top where he belongs. He is interrupted by Luther Reigns and he hit’s the ring. The two stare down each other and begin to fight Monty holds his own until assistant gm tazz hit’s the stage he says the two will compete for the wwo us title tonight in a last man standing match.

    Match two
    Elijah Burke vs. A-train
    Title- n/a
    Burke grabs mic and says he has turned new leaf and will succeed in wwo.
    Elijah Burke gets a quick win as he is able beat him with speed and highflying attacks.
    Winner-Elijah Burke buy pin fall 3:54 time limit

    Mark Jindrak comes to the ring and says he should be in the wwo world title match tonight. He goes on to blame the fans for him not being in the match. Maven’s music hits and crowd gors to there feet. He tells Jindrak if he wants a title match he will have to go through him tonight with the winner getting a wwo us title shot. Jindrak says it will be an honor to end Maven’s career.

    Match three
    Maven vs. Mark Jindrak
    Jindrak puts maven in the torture rack and makes Maven tap to earn a wwo us title match at the ppv.
    Winner-Mark Jindrak by submission in 6:45 time limit
    We go backstage and jbl interviews Kennedy about title match tonight. Jbl says what makes Kennedy think he can win the title .Kennedy tells jbl he sounds like he wants a piece of Kennedy to. jbl says if he was not retired he would destroy him. Kennedy slaps jbl in the face and leaves.

    Match 4
    Monty Brown vs. Luther Reigns
    Title-wwo us title
    Monty hits Luther with a spear and follows with a jackhammer and becomes the first wwo us champ.
    Winner-Monty Brown by pin fall and new wwo us champ
    Announcer segment
    Jbl returns to ring side and tells Cole Kennedy is going to wish he never slapped him. It was the biggest mistake he will ever make.

    Main event
    Match five
    Mr. Kennedy vs. Orlando Jordan
    Title-wwo world championship
    The match was a very long clash of titans the crowd on there feet the hole concludes with Kennedy hitting Jordan with a rko and mocks wwe star Randy Orton and goes for yhe cover 1.2.3
    Winner-Mr. Kennedy by pin fall and new wwo world champ in a 15:28 time limit
    Post match
    Kennedy celibrates with the crowd as he wins his first world title. Jbl enters the ring and hit’s the clothesline from hell on kennedy as the show ends with jnl holding the title in the air.
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