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Thread: Monday Night Wars 2001

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    Monday Night Wars 2001

    WCW had become nothing more than a parody of what once was the greatest wrestling promotion on the face of the earth. A good majority of their fans had either stopped watching, or turned over to the raunchy, over the top attitude of the WWF. Many top wrestlers were predicting the fall of WCW and in turn jumped to the WWF in an attempt to revitalize their careers. Little did they know, one of the biggest revelations in Pro Wrestling history was on the cusp of it's inception.

    Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon who had been groomed as the successors to the McMahon empire had grown tired of living in their father's large shadow. They felt it was time to make a name for themselves separate from their father's accomplishments. In October of 2000 Shane and Stephanie took a giant risk and secretly began negotiating with WCW in order to purchase the failing company.

    With the help of a silent partner, the McMahon's were able to quietly purchase WCW without their father's knowledge. It was very public that WCW had been sold, it just was kept under wraps as to who bought it.

    With the support and blessing of their mother, Linda McMahon Shane and Stephanie went onto step 2 of their plan. They combined all three McMahon's stocks in the WWF, as well as purchased additional stock with funds provided by their financial backer. With this move, they had Vince by the balls as they were now one of the majority owners within the WWF.

    With that power, Shane and his group were able to convince the Titan Sports board of directors that it would be in the best interests of the WWF to expand their brand. They revealed their new found ownership of the WCW brand and claimed that Titan Sports now has an amazing opportunity to be in control of the two top wrestling brands in the world and maximize both profit and stock value. In return for Shane will set up the WCW brand and allow Titan Sports to franchise it as a separate company. Shane suggests that in order to do this right they need the star power to balance out.

    After Vince gets over how furious he is regarding the situation, he realizes the great business opportunity that awaits for him to have his company Titan Sports franchise WCW. The draft proposal is voted in and the new era of WCW is upon us.

    The draft took place behind closed doors and the results were announced to the public. The New Era of the Monday Night Wars is set to begin on January 1st of 2001.

    (Note From iamthedestroyer: I understand everybody is only aloud one active BTB. This is Millar13's BTB thread, I am simply a participant in it. With that in mind, hopefully my WWE 2K9 thread won't be seen as conflicting with this.)

    World Championship Wrestling
    Head Booker: Millar13
    Owner: Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon
    General Manager: Eric Bischoff

    TV Show: Monday Night Nitro

    WCW World: Booker T
    WCW US: Vacant
    WCW Cruiserweight: Vacant
    WCW Tag Team: Vacant

    Roster (In Drafted Order From 1st Overall To 35th Overall):
    Scott Steiner
    Triple H
    Bill Goldberg
    Ric Flair
    Mick Foley
    Booker T
    Chris Benoit
    Billy Gunn
    Scott Hall
    Kevin Nash
    Road Dogg
    X Pac
    Big Show
    Bubba Dudley
    Stevie Richards
    Scotty 2 Hottie
    Grandmaster Sexay
    Mark Jindrak

    World Wrestling Federation
    Head Booker: iamthedestroyer
    Owner: Vince McMahon
    TV Show: Raw Is War

    Champions (As Of January 1st):
    WWF Champion: Kurt Angle
    WWF IC Champion: Vacant
    WWF European Champion: William Regal
    WWF Tag Team Champion: Edge and Christian

    Roster (In Drafted Order From 1st Overall To 35th Overall):
    Steve Austin
    The Rock
    Hulk Hogan
    Chris Jericho
    Kurt Angle
    Eddie Guerrero
    Rey Mysterio JR
    Jeff Hardy
    Matt Hardy
    Lance Storm
    Val Venis
    Shawn O'Haire
    Shane Helms
    Shane Douglas
    Sid Vicious
    D'Lo Brown
    Essa Rios
    Trish Stratus
    Mr Perfect
    Shannon Moore
    Juvi Guerrero
    Dean Malenko
    Perry Saturn
    Al Snow
    Steve Blackman

    (At the end of every 30 day period there will be a new thread made in which the readers can vote on who won the Monday Night Wars during the previous month. This helps create a competitive atmosphere.)

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    World Championship Wrestling presents

    Live From
    Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts

    The McMahon Siblings and Eric Bischoff would like to welcome you, to the re-birth of World Championship Wrestling. Due to the nature of the the re-introduction of WCW via the McMahon family; tonight's show will have a stacked card with a number of matches for all four championship belts, including the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.


    WCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Booker T vs. Sting vs. Bill Goldberg

    Six Man Tornado Tag
    The British Bull Dog & The Big Show & Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair & Dallas Page & Scott Steiner

    -Main Card-
    WCW World Tag Team Championship
    The Outsiders w/ Terri Runnels vs. The Dudley Boyz

    WCW US Championship
    Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarret

    Tazz vs. Triple H w/ Chyna vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Rikishi

    -Under Card-
    APA vs. The New Age Outlaws

    WCW Cruiserweight Championship
    Elimination Tag Scramble Match
    Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty & Chris Candido & Stevie Richards vs. X-Pac & Billy Kidman & Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble


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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    Raw Is War January 1st 2001 Preview:

    Wrestling fans have been buzzing with anticipation after what is billed as one of the most historic months in wrestling history. WCW, a company that was on life support has shocked the world by cheating death after a blockbuster purchase by the younger half of the McMahon family. You've gotta imagine that Vince McMahon would be fuming after not only being double crossed by his son, but also manipulated into participating in a draft that saw many of his key superstars be given to the new entity of Titan Sports, WCW.

    With anger, comes motivation. Vince McMahon did not leave empty handed for his troubles, and was able to steal many key superstars from the WCW roster. With the combined ability of these new superstars along with the current crop of WWF talent that was able to be kept within the company Vince McMahon is looking to contribute to a deja vu and crush the WCW once again in the Monday Night Wars.


    With the Royal Rumble only 4 weeks away, a blockbuster match has been announced for tomorrow night's show. A 10 Man Over The Top Invitational will take place. The winner will be granted the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble match.


    Former WWF Champion and WrestleMania headliner Sid Vicious will be in action in his WWF Re-Debut against T&A's Test. This is Sid's chance to prove to the world that he has what it takes to move up the ladder in the current dog eat dog climate that is the WWF.


    The WWF Intercontinental Championship has been vacated after the reigning champion Chris Benoit was drafted to the WCW. Vince McMahon has announced that this week there will be a "WCW Opporitunity Match". Lance Storm, Sean O'Haire, and Mr.Perfect will face off in a Triple Threat with the winner advancing on to participate in the Intercontinental Championship match at the Royal Rumble against the winner of another Triple Threat match which will take place next week.


    Last but not least. Vince McMahon published a historic press release via earlier today stating that both the Light Heavyweight and the Hardcore Championship will be forever retired in the name of restructuring the WWF in order to provide the best product possible for the fans. In the place of those two belts, McMahon plans to combine the fast pace action of the Light Heavyweight Division, with the innovation of the Hardcore division by introducing a new belt entitled the "Junior Heavyweight" Championship. McMahon has stated that this month there will be a tournament taking place on Raw leading to the first Junior Heavyweight Championship match taking place Live at the Royal Rumble. In an opening match for the tournament this week former WCW sensation Rey Mysterio will take on Essa Rios.

    With the biggest superstars in the world today, The Rock, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, and The Undertaker all set to appear live on Raw this will be a can't miss show!

    Confirmed Matches:

    10 Man Over The Top Rope Invitational For The Number 30 Spot In The Royal Rumble

    Junior Heavyweight Tournament Match
    Rey Mysterio VS Essa Rios

    Junior Heavyweight Tournament Match
    Eddie Guerrero VS Jeff Hardy

    Sid Vicious VS Test

    WCW Opporitunity Match
    Winner goes onto the IC Championship match at the Royal Rumble

    Lance Storm VS Sean O'Haire VS Mr.Perfect

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    00:00-00:02 – Nitro’s opening video starts with a quick reminder of the draft and the fact that WCW is now under the control of both the McMahon children and Eric Bischoff.

    0:02-0:07 - A familiar tune plays out over the PA system that is none other than the theme for the nWo. Without the fans even having being given the chance to settle after the opening credits for Nitro the infamous figure that is Eric Bischoff walks out from the back wearing nothing more than the iconic black and white t-shirt. Following Eric out from the back, are fellow nWo members Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarret and Scott Steiner. The fans seem wary of what to think, of whether to feel positive or negative towards the five men as they enter the ring. As the music stops, all eye are looking towards to the ring as Eric is handed a microphone.

    “I have just got one thing to say before I probably begin. Vince McMahon...F**K YOU!” - Eric Bischoff

    It is more than clear that the WCW fans are more than happy with that comment, as it has since become public knowledge of how determined Vince was to shutting down WCW for good. Not only are the fans cheering, but the rest of the New World Order are patting Eric on the back, as if to congratulate him for accomplishing a grand feat.

    “However, as much fun as insulting that idiot would be I think it is important for everyone in the back, everyone in attendance tonight and everyone watching from home that the nWo are back and are still very much in control. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the nWo is not only the most famous stable of all time, but also the greatest collaboration of wrestlers currently active today. There isn’t a single group in the WWE, let alone in the back that can match up to the ability of the nWo.” – Eric Bischoff




    As the theme music and video for Degeneration-X plays on the tinatron screen, the majority of the fans in the Gillette are completely going berserk with the fully realisation of what is very much likely about to take place. On the other hand, the nWo don’t look at all happy about the sudden interruption.

    “I just realised something Tony, and I can’t believed I have missed this. We have DX and the nWo both in the WCW. How the hell are two groups full of egos going to be able to survive here in WCW?” - Mike Tenay

    “I think your asking the wrong question Mike. What I want to know is when pushes comes to shove which one of these groups is going to be still standing?” - Tony Schiavone

    As the nWo members seem to be getting more frustrated, the music stops as clear cut message appears on the tinatron screen.

    “SUCK IT!”

    The crowd cheer at this message, as fury is starting to show on Eric’s face and his fellow stable mates faces.

    “At least on thing is confirmed Mike. A war is definitely on the cards!” - Tony Schiavone

    Eric Bischoff seems to have given up what was going to be some nWo public address, and seems to be giving orders in the middle of the ring. The first to leaves are Scott Hall and Kevin Nash the outsiders, who are soon followed by Jarret. Steiner and Eric remain in the ring for a while longer, before both men exit together.


    00:07-00:18- WCW Cruiserweight Championship
    Elimination Tag Scramble Match
    Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty & Chris Candido & Stevie Richards vs. X-Pac & Billy Kidman & Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble

    Beginning: The start of the match saw in many what the capabilities of some and that that was lacking of others. X-Pac and Stevie Richards were the stand out men for both teams. Unfortunately both members off 2 Cool (Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty) as well as Chavo Guerrero all found themselves being eliminated earlier on from the match.

    Middle: With the remove of the excess bodies, the match seemed to grow more open as the skills and talents that are known and expected within the Cruiserweight Division became more apparent. High flying and technical moves came into full fruition, and the two men that had dominated earlier found themselves caught out as both Stevie Richards and X-Pac were eliminated. With a two on one scenario forming, but the knowledge of only one man leaving as champion communications broke down between Kidman and Noble. This went to the point, where Kidman blind sided Noble allowing Candido to eliminate Noble thus making Candido and Kidman the final two.

    Finish: Both men gave as good as they could chew, but fatigue was very much beginning to set in as was to expected whilst competing in a match of this nature. Both men had their chances of getting a win, but it seemed that the other man always had that little bit extra in the tank to survive. The match came to abrupt end however when Kidman connected with the Kid Krusher to take the victory.

    Winner: Billy Kidman (new WCW Cruiserweight Champion)


    00:18-00:19 – Billy Kidman had quick chat with “Mean Gene” Okerlund, with the topic mostly focusing around his crowning as the new Cruiserweight Champion.


    00:19-00:25 - APA vs. The New Age Outlaws

    Beginning: The Outlaws started off the match with a clear advantage, largely down to the fact as a team they are more capable and also more skilled as a pairing of wrestlers. Despite the clear advantage that the Outlaws had, both Farooq and Bradshaw came to their partners’ aid at the necessary time.

    Middle: The coming to their partners’ aid mentality seemed to work in the APA’s favour, as after each save the Acolytes seemed to grow in confidence after each save. At the same time the Outlaws seemed to getting more and more frustrated. The APA thought they had won, when they hit the Aider Powerbomb on Road Dogg who somehow managed to kick out at the last possible moment to the APA’s amazement.

    Finish: It seemed that the most for the APA to capitalize had past. The Outlaws as representatives of the DX really turned up the heat though, to the point that the APA looked like a bunch of jobbers. Farooq found himself thrown over the top rope only for Bradshaw to be taken out with the Spike Piledriver as the Outlaws took the win.

    Winners: The New Age Outlaws

    00:25-00:27Advertisement Break: something about rims and tyres and other interesting automobile jargon.

    00:27-00:36 - Tazz vs. Triple H w/ Chyna vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Rikishi

    Beginning: The fact that Triple H was taking pat in a WCW match, was enough to turn heads as it was and it was clear that the other three men weren’t too happy that Hunter was being given all the attention. The trend continued; as Triple H remained the centre of attention receiving a gang style take down from the other three men.

    Middle: It seemed that Triple H had gotten the beating off his life, as he remained grounded trying regain some composure. Mark Jindrak being the youngest man in the match, showed his athleticism and power as pulled a number of suplexes and slams out of his move set to make light work of both Rikishi and Tazz. Tazz showed his resilience, but Jindrak seemed to be running on pure adrenaline.

    Finish: Towards the end of the match Jindrak seemed to be running on fumes, and was gradually slowing down. This allowed for Tazz to lock in the Tazzmission, and it looked as if Jindrak was very much on the verge of tapping. At this exact moment, Chyna entered the ring totally distracting the referee who actually missed Jindrak tapping. At the same moment Triple H low blowed Rikishi before going for a quick cover which the referee did pick up on to give his first win as a member of the WCW roster.

    Winner: Triple H w/ Chyna


    00:36-00:40 - The scene cuts backstage as Shawn Michaels, wearing suit and tie is talking to one of the two female members on the WCW roster Lita.

    “You must be a little annoyed not be on the same roster as both Jeff and Matt, how do you think that came about?” - Shawn Michaels

    Lita smiles at this question, probably based on the fact that is very well known that she is in a real life relationship Matt Hardy.

    “I don’t know to be honest, but I suppose that is just business. You never know, I might be given an offer to rejoin Matt and Jeff because I am sure I will start missing them sooner or later. The important question Shawn is are you returning to the ring or are you remaining more in the back for a while longer.” - Lita

    The question is a good one, considering Shawn had been majorly been seen in a wrestling promotion for nearly three whole years. The fact that he had been drafted, suggested very much he still had a contract and so it was evident that it wasn’t just Lita who was waiting in anticipation of his answer.

    “You know, I first found out I could be involved in the shake up when I got a call from Shane. He told me that unless anything happened I would be drafted as the sixth or seventh pick this was done on that understanding that if he scratched my back, I would do the same for him. Plus I am sure that Vince was less than pleased to hear I had joined WCW.” - Shawn Michaels.

    Before Lita could reply, Shawn and Lita both found themselves being interrupted by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

    “Shawn you haven’t seen the Giant have you?” - Scott Hall

    “The Giant? Who the hell is that?” - Shawn Michaels

    Kevin is quick to reply.

    “Scott you can’t call him that anymore. Ever since that jabroni Hogan forced him out, he is now calling himself the Big Show.” - Kevin Nash

    “Really?” - Scott Hall

    “Yeah. So Shawn have you seen ‘The Big Show’?” - Kevin Nash

    Shawn just stares at Nash, as you could cut the tension between them with a knife before he finally replies.

    “Sorry Kevin, I have no idea where he is.” - Shawn Michaels


    00:40-0054 - WCW US Championship
    Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarret

    Beginning: Jarret and Benoit having both held the US Title were no strangers to each other, considering Jeff had actually won it off Chris in the past, thus allowed for this to me seen as a dream match. Benoit and Jarret began the match at a very face pace and seemed to have an answer and a counter for everything the other man had. At one point, the two just stared at each as they were given a standing ovation from the fans.

    Middle: The match remained varied as Benoit utilized his technical and submission skills to his advantage, whilst Jarret countered and reversed with a number of sleeper holds and reverse arms drags of his own. After nearly ten minutes of fighting it seemed that the deadlock had still very much not been broken and both men were on an even par.

    Finish: A breakthrough finally came about, when Eric Bischoff came down to the ring and was an instant distraction to Benoit with the knowledge that he was very much in Jarret’s corner due to the fact both men are in the nWo. Jarret looked to have the match wrapped up, as distracted referee thanks to Eric, allowed Jeff to hit the Acoustic Equalizer demolishing the guitar over Benoit’s head. Unfortunately double JJ got rolled over onto his belly during the pin count, as Benoit locked in the Cripple Cross Face which left Jeff tapping.

    Winner: Chris Benoit (new US Champion)


    00: 54-00:57 - The Dudley Boyz are standing outside the door marked “Acolytes Protection Agency” as they break out in conversation.

    “Do you really need to do this? We have never asked for outside help before.” - D-Von Dudley

    “D-Von as much as it sickens me to say this, there is only so much two men can do. Especially, when facing off against the like the nWo. Nash and Hall are going to be tough, but the likes of Jarret, Eric and Steiner interrupting could cost us those titles. And those are the only current members were know who are involved with the black and white. These idiots are just going to have to be our insurance policy.” - Bubba Ray Dudley

    “You make a good point Bubba, wouldn’t hurt to have someone cover our backs.” - D-Von Dudley

    Bubba knocks on the door, before push men open it and walk in as the camera focuses in on the APA sign on the door once more.

    00:57-00:59Advertisement Break: Something about beauty products, a ploy clearly targeting the female demographic.

    00:59-01:01 - Mean Gene interviewed Benoit briefly backstage, as Benoit had the strap hanging over his shoulder for the third time in his career. The most memorable comments from the Rapid Wolverine was:

    “Whether I win or lose, I always know I have he WCW fans in my corner.” - Chris Benoit

    01:01-1:15 - WCW World Tag Team Championship
    The Outsiders w/ Terri Runnels vs. The Dudley Boyz

    Beginning: The Outsiders were accompanied to the ring by Terri Runnels who was wearing an nWo t-shirt and was seen to be kissing Nash showing them to be romantically involved and look more than prepared to take on the 9 time former world tag team champions. It was more than clear that there was a lack of respect between the team, likely due to the fact that Nash and Hall made their name here in WCW whilst The Dudleys were made infamous in rival promotion ECW, which had unfortunately since then gone under.

    Middle: The action was very gritty, as both teams focused as the want for a tag titles was clearly at the front of all four men’s minds. At a point, the Dudleys looked as if they had the Outsiders caught out which resulted in Steiner and Jarret spilling out from the back. This resulted in the APA following in pursuit as a brawl took place on the entrance ramp as security was brought out to handle the mess as all four were banned from ringside by the referee. Despite, never making the ring the fellow nWo members seemed to have an effect on the Dudleys.

    Finish: The match proved to be quite a memorable one, as both the Outsiders and the Dudleys showed off both their individual talents and their skills as a tag team always keeping their opponents on their toes and never letting off the pedal. The Dudleys looked like they had the match and the titles in their grasp, after throwing Hall down with all their force but Runnel placed Hall’s hand onto the bottom rope meant that the referee was forced to call a rope break. In the confusion of the decision, D-Von found himself arguing with the referee as Bubba was dropped to the mat with a Jackknife Powerbomb which allowed for the Outsiders to take the victory.

    Winners: The Outsiders (new World Tag Team Champions)

    01:15-01:18 - As Nash and Hall were handed the titles, making themselves the WCW Tag Team Champions for the seventh time in their careers. Nash asked for a microphone as it was more than clear that had something to say.

    “Now for nearly the last hour Scott and I have been trying to find Paul Wight, known to us as the Giant but know going along with the name The Big Show. You see me and Scott especially want to apologize to him. If you can hear us Paul we are apologizing to you. We never wanted you to leave the nWo, let alone WCW. We never wanted to do what we did to you, but our hand was forced by the likes of that snake Hogan. We never liked that idiot, but he had power and influence and at the time he had our balls in the vice grip. Now we are extending out our hand and we want you to re-join us and become once again the big man of the black and white once more. We need you Paul.” - Kevin Nash

    “Well it seems that the New World Order want to bring the Big Show into the fold, and I can’t blame them. During his short stint as a member of the WWF he showed he was more than capable of being a great competitor without being kept down by the likes of the selfish force that was Hollywood Hogan.” - Tony Schiavone

    “What worries me, is that although Jarret fell short tonight the fact that the Outsiders are the tag team a champion is going to give the nWo a whole lot more power than they did at the start of show.” - Mike Tenay

    01:18-01:20 - Advertisement Break: An advert hyping up the comeback of the Nitro girls to WCW in the next couple of weeks.

    01:20-01:23 - At the end of the advertisement break, the camera cuts to an office backstage as both Shane and Stephanie McMahon smile at the camera for the first time as the owners and financial benefactors of World Championship Wrestling.

    “Hi my name is Shane McMahon...” - Shane McMahon

    “...and my name is Stephanie McMahon, and we are the children of none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon the owner of the World Wrestling Federation. Now recently we became the owners of WCW and so it is in our best interest that this company and more importantly this show that is Monday Night Nitro remains as strong as possible. Not only will the rejuvenation of the Monday Night wars be a battle of the WWF against WCW but it will be the McMahon children against our father. And I think that it is more than clear we have the best interest of the wrestling world in mind.” - Stephanie McMahon

    “And so we would like to cut to our first power play as WCW owners. Tonight’s next contest will be a six man tag match. We know that all six men are more than capable of achieving world championship gold so we are putting down this card on the table. The winning trio will be given a chance in the next few weeks a chance to earn themselves a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. The losers however, will simply have to reassess themselves as main eventers that is all.” - Shane McMahon


    01:23-01:37 - Six Man Tornado Tag
    The British Bull Dog & The Big Show & Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair & Dallas Page & Scott Steiner

    Beginning: The problem that was clear, as neither trio really new each other’s dynamics as a team as both teams struggled to gel together and work in any unison. Steiner and Flair seemed to have the biggest problem out of everybody which was clearly not a good thing as they were on the same team. The best action early on, came from the small amount of action that took place between Foley and Dallas Page.

    Middle: After a while the realization of what the McMahons had said, seemed to fall into place as the motivation of a world championship shot really seem to give all six men the drive that the fans expected of them. All six men put their heart into the match, and refused to let the other team get an advantage as started actually working as a team rather than just a group of individuals.

    Finish: Communications really broke down between Steiner and Flair as they started to throw punches at each other, and seemed to lose totally all interest in the actual match. This left Dallas Page in the unfortunate situation of taking on three men. He managed to tackle the likes of the Big Show and Mick Foley but he came up against a brick wall in Davey “Boy” Smith who took him out with a Running Powerslam to take home the victory.

    Winners: The British Bull Dog & The Big Show & Mick Foley

    01:37-01:39 - Advertisement Break: Everyone loves monster truck racing and free cheese burgers.

    01:39-01:42 - We cut backstage for the last segment of the night that has Stephanie McMahon walk into Eric Bischoff’s office. Eric looks up from his paper, clearly not happy to be disturbed especially by a McMahon despite what had been said on air previously.

    “How can I help you Stephanie?” - Eric Bischoff

    “I just want to remind you Eric, that you have been put back in the position of General Manager to run WCW and not the nWo. I hope you understand that?” - Stephanie McMahon

    “Of course I do Stephanie; I am just as always looking to get those vital ratings. We don’t want your father to end up looking better after this matter transition.” - Eric Bischoff

    “Of course not! Well that is all.” - Stephanie McMahon

    Stephanie walks out of the room, and closes the door as Eric just shakes his head before laughing.

    “Just another stupid naive little girl.” - Eric Bischoff


    01:42-01:57 -WCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Booker T vs. Sting vs. Bill Goldberg

    Beginning: The match starts off with both men wary on their toes, and trying to keep one eye on each of their opponents. The clear pattern is the worry of being taken out to early in the match, and then not being able to get back into the match. Sting ad Goldberg seem to be fronting the action much more early on, whilst Booker T seems to just be happy to almost watch.

    Middle: As soon as punches has connected, and tempers had boiled the real fighting began with all three men caring little much for their personal selves and much more concentred with causing as much damage and pain to their opponents as possible. The most notable point, was when Booker T connected with a spinning kick to Goldberg only to connect with a scissors kick to Sting moments later and was very lucky not to take the strap their and then.

    Finish: Goldberg was very much on the rampage, and was making light work of Booker T and seemed to have him up against the wall begging for mercy. In the confusion, with the referee attending to see if Booker was alright Sting took his infamous baseball bat and seemed to knock out Goldberg, before moving over to Booker to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock which had Booker tapping within seconds.

    Winner: Sting (new WCW World Heavyweight Championship)

    01:57-01:59 - As Sting was handed the title belt, and became the World Champion for the seventh time in an already illustrious career. He lifts it above his head, only to stare towards the main stage as the Outsiders of Nash and Hall are both giving him round of applause. Sting as a look that show he is trying to ignore it, but the signifier of what is taking place is clear. Moments later, the screen fades to black.


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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    The Raw opening video airs, pyro goes off and we're welcomed to the first edition of RAW after the famous inter promotional draft between both franchises of Titan Sports, WWF and WCW. The new Monday Night Wars are upon us and we've got an exciting show ahead of us as the road to the Royal Rumble begins.

    0:02-0:12-McMahon's music hits. He struts his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans. McMahon is handed a microphone and gets ready to speak.

    McMahon: Throughout my career, I've crushed so many people. I've never been afraid to destroy somebody else's life work, to put somebody else's family out on the street because they opposed my company the WWF. During the Monday Night Wars, I did the impossible. I took on a billionaire, and even after he raped me of all my talent that I spent years and numerous resources building up.....I won.

    It feels so great to say that dammit....I won....or so I thought.....Just as WCW had one foot in the grave my son, my god forsaken child Shane McMahon went behind my back and not only purchased the WCW but also manipulated the situation and convinced the rest of my family, and a majority of the board of directors to franchise WCW through Titan Sport and to hold a draft, once again stealing my superstars that I have spent so long building up.

    Well Shane......daddy is finally proud of you. You hear me right, dammit! Your whole life, I thought you could never fill my shoes, I tried to ignore it, I tried to be rational about things, but for once in your miserable existence you proved me wrong. You proved that I was right to stop your mother from swallowing you when she had the chance! You see Shane, you did exactly what I would have done in your position, you did exactly what I did to my dad when I was your age, and you did well....You tried to revolutionize something and make it your own in order to step out of my immense shadow, and for that, I'm finally proud.

    But make no mistake Shane, just because I am proud of you does not mean I don't hate your guts. You're trying to make your name at my expense, and whether or not you are family I cannot condone that. For that reason alone, I will do whatever is in my power to crush the WCW. For the sake of you, and for the sake of the investors and Titan Sports I hope you're aware of what you've gotten yourself into Shane.

    Enough of this business talk, I'm going to switch subjects here if you folks at home don't mind. We're 4 weeks away from the Royal Rumble! The winner of that match will go on to Main Event the biggest spectacle in Sports Entertainment History, Wres......

    **Voodoo child hits...Hogan comes out wearing all black with his trade mark bandanna and white sunglasses. In a serial moment Hogan enters the ring and goes face to face with Mr.McMahon. He grabs the microphone and begins to speak.**

    Hulk Hogan: I believe you were going to say WrestleMania.

    Vince McMahon: Who in the hell do you think you are interrupting me on my show, in my company?!

    Hulk Hogan: Calm down Vince, I can feel your blood pressure from here brother. I just was in the back, and I couldn't help to over hear you talking about how you built up the WWF. Not to be picky, but there are some inconsistencies in your story. If I remember correctly, I built up the WWF, not you. If it wasn't for Hulkamania these loser virgin fans wouldn't be sitting in these seats today because wrestling would be dead!

    **The fans begin chanting "Hogan Sucks" after being bombarded by Hogan's true colors.**

    Vince McMahon:
    Hogan, you have a point. The WWF would have been nothing with Hulkamania, but Hulkamania wouldn't have been anything without the WWF. It was a mutually beneficial partnership. The fact of the matter is, when you were over there in the WCW I was here, and I put out a product that kicked your ass and put your company out of business.

    Hogan: Woah, woah, woah; Vince I think we have a little bit of a misunderstanding here. I didn't care if the WCW died. They were horrible business people over there, it was hilarious brother. I took those chumps for all that they were worth. But you see Vince, I know you, I know you very well and you're a good business man. A very good business man. I could never pull that over on you, not in my wildest dreams. As you just mentioned, with you and I it has always been a mutually beneficial partnership. That's why I have a suggestion there. There isn't anybody in the back that is nearly as popular as I am. How about instead of holding the Rumble you sign it right now. Hulk Hogan in the Wrestlemania Main Event for the first time in almost a decade. WWF Championship, Hogan VS Angle! Start advertising now, and I guarantee you the buyrates will sky rocket. There isn't anybody in the back who can draw nearly as much money as I ca.....

    **The glass shatters, and the fans go nuts! Austin power walks his way down to the ring. He does his typical turnbuckle taunts and goes face to face with McMahon and Hogan. He grabs a microphone and looks to be joining in on this tirade.**

    Austin: I was in the back, chugging down a few Steve-weisers getting in the mood to raise some hell and I couldn't help but overhear you come down here and run your mouth. You come out here and talk about your Pay Per View buy rates, your WrestleManias, your business perception, well you know what Austin 3:16 thinks? Austin 3:16 thinks it don't matter cause you're just a lousy piece of shit, always have been, always will and if you don't learn to shut your mouth I will have no problem with doing it for you.

    Hogan: Woah, woah, woah. Steve, settle down. You're a great wrestler, but I think we can both agree that you were just keeping the top seat in the WWF warm for until Vince could somehow get me back on board. There's no shame in that brother. How about this? Vince McMahon gives me the WrestleMania Main Event against Angle, and then maybe at Backlash or a lesser PPV you and I can have a little match, you job to me, everybody goes home happy. What do you say?

    Austin: You know Hogan, come to think of it.......Austin 3:16 doesn't need to wait until a lesser Pay Per View, and doesn't need a title match with you, cause you're right here.

    **Hogan looks confused, Austin runs at Hogan and Lou Thez Presses him. The two begin rolling around exchanging blows. Vince tries to pry them off of each other but gets pushed to the ground. About a dozen backstage officials hit the ring and separate the two. The WWF is not big enough for both these future legends!**

    The scene fades out with security struggling to separate the two men as Vince fumes in anger. The commentators remind us that both Austin and Hogan will be in the 10 man battle royal for the number 30 spot later tonight.

    We see a shot of Angle arriving in the arena with his luggage and the WWF Championship proudly over his shoulder. We head to a commercial break.

    0:16-0:30-Junior Heavyweight Tournament Match: Rey Mysterio VS Essa Rios
    Beginning: A video package hyping Mysterio's high flying and innovative style is shown. Essa comes out first to a negative reaction from the crowd. Mysterio debuts to a huge pop. The match goes back and fourth with a ridiculous amount of high flying moves and counters.

    Realizing that Mysterio is a better luchadore than him. Rios changes his mid match strategy and begins wrestling a more aggressive brawling style. He grounds Mysterio and begins hitting stiff kicks to the knees in order to try and ground the luchadore. Mysterio attempts to mount numerous comebacks, getting closer each time, but is repeatedly grounded by an aggressive Rios.

    Rios begins hitting high impact suplexes and drops, followed by half a dozen near falls. He whips Mysterio into the ropes. Mysterio catches the ropes instead of rebounding. Rios runs at Mysterio but Mysterio pulls the ropes down sending Rios crashing to the floor. In a moment of desperateness Mysterio hits the ropes and hits a giant flying cross body to the outside connecting beautifully on Rios. Both men make it back into the ring just shy of the 10 count. Rios attempts a backdrop on Mysterio, Mysterio flips out and hits a low drop kick to the back of Rios sending Rios neck first into the middle rope. This sets up for the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop! Mysterio covers for the three!

    Here is your winner: Rey Mysterio

    0:30-0:35-A minute long video package is shown hyping Psycho Sid's debut as being up as the next match. We then head to a commercial break.

    0:35-0:38-Coachman is standing by with Val Venis who is no longer wearing his Right To Censor uniform. Coachman asks Venis why he isn't in his typical attire. Venis answers by claiming that after Stevie Richards got drafted to WCW it clicked off a switch in his head, he stopped drinking the cool-aid. Venis realized that what makes the WWF so great is the fact that the fans essentially have the ability to dictate what they want to see, and it's obvious they didn't want to see a group of middle aged men trying to nanny their viewing habits. Venis says it feels good finally having the foresight to be himself once again, and asks for the fans forgiveness and for them as well as all the ladies once again to please accept him back as the fun loving guy they once cheered.

    The promo gets a fairly positive reaction from the live crowd.


    0:42-0:48-Angle's music hits. Angle makes his way to the ring to an unreal amount of heel heat. He is escorted by his pals, Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian. Angle gets on the microphone and begins hyping how he is the greatest champion of all time, and how he went over 5 other men in the Armageddon Hell In A Cell last month to retain his belt.

    Angle is interrupted by The Rock who cuts a promo insulting him. The Rock says Angle might be right, after Sunday The Rock truly believes that his monkey ass could be the greatest champion of all time. The Rock suggests that if Angle truly wants to prove to not only the Rock, but all the WWF fans that he is the greatest of all time he would have to beat himself The Great One one on one. The Rock then suggests that Angle and him have a match tonight for the title.

    Angle instantly rejects the idea of a match, and says how tired he is of The Rock coming out week after week spouting his juvenile insults in order to make up for his obvious lack of the three I's, Integrity, Intelligence, and Intensity. Angle questions just how bad The Rock wants the belt and in turn makes The Rock an offer. Next week The Rock goes one on three against Angle, Edge and Christian in a 3 on 1 Handicap match. If The Rock wins he goes onto face Angle for the belt at the Royal Rumble, but if The Rock loses he is gone from the WWF forever.

    Much to the shock of the fans, The Rock accepts this lopsided challenge.

    We fade out to a commercial break.


    0:52-0:58-Sid Vicious VS Test W/Albert and Trish
    Sid Vicious absolutely squashes Test in a huge showing of intensity. The match barely lasts over a minute. After the match Sid leaves the ring without saying a word as the fans are in awe of his monster ability.

    After the match ends Trish throws a fit in the ring, she grabs a microphone and claims that for once she'd like to be cheered by the fans, and she is tired of being dragged down and booed because she is managing two incompetent fools. She says as of today her partnership with Test and Albert is over. The fans go nuts.

    Test and Albert don't take too kindly to being insulted in front of 20,000 people. They grab Trish by the hair. They are about to do some serious damage to Trish when Val Venis runs down with a chair and clears the ring. Val helps Trish to her feet as T&A retreat.

    1:02-1:04-Coachman is once again backstage. This time he is with former WCW Triple Crown Champion Lance Storm, and surprisingly enough Jerry Lawler. Coachman asks Storm what his odds are of winning tonights WCW Opportunity match and going onto fight for the IC Belt at the Royal Rumble. Coachman's attempts to put the microphone near Storm are thwarted by Lawler who grabs the microphone away.

    Lawler: My new client Lance Storm does not answer any questions without the approval of his First let me explain something, when I heard that there was going to be new talent drafted here to the WWF I got down on my knees and I prayed that Lance Storm would be among them. I couldn't stand the fact that the greatest pure wrestler of our generation was wasting away due to poor idiot management in the WCW. You loser fans might not realize it, but Lance Storm is a few months away from being the biggest star in the WWF. All that he needs is me his new manager to get his name out there.

    I negotiated with Vince to get Lance the spot in this WCW Opportunity match, and there is no doubt in my mind that Lance will go onto the Rumble and win the IC Championship.

    **Lawler motions for Storm to leave with him as the scene fades out.**
    1:04-1:14-Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match: Eddie Guerrero VS Jeff Hardy

    Beginning: The fans are ecstatic to see Hardy out of his realm endulging in singles competition. There could be some serious ramifications to the Hardy Boys if Jeff excels as a single star in the confines of the new Junior Heavyweight Division. The highly underrated Eddie Guerrero comes out to a ton of heat. This might just be Eddie's chance to shine.

    Eddie has a noticeably large size advantage over Jeff whom the crowd is clearly behind. The early stages of the match see Hardy hit his signature moves while Matt cheers him on at ringside. Guerrero stops Hardy in his tracks and begins unleashing a fury of suplexes on Jeff figuratively breaking Jeff in half. Guerrero begins working on Hardy's right knee. He locks Hardy into a Half Crab but Hardy is able to escape to the ropes.

    Middle: Jeff mounts a comeback beginning with a flying shoulder block off of the ropes. The fans who are eating up Jeff's every move scream as Jeff motions for the Twist Of Fate. An elbow to the chest on behalf of Mister Guerrero creates an opening for a Northern Lights Suplex for a quick two count. Guerrero continues to work the leg and knee of Hardy who is now sporting a noticable limp for his troubles.

    End: The match speeds up near the end with Guerrero mounting a flurry of offense on Hardy. Hardy being resilient continues to kick out at two. Hardy mounts yet another momentum swinging comeback after a well placed mule kick. He hits a Twist Of Fate but instead of pinning goes up to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb. As Jeff extends upright on the top rope his knee gives from under him. This creates an opening for Eddie to make it to his feet and spring to the top rope hitting a HUGE belly to belly suplex. The fans are going nuts!

    Guerrero climbs to the top and gets froggy hitting his signature Frog Splash! Guerrero covers Hardy for a three with the fans being clearly disappointing.

    Here is your winner, Eddie Guerrero!
    1:14-1:17-Commercial Break

    Val Venis is backstage in his locker room. He is in his trademark towel putting away his gear. Trish walks into the locker room queuing a huge response from the crowd.

    Trish: Sorry, is this a bad time. I can come back later if you'd like.

    No Trish, this is a GREAT time! What brings you here?

    Trish: Well....I.....I just thought it was important that I thanked you for what you did earlier tonight. You saved me from probably receiving a beating of a life time from Test and Albert.

    Hey, no problem. I do what I can when a lady is in distress.

    Trish: Despite how cheesy that is, I feel the need to thank you Val. Let me explain. As you probably guessed, I am no longer managing T&A. I'm on the lookout for some new clientele. Recently when re negotiating my contract with Vince he allowed me a European title shot for a client of my choosing at a time of my choosing. What I want to offer you is next week you taking on William Regal for the European Championship live on Raw, and if you win maybe you and I can work out a little business deal. What do you say?

    Val: Trish, I like the sound of that.

    The scene fades out with Val and Trish both noticeably happy at the current happenings.

    1:19-1:38-WCW Draft Opporitunity Match-Winner Gets An IC Championship Match At SummerSlam
    Lance Storm VS Sean O'Haire VS Mr.Perfect

    Beginning: Before the match O'Haire's promo is shown from earlier in the day. O'Haire claims that this is a new era within the WWF. O'Haire then claims to be a simple soldier preaching a simple message. His allies and him will soon take over the WWF. Soon, every wrestler in the back will either be forced to join or be destroyed by the Lord's Resistance Army.

    Lance Storm comes out first to a heel reaction. Jerry Lawler leaves the announce booth to aid him at ringside. O'haire is out next to a negative reaction, followed by the re-debut of Mr.Perfect who gets a huge nostalgia based pop

    The match begins with Storm and O'Haire double teaming Mr.Perfect. The alliance does well for 5 or so minutes until O'Haire sees an opening to attack Storm and does so, thus dissolving their make shift alliance.

    Middle: O'Haire demonstrates his ridiculous strength by picking up Storm in the Military Press, he throws Storm to the outside who lands on his manager Jerry Lawler. This breaks the match down into a one on one oriented competition between O'Haire and Mr.Perfect. Mr.Perfect dominates mid match and has the fans clearly behind him.

    End: O'Haire gains the advantage and hits his finisher the Triple Power Bomb on Hennig. He goes for the cover, but at two Storm violently grabs O'Haire pulling him off of Hennig and throwing him over the top rope to the outside. Storm steals the cover over Hennig for the three.

    Here is your winner and IC Championship Contender for the Royal Rumble, Lance Storm!

    Lawler enters the ring and raises Storm's hand in victory. O'Haire is furious on the outside.

    Jericho is backstage with Coachman. Coachman asks Jericho about his odds tonight in the over the top rope 10 man battle royal.

    Jericho: Jon Bon Coachman, you want to know what I think about my odds tonight? I think odds are I'm going to go out there in front of all my Jerichoholics, step into that conference of jackasses, and throw all 9 men over the top rope down to the floor in order to claim my rightful spot as number 30 at the Rumble. It's about time that I break the glass ceiling and gets the respect I so rightfully deserve.

    Not only that, but Mister Vince McHairpiece himself has informed me that next week I will be involved in a Triple Threat match to determine who will go on to face Lance Storm in 4 weeks at the Royal Rumble for the vacant IC Championship match. Can you imagine what a night that'll be at the Rumble, being the first man to win the IC belt and the Rumble in the exact same night? I for one can imagine it, and it'll be a night that you, any of the jackasses in the back, Lance Storm, Lance Storm's overweight mother, Vince McMahon, and all the millions upon millions of my fans will never....eeeeeeee.....eeeeee....EVVVVER forget!

    1:45-1:49-Final Commercial Break
    1:49-2:00-Hulk Hogan VS Steve Austin VS Chris Jericho VS Kane VS The Undertaker VS Val Venis VS William Regal VS Perry Saturn VS Dean Malenko VS Funaki

    First Elimination: Val Venis goes directly for Regal in an attempt to soften him up for their European Championship match next week. He ends up getting overexcited and in a clothesline to the outside ends up eliminating both himself and Regal. They continue to brawl on the outside after the elimination.

    Second Elimination: See Above.

    Third Elimination: Kane and Undertaker who have formed an alliance throw both Malenko and Saturn over at the same time asserting their dominance.

    Fourth Elimination: See Above.

    Fifth Elimination: Kane runs at Jericho who is leaning on the ropes, Jericho pulls down the ropes sending Kane flying over the top. Kane remains on the canvas and makes it to his feet. Jericho hits his springboard dropkick sending Kane crashing to the floor in a huge surprise elimination.

    Sixth Elimination: Jericho turns around into a chokeslam to the outside from Undertaker eliminating Jericho.

    Seventh Elimination: Hogan and Austin who are brawling in a historic moment roll to the outside. Austin bashes a chair into Hogan's head as the two continue fighting. Inside the ring Taker is left with Funaki. Upon seeing Taker Funaki cowares back to his corner. He then stands up straight, puffs out his chest and stares down with the American Bad Ass. He pokes Taker in the chest yelling in his thick oriental accent "WATCHYA GONNA DO BROTHER'?" Taker kicks Funaki in the stomach and delivers a Last Ride Power Bomb. He throws Funaki over for the seventh elimination of the match and waits for Austin and Hogan to reenter the ring.

    Eigth Elimination: While Taker is waiting in the ring he is blindsided by a man in a trench coat. Good god, it's Sean O'Haire! Sean O'Haire beats down Taker with a lead pipe bloodying the big man. He then throws Taker over the top rope thus eliminating him. He continues the assault until he is separated by the officials.

    Ninth Elimination: Now rolling back in the ring through the bottom rope Hogan and Austin battle it out in an epic encounter. Austin goes for a Stunner but is pushed into the ropes and hit with a Big Boot. Hogan goes for his Leg Drop but Austin moves at the last second and Hogan aborts the move to prevent himself from crashing into the mat. Austin makes it to his feet and springs against the ropes. Hogan runs at Austin tackling him sending both men flying over the top. There is confusion as to who has won the match.

    One ref raises Austin's hand, the other raises Hogan's. The referees begin arguing. Austin isn't having any of this, he pretends like he is walking away but turns around and attacks Hogan. The two continue to brawl as the show fades off the air without any clear cut winner of the match.

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    Raw Is War Episode 2 Preview

    With the Royal Rumble only three weeks away there are so many unanswered questions looming on the horizon.

    Last week's episode of Raw will go down in history as the first confrontation between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The night began with Austin stunning both McMahon and Hogan, while it ended filled with controversy when both Hogan and Austin were eliminated from a 10 man Battle Royal seemingly at the same time. It is now up to McMahon to look over the footage and announce live next week who he thinks won the battle Royal, thus gaining the coveted number 30 spot at the Royal Rumble.


    Our Main Event for this week is a match that will pit the Rock against Kurt angle, Edge and Christian. Last week after being interrupted by The Rock, WWF Champion Kurt Angle laid out a challenge that The Great One could not refuse. The Rock would take on Angle, as well as E&C in a Handicap match. If the Rock loses, he is gone from the WWF forever, if he wins, he faces Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble for the WWF belt. You've gotta wonder if the odds being stacked so heavily against the Rock will signal his demise. You don't want to miss what could possibly be the Rock's last night in the WWF.


    After redeeming himself in the eyes of the fans and going on to save Trish Stratus, Val Venis was offered a shot at William Regal's European Championship. If Val is able to defeat Regal here he could earn the services of Trish Stratus as his full time manager.


    Last week, Jerry Lawler's newest protege Lance Storm won a WCW Opporitunity match which allowed him a spot in a match for the vacant IC Championship at the Royal Rumble. During an interview Chris Jericho broke the news that Vince McMahon had granted him a spot in a Triple Threat match this week to determine which WWF wrestler will go on to face Lance Storm at the Royal Rumble. Jericho will take on D'Lo Brown and Matt Hardy.


    Two great matches took place last week in the tournament to crown the first ever Junior Heavyweight Champion. This week Taka Michinoku takes on his partner Funaki. Dean Malenko also takes on Shane Helms. The winners of each match will meet last weeks winners Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Junior in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the Junior Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.


    After a strange promo by Sean O'Haire introducing himself as part of the Lord's Resistance Army, Sean O'Haire has told that he promises to introduce a new member, a new soldier to his cause, this week live on Raw Is War.


    After seeing Sid Vicious's match against Test, Al Snow exclusively told that his partner Steve Blackman could use his shoot fighting skills and destroy Sid Vicious. Shortly afterwads Sid Vicious VS Steve Blackman was announced for this weeks episode of Raw Is War. Blackman contacted our web master in an attempt to retract his partner's statement but it had already been published.


    Confirmed Matches:

    Main Event
    Career VS WWF Title Shot
    The Rock VS Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian

    Semi-Main Event
    Winner Gets An IC Championship Match At The Royal Rumble
    Chris Jericho VS D'Lo Brown VS Matt Hardy

    Taka Michinoku VS Funaki

    Dean Malenko VS Shane Helms

    Sid Vicious VS Steve Blackman

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    World Championship Wrestling

    Live From
    Giants' Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

    Last week at the Gillette Stadium, World Championship Wrestling saw the crowning of world new champions of the previously vacant titles. Most notably was the Outsiders becoming the WCW World Tag Team Champions for the seventh time in their careers and Sting become the new World Heavyweight Champion. After what was deemed as a five star performance, the McMahon siblings have promised that this weeks Nitro will be just as exciting

    Winner Becomes Number One Contender for WCW World Heavyweight Title
    Triple Threat
    The British Bull Dog vs. The Big Show vs. Mick Foley
    All three men were part of a wining team last week, in match that the winning team was promised by the McMahon siblings a chance at getting a World Title Shot. The winner of tonight's match will face Sting for his World Title at the Main Event of the up and coming Pay Per View: Souled Out!

    -Main Card-
    WCW United States Championship
    Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair
    Last week Chris Benoit took on the black and white guitar boy Jeff Jarret too become the United States Champion. Ric Flair on the other hand, missed out on a possible future world title shot when himself Steiner got into brawl whilst being on the same team. The Title being put on the line, seemed to be a bonus to what would have already been a very good match up anyway.

    Tag Team Gauntlet
    Degeneration-X (Triple-H & X-Pac) vs. Four Teams
    This match was that was put together, minutes after Eric Bischoff and the nWo were interrupted at the start of last weeks show. Triple H and X-Pac will begin the match and one pairing and must win a gauntlet style match to take on the next team. As soon as either member of DX is pinned or submitted the match is ended. However, DX must beat all four team to win the match themselves. Pay back is a b*tch especially when it is directed by Mr. Bischoff.

    Booker T vs. Goldberg
    Both men were given an opportunity of a life time last week, as they took place in the main event match to compete for the World Title. Unfortunately both men fell short and were unable to claim the biggest prize that the WWE has to offer. Nothing but their pride is on the line tonight.

    -Under Card-
    Billy Kidman vs. Chris Candido
    Last week in a thrilling elimination tag scramble, Billy Kidman managed to last seven others men to become the Cruiserweight Champion. The other notable participant in the match, was Chris Candido who made it too the final two only to choke at the end. The question is, that if Candido wins tonight could be be looking at a shot at Kidman's Title in the future?

    Also: Will the New World Order be given an answer as to whether or not Paul 'The Big Show' Wight will re-join the black and white? Will we find out what exactly Shawn Michaels role is in WCW? And who is really controlling things backstage; Shane and Stephanie or Eric Bischoff himself?

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    I find that you guys are doing well with this and I enjoy your addition of the time period for the matches you use as well as promos.

    Prediction Time:

    Main Event
    Career VS WWF Title Shot
    The Rock VS Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian

    Semi-Main Event
    Winner Gets An IC Championship Match At The Royal Rumble
    Chris Jericho VS D'Lo Brown VS Matt Hardy

    Taka Michinoku VS Funaki

    Dean Malenko VS Shane Helms

    Sid Vicious VS Steve Blackman

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    Main Event
    Career VS WWF Title Shot
    The RockVS Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian

    Semi-Main Event
    Winner Gets An IC Championship Match At The Royal Rumble
    Chris Jericho VS D'Lo Brown VS Matt Hardy

    Taka VS Funaki

    Dean Malenko VS Shane Helms

    Sid ViciousVS Steve Blackman

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    – Nitro’s opening video starts with a highlight reel of the best talents that WCW currently has to offer, almost like a quick re-cap of last weeks show with a lot of fast edits and aggressive non-diagetic music.

    00:02:00:17 - Singles Match
    Billy Kidman vs. Chris Candido

    Beginning: The night began with a match facing current Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman and arguably his biggest contender for the belt Chris Candido. Both men starting at the bottom of the card, knew that they had to put on a good showing if they wanted the division to be given the credibility it so yearned for. Kidman used a number of drop kick and arms bar variations to try and keep Canido dormant, but it proved to be not enough as Chris managed to utilize a number of aerial assaults to get ahead.

    Middle: The match took a turn for the better, that saw Canido take a lead in the assault. He took an unsuspecting Billy Kidman with a perfectly timed diving head butt. After managing to put together a round of elbow and knee drops, before bringing Kidman down to the mat with a perfectly executed Blonde Bombshell! Candido thought he had done enough, when the pin was ended by the referee as he noticed Kidman had hold of the ropes at the last possible moment.

    Finish: Candido despite picking up an advantage, didn't seem to possess that little bit extra to push over the finish line and after a while it gave Kidman the needed wake up call to get back into the match. Candido though he was on the verge of blindsiding Kidman, but as Billy ducked out of the way Candido smacked into the turnbuckle and tumbled over. Kidman then crashed down onto Candido with a Shooting Star Press to take the win.

    Winner: Billy Kidman

    - - - - - - - -

    00:17-:00:20 - All five current members of DX are talking backstage, in their shared locker room and are in heavy discussion over one thing or another.

    This is bullsh*t! Does Eric really think he can suppress us, by throwing us in one match. He clearly totally underestimates what we are capable of.” - X-Pac

    Its typical to be honest, we all knew he was going to try cheap tactics. Problem with Eric is he has no backbone. He always he to go for the coward's way out.” - Road Dogg

    We should just march down to his office, kick down his door, storm into his office and tell him to Suck It!” - Billy Gunn

    I've got a better idea.” - Triple H

    All three men turn to Hunter, who instead just look in the direction of Chyna.

    Can you go and find Flair. I am sure it won't take much persuasion to convince him to play ball.” - Triple H

    Chyna just smiled and nodded and walked away, remaining very much as the only DX member with very little to say.

    00:20-00:22 - Advertisement Break: A health and safety advert on drug taking and other fun things that we all wish were legalized.

    00:22-00:29 - Singles Match
    Booker T vs. Goldberg
    Beginning: The beginning of the match, saw a rampant opening showing from both men who were clearly in full memory of their short coming last week that could have made them the top man on the roster. Despite the action not technically excellent, the initial confrontation was definitely interesting too watch.

    Middle: Booker had a short period where he totally dominated, which included a number of forearm shots following up with a timing Houston Hangover! Goldberg was quick to reply though, as he returned the favour to Booker, by bringing him to the mat with a double underhook suplex before connecting with a Superkick moments later. The fight was very much still living on, within both men.

    Finish: The match ended almost by accident, that with any deliberate intent. Goldberg seemed to have Booker totally scouted out, but as Booker attempted to jump above it he accidentally and for his fortunately hit an Axe Kick to messily win the match.

    Winner: Booker T

    00:29-00:31 - As soon the match ended however, a certain Mark Jindrak jumped over the security fence disguised as a fan as he took his steel chair and slid into the ring. Before Booker T knew any better, he found himself spun around and the steel chair coming crashing down across his face knocking him well and truly out. Jindrak however, clearly wasn't finished as he dragged Goldberg up onto his feet before simply taking him out with the Mark of Excellence and quickly leaving before being taken away by security.

    What is Jindrak doing, why did he just take out Booker T and Goldberg? What are his reasons behind this uncalled for attack on two guys who from I can tell have nothing to cause such an outcome.” - Mike Tenay

    Who cares? Jindrak just took out two greats in this business in less than twenty seconds. Forget the past, Jindrak is the future of WCW!” - Tony Schiavone

    - - - - - - - -
    00:31-00:49 - Tag Team Gauntlet
    Degeneration-X (Triple-H & X-Pac) vs. Four Teams

    Beginning: The first team that X-Pac and Triple H, was a team with more comic value than actually wrestling ability in the duo of Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay of Too Cool. It took less than a minute, before a careful timed spinebuster broke Scotty in half and eliminated the first team of four in their gauntlet attempt. The second team sent out in all honesty wasn't that much better, as DDP and Rikishi also choked in the very early stages of their match which saw Rikishi taken to the mat with the X-Factor as Triple H distracted Diamond Dallas Page to make it two from two for DX.

    Middle: The third team though proved to be a lot more challenging, probably due to the fact that the APA actually possess a lot of experience as a tag-team combination, as both Bradshaw and Farooq showed that were more than capable than playing with the big boys. APA finally unraveled as both men clashed heads allowing for X-Pac to roll up Farooq for a quick win. To both members of DX, they were shocked as the Dudley Boyz revealed themselves as the fourth and final team in the gauntlet.

    Finish: The Dudley Boyz and DX fought for maybe a minute, before Triple H and Bubba Ray seemed to be having some sort of conversation. What took placed was clearly not suspected, as both teams shook hands before both the Dudleys smiled as they exited the ring and as they walked to the back found themselves being counted out.

    Winner: Degeneration-X (Triple-H & X-Pac)

    - - - - - - - -

    00:049-00:54 - As soon as the match ends, instead of showing DX celebrating their win the camera cuts too none other than Eric Bischoff's office as he stands up in fury pushing the TV monitor off his desk and shouting out in a clear rage.

    Jesus frigging Christ! What can I do to suppress these idiots? Don't these realize that the New World Order runs thing on Nitro!” - Eric Bischoff

    Eric looks in the direction of both Scot Steiner and Jeff Jarret who both look uncomfortable not really looking at they have an answer that Eric will be happy with. The fact that both men don't reply, seems to annoy Eric even more.

    If you two aren't going to say anything, then one of you better friggin do something or I will throw you out of the black and white.” - Eric Bischoff

    With that being said, Scott just ups and leaves Eric without even saying a word. Leaving just Eric and Jeff, however before something can be said the Outsiders stumble casually into the room with the tag titles slung comfortably over their shoulders. It is clear that Eric isn't happy with Kevin and Scott looking so happy with themselves.

    I don't know what you two are so smug about, did you not just see the last match. DX just put one over us.” - Eric Bischoff

    Technically Eric, he got one of you and not the New World Order. I told you last week, that they would be more than capable of putting up a fight against who ever you managed to force into a match. And even that didn't work as the Dudleys didn't even comply. From now on, I think you should leave DX to us and you take care of the rest of affairs concerning the black and white.” - Kevin Nash

    Due to the fact that technically the Outsiders and Eric have joint leadership, Eric doesn't kick off into some unneeded argument. instead he gets right down to business.

    So you managed to get an answer from Paul Wight yet?” - Eric Bischoff

    Aren't we about to go talk to him Kevin?” - Scott Hall

    That is right, we were just about to go talk to him.” - Kevin Nash

    All three men nod, as the Outsiders close the door behind them as they leave.

    00:54-00:57 - Advertisement Break: Eat are lose half your body weight health snack. Eats 18 bars a day and your guaranteed to lose half your weight. Warning: This product was designed for bulimics only.

    00:57-01:05 - As we come back from the advertisement breaks for the second time in two weeks Shawn Michaels and Lita are in conversation as they walk down the halls backstage together.

    So what have you been up to over the last week Shawn, anything nice?” - Lita

    Not much to be honest, I have been going through some physical rehabilitation as Doctors have told me that if I work hard I might be cleared to perform in the summer.” - Shawn Michaels

    That is good right?” - Lita

    Yeah it is, well that have you been up too.” - Shawn Michaels

    I have been going over the proposal that Shane and Stephanie put to me last week. They want to offer me the job as a backstage interviewer, and in case I get made someone's valet instead I think I am going to take them up on the offer.” - Lita

    Well that means that we are walking in the same direction as you. Its seems that the McMahons want to talk to me, but what about I really have no idea what so ever.” - Shawn Michaels

    As they carried backstage, both of them found their paths obstructed by none other than “The Game” Triple H. Hunter just nodded, as Shawn nodded back. Lita realized that she wasn't needed at this time.

    I will see you later Shawn.” - Lita

    Hunter and Shawn stare a while longer, before Shawn finally breaks the silence.

    So what you want Hunter?” - Shawn Michaels

    I think we should talk Shawn, its been a long time and I think you have been avoiding me recently.” - Triple H

    What do we need to talk about?” - Shawn Michaels

    Nothing that the cameras need to hear about.” - Triple H

    Triple H pushes the camera out of the way, as him and Shawn enter a room together.
    - - - - - - - -
    01:05-01:22 - WCW United States Championship
    Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair

    Beginning: To average wrestling fan, this match could be seen as the mis-match of the century between a still up and coming Benoit and a legend in the business that is the Nature Boy Ric Flair. That fact, that Benoit was the current champion though worked largely in his favour in terms of mind games going into the match though. Benoit started the match very gritty, as although being a very technical wrestler Flair games on the floor is feared by most. For this reason Benoit, kept the match on his feet and tried to suppress Flair as best he could with a number of suplexes and chops to the mid-section to cut him down.

    Middle: Despite Benoit's clear attempts, it wasn't long before the fans were cheering for Flair and fueling with adrenaline needed to turn on the Nature Boy. Ric being the dirtiest player in the game, raked Benoit in the eyes to gain a clear advantage whilst hit the Rabid Wolverine with heavy handed chops as the Canadian remained partially blinded. The combo was ended with a knife edged chop, which sent Benoit to his back as Flair shouted out “WOOOOOOOOOO!”

    Finish: With the match having last for a decent time, Benoit found Flair in unpleasing position as he locked in the Sharp Shooter on Flair who looked on the verge of tapping. However, Flair managed to pull Benoit off his feet and with a stroke of genius lock in the Figure Four Leg Lock! Benoit was in clear pain, and just at the moment where it looked like Benoit was about to tap, Scott Steiner slid into the ring and proceeded to kick Flair in the head causing the referee to call for the bell.

    Winner: Ric Flair *Via DQ* (Chris Benoit retains
    WCW United States Championship)

    01:22-01:25 - Benoit was very quick to leave the ring with the US Title in his possession, but the fans didn't seem to notice his departure as a clear fight had broken up between Flair and Steiner as both men went blow for blow at each other. Steiner finally jumped out from the ring, as the New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) came out from the back clearly to aid Flair. After a couple of moments, Road Dogg handed Flair something and it appeared to be a t-shirt. Flair smiled and shook both of their hands, as he put the t-shirt on with the green DX on it. It was more than clear, that Flair had just become a member of Degeneration-X.

    01:25-01:28 - Advertisement Break: Lays Crisps, because they taste so good you buy more than one packet.

    01:28-01:32 - We are once again backstage, although in Steve Borden a.k.a. Sting the World Heavyweight Champion's locker-room where he is standing next to the recently employed backstage interview Lita for what we can only assume will be the firs televised words with the champion.

    Hi my name is Lita, and I backstage with the man who became the the WCW World Heavyweight Champion for the seventh time in his career last Monday. My first question for you Sting, is how does it feel to equal Ric Flair's record as a seven time champion.” - Lita

    Sentimentality and nostalgia isn't something that drives me on Lita. It doesn't matter that I held this title six times before, because all that actually means that I've also lost it six times before. The only thing that I care about is keeping onto this title belt as long as I come. And so I have a message for the three men competing tonight. It doesn't matter which one of you three win tonight because the result is going to be the same. At Souled Out, I am going to have to defend the WCW World Heavyweight Title for the first since 1999. Unlike last time though I am not going to be stripped of the belt because of the backstage politics. Wooo!” - Sting

    The lights flicker in the room, and as the lights return to normal Sting has vanished and Lita is just looking at the camera clueless.

    - - - - - - - -

    01:32-01:55 - Winner Becomes Number One Contender for WCW World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat
    The British Bull Dog vs. The Big Show vs. Mick Foley

    Beginning: Davey Boy Smith looked out of shape and as if something was lacking from the great import from Europe. This world to both of his opponents' advantage on as Foley and the Big Show took advantage of the British Bulldog in his lapsed state. Most notably, Foley took out the Bulldog with the Cactus Clothesline before the Big Show pummeled smith to the mat with a massive Big Boot!

    Middle: A disheartened Davey “Boy” Smith actually seemed to have had enough for one reason another, as he just exited the ring and walked out of the match for no reason whats so ever. Although it was more than clearly that the other two in the match weren't to bothered by it all. Big Show at a point thought he had Foley in he perfect place for a match ending Chokeslam, but Foley reversed only to hit a swing neckbreaker instead.

    Final: Both Foley and The Big Show had been slogging at each other for a while, and the match was proving to be a main event to remember. Foley had Show caught up in the ropes, and proceeded to bite his forehead and in doing so pulled out Mr. Socko as he started to play to the crowd a little bit. It proved to be too much, as Big Show managed to free himself only to spin around Foley and send him crashing down to the canvass with the Chokeslam ending the match.

    Winner: Big Show (new Number One Contender for WCW World Heavyweight Title)

    01:55-02:00 - As Big Show celebrated the fact, that he had just confirmed himself as the challenger for Sting's Title at Souled Out. Both Hall and Nash interrupted, the Big Show's celebration as they stood on the entrance ramp.

    So Paul we need to know, are you with us or are you against us?” - Kevin Nash

    The Big Show stands where he is and smiles to himself, as he is handed up a microphone.

    You know Kevin, I had a conversation with some people today and the topic was people that stab you in the back. You see once they have stabbed you in the back, nothing is going to be quite the same again no matter how much you attempt to amend the situation. In many way, it is almost as if you are living a lie. Looking at myself at the moment, I have come along way since I was kicked out of nWo I mean look at me I am the new number one contender. However, I do have an answer for you guys.” - The Big Show

    The Outsiders both smile at each other nodding as they wait in anticipation.

    Suck It!” - The Big Show

    Suddenly the Degeneration-X Theme music, plays as out from the bag the New Age Outlaws, Triple H and X-Pac run out from the back and take out Nash and Hall from behind stomping down on then as Big Show just stands in the ring and claps as the programs comes to an end as it fades out.

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    0:00-0:03-The Raw Is War opening plays. A recap of Angle challenging the Rock to a 3 on 1 Handicap match is shown, if The Rock loses to Angle, Edge and Christian The Rock is fired, if The Rock wins he gets a WWF Championship match at the Royal Rumble. We recap last week's 10 Man Battle Royal. Both Hogan and Austin fell out at the same time.

    "If Ya Smellllllll......What The cookin'!"

    The show opens with The Rock strutting down the ramp in his street gear. He gets a huge reaction from our sold out crowd. The Rock grabs a microphone and looks America dead in the eye through the lens of a TV camera as he gets ready to speak.

    The Rock: Finally, The Rock has come Miami. Tonight is a special night, not just because The Rock is in his home town live in front of the millions and millions of fans watching on TV. But also because this could be The Rock's send off. Whether The Rock likes it or not, this could be his last night in the WWF.

    **The crowd boos**

    The Rock: Tonight I'm taking an enormous risk, but big risks tend to have huge payoffs. The payoff? If and when I win, The Rock will gain a shot at that monkey's anus Kurt Angle and his WWF Championship at the Royal Rumble. Without a shadow of a doubt, the most electrify.....

    **Voodoo Child hits and Hogan interrupts The Rock, coming down to the ring to a huge amount of heat. Hulk Hogan enters the ring and shoots The Rock who is stone cold serious a smug look. Hogan tightens his bandanna and snatches The Rock's microphone.**

    Hulk Hogan:
    The Rock's last night in the WWF? Hell, I like the sound of that brother. It's funny to think that once the true people's champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan shows up, that The Rock would be gone from the WWF forever.

    **The Rock snatches back his microphone**

    The Rock: Just who in the blue hell are you? WAIT, WAIT.....before you answer that, get your own damn microphone.

    **The crowd goes wild.**

    Hulk Hogan:
    Who am I? Fine, I'll play ball. I'm the man who last week went through 9 of the best wrestlers in the entire universe in order to win the number 30 spot at the Royal Rumble.

    **The glass shatters! Austin comes out to the biggest reaction of the evening thus far. He rolls into the ring and does his usual top rope antics and then grabs a microphone.**

    Austin: I was just in the back enjoying some Steveweisers when I couldn't help but overhear the biggest sorriest pile of bull that has ever been said inside this ring! Hulk Hogan beat 9 other men last week? UH UH! Stone Cold Steve Austin not only beat 9 other men last week, but he looked damn good doing it. I suggest you both get out of my ring right now before I make you two.

    Hogan: Your ring? Let's get one thing straight brother. At the same time that the both of you were hardly past the stages of losing your virginity, I was making Vince enough money to put his great grand children through college seven times over. I'm the reason why the WWF is around today, I'm the reason why you and The Rock aren't working down the street at Taco Bell. I won the battle royal, and I am number 30 at the Rumble.

    **No Chance hits, Vince McMahon appears on stage.**

    Vince: Why can't we all just get along? I'm going to make this short and sweet. I've had an extremely busy week due to all the fall out from this draft still being handled. I've heard from my Road Agents that Austin won, but then I've heard from my TV Production guys that Hogan's feet hit last. I'm getting conflicting opinions from all around. I'm going to take a solid half hour to sit down and watch the footage and later tonight on the top of the hour, I'll let you guys know who I think won.

    **Vince turns around to leave, all of a sudden Austin goes to Hogan. Hogan grabs Austin's foot and spins him around, hitting the Big Boot in return. Austin rolls out of the ring and Hogan looks over taunting and laughing. The Rock begins stalking Hogan. Hogan turns around into a massive Rock Bottom. The Rock's music plays, he goes to the top rope and raises his arm in celebration. As he comes down from the top rope the screen pans out, THAT'S KURT ANGLE! Angle nails The Rock with the WWF Championship. He begins beating down The Rock until security does their job and ejects Angle from the ring. The segment ends with Angle retreating up the ramp laughing.**


    We come back from the commercial break, Angle is backstage with Edge and Christian.

    Angle: Did you see what I just did to The Rock? He's already softened up, tonight should be a piece of cake.

    Christian: You're right buddy, that totally reeked of awesomeness!

    Edge: All five different kinds of awesomeness!

    Christian: I thought there were only 4?

    Edge: No there's five, I'll list them all. First there's...

    Angle: That's really not necessary, I'm sure everybody knows the five kinds of awesomeness by heart.

    Christian: Awww, you're right. Wait, Kurt. Before you go, Edge and I had something we were meaning to ask you.

    About that. Christian and I figured as the WWF Champion you've got a lot of pull around here. Within reason Vince would probably let you suggest opponents for your next defense. What Christian and I were thinking is that we have become pretty big dog around here lately. After we help you banish The Rock from the WWF tonight, you go to Vince and request that at The Royal Rumble you defend your belt against me and Christian in a triple threat match.


    ......You guys can't be serious. That's about as likely to happen as me releasing a sex tape with Funaki.

    **The scene fades out with Edge and Christian looking extremely insulted at Angle shooting them down.**
    0:21-0:27-Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
    Taka Michinoku VS Funaki

    -Both partners shake hands before the match. The crowd is in favor of Taka. The match serves more as a catalyst for putting over Taka's high flying move set. Taka wins with the Michinoku Driver in a bit over five minutes.

    0:31-0:33-We head backstage where Jonathon Coachman is on hand with Matt Hardy.

    Last week we saw Jeff Hardy unsuccessfully attempt to advance to the Junior Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble. Tonight Matt Hardy, you take on D'Lo Brown and Chris Jericho with the winner facing Lance Storm at the Royal Rumble for the vacant IC Championship belt. With both Jeff and yourself branching out to fight for singles belts, are the Hardy Boys over as a Tag Team?

    I'm going to make this short and sweet. Myself and my brother Jeff are still the best Tag Team in the WWF, and we're still gunning for the Tag Team belts. Jeff and I talked it over and we thought with all our momentum now is the time to branch out to singles, and we're confident that we can focus on both and still remain competitive. Tonight, I'm going to prove that point by winning my Triple Threat match and going onto the Royal Rumble to defeat Lance Storm for the IC belt.

    The scene fades out.

    0:33-0:44-Euro Championship Match
    Val Venis VS William Regal (C)

    Beginning: Venis comes out first escorted by Trish to a huge pop. The current Euro Champion William Regal comes out to a heel reaction. The match begins with Regal attempting to bring the match to a more ground oriented shoot style. Regal is able to control Val and out wrestle him. Val realizing that he isn't going to beat Regal on the ground whips Regal into the ropes and comes off with a hard clothesline. He begins rallying back and hits a backdrop, followed by a running leg drop. Val is in control.

    Middle: Val whips Regal into the corner and goes for a running shoulder block. Regal moves out of the way and sends Val flying shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Regal intelligently begins working over Val's shoulder and arm. Regal twists Val's arm and hits a flying shoulder breaker. He keeps his grip on Val's arm and turns over putting Val into a modified arm bar aimed at pressuring the rotators cuff. Val attempts to rally back, but each attempt to make it to his feet is thwarted by Regal digging his knee into Val's back. The referee asks Val if he wants to give up, Val becomes unresponsive which gives the referee just cause to begin checking his arm. Val's arm drops twice but on the third time Val responds by triumphantly raising his arm up.

    End: Val makes it up to his feet and flips around countering Regal's hold into an arm drag. Regal comes off of the ropes, Val hits a powerslam for a 2 count. Val favors his shoulder which gives Regal an opening to hit a double armed suplex followed by a cover for the two. Regal and Val begin exchanging a barrage of punches, in a pit of desperation Regal punches Val in his injured shoulder. Regal follows up with a kick to the stomach setting up an inverted backbreaker. Regal covers, before the ref can count the three Trish alerts him that Val's foot is under the bottom rope. Regal unhappy with Trish meddling in his affairs pulls her onto the apron by her hair. Regal begins yelling in her face calling her a useless jezzabel. This gives Val an opening to come from behind and plant Regal with a Russian Leg Sweep. Val covers for a quick count and gets the three!

    Here is your winner and new European Champion, Vallllllll Veniiiiissss!

    Regal holds his neck while looking up the ramp with a sour look on his face. Val and Trish savor the moment, hugging and celebrating while raising the belt.
    0:44-0:47-Commercial Break

    0:47-0:48-EARLIER TONIGHT: Both Al Snow and Steve Blackman are backstage.

    Steve: I cannot believe you'd sign me up to face somebody like Sid Vicious.

    Al: What? I thought I was doing you a favor. Look, Sid is a former WWF champion. He Main Evented WrestleMania! WrestleMania 17 is right around the corner Steve, imagine if you beat Sid tonight! That'd send a proper message to Vince McMahon that a WrestleMania headlined by Steve Blackman is a WrestleMania worth having.

    Steve: First head cheese, now this? Now I know why I enjoyed watching Bossman feed you your dog so much...

    Al: Hey, keep Pepper out of this!

    The scene fades

    0:48-0:51-Sid Vicious VS Steve Blackman

    Sid Vicious who is now picking up steam comes out to a decent pop. We are shown highlights of Sid's matches this past week at WWF Live Events. We are informed that Sid is still undefeated since coming back to the WWF and is 4-0. The match is a complete squash that serves a purpose of further perpetuating Vicious as a force to be reckoned with in the WWF. Sid is now 5-0!
    0:51-0:55-We see Jericho walking backstage in preparation for his match up next. We head to a commercial.

    0:55-0:56-Sid Vicious is walking through the halls backstage. He passes by Undertaker. They lock eyes for a moment and exchange looks.

    0:56-1:14-IC Championship Contenders Match
    Chris Jericho VS Matt Hardy VS D'Lo Brown

    Jericho comes out first and grabs a microphone. He begins cutting a promo.

    Jericho: Welcome to,! Tonight, all my Jerichoholics will get the privalage of seeing myself Chris Jericho take on not one, but two freaks! First off, a man with a neck problem that would scare most chiropractors away, D-High Frown. Seriously? Why else would he do that stupid thing with his head? It's not like it's COOL!

    Second, a product of South Carolina's national sport, Incest. None other than Matt Harvey. It should be no surprise that..

    **D'Lo comes out of nowhere and attacks Jericho ending his rant.**

    Beginning: Jericho and D'Lo battle it out with Matt Hardy not in the ring yet. D'Lo hits a Samoan Drop on Jericho and covers, but the referee refuses to count under the guise that the match cannot officially start without all of it's competitors.

    Hardy's music hits and Hardy makes his way down to the ring. Him and D'Lo exchange punches. Jericho runs off the ropes and hits a double bull dog onto both of them. Jericho attempts the Lion Sault but lands on his feet in front of Matt Hardy. Hardy kicks Jericho in the stomach and attempts a Twist Of Fate but D'Lo leaps off Jericho's back and plants a roundhouse kick right to the face of Matt Hardy. The fans are going wild!

    Middle: D'Lo is in control, he whips Hardy to the outside sending him crashing down to the floor. D'Lo rolls to the outside and whips Hardy into the steps. D'Lo attempts to suplex Hardy, but Hardy reverses it sending D'Lo's midsection crashing onto the fan seperation barrier. Hardy gets on the apron and is about to splash D'Lo, but Jericho pushes Hardy off sending him crashing to the floor. Both Hardy and D'Lo slowly make it to their feet but are met with an Asia Moonsault at the hands of Y2J Chris Jericho. Jericho whips D'Lo back in the ring and covers, but Hardy is able to pull D'Lo's foot under the ropes in a last ditch effort to break the count.

    Jericho hits a double armed backbreaker on D'Lo and pulls him closer to the center of the ring, out of Hardy's reach. Jericho covers, this time Hardy slides in and breaks it up at the last second with an elbow to Jericho's back. Jericho makes it to his feet and delivers a dropkick to Matt Hardy. Jericho turns around into a planting DDT from D'Lo. All three men are down!

    End: Jericho rolls to the outside, D'Lo and Matt now battle it out exchanging punches. Matt hits a Northern Lights Suplex covering for a two. Matt goes to the top rope and goes for his trademark Leg Drop, D'Lo evades it at the last second sending Hardy tailbone first into the mat. D'Lo hits a neckbreaker putting Matt in the center of the ring. D'Lo goes to the top and hits the Lo Down!

    D'Lo covers Matt, 1.....2......OH NO, out of nowhere Jericho hits the Lion Sault onto both Matt and D'Lo! Jericho covers Hardy......1...............2..................3...........! Jericho wins!

    Here is your winner, Chris Jericho!!!

    Jericho is having his hand raised by the ref, it'll now be Jericho VS Storm at the Royal Rumble for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. What the hell? Where is Lawler going?

    Lawler confronts Jericho in the ring. For anybody who missed last week, Lawler has began managing Lance Storm.

    Jericho distracted by Lawler gets attacked from behind by Lance Storm who comes through the crowd. Jericho gets beaten down by both Lance and Lawler who no doubt have sent a stern message to the Ayatollah Of Rock N Rollah!

    We open up backstage to Vince McMahon who is holding an almost make shift press conference in the interview area.

    Vince McMahon: Earlier tonight I announced that at the top of the hour I would announce the conclusive winner of last week's battle royal. Unfortunately I took a bit longer than I thought I would as I wanted to be 100 percent certain at the result. With that said, did you disgusting losers honestly think I would announce Austin as the winner of the battle royal? Just like all of you, Austin is scum and he does not deserve to be number 30 in the Royal Rumble, he does not deserve to headline WrestleMania.

    As of right now, I'm declaring Hogan as the winner and as number 30 in the Rumble. Maybe I was a bit harsh on Hulk last week, but I'm so happy to finally have somebody in this god forsaken promotion with the skill to teach Austin a lesson. Oh yeah, one more thing. Austin, that coveted number 1 spot in the Rumble....well, as of this very moment that spot is yours.

    Val is backstage with Trish Stratus and his new European Championship.

    Congratulations Val, not only did you just win the European Championship but you also earned my permanent services as your manager.

    And maybe more I hope....

    Trish: Sorry, I didn't catch that

    Val: I was saying that maybe you and I can hit the town tonight, for drinks. You know, discuss managerial matters.

    I'd love that.

    **Regal enters. He gets awkwardly close to Val Venis, I'm talking Eskimo kisses uncomfortably close.....why do wrestlers do that?**

    Regal: Enjoy that belt, really, go out tonight and flaunt it. Because next week sunshine, it'll be you and I tangoing one more time when I extend my rematch clause. I promise there will be no mistakes and I will emerge once again as European champion.

    **What an announcement, Regal is using his rematch clause next week!**

    Out of nowhere Regal turns around and cheapshots Val sending him crashing to the ground. Trish covers Val as Regal slowly walks away laughing.

    1:23-1:35-Junior Heavyweight Championship Contenders Match: Dean Malenko VS "Sugar" Shane Helms

    Finish: The match ends with O'Haire coming down and distracting Helms. Malenko rolls him up for the three. After the match O'Haire and Malenko beat down Helms. Saturn comes in and joins the party. Last week O'Haire mentioned he'd reveal a new member of the Lord's Resistance Army. Does this mean that Malenko and Saturn are now a part of it?
    1:40-2:00-Handicap Match
    If The Rock Loses He's Fired, If He Wins He Gets A WWF Title Shot At The Royal Rumble

    The Rock VS Angle, Edge and Christian

    Beginning: Angle refuses to start the match so Edge begins. The Rock comes out with a lot of energy, immediately knocking out Edge and Christian. The Rock goes straight after Angle who runs away. The Rock chases Angle around the ring but is met with a clothesline by Christian. Angle turn around and joins in beating down The Rock. The referee gets between the three men and separates them attempting to bring order to the match.


    Middle: We come back, Angle is now in the ring dominating the Rock. The numbers game is really at work here. The Rock gets in short bursts of offense but the comeback is constantly cut short. Angle continues to cycle in tags with Edge and Christian dominating The Rock.

    End: The Rock begins a comeback out of nowhere, he hits his patented DDT on Angle. Christian runs in and gets Samoan Dropped. Edge runs in and attempts a clothesline, The Rock ducks and Edge is sent flying into the referee. Edge turns around into a Rock Bottom! The Rock covers but Edge is down. The Rock gets to his feet and is met by an Angle Slam! Angle covers for the three but there is no ref.

    Angle turns around and begins berating Edge for knocking out the referee. He throws a tantrum and instructions Edge and Christian to both get chairs. Edge and Christian despite being insulted follow Angle's orders. The Rock slowly makes it to his feet as Angle tells Edge and Christian to perform a conchairto.

    Edge and Christian look at each other, seemingly nodding and agreeing on the conchairto. The Rock is now up straight, Edge and Christian go for the conchairto but swerve in the opposite direction both hitting Angle! GOOD GOD!

    The Rock looks absolutely shocked. He goes to defend himself but Edge and Christian roll out of the ring and proceed backstage. The Rock stands over Angle and cues for the People's Elbow! The Rock throws off his elbow pad, hits both ropes, and drops a huge elbow into the chest of Angle, he covers.




    The Rock is going to the Royal Rumble! What a shocker! Edge and Christian have turned on Angle, and now we're two weeks away from Rock Vs Angle!

    The show goes off the air with The Rock celebrating his victory.

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001


    World Championship Wrestling would like to unfortunately announce that management and Davey “Boy” Smith after a number of discussions have come to a situation where neither side feels it has the same expectations of each other. For this reason, upon Smith's request he has been released from his contract and become a free agent. WCW wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    World Championship Wrestling

    Live From
    RBC Center, Raleigh, North Carolina

    With two weeks under the new administration's belt and WCW slowly approaching the first pay per view of the year, things are definitely getting interesting on Nitro.

    Last week, The Big Show came out on top in a triple threat that saw him confirmed at the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship; which means he will now face current champion Sting at Souled Out. The highlight of the night though, was when the Big Show told the Outsiders to “Suck It!” before the current tag-team champions were attacked Degeneration-X. However, it is currently unknown whether the Big Show's actions confirm him as the new member of DX.

    In terms of DX, last week saw the rivalry between Scott Steiner and Ric go one step further, as Scot inevitably cost Flair his chance at the United States Championship. After the match, the New Age Outlaws came to aid Flair only for it be revealed that Flair was in fact the newest member of Degeneration-X.

    In other news, Mark Jindrak went on the rampage last week and took out both Goldberg and Booker T after the match had ended. The real interest though in terms of the situation is why, did Jindrak do it? Also what is Shawn Michaels role in WCW? And will Benoit and Kidman have matches at the pay per view by the time the night is over?

    Currently Confirmed Matches:

    The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) vs. Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay) w/ Rikishi

    Billy Kidman vs. X-Pac

    Degeneration-X (Ric Flair & Billy Gunn) vs. Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarret

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    Raw Episode 3 Preview

    Last week Edge and Christian shocked the world when they turned on Kurt Angle, thus helping The Rock secure his spot as the number one contender for Kurt Angle's WWF Championship at the Royal Rumble. The whole world is waiting for Edge and Christian's explanation.

    Speaking of the WWF Champion Kurt Angle, he will be teaming with IC Championship contender Lance Storm to take on the team of The Rock and Chris Jericho. After being attacked by Storm last week after winning the IC Championship Contendership Triple Threat you've gotta imagine there will be some bad blood between Jericho and Storm.


    After losing his coveted European Championship last week to Val Venis, William Regal has requested his rematch this week on Raw. After careful deliberation Vince McMahon has determined that due to Trish being involved in the finish of last weeks match this weeks encounter will see both men locked inside of a Steel Cage!


    After being on a winning streak since his re-debut Sid Vicious has been put into his biggest challenge yet. He will go one on one with Kane! Can Vicious keep his winning streak in tact, or will Kane be the man to stop him in his tracks?


    Vince McMahon controversially announced Hollywood Hogan as the number 30 man in the Royal Rumble, and in an attempt to continually screw Stone Cold put Stone Cold in the number 1 spot. You've gotta imagine that Steve Austin cannot be too happy with what went down, how will he respond?


    Confirmed Matches:

    Main Event
    European Championship
    Steel Cage
    William Regal VS Val Venis (C) W/Trish

    Lance Storm and Kurt Angle VS Chris Jericho and The Rock

    Sid Vicious VS Kane

    Two More Shows Until The Royal Rumble
    Confirmed PPV Matches:

    Winner Main Events WrestleMania
    30 Man Royal Rumble

    WWF Championship
    The Rock VS Kurt Angle

    IC Championship
    Chris Jericho VS Lance Storm

    Junior Heavyweight Championship
    Elimination Match
    Eddie Guerrero VS Rey Mysterio VS Dean Malenko VS Taka Michinoku

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    00:00-00:02 - Nitro's opening videos begins, which is now a highlight reel showing all the talent that World Championship Wresting offers with a lot of fast edits and non-diagetic music.

    00:02-00:09 - Backstage, Sean Waltman currently wrestling under the name of X-Pac is walking backstage in the direction of the ring as he is scheduled to take place in the first contest of the night against current Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman in a non-title match. As Sean looks up from the ground though, he is interrupted by a cough and looks up too see non other than Scott Hall blocking his path.

    “What you want Scott?” - X-Pac

    Scott looks shocked, from the body language he is giving out alone.

    “Why so hostile Sean. We go back a long time, so I don't see why you need to be so confrontational.” - Scott Hall

    Considering what took place at the end of last week's Nitro, it was clear that X-Pac had more than enough reasons to be confused considering he had been part of a gang style beat down on both members of the Outsiders including Hall. Clearly he had more than enough reasons to be suspicions.

    “I am going to ask again Scott, what do you want?” - X-Pac

    “Its quite simple Sean. I want to put water underneath the bridge. Back in the 90s; me, you, Kevin, Hunter and Shawn were running things. We were making all the big decisions in the WWF. I just don't understand why we need to fight each other. We used to be friends. Don't you remember when you came to WCW as Syxx and you at one point were a stand in member of the Outsiders when Kevin got injured. We're like brothers, I don't want bad blood to break us up Sean.” - Scott Hall

    “Scott as long as your run about taking orders from Eric, we can't be friends. Me and Hunter can't deal with all the politics bullsh*t that, that idiot spouts out his ass. When you’re free of his shackles, come talk to me.” - X-Pac

    “One last thing before you go Sean.” - Scott Hall

    “What?” - X-Pac

    “Look behind you.” - Scott Hall

    As X-Pac turned around, he was totally obliterated as Jeff Jarret brought his guitar over Waltman's hitting the Acoustic Equalizer! Jeff Jarret smiles, as he walks away as Scott Hal squats down and looks at X-Pac.

    “This is your last warning Sean. Your either with us, or against us. World Championship Wresting is New World Order country, and it is about time you and your buddies learnt that.” - Scott Hall

    Hall walks off, chuckling as he walks away from X-Pac body lying unconscious on the floor.

    - - - - - - - -

    00:09-00:11 - As Billy Kidman came out to kick off the show, instead of X-Pac coming out Larry Zybszko came out from the back to inform the fan that would not be competing tonight, due to currently receiving medical attention and instead that Jamie Noble had been chosen to be the last minute replacement.

    00:11-00:18 - Singles Match
    Billy Kidman vs. Jamie Noble

    Beginning: Noble seemed to have an the upper hand to begin with, largely due to the fact the Kidman's had probably scouted out X-Pac before hand. The momentum really went in Noble's favour as he connected with a Diving Leg Drop off the turnbuckle.

    Middle: Kidman though regained his composure very quickly, showing to everyone why exactly he is the champion in the division. Noble though he had caught out Billy a number of times, but paid for his cockiness with a number of times including being met with a truly solid and neck shattering Kid Factor!

    Finish: At this stage of the match, it was more than evident that Kidman was totally in control, and that sooner of later he was going to have his arm lifted up by the referee to signal him as the winner as Noble just look tired and out of place in comparison to him. The match finally ended, when Billy splashed down on to Noble with a Shooting Star Press!

    Winner: Billy Kidman

    00:18-00:21 - After the match, Billy Kidman called for a microphone as he clearly had something he wanted to get off his chest.

    “You know its is a shame that X-Pac couldn't come out and face me tonight, as I would have very much looked forward to taking him on and proving to everyone that I am the most talented man in the Cruiserweight Division. I already put down Candido and tonight I put down Noble but I want to show everyone that Billy Kidman isn't afraid of anybody. And so I send out a challenge to X-Pac. Me and you, one on one, with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line at Souled Out. After I beat you, I can will have proven why I earnt my the New World Order!” - Billy Kidman

    The crowd is stunned, as Kidman drops his microphone only to rip off this t-shirt, and reveal a nWo black and white one underneath it as he justs smile holding the Cruiserweight Title in his hands.

    - - - - - - - -

    00:21-00:30 - Tag Match
    The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) vs. Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty) w/ Rikishi

    Beginning: The match started with Scotty 2 Hotty pitted in the ring with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Scotty stood no chance, and despite it best efforts found himself totally beaten into a pulp by Nash included being given a One-armed pendulum backbreaker! The Outsiders didn't let off the pressure however, as Hall was quickly tagged only to amount even more pressure onto Scotty 2 Hotty.

    Middle: Scotty 2 Hotty carried on receiving the beating of a life time, and the beating was back and forth as both members of the Outsiders were utilizing quick tags in such a way that suppressed Scotty and didn't allow him to tag in a very fresh Grandmaster Sexay. Somehow, Scotty managed to get away and tag in his partner. But all it resulted in was disappointment, as Grandmaster Sexay got floored with a big boot by Kevin Nash.

    Finish: Tag team rules seemed have been thrown out the window, and both Nash and Hall were making light work of both active members of Too Cool. Rikishi seemed to have had enough, as he entered the ring but was promptly thrown back out of the ring by both the tag team champions. Scotty 2 Hotty was given the same treatment, before Grandmaster Sexay was ended with a Jackknife Powerbomb

    Winners: The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

    00:30-00:37 - Both members of the Outsiders looked pretty smug with themselves, as they stood in the ring holding up their tag team titles for all to see.

    “I think it is time people learnt that the New World Order will always have the final says in terms of decisions that are made in World Championship Wrestling. We were running things before, and just because some punks who call themselves DX has come through the doors in the last couple of weeks they think that they are calling the shots now. Scott buddy, why don't you tell everyone what the nWo do to people who step on our turf.” - Kevin Nash

    Nash smiles, as he hands over the microphone

    “We man up, we stand our ground and we put everything we have on the line showing that we really aren't scared of the enemy. That we won't back down from a fight. That is why, at Souled Out we are calling Degeneration-X out, in particular the New Age Outlaws. If you two rednecks think you've got what is takes you will take us on for our tag team titles at Souled Out in a couple of weeks time. But then, it isn't just that simple is it Kevin?” - Scott Hall

    “No because it won't just be any match at Souled Out. It will be a steel cage match, so I hope you to Bubs are ready for it.” - Kevin Nash

    00:37-00:40Advertisement Break: Souled Out up and coming PPV!

    00:40-00:46 - As we come back from the breaks, a very happy looking Eric Bischoff is clapping at the monitor in his office clearly applauding the performance of the Outsiders in their match. As he turns up, he sees none other than Shane McMahon enter into his office.

    “What do you want Shane?” - Eric Bischoff

    The look on the son of VKM, clearly shows he didn't come on a social call.

    “Eric do remember what Stephanie told you a couple of weeks ago?” - Shane McMahon

    “I not quite sure that I do Shane, but I am sure you are going to remind me anyway.” - Eric Bischoff

    “She clearly reminded you that you were the General Manager of WCW and not the New World Order. Now clearly you don't seem to be able to differentiate between the two, and so I am bringing in someone to balance things out. The person in question, is working for the nWo and certainly isn't for DX. The person in question is going to be representing World Championship Wrestling.” - Shane McMahon

    Shane then smiled as he looked at Eric.

    “I am really sorry I had to do this Eric.” - Shane McMahon

    As Shane turned and left, the anger on Eric's face was more than clear.

    - - - - - - - -

    00:46-01:02 - “Tony you got any idea who Shane might have employed to be this representative for WCW?” - Mike Tenay

    “I really don't know, but if I had to pick I would want someone like Sting to make those sort of judgment calls.” - Tony Schiavone

    “As wise as decision that would be, it might not be the wisest thing to give a World Champion that sort of control.” - Mike Tenay

    Suddenly, the lights start to dim as an iconic theme tune plays out over the PA system.

    I think I'm cute.
    I know I'm sexy.

    I've got the looks,
    That drive the girls wild
    I've got the moves, that really move 'em.
    I send chills up.
    Up and down their spines.

    Out from the back walks out none other than the Heart Break Kid himself Shawn Michaels, who has a grin across his face as he struts down the entrance ramp looking more than pleased with himself.

    I'm just a sexy boy,
    Sexy boy

    I'm not your boy toy,
    Boy toy
    I'm just a sexy boy,
    Sexy boy
    I'm not your boy toy,
    Boy toy

    Shawn finally makes it to the ring, as he climbs through the ropes he poses for a couple more seconds taking in the cheers from the fans in attendance. The music finally stops as he is handed up a microphone.

    “It has been a long, long time since myself Shawn Michaels stood in a wrestling ring during a live event and had the opportunity to talk to the fans, whilst cutting a promo or whatever else you want to label what it taking place right now. I think the most important thing for me to say, is that in the next couple of months I able going through a number of medical checks and rehabilitations procedures in the hope I will be able to return as an in-ring wrestling in the summer months.” - Shawn Michaels

    Even the slight mention of a possible return from Shawn, seems to get the fans excited as they give HBK a huge standing ovation, very much waiting on his every word.

    “However, until that time it is important that people understand that I am not cleared to compete. This does not mean that I won't have an active role right here in WCW. You see in the last couple of weeks, I have been in heavy discussions with Shane McMahon and it has been decided up until that point where I become an in-ring competitor again I will holding the position as the Commissioner of WCW. This means that I will making the calls, that are in the best interest of this company and not individuals factions looking out for their own interests. And that is why, by the powers invested in me I am going to set-up a match tonight but first I want to call out someone who I know is loyal to WCW. Current United States Champion...Chris Benoit!” - Shawn Michaels

    Chris Benoit marches out from the back, holding his US Title in the air as he is welcomed by the masses as he slowly makes his way down to the ring. He then pauses for a second looking up at Shawn, before rolling underneath the rope dropping his title as he does so before walking up to Shawn and just nodding in recognition. Shawn then smiles, as he continues.

    “Now as the commissioner I already understand a number of matches are either set in stone, or on the verge of being confirmed. However, one person who I have noticed is yet to placed in a match is none other than this man standing next to be Chris Benoit. Chris I have one question for you, if you don't mind. Are you scared of anyone” - Shawn Michaels

    “No.” - Chris Benoit

    The answer was short and simple, because that was clearly all that what was needed.

    “You see I think as the champion, we should respect Chris and give him the choice of who he wants to face at the PPV. And so I came up with this idea. This week he takes on a member of DX, next week a member of the nWo. After all is said and done, Benoit gets to choose who he wants to take out at the PPV. At the end of the day, WCW is going to come out on top either way. And so in tonight's main event, Chris is going to take on none other than Triple H!” - Shawn Michaels.

    The fans clearly love the idea of that match, and mark out for the idea as Benoit just nods smiling to himself in the ring.

    - - - - - - - -

    01:02-01:05 - For the second time in a night, Eric Bischoff finds himself being interrupted or this time by none other than the man-beast that is Bill Goldberg. Eric looks up, slightly worried.

    “Hi Bill, what can I do for you?” - Eric Bischoff

    “I want a damn re-match!” - Goldberg

    “With who?” - Eric Bischoff

    “With Booker! Who else!” - Goldberg

    Goldberg can't stop moving and looks like a man possessed, and Eric clearly thinks for a second before answering.

    “You know what Bill, we have got a space in the card. So I would be more than happy to grant you the match.” - Eric Bischoff

    Goldberg storms out the office, as Eric shakes his head before getting back to whatever he had been doing previously as Jarret walked in the room.

    - - - - - - - -

    01:05-01:14 - Booker T vs. Goldberg

    Beginning: For third week in a row, both men met each other in the ring and it was clear that Bill Goldberg had no intention of continuing to be on this losing streak. Goldberg's determination really showed through, as any attempt at an assault from Booker was blocked out and met by shoulders barges and elbow exchanges by Goldberg. The adrenaline rush really came when Booker T was pummelled down to the mat with a Double Underhook suplex!

    Middle: Goldberg continued to show clear dominance, and in many ways it was the fact that he had such an advantage that really allowed Booker to get back in the match, as Goldberg being too confident made a bad judgment call and was sent to his back via a Harlem Sidekick! He proceeded to bring down some punishment as he mounted Goldberg as hit him shot after shot to abdomen and face.

    Finish: Booker T continued on the assault, and looked as if he was going to try and take out Goldberg once and for all. As he irish whipped Goldberg to the ropes, he was totally taken out surprised as he was floor by a monster Spear that ended the match!

    Winner: Goldberg

    01:14-01:16 - As Goldberg celebrated the win, he was for the second time in a week taken out by Mark Jindrak who this time proceeded to knock Goldberg down to his feet with a baseball bat, although this time bailed out of the ring as Booker T came to Goldberg rescue.. Both men appeared to be on the same page, as they looked down from the ring shouting at Jindrak.

    01:16-01:19 - Advertisement Break: The Internet now exists, get it!

    01:19-01:31 - Degeneration-X (Billy Gunn & Ric Flair) vs. nWo (Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarret)

    Beginning: The match begun with Billy Gunn and Jeff Jarret in the ring, as Flair and Steiner gave each other evil glares from behind their positions. Billy Gunn looked very angry, whilst Double J seemed more focused which seemed to work to his advantage. JJ hit a solid russian leg-sweep, before tagging in Steiner.

    Middle: Steiner really seemed to release a whole lot of anger out Billy, but kept eye contract with Flair the whole time he did so. Almost as if it was meant for Flair. Scott was quick to tag in Jeff however, as clearly wanted to keep on with the black and white dominance. Somehow, Billy managed to hit a gutbuster and tag in Flair to save himself from further punishment.

    Finish: As Flair entered the ring, Jeff just seemed to smile before walking over to Steiner and tagging in his team mate. Flair and Steiner both go at each other at mad men, and this is nothing short of a fight to the death. The reasons for this hatred are unknown, but both men seem intent on killing the others. The referee shouts each other to break it up, but he is simply ignored and after much frustration he calls for the bell.

    Winners: No Contest due to Disqualification

    01:31-01:37 - As the match is brought to an abrupt end by the referee, Jeff convinces Steiner to leave the ring as both Billy Gunn and Flair look angered as they remain in the ring. Gunn calls for a mike before handing it over to Flair.

    “First the nature boy Ric Flair wants to talk to the fans. WOOOOO! People have been questioning why I joined DX of the last week or so, and I thought being loyal to the fan I should give them an answer. You see Degeneration-X have no interest in taking over WCW, this isn’t a stable of invaders looking out to become the number invaders. The sole interest of DX is to take out the nWo once and for all. And that is why we want to reply to one challenge on the table and put down one of our own. Kevin and Scott you got yourself a deal. You better prepared for the New Age Outlaws as they are sure as hell going to take those tag teams title off you. WOOOO!” - Ric Flair

    Billy Gunn applauds, as Ric Flair looks very much as he has a lot more to say.

    “As for you Scott, I don’t know what the hell your damn problem with me is. The only thing I can think of is that your jealous. Jealous of my history, and jealous because in history you will never be remembered in the same class as me. And at Souled Out , I am going to wipe you off the mat forever. I the Nature Boy, I am challenging you to a Submission match. I sure as hell hope, that you and your roid shrunken balls can man up the challenge. WOOOO!” - Ric Flair

    Flair just looks at Steiner, and it is more than clear from his reaction that the match is more than certainly just been confirmed.

    - - - - - - - -

    01:37-01:40 - The Big Show is sitting backstage, watching the monitor and clearly enjoying what is going on. Someone coughs, and as he looks behind him none other than Triple H is looking over his shoulder.

    “I know we never officially talked about things Paul, so don’t feel pressure about it but if you want to be part of DX on a full time basis you are more than welcome.” – Triple H

    “Thanks for the offer Hunter, I will think about it. “ – The Big Show

    Hunter just walks off, not looking too worried as he has more important things to be concerned about like his match with Benoit in a couple of minutes. With Triple H gone, the room in the lights start to flicker and Big Show stands up but can’t see anything.

    “Sting show your face your coward!” - The Big Show

    The lights remain to normal, but it is unclear whether what just took place was deliberate mind games or simply a technical fault.

    - - - - - - -

    01:40-01:56 - Chris Benoit vs. Triple H

    Beginning: There was a part of Triple H that was almost uncharacteristic, in the sense that he seemed to show Benoit a lot more respect than he would have normally if he had been in different circumstances. Of this attitude didn’t work in his favour and rather than going all out, Hunter found himself struggling in arms bars rather than going all out and throwing haymakers and bringing people down with spinebusters.

    Middle: As Hunter fell behind the pace, he totally changed his strategy and went all out to get Benoit. The change of pace seemed to catch out Benoit, who was quite quickly taken out with a sharp clothesline before being proceeded to be stomped with heavy feet as he laid on the ground trying to defend himself.

    Finish: Triple H looked to have totally turned the match around, and he thought he had the match done when he planted Benoit to the floor with the pedigree. However, instead of going straight for the cover his pride got the better of him as he showboated to the fans. By the time he finally went to pin Benoit, he found himself flipped and locked into the Cripple Crossface that saw Triple tapping in about ten seconds.

    Winner: Chris Benoit

    01:56-02:00 – As the match ended, Triple H looked slightly disheartened large due to his ego most definitely having cost him the win. Benoit seemed to appreciate this, and helped Hunter back up to his feet before both men shook hands in the ring in a very unhostile way, as the screen faded and the show came to a close.

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    **quick note: Although the segments are written in full, most of the matches are just in quick results format as a combination of computer troubles and just lacking time has resulted in this show being late.**

    The opening video along with last week's highlights air.

    0:02-0:14-McMahon comes out to huge heat along with Hogan by his side. McMahon gets on the microphone and announces that he and Hogan have put their differences aside for the greater good of the World Wrestling Federation. Hogan and McMahon are looking to enter a new era of business prosperity, one without Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hogan has agreed to guard McMahon as despite not being in the building yet Austin is going to be gunning for McMahon's head after last week's controversial decision pitting Hogan at number 30 in the Rumble and Austin at number one.

    Hogan grabs the microphone but no sooner does the Olympic Gold Medalists music go off. Kurt Angle storms into the ring ready to throw a tantrum.

    Angle: McMahon, do you even watch your own show? Last week I was screwed by Edge and Christian. Now I have to defend my belt, the same belt that I defeated 5 other men in a Hell In A Cell for against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Please Vince, do something about this!

    McMahon: The way I see it Kurt, you were the one who made the match, you came up with the stipulation, you rolled the dice. It just so happened that this time when you rolled it, it didn't work out in your favor. I suggest that instead of whining, you begin training as hard as you've ever trained in order to guareentadamntee that you keep that belt.

    Angle: But McMa.....


    The Rock enters to the top of the ramp with a microphone.

    The Rock: Finalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly, The Rock has come back to Baltimore!

    I can't be the only one who smells that, the smell of the biggest three pieces of shit all standing in the same place at once. Wooooooh it makes The Rock's nostrils burn from all the way down here.

    Kurt, I'll tell you what. We've heard it before, you're an Olympic Gold Medalist, you're the best pure wrestler in this business although that all might be true you're missing something that The Rock has, heart. The Rock has the heart to go down there later tonight and whip your jabroni ass, just like The Rock has the heart to walk into the Royal Rumble, hit you with the people's elbow, and take your belt in front of the millions......and millions of fans. So you know what I say Kurt, quit your whining, start your training, and JUST BRING IT!

    **The Rock's music hits as the intense staredown ends.**


    0:18-0:30-Sid Vicious defeats Kane

    The match is a hard fought power house brawl. The finish comes when Kane attempts to hit the Tombstone Piledriver, Vicious flips out and reverses it into a piledriver of his own, defeating Kane with his own move! After the match the Lord's Resistance Army comes out. Both Kane and Sid Vicious get to their feet ready to fight. Before O'Haire and his lackey's make it into the ring Sid Vicious turns around and decks Kane. All four men beat down Kane. After the beat down Vicious shakes hands with O'Haire and hugs him.

    0:34-0:38-Edge and Christian are backstage with everybodies favorite play by play guy, Kevin Kelly.

    Kevin Kelly:
    Last week, you two shocked the world and turned on your good friend Kurt Angle. Everybody has been left wondering, why?

    Edge: Good friend? Kurt hasn't been our good friend for months now. Ever since he won the WWF Championship his ego had inflated beyond belief to the point where he stopped treating us....the WORLD Tag Team Champions as equals but instead as two servants who he can boss around whenever he liked. Who he could berate on live TV for accidentally knocking out a referee, a common mistake around here in the WWF.

    Christian: Not only that, but we came up with a great idea for a match at the Rumble. A Triple Threat involving us and Kurt. He turned it down and treated us like fools.

    Edge: Kurt, we've got a challenge for you. You want to get your hands on us, get some revenge? Next week Kurt, I'll take you on one on one. That is, if you're man enough.

    **The Scene Fades Out**

    0:38-0:39-Austin arrives at the arena in his camo hunting gear as we head to a commercial break.

    0:39-0:43-Commercial Break.

    0:43-0:50-Hogan is in the backstage corridor discussing some pressing matters with McMahon. Austin blindsides Hogan with a pipe out of nowhere. Hogan is on the ground holding his head as Austin stomps away at him. McMahon begins running away from Austin, Austin chases him.

    Austin catches up with McMahon and drags him towards the parking lot exclaiming "We're going for a little ride".

    A car lay waiting with the trunk popped up. Austin throws McMahon in the trunk as McMahon screams begging for mercy. Austin has none of it and slams the trunk on McMahon. Austin turns around and pushes the camera man, Austin delivers a stunner causing the camera to fall to the ground. Austin grabs the camera and brings it into the car with him.

    At this point Hogan has finally made it up and is running into the parking garage. Just as he makes it to the car Austin speeds away. Hogan is left holding his head in pain while processing what just happened. The CEO of the WWF is kidnapped by Steve Austin!

    0:50-1:00-European Championship Number One Contenders Match
    Shane Douglas VS Mr Perfect

    Mr Perfect dominates early on with some perfect ground game out wrestling Douglas. Mid match Douglas turns the match into a brawl and begins to dominate Perfect. Perfect attempts to make the late match comeback finishing off Douglas with the Perfect Plex but is cut off with a roll up for a three. Douglas gets some huge heat as he steals the match and will now go on to face the winner of Venis/Regal at the Royal Rumble.

    1:04-1:10-We come back and Lance Storm is standing in the ring, pensive as always. Jerry Lawler has a microphone and looks as if he is about to explode.

    Lawler: Last week my client Lance Storm delivered a stern message to that hooligan Y2J when he attacked Y2J after Y2J defeated Matt Hardy and D'Lo Brown to advance to the IC Championship match at the Rumble.

    As some of you may or may not know, Lance and Jericho have quite the history together. Not only did they train in the same session at the Hart's Dungeon, but early on in their careers they were one of the biggest Tag Teams on the independent scene. Lance knows Jericho better than even his own mother!

    At the Royal Rumble Lance Storm is going to soundly defeat Y2J for the vacant IC Title. If you don't believe us, just wait until later tonight when Lance will either pin The Rock or Chris Jericho in the mixed tag match.

    **Break the walls down hits to a HUGE ovation. Jericho comes out with a mic in hand**

    Jericho: Will you please just, SHUT....THE HELL....UP! You call yourself the King? The king of what? You're definitely not the king of pop, nor are you the king of rock, by the looks of it you're the king of being an absolute 100 percent grade a certified jackass.

    You're right, Lance knows me better than anybody else but that also means that I also know him better than anybody else. Come the Royal Rumble I am going to give Lance an ass kicking that he will never eeeeeeeeevvvvvver forget.

    **Jericho runs into the ring and begins brawling with Lance Storm and Jerry Lawler. We're informed that once order is restored the mixed tag match will begin.**


    1:14-1:28-The Rock and Chris Jericho VS Kurt Angle and Lance Storm

    When we get back from the break, Storm and Angle are beating down Jericho two on one. The ref is trying to restore order to no avail.


    The Rock comes out to an insane pop and hussles down to the ring knocking both Storm and Angle out.

    Jericho/The Rock have the advantage for most of the match. The match finishes with The Rock hitting the People's Elbow on Angle while Jericho is knocked out on the outside. Angle is not the legal man and rolls out of the ring. Lawler distracts the referee while Storm grabs the WWF Championship. Storm nails The Rock with the belt and covers for the three! What an upset here! Lance Storm has just pinned The Rock!
    The fans go nuts booing storm as he retreats to the back with Angle celebrating.


    1:32-1:36-Stone Cold is driver on the free way. He has the camera propped up facing him. He begins yelling obscenities out the window at other drivers who pass him.

    Stone Cold: I absolutely love the high way, the wind through my hair, I just can't get enough of it!

    **Stone Cold begins singing verses from the song "Born To Be Wild" in his horrible redneck singing voice. McMahon can be heard screaming and pounding from inside the trunk. Austin just sings louder to cover it up**

    Stone Cold:
    This video goes out to Hulk Hogan and the rest of those at the WWF head quarters. I've got your boy Vinnie locked in my trunk and what I'm going to have him do is going to be by far the most embarrassing thing I've done to him yet. If you guys don't want your chairman embarrassed, and your stock to plummet I suggest you give me that number 30 spot that I won and I deserve. If not, I'll make sure that the footage I crated airs live next week on Raw.

    **Vince McMahon screams some more as the scene fades out.**


    1:40-1:41-Hogan is backstage talking with the Authorities trying to get them to go looking for Vince McMahon.

    1:41-1:44-A hype video for the Junior Heavyweight Division is played. It highlights the four way elimination at the Rumble between Guerrero, Mysterio, Taka, and Malenko. It shows past footage of each man's innovative style. Each wrestler is interviewed throughout the package telling the WWF fans what it would mean for their careers to win the first ever Junior Heavyweight Championship match.

    1:44-1:48-Final Commercials

    1:48-2:11 (Including Overrun)
    Euro Championship Cage Match
    Regal VS Venis (C) W/Trish

    Trish is at ringside despite having very little ability to influence a cage match. We are told that the only way to win is to escape through the cage or the door. No pinfalls or submissions can take place.

    Early in the match Regal constantly tries to escape through the door. After realizing that it won't work he begins wrestling Venis as opposed to focusing on escaping.

    Multiple times both men almost escape. There are a lot of close finishes.

    The match ends with Venis in control until Shane Douglas comes out. Shane begins harassing and groping Trish Stratus who is at ringside. This distracts Val who takes his eyes off of Regal. Val attempts to escape in order to help Trish. This distraction gives Regal the chance to hit a German Suplex from behind off the top of the cage sending Val crashing to the mat in a holy shit moment. Regal walks out the door and regains his European Championship.

    Here is your winner and new European Champion, WILLIAM REGAL!

    Regal and Douglas stare down with each other signifying the Douglas's involvement was likely not planned. Regal retreats up the ramp as Trish runs in the cage to check on Val. Douglas puts his hand on the outside of the cage prison style and looks at Trish giving her a perverted look. Trish looks back furiously as the show ends.

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    World Championship Wrestling

    Live From
    The Milan Puskar Stadium, Morgantown, West Virginia

    With just this being the last Nitro, until the first Pay Per View of the year; Souled Out things have really started to hot up with a number of matches already been confirmed. Currently confirmed matches are as follows:-

    WCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Sting (c) vs. The Big Show

    Submission Match
    Ric Flair vs. Scott Steiner

    WCW World Tag Team Championships
    The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) (c) vs. The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg)

    WCW Cruiserweight Championship
    Billy Kidman (c) vs. X-Pac

    Although four matches have already been booked, there is without a doubt that the war between Degeneration-X and the New World Order is growing day by day. Despite there yet being no confirmation, its still remains a possibility that The Big Show might become the newest and biggest member of DX. With clear anger towards the Big Show, Scott Hall requested a match with the big man a week before the PPV during the week.

    With Shawn Michaels having been introduced as the WCW Commissioner last week, he gave current US Champion Chris Benoit a choice between Triple H and Jeff Jarret as challengers for the the title at Souled Out. With Benoit having beaten Hunter this week, and set to face Jarret this week one can only assume that by the end of the night a decision would have been made.

    One of the most interesting occurrences that has been taking place over the last few weeks, is rookie Mark Jindrak who has been able to freely make light work of Booker T and Goldberg two weeks in a row, after both men have faced in singles matches. Shane McMahon has certified that Jindrak will step forward to explain his actions or face the necessary consequences.

    :Confirmed Matches:

    The Big Show vs. Scott Hall

    Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarret

    APA (Bradshaw & Farooq) & Chavo Guerrero vs. Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay & Rikishi)

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    Raw Episode 4 Preview:

    The last Raw before the Royal Rumble is set to be an intense night packed with action. Jonathon Coachman has been made interim commissioner as a result of McMahon currently being held hostage by Stone Cold. Will Coachman give into Stone Cold's demands and make Austin number 30 in the Rumble, or will Austin in turn be forced to release the embarrassing footage he has amassed in over a week of kidnapping McMahon.

    Last week after further completing his winning streak, the fan favorite Sid Vicious shocked the world when he joined Sean O'Haire's Lord's Resistance Army by beating down Kane. Little is known about the Lord's Resistance Army, this week JR has scheduled a sit down interview with the man who appears to be pulling the strings Sean O'Haire. Also, Sean O'Haire and Sid Vicious will take on Kane and a mystery partner live on Raw.

    In a shocking development after winning a number one contendership match setting himself up with a Euro Title shot at the Rumble, Shane Douglas harassed Trish and ringside during Val Venis's cage match against Regal. This provided enough of a distraction for Regal to regain his belt just one week shy of losing it. Despite Douglas being the number one contender Venis is still entitled to a rematch clause. As a result, interim commissioner Jonathon Coachman has okayed a Triple Threat match to take place at the Royal Rumble between Regal, Douglas, and Venis for Regal's European Championship. You've gotta imagine that with the way Douglas was acting and William Regal being ignorant to Douglas's involvement there potentially could have been more to Douglas's encounter with Trish than just wanting to sway the outcome of the European Championship match.

    Vince McMahon picked a poor week to get kidnapped! Jonathon Coachman has been over his head in situations to deal with. One of which is concerning the WWF Championship match at the Royal Rumble. After Lance Storm pinned The Rock last week in Tag Team action Jerry Lawler is claiming that Lance is entitled to the number one contender's spot for the WWF Championship as he pinned the number one contender. Coach has agreed that Lawler does have a valid point and as a result Lance Storm will take on The Rock one on one this week on Raw. If Storm wins he will be inserted into the WWF Championship match at the Rumble making it a Triple Threat. Jerry Lawler has assured WWF management that Storm is more than capable of wrestling and winner two matches in one night.

    In Tag Team action Eddie Guerrero and his close personal friend (and now member of Lord's Resistance Army) Dean Malenko will team up to take on the team of Rey Mysterio and Taka Michinoku! In this preview match for the Junior Heavyweight Fatal Fourway Elimination at the Rumble, you've gotta think that each man is going to lay it all on the line in order to soften up their opponents.

    Kurt Angle has exclusively told that after Edge and Christian dished out a one on one challenge last week it got him thinking. Winning the Tag Team Championship is the only thing that he has yet to do in the WWF. If Christian and Edge want to face him they will have to put their money where their mouth is and put their straps on the line against Angle and a partner of his choosing TBA at a later date. With Vince McMahon kidnapped an unable to veto all of this strange challenges being made, Edge and Christian accepted Angle's challenge.

    Confirmed Raw Matches

    If Lance Storm Wins He Is Placed In The WWF Championship Match At The Rumble
    The Rock VS Lance Storm

    WWF Tag Team Championship
    Kurt Angle & ??? VS E&C (C)

    Lord's Resistance Army (O'Haire/Vicious) VS Kane and ???

    Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko VS Rey Mysterio and Taka Michinoku

    Winner Main Events WrestleMania
    30 Man Royal Rumble
    Number 1 Spot: Steve Austin
    Number 30 Spot: "Hollywood" Hogan

    WWF Championship
    The Rock VS Kurt Angle

    IC Championship
    Chris Jericho VS Lance Storm

    European Championship

    Shane Douglas VS Val Venis VS William Regal (C)

    Junior Heavyweight Championship
    Elimination Match
    Eddie Guerrero VS Rey Mysterio VS Dean Malenko VS Taka Michinoku


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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    The WWF has come to terms with the release of Ian Richard Hodgkinson known to fans as Vampiro. We would like to wish Mr.Hodgkinson the best in his future endeavors.

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    Re: Monday Night Wars 2001

    Opening footage
    0:02-0:14-Tag Team Championship
    Kurt Angle and ??? VS Edge and Christian (C)

    Angle comes out first to huge heat. He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Angle: This is a momentous occasion in my career. Within my short time in the WWF I've already been able to prove that I am without a shadow of a doubt the best singles competitor of all time. After winning this match against my greedy ex-friends Edge and Christian I will take their spot as being the top Tag Competitor in the world, along with my new partner......

    **The crowd is in a silent hush, all of a sudden The British Bulldog's music hits!**

    It's the Bulldog! Wasn't he drafted by WCW? Rumor has it that he was relieved of his duties from World's Crappiest Wrestling, and with Vampiro gone the WWF had an open slot to sign him! Angle must have really used his pull as WWF Champion to get his new Tag Partner a contract here!

    Bulldog gets a nostalgia pop despite being aligned with Angle. He enters the ring and him and Angle shake hands to a huge amount of heat.

    Edge and Christians music hits to an absolutely massive pop. Edge starts the match against Angle and it is underway!

    After the bell rings, Edge is in control. He grabs Angle in a rear headlock and moves over to tag Christian, instead of tagging back Christian moves away, he gives Edge the finger. Edge is shocked!

    Bulldog enters the ring despite the ref's warnings and him and Angle two on one attack Edge. Christian rolls into the ring and much to the shock of the fans joins in!

    The three men beat down Edge!

    Bulldog hits an Oklahoma Slam, he picks up Edge and Angle hits an Angle slam. They instruct Christian to hit the Unprettier and he does so. Angle being the legal man motions for everybody to clear out of the ring, they do so. Angle covers Edge in an extremely arrogant fashion for the three count.

    Angle grabs both Tag Team Championships and does a victory lap around the ring. Angle, Christian, and Bulldog share a group hug while the fans go nuts hurling obscenities and cursing out the new faction.

    A clip that was sent into WWF headquarters with no return address is aired. It is fairly obvious as to who is in the clip and what it is about.

    **The scene opens up to a desolate wood cabin. The walls are lined with animal heads on plaques. The place is some what messy and drab. The camera appears to be resting on a counter top as the man in the scene, Steve Austin begins speaking.**

    Austin: Welcome to cooking with Steve, I'm your host "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and if you want to learn how to cook yourself a hell of a sandwich give me a hell yeah.

    This isn't just any sandwich. I've got that ugly sumbitch Vince McMahon in the other room. Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't a cruel man so whenever I kidnap somebody I try to feed them. It's been about two days since I last fed McMahon, the jackass has gotta be hungry!

    First we've gotta go into my trusty refrigerator, see what I've got.

    **Austin grabs the camera and drags it over to the fridge. To reveal what looks like empty shelves. A 6 pack of beer stands out, as well as some moldy bread, bologna, and mustard. Austin grabs all four items and places them on the counter.**

    Austin: Alright folks, looks like we're making McMahon my specialty, a Stone Cold Sammich!

    Any good cook knows that beer adds flavor.

    **Steve Austin begins to pour beer all over the rusty Bologna.**

    MMMM, MMMM, ggggoooood. That sumbitch is lucky he got kidnapped by such a master chef, let's hope he doesn't develop Stockholm syndrome.

    We've got some fresh bread straight from the bakery of Austin 3:16.

    **Austin grabs two moldy slices, crumpling them in the process. He slabs a few slices of meat between them in order to make a sorry looking sandwich.**

    Austin: Most of all, you can't have a dry sandwich. That's where the mustard comes in.

    **Austin places the sandwich on a plate and squirts mustard all over the top of it, not caring about opening the bread in order to conceal the topping. The sandwich ends up being drowned in mustard.**

    Austin: Now time to bring this to McMahon. Oh wait, almost forgot!

    **Austin grabs an empty Foldgers can as well. Austin proceeds down the hall into the basement. The room opens up to McMahon chained to a radiator. He has appeared to have urinated himself. As soon as he sees the camera he begins sobbing and yelling "HELP ME DAMMIT, GET ME OUT OF HERE". After realizing that nobody will come to his aid, his screams venture into cries.**

    Austin: You sorry sumbitch. Look, I made you a sandwich.

    **Austin throws the sandwich at McMahon, not even leaving it on a plate. It hits the dirty basement floor and collects a years worth of dust.**

    Austin: You don't want to insult the chef do you? EAT IT!

    **McMahon being desperate for food slowly begins eating the sandwich while continually sobbing.**

    Austin: You make me sick. Oh yeah, here's a can to piss in. Keep your dignity while your at it. That, and my cabin is beginning to smell too much like your sorry ass. If I'm not made number 30 by the end of tonight's broadcast all that footage I've taped is going to be released, you can bet your sorry ass on that!

    **Austin kicks McMahon in the stomach and drops the camera. Austin leaves the picture and we are left with the lasting image of a soiled beaten down McMahon sobbing while eating a mustard sandwich.**


    0:32-0:34-The Rock is backstage with Kevin Kelly.

    Kevin Kelly:
    Later tonight you will face Lance Storm. If you lose to the man who pinned you last week, our Main Event this Sunday at the Rumble could be a Triple Threat. How does this effect your game plan?

    The Rock: Game plan? You want to know how this effects The Rock's game plan? What do you know about game plans? The closest thing you've ever made to a game plan is trying to figure out how you will move out of your mothers house by the time your 40!

    In all seriousness, The Rock does not like to lose. The Rock rarely loses, and when The Rock does it sets off a switch in his head. Lance, you flipped that switch. You may have had the biggest victory in your career last week, perhaps proven that you're maple leaf ass can play with the big boys. Make no mistake, The Rock guarrendamntees that tonight he is out for blood. The Rock is out to prove to his MILLIONS, and MILLIONS of fans that he is better than Lance Storm and that what happened last week will never happen again. The Rock says....

    **Jericho enters**

    Jericho: Listen Rocky, I'm going to make this short and sweet.

    The Rock:
    How dare you interrupt The Great One!

    Jericho: Cut the shenanigans junior! You obviously are having some trouble comprehending why I am here so I'm going to spell it out for you. With Lawler and Angle both gunning for you there is no way you're going to have a clean match tonight. I just wanted to let you know that the last thing I want is that jackass Lance Storm Main Eventing The Royal Rumble. Tonight, I've got your back.

    The Rock: The Rock never wanted, nor did he ever ask for your help. Although.....he will take it. You see Jericho, you Canadians might be weird but you present a valid point. If Angle, or Lawler want to get involved the Rock's got a whole lotta whoopass that he is ready to unleash, and they can JUST....BRING....IT!

    0:34-0:52-Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko VS Rey Mysterio and Taka

    Beginning: Guerrero and Malenko come out first to seperate entrances. Both get fairly decent heat. It is noted that they might have the advantage here due to their past as stable mates in The Radicalz. Although both remain friends they have moved on.

    Next out is Rey and Taka who both get pops. The match starts with Rey and Eddie who proceed to put on a clinic with intricate high flying moves. Rey gets the best of Eddie causing Eddie to tag out to Malenko who proceeds to ground Rey with a small portion of his 1000 holds. Guerrero comes into the ring and double teams Rey with Malenko. Taka runs in evening the odds. Both Guerrero and Malenko are thrown to the outside. Taka hits the ropes and springboards off of Mysterio to the outside crashing on top of Malenko and Guerrero. Mysterio follows suit hitting an Asia Moonsault to the outside. All four men are down on the floor as we go to commercials.

    Middle: 0:41-0:45-Commercials

    End: When we come back Malenko is in the ring in clear control of Taka. We are shown a clip of during the break when Malenko sent Taka shoulder first into the ring steps. Malenko works over Taka's shoulder. Malenko and Guerrero cycle through tags keeping Taka away from Rey. Rey bangs the turnbuckle driving the fans into a frenzy.

    Eddie grounds Taka with a triple vertical suplex. He goes to the top for the Frog Splash. Taka moves away at the last second. Taka crawls to his own corner, but a tag is made to Malenko who is able to stop Taka from tagging out. Malenko goes for a northern lights suplex but it is reversed into a small package. Taka gets a 2, and immediately leaps into his corner tagging in a rejuvenated Rey Mysterio.

    Mysterio takes down Malenko with a head scissors and hits a drop kick sending Guerrero to the outside. Taka kicks Malenko vaulting him into the middle rope. Mysterio hits the 619 followed by the West Coast Pop for the cover. Taka covers Mysterios back as Mysterio pins Malenko for the three.

    Both Mysterio and Taka celebrate their win. Taka raises Mysterios and but out of nowhere hits the Michinoku Driver. Officials hit the ring checking on Mysterio's neck. Smart move by Taka as it clearly puts the momentum moving into Sunday in his corner where he will face off against all three men previously involved in that Tag Match, not just Guerrero and Malenko!

    0:56-1:00-A pretaped interview airs with Jim Ross and Sean O'Haire of the Lord's Resistance Army. When questioned about what the Resistance Army's cause is, O'Haire explains that it is simple Sid, Malenko, Saturn and himself want to take over the WWF from the inside out.

    When asked if this was initially his idea, if he is the leader O'Haire chuckles and tells JR that he is far from being the leader. O'Haire says the the one giving him his orders does not wish to be known at this point.

    JR pleads with O'Haire to give us a hint regarding who this mystery leader could be, O'Haire says that he is legit as he is either a former or current WWF World Champion.

    The interview fades out with JR looking shocked at the ramifications of a WWF Champion leading such a dangerous pack of superstars.

    1:00-1:02-Edge is backstage being interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Kevin Kelly asks Edge if he has any idea as to why Christian would do what he did. Edge says he is speechless, furious. He has no idea why his own brother would betray him after they gave Kurt Angle his just desserts. He says that not only he, but all the fans deserve an explanation as to why he did it which is why he wants to see Christian live in the ring on next weeks Raw.
    1:02-1:14-Lord's Resistance Army VS Kane and ???

    Beginning: O'Haire and the undefeated Sid Vicious come out to a ridiculous amount of heat. Some house show footage of recent Sid Vicious matches is shown, Jim Ross mentions how it is unbelievable how somebody could remain undefeated in the current WWF landscape. It is explained that by now including untelevised encounters Sid is 13-0. It is remarked how 13 is an unlucky number and if Kane were to find the right partner maybe that streakw ould end tonight on Raw!

    Kane is out next to a huge face pop. His music cuts out and he stands at the top of the ramp with his head down, his hair covering his face.


    Good god almighty, I don't believe this. The Undertaker is Kane's partner! This is some what strange as Taker and Kane have had their recent disagreements, but I guess it is safe to say nobody messes with Undertaker's little brother other than him!

    Taker and Kane run to the ring and exchange blows with the shocked combination of Sid and O'Haire. Sid and O'Haire get knocked down and immediately retreat to the outside. Taker and Kane follow. Taker whips Sid into barrier. Sid gets up and no sells it and the fans go nuts. Sid is an absolute monster. Taker throws Sid back into the ring and the match begins with the two brawling. Sid hits a sidewalk slam and covers for a quick two. O'Haire jumps in the ring and the two begin double teaming Taker, Kane attempts to even the odds but is stopped by the oblivious referee.

    Middle: The ref gets O'Haire out of the ring and order is restored. Taker tags out to Kane who comes in and delivers a clothesline to Sid who gets right back up to his feet and delivers an even bigger one to Kane. Sid tags out to O'Haire who whips Kane off the ropes and hits an impressive looking drop kick for a two.

    End: Momentum swings in Kane's favor, he hits an Atomic Drop followed by a big boot. Kane tightens his glove to signify that he is going for a chokeslam on O'Haire. He has O'Haire in his grip when Sid Vicious runs in and they proceed to double team Kane. Taker goes to the outside and grabs his chain, he comes in and decks both Sid and O'Haire leading to a DQ Finish.

    Taker and Kane beat down O'Haire and Sid but Malenko and Saturn run down pulling them out of the ring. Sid tries to go back in the ring but he is held back and told it is not worth it.


    1:18-1:21-Backstage Storm approaches Angle, Bulldog, and Christian. He tells Angle that he knows Angle is jittery about his match with The Rock. They can both feel it, there's a good chance of us seeing a title change hands Sunday. Storm says in exchange for Angle helping him beat The Rock tonight and get into the Royal Rumble Main Event as a Triple Threat he will lay down for Angle on Sunday taking the match payoff and allowing Angle to easily win in exchange for a one on one match for the belt at a later date. Angle says he already promised Christian a title shot in exchange for turning on Edge earlier, but you know he will see what e can do.

    1:21-1:26-We are brought to ringside where interim commissioner Jonathon Coachman is ready to announce whether or not Austin will be number 30.

    Coachman: As most of you know Vince McMahon made the controversial decision to award the number 30 spot to Hogan in this Sunday's Royal Rumble. Sadly, I have to overturnt that and give Stone Cold Steve Austin the spot in order to insure McMahon's safety.

    **Hogan's music hits as he comes out to a ton of heat.**

    Hogan:You're making a grave mistake. If you put Austin in at number 30 there is a good chance that he can weasel his way into winning the Rumble. Do you really want the blood on your hands of Steve Austin headlining the biggest event of all time, WrestleMania X7 brother?

    Woah, woah, woah. Hogan, I've thought this through. Do you think you're better than Steve Austin?

    Hogan: What kind of question is that?

    Are you afraid of him?

    Hogan: .....

    Coachman: If you're truly better than Austin, you will eliminate him this Sunday at the Rumble because as interim commissioner I am placing you at number 29, right before Austin comes out. Not only myself, but I'm sure Mr McMahon as well will be expecting you to eliminate Austin. if not, you'll have to answer to Vince!

    **Coachman leaves the ring as the scene fades to a commercial.**


    1:30-1:34-Kevin Kelly is backstage with Shane Douglas.

    Kevin Kelly: Shane, last week you had the audacity to harass Trish outside of the Cage, resulting in Venis being distracted and losing his European Championship to Regal. Due to a combination of you being the number one contender and Val being entitled to a rematch clause, we are left with a Triple Threat match for the European Championship this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Why did you do what you did to Trish?

    Shane: Haaaa, haaaaaaaaaaa. It's simple. Every time I see Trish on TV, I see something in her eyes Kevin. Something.....calling my name. Shane, Shane, and it illustrated to me that her being with Val isn't really the right combination. This may not be common knowledge to the fans, but everybody backstage by now knows that Val and Trish are "together" not just as Manager and Wrestler, but as sexual partners. Trish, I'm the Franchise and I'm going to give you one chance, and one chance only! At the Rumble you leave Val and you come to me. I'll do things to you that through all Val's years of experience in the Adult Film industry he couldn't even comprehend. Most of all, I'll be the champion that you deserve to manage.

    The scene fades out with Douglas walking off laughing while Kevin Kelly remains disturbed.


    1:38-2:08-(Including Overrun)
    If Lance Storm Wins He Is Added To the WWF Championship Match At The Royal Rumble
    Lance Storm VS The Rock

    Beginning: It is explained that as a result of The Rock being pinned by Storm last week Storm's manager Jerry Lawler was able to get Storm this match. If Storm wins he will be doing double duty at the Rumble wrestling for both the Vacant IC Championship and in a Triple Threat for the WWF Championship.

    Storm comes out first with Lawler to a mixed reaction. The WCW immigrant has made a lot of progress in his short time in the WWF as he is now working his way to being a borderline Main Eventer.

    The Rock comes out next to a massive pop. He wastes no time in running to the ring and attacking Storm.

    Storm and The Rock brawl, The Rock whips Storm off of the ropes into a Samoan Drop. A quick cover results in a two. The Rock picks up Storm and whips him into the corner, the Rock goes running at Storm but Storm moves. Storm begins mud hole stomping The Rock. The Rock slips down the corner and Storm chokes him with his boot. The referee gets distracted by Lawler prolonging the five count.

    The Rock is gasping for breath only to be impaled by a DDT. Storm covers for a two count. Storm argues with the referee and in turn turns around to a massive clothesline by The Rock. Both men are down as we go to a commercial break.


    We come back and Lance Storm is still in control of The Rock. He has The Rock in a rear chin lock. The Rock slowly fights out of the Chin Lock delivering crushing elbows to the ribs of Storm. Storm launches The Rock off the ropes. Storm attempts a drop kick but The Rock avoids it sending Storm crashing to the mat. The Rock delivers a crushing kick to the back of Storm followed by a knee drop.

    Rocky covers for a quick two count. Storm gets to his feet and The Rock hits a Spine Buster! The Rock sets up for the People's Elbow!

    The Rock runs off the ropes for the People's Elbow but Lawler grabs his foot. The Rock pulls Lawler onto the apron and the ref breaks them up. The ref gets into Lawler's face. Lawler punches the referee knocking him out. The Rock begins brawling with both Lawler and Storm, Angle runs down to the ring and the three men three on one The Rock.

    All of a sudden the lights go out.


    Jericho interferes in dramatic fashion swinging a chair like a madman as the lights restore back to their previous setting. Jericho knocks out Lawler, and Angle. Storm turns around into a Rock Bottom!

    The Rock finally hits the People's Elbow having to use his second elbow pad this time. He covers Storm, and after a bit of a lull the ref wakes up and makes the count for the three.

    The show ends with all four contenders for their respective belts at ringside with tensions high. The Rock stands tall leading into the Royal Rumble!

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