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Thread: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

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    CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    A massively massive pyro show welcomes us to the third Pay per View in CWA history, live from Tokyo, Japan, its time for Hostile Takeover.

    Before our first match we are shown a video clip from earlier today. At approximately 1pm in the after noon, the challenger for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship later tonight arrived at the arena. Roberto seemed distant but still stopped to sign autographs for his fans who waited to see him. About five minutes before we went on the air, his opponent arrived. The Ultimate Pain pulled up in a fancy and expensive looking sports car that screeched to a halt inside the parking lot. The champion climbed out of the drivers side while his younger brother, Minimal Pain, climbed out of the passengers side. Minimal Pain went to the trunk and got the champions bags and title belt. Ultimate Pain took the title belt but left Minimal with the bags. Ultimate Pain holds the trunk open as Kennif leBlanch climbs out and stretches his neck after the long drive. Ultimate Pain slams the trunk closed as Minimal Pain passes off some of the champions 13 bags to Kennif.

    Twenty Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Twenty Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal! The participants must throw their opponents over the top rope and onto the floor, and the last man in the ring will be declared the winner.

    As soon as the bell sounds, the competitors become a whirlwind of feet, fists, and elbows as they just attack anything that moves. This action is impossible to keep up with as a spectator, let alone as a commentator. Top Dog makes a quick impact with a vicious lariat to TJ Styles, sending him flying out of the ring within the first minute of the match! Thanks for coming, TJ.

    Lindsay Monahan: TJ Styles has been eliminated!

    Amazing Shine seizes the opportunity and attacks Top Dog from behind with forearm shots. Top Dog unloads with a back elbow that puts Shine on his back unconscious and less a few teeth. On the other side of the ring, Tony Burlom back drops Ralph McCoy over the top rope! Ralph is out.. no! Ralph skins the cat and taunts Burlom! Burlom charges with a lariat but Ralph pulls down the top rope, sending Burlom out!

    Lindsay Monahan: Tony Burlom has been eliminated!

    In the far corner, St. Deuce is getting double teamed by The Machine and Bret Storm. Deuce ducks a punch from The Machine which lands squarely on Bret Storm's jaw. Now Machine and Storm are brawling, forgetting about Deuce who runs in with a double clothesline, sending them both out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The Machine has been eliminated!

    Lindsay Monahan: Bret Storm has been eliminated!

    Amazing Shine wakes up from his nap and remembers he's in a match. He's further reminded by Top Dog who greets him with a series of punches and chops, backing him into the corner. He follows up with a decapitating clothesline, sending Shine out to the floor.

    Lindsay Monahan: Amazing Shine has been eliminated!

    Don de Vries is tied up with Eoghan O'Neill. A knee to the gut doubles O'Neill over, and de Vries lays in some spine-rattling forearm shots. O'Neill attempts a backdrop but de Vries counters and kills him with a Piledriver! Shaun Quinn charges at de Vries from behind but is a fraction of a second too slow and gets speared out of his boots! He turns his attention back to O'Neill who's still loopy from the Piledriver. De Vries escorts him to the ropes and dumps him unceremoniously on the floor.

    Lindsay Monahan: Eoghan O'Neill has been eliminated!

    Now it's Top Dog and Devon Jones exchanging right hands. Top Dog starts to win the exchange but Lord of Darkness interrupts with a shoulder block. Now it's Lord of Darkness and Devon Jones trying to eliminate Top Dog. A thumb to the Dark Lord's eye breaks up the double team effort, and Top Dog follows up with a series of right hands to Jones in the corner. Infuriated, Lord of Darkness charges at Top Dog, who lowers his head and backdrops Lord of Darkness out of the match!

    Lindsay Monahan: Lord of Darkness has been eliminated!

    Top Dog turns his attention back to Devon Jones who's slumped in the corner. He whips Jones hard into the ropes and welcomes him back with a big boot. Top Dog helps Devon Jones to his feet and deposits him on the floor like a sack of garbage.

    Lindsay Monahan: Devon Jones has been eliminated!

    Across the way, Ralph McCoy and Shaun Quinn are locked up. McCoy gets the upper hand and whips Quinn into the corner. McCoy follows him in with a stiff clothesline and then a series of kicks to the gut. Quinn crumples in the corner under the repeated stomps of McCoy. Steel blindsides McCoy with a forearm shot to the back. McCoy tries to answer with a kick to the gut but Steel catches it. McCoy with a hard enzugiri with his free leg sends Steel head over heels to the floor!

    Lindsay Monahan: Steel has been eliminated!

    Meanwhile, Adam Brown is on a suplex frenzy, delivering one to Kennif leBlanch, then to Simon Steiner, then to Mike Rotch! Ugh, he spits in Rotch's face just for the hell of it and flexes in the centre of the ring, clearly happy with himself. Don de Vries sees the opening and delivers an Axe Bomber Lariat to Adam Brown, nearly taking his head off! He walks over to the corner where Shaun Quinn has been resting, picks him up, and squashes him with a hard belly to back suplex. Now Ruben Johns charges at de Vries, but de Vries just sidesteps and tosses him out!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ruben Johns has been eliminated!

    McCoy hits a springboard moonsault out of nowhere on Mike Rotch! McCoy seems to be catching an adrenaline rush, if you'll pardon the expression. Frankie Enzo tries to slow him down with a double axe handle, but gets a knee to the gut for his efforts. McCoy off the ropes with a vicious Shining Wizard on Enzo! St. Deuce helps a groggy Mike Rotch to his feet and backs him to the ropes with Hard Knocks, followed by a stiff St. Light that sends him tumbling out of the ring!

    Lindsay Monahan: Mike Rotch has been eliminated!

    Adam Brown helps a very battered Shaun Quinn to his feet and lays a few chops into his chest. He's toying with Quinn, taunting him and flexing his muscles. Quinn says something nasty about Brown's mom and Brown retaliates with a thunderous clothesline, sending Quinn out of the ring!

    Lindsay Monahan: Shaun Quinn has been eliminated!

    Brown is leaning over the top rope screaming obscenities at a barely conscious Shaun Quinn when Top Dog delivers a clothesline of his own to the back of Brown, sending him out right next to Quinn!

    Lindsay Monahan: Adam Brown has been eliminated!

    Frankie Enzo stalks McCoy, looking for some payback for the knot on the back of his head. Enzo pours it on with a combination of punches and chops, then a kick to the gut. Enzo sets up for a power bomb, but McCoy counters with a beautiful hurrancanrana! Meanwhile, Don de Vries is working over Kennif leBlanch with a series of punches. He backs him up to the ropes and goes for his legs, trying to eliminate leBlanch. Top Dog out of nowhere with a stiff clothesline to the back of de Vries sends leBlanch sailing out of the ring!

    Lindsay Monahan: Kennif leBlanch has been eliminated!

    McCoy turns his attention back to Enzo but gets blindsided by a series of forearms from Simon Steiner. Steiner pushes McCoy to the ropes and tries to throw him out, but McCoy is hanging on tight. McCoy flips over the ropes and is now standing on the apron. McCoy with a series of shoulder blocks to Steiner, doubling him over. Steiner charges back at McCoy in frustration but McCoy sidesteps and pulls down the top rope, sending Steiner out!

    Lindsay Monahan: Simon Steiner has been eliminated!

    Enzo sees McCoy still on the apron and charges, but eats a big boot from Top Dog instead. Dog picks a very groggy Enzo up by the hair and lays in a series of chops to his chest, backing him up to the ropes. Top Dog backs up a couple steps and finishes him off with a clothesline, sending him to the floor.

    Lindsay Monahan: Frankie Enzo has been eliminated!

    McCoy is now back in the ring in one corner with St. Deuce, Top Dog, and Don de Vries standing in the other three corners. They stare each other down as the crowd goes absolutely ballistic with anticipation. Faint chants for the lightweight Ralph McCoy can be heard, as he's earned the support of the crowd as one of the biggest underdogs of this match.

    In the ring, however, all eyes are on the near 300 pounder, Top Dog, who has been a force to be reckoned with so far. There seems to be some non-verbal agreement between the participants, as they all jump on Top Dog with a flurry of punches, chops, kicks and forearms. Top Dog is about to go down but fights back with a rake to Deuce's eyes. De Vries and McCoy continue pouring on the punishment. A blind Deuce runs back in with a clothesline, levelling de Vries by mistake. Top Dog, on his knees, sees the opening and lays a stiff elbow into McCoy's gut, bending him over. Top Dog is back on his feet and delivers a hard clubbing forearm to McCoy's back, knocking him to the mat.

    Deuce and de Vries are still brawling over their misunderstanding when Top Dog comes off the ropes with a double clothesline, taking them both off their feet. He grabs de Vries and kills him with a vicious pump handle slam. Deuce back on his feet with a flurry of punches to Top Dog. Deuce goes for an overhead belly to belly, but it's blocked! Top Dog breaks the hold with a head butt to Deuce and he fires back with right hand shots of his own, backing him into the corner.

    Meanwhile, de Vries is using the ropes to pull himself back up. McCoy springboards off the adjacent middle rope and lands a picture perfect dropkick, sending de Vries tumbling to the outside!

    Lindsay Monahan: Don de Vries has been eliminated!

    Top Dog is pouring it on St. Deuce in the corner with repeated shoulders the gut. McCoy catches his breath and watches for an opportunity. Top Dog whips Deuce hard into the opposite corner and follows him in with a clothesline. Top Dog hooks his arms under Deuce's legs and starts to force
    him over the top rope. McCoy hits Top Dog at full speed with a knee to the back, trying to send Deuce over the top rope but he hangs on! Deuce tries to skin the cat but is kicked in the back by an enraged Top Dog until he finally lets go of the ropes.

    Lindsay Monahan: St. Deuce has been eliminated!

    The final two participants lock eyes and they circle each other. Top Dog is clearly furious, and the chants for McCoy from the crowd only enrages him further. McCoy circles around the much larger Top Dog and tries for a single leg takedown, but Top Dog is too strong, and hammers him to the mat with several forearm shots.

    Top Dog picks McCoy up by the throat and squeezes momentarily as McCoy tries to fight back with elbows to the head. McCoy fights out and the crowd goes wild! McCoy hits the ropes and comes back at full speed but he's caught by the throat again! Top Dog wastes no time and annihilates him with a hard choke slam. Top Dog grins evilly and grabs McCoy by the throat again, picks him up, and delivers yet another thunderous choke slam. He grins and raises one arm as the crowd boos their disapproval. He picks McCoy up again, apparently finished toying with him, and tosses him out of the ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ralph McCoy has been eliminated! Here is your winner, Top Dog!

    The crowd loudly voices their disapproval as Top Dog celebrates in the ring, seemingly impervious to the hostility.

    The scene starts in a dark basement. All the lights are off and only the faint flickering of light flashing from a television set can be seen. A man is sitting on a couch watching TV, but it's too dark to make out who he is. The camera gets closer to the TV monitor and it seems that the man is watching the In Exile PPV that CWA presented a couple of months ago. The match the man is watching is the Main Event between Roberto and The Ultimate Pain. The bout is reaching the end and as Ultimate Pain pins Roberto, The man rewinds it a couple of seconds to view the pin again. The man does this a couple of times more, before letting the tape run and as Ultimate Pain is holding his newly won Title over his head, The man pauses the frame. He stares at it for a good minute and then gets up from the couch and moves away from the camera and towards the TV. The man is dressed all in black and it's still unclear who he actually is. The man takes off his hood, turns around and walks towards the camera. As he moves closer to it, it's finally clear who he actually's Roberto Superstar. His demeanour though is different than usual, as the usually fun loving wrestler's eyes are filled with pure evil and hate.

    Roberto: Two months ago Ultimate Pain, you took from me the thing I love the most in this world. At In Exile, you took my World Heavyweight Title. But don’t think for one second that you are better than me. Cockiness and carelessness cost me that day, plain and simple. You see, at Uprising, when I defeated you to become the first ever CWA Heavyweight Champion, I became the most popular wrestler in the world. I was on every magazine cover, on every late night show, doing special appearances and it all went to my head. I thought I was invincible, but since you beat me, I realized one one is. You see Ultimate Pain, the truth is, I'm still cocky and I still know I’m the best wrestler in the world today, but this time the difference is...I. Wont. Be. Careless.

    Roberto: Ultimate Pain, come Hostile Takeover, I am taking over, you can bet on that. It's going to be a different Roberto coming through those curtains. No exciting colourful outfit, just me, you and the beating I am going to lay on your sorry ass. And when dust settles and all it said and done, I will be standing in the middle of the ring as the new CWA World Champion.

    Roberto: Ultimate Pain, do what you will, say what you want, but remember one thing...YOUR ASS BELONGS TO ME.

    Roberto stares at the camera before it fades to black.

    We cut to the office of one Charles W. Anderson, who is sitting at his desk across from Dr. Jack Adams and Jerry Black. All three of them are studying a long contract. Mr. Anderson plops his copy on his desk, removes his glasses, and rubs his eyes.

    Anderson: From what I can gather, this thirty-four page monstrosity of a contract boils down to this: Mr. Quade wants you to compete in an unsanctioned match. If you win, Quade will sign the necessary documents to reinstate your wrestling license. He will also agree to never meddle in your affairs ever again. He'll have no unsolicited contact with you of any kind... not even a Christmas card.

    Adams: Give me a pen.

    Anderson: Hold your horses, Doc. If you lose, not only will your wrestling license stay suspended, but you will have to cut all ties with professional wrestling in general. That means you will have to resign as the head of my medical team and you won't be able to pursue a career in professional wrestling in any capacity whatsoever, not even as a roadie.

    Anderson takes another sip of coffee.

    Anderson: Also, it's not in the contract, but I'd imagine your medical license would be in jeopardy as well, as there's no provision to keep him from meddling with it if you lose.

    Dr. Adams grits his teeth and shares a frustrated look with Jerry Black. He turns his attention back to Anderson.

    Adams: Who is my opponent?

    Anderson: Well, that's where the contract conveniently gets a bit vague. All it says is that you must face the opponent of Mr. Quade's choosing.

    Adams: Well, that could be anybody... most likely someone not on the CWA roster.

    Anderson: Exactly. Also, keep in mind that this is an unsanctioned match with no rules. Technically, he can throw as many people at you as he can muster.

    Adams and Black share a brief look, then Adams' eyes gloss over as he drifts into deep thought. He starts to pace.

    Anderson: This is exactly why I waited for your word. I'm not signing this abomination until you do, if you even choose to do so.

    Adams says nothing and keeps pacing. Anderson and Black share an unknowing look, then turn back to Adams and wait.

    Following the tense situation in the owners office we cut backstage where a man wearing a FWA shirt has just entered the car park. It doesn’t take long to figure out that that man in known the world over as The Inferno Ryan Hall, a one time rival to the Ultimate Pain and the Brotherhood. Hall looks to be in a cheery mood as he heads inside the arena to catch the rest of the show.

    Michelle Kelly is backstage with Dmac.

    Michelle Kelly: Tonight you put your career on the line against Rich Stone in a loser leaves town match. As of late you have been on a bit of a slump how do you plan on coming back to your winning ways tonight?

    Dmac: Tonight, its not about the past Michelle it is about the future. It is about moving forward and not backwards. Tonight marks the end of Rich Stone and the start of…

    Rich Stone walks right by the interview area and steps in front of Dmac mid sentence.

    Rich Stone: Did you say the end of Rich Stone, on the contrary it is the start of my ear. The beginning of the most dominant period in CWA history.

    Dmac: You got a lot of balls for someone who has never beaten me. You better go back to the classified ads or go back to the octagon because you are not beating me tonight.

    Rich Stone: Funny Dmac because I was going to say the exact same thing. Listen this is how it is going to go. You are going to lose to night and you are going to actually quit. You are going to tap out and you will literally saying I quit.

    Rich smiles and walks away as his song plays on the PA system and he gets ready for the match.

    Loser Leaves CWA Match
    Number One Contender for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Rich Stone vs. Dmac

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Loser Leaves CWA match up. Whoever is pinned or submits, will have their CWA contract terminated. Introducing first, the man who issued the challenge for this match up, Rich Stone.

    Rich Stone along with Victoria Stone come through the entrance curtain but Rich stops and sends his wife backstage to ensure she is out of harms way.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, the man who bravely accepted this match, Dmac.

    Dmac comes through the entrance curtain and locks eyes with Rich Stone in the ring. After a tense stare down, Dmac charges to the ring.

    - Dmac has only lost once in CWA and Rich Stone played a big part in that.
    - Dmac owns a victory over his opponent tonight.
    - Rich Stone is looking to finally fulfil his destiny should he win tonight as he would be guaranteed a future World Heavyweight Championship match.

    Dmac and Rich circle up and lock up in the middle of the ring. Rich quickly turns into a hammerlock. Dmac reaches for Rich but then powers out flipping Rich over on his back. Rich gets up and slaps Dmac and the face. Dmac retaliates and slaps him back. Rich then hits Dmac with a right hand. And Dmac hits him back. They exchange strikes as they fight for dominance. Rich gets the upper hand and whips Dmac off the ropes. Rich jumps a running Dmac and hits him on the rebound with a Belly to belly suplex. Dmac rives in pain and Rich goes for the cover with his forearm in Dmac‘s face. Quick kick out by Dmac. Rich grabs Dmac and whips him off the ropes. Rich tries for a back body drop but he ducks to early and Dmac makes him pay for it with a kick in the chest followed by a clothesline. Dmac follows up with a leg drop. Instead of the pin Dmac stomps away at Rich and taunts to the crowd. Dmac signals for the D-Mark and waits for Rich to get to his feet. Rich stands up and Dmac takes a few steps toward him. Rich ducks the kick and turns Dmac around and hits the Franchise Tag! Rich taunts and follows with the cover. But Dmac kicks out at the last second.

    Rich screams in aggravation and kicks Dmac in the side of the head while he is on the ground. Rich picks Dmac up and once again goes for the Franchise tag! Dmac counters it and flips rich over into another suplex Rich bounces up but is dropped by a shoulder block. Rich springs up and he does it again. Again Rich gets right back up and he tries for a clothesline. Dmac ducks it and hits a D-Mark. Dmac covers him and Rich barely gets his shoulder up. Dmac gets up and screams in disbelief and then argues to the ref. Rich has time to recover and gets to his feet. Dmac walks over and grabs Rich by the head and throws him into the turnbuckle. Dmac lifts Rich up to the top rope and climbs up with him. Dmac tries for a superplex. Rich fights him off and then throws Dmac off the top. Rich stands up and then jumps off and hits the Bright Future shooting star leg drop! Rich stands up and then looks around the arena he signals for the end. He grabs Dmac’s leg and then drags him to the middle of the ring and locks in the STF. Dmac screams in pain in the middle of the ring. He tries to crawl to the ropes but the pain is too intense. Dmac almost reaches the ropes but after minutes of torture he has no other choice but to tap out!

    Lindsay Monahan: You winner via submission in 15 minutes and 17 seconds, Rich Stone!

    Before our next contest, we are shown the competitors backstage in a split screen format. On the left is the ever cocky and confidant defending champion, The Real Deal, Joey Nicholas. On the right is the not so confidant Shadow Equinox who is following closely behind his mentor in Demon Deeds. Their battle, is next.

    CWA World Lightweight Championship
    Shadow Equinox vs. Joey Nicholas ©

    Lindsay Monahan: The following match is for the CWA Lightweight Championship. And firstly, the challenger, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 219 lbs, being accompanied to the ring by Demon Deeds, Shadow Equinox!

    Equinox comes down the ramp slowly, before entering the ring. Deeds is already shouting orders at him.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent; he is a two time CWA Lightweight Champion, he is "The Real Deal", Joey Nicholas!

    Joey arrogantly saunters down to the ring, with the belt draped over his shoulder. He gives Deeds a look before climbing into the ring. As Nicholas is posing, Deeds can be heard shouting more orders at Equinox, who suddenly jumps Nicholas from behind, taking him down to the mat! The ref rings the bell.

    - Joey Nicholas has already defeated Shadow Equinox in CWA.
    - Nicholas and Equinox have been at each other’s troths since Equinox made his CWA debut by attacking the champion.

    Equinox begins to punch Nicholas on the floor, beating him down early on. However Nicholas finally manages to turn Equinox onto his back and he then begins to throw a flurry of fists Equinox's way.

    Finally Equinox manages to turn Nicholas over again, and locks him in a sleeper hold. Early on it would appear that Equinox's intentions are to wear Nicholas down. Nicholas is in the sleeper for a moment or two, and the referee is being asked constantly by Deeds if Nicholas out. Though there is clearly still life in him yet, and he begins to force his way back to his feet, making Equinox get up also. Nicholas begins to hit Equinox with a few elbows, making Equinox release the hold, but in such a manner that Nicholas gets thrown onto the ropes, Nicholas comes back with a clothesline but it's ducked by Equinox. Nicholas then comes bounding back off the other ropes and strikes Equinox with a huge spinning heel kick! Joey quickly covers Equinox...1...2...But Equinox manages to get the shoulder up! Equinox is still down on the ground, holding his face, but Nicholas is quickly up to his feet. Trying to maintain his advantage. He drags Equinox to his feet, before Irish whipping him into the corner. Nicholas then tries to lift a still dazed Equinox onto the top of the turnbuckle, but the surprisingly quiet so far, Demon Deeds, climbs up and begins to shout something behind Nicholas. It appears to have been enough to get Joey's attention, as he turns around and gets in Deeds' face. Nicholas' has finally heard enough, when he pushes Deeds off the ring mattress.

    Nicholas then turns around, preparing to go back to work on Equinox, but this distraction has given him enough time to recover, and Equinox comes charging out of the corner and hits a huge spear on Nicholas!

    Equinox then sets about locking in the Soul Stealer. Deeds has got back up and is shouting at Equinox to lock it in as hard as he can, Nicholas is writhing in pain, but fortunately for him, Equinox didn't have the sense to move Joey after the spear into the middle of the ring. Nicholas slowly manages to edge his way to the ropes, and grabs them just in time, forcing Equinox to release the hold.

    Equinox begins to shout in the referee's face in fury at his decision to break the hold. Finally Equinox covers Joey...1...2...Nicholas just manages to kick out before the referee hits a 3 count. Equinox then begins to shout at the referee yet again. By this stage, Nicholas has managed to get himself back to his feet, with a little help from the ropes. Equinox turns around, and both men stare at each other for a brief moment. Equinox then makes his move, by charging at Nicholas again, who ducks down and hoists Equinox over the top of the ropes! Equinox does not take as hard a spill as expected though as he lands on his manager Demon Deeds!

    Nicholas drops to his knees on the mat, using this spare time to regain some composure and some much needed strength. As he slowly climbs back to his feet yet again, Equinox has clambered his way back into the ring, but Equinox clearly now has some black liquid oozing down his chin. As Equinox goes to spray it in Nicholas' eyes, Joey manages to duck down in time, all too aware of what was coming. This gives Joey a chance to grab Equinox, and hit him with a belly to belly suplex!

    With Equinox down on the ground, Joey runs up to the top turnbuckle, and hits a moonsault on Equinox. Joey clearly thinks about covering but decides he hasn't finished yet. Deeds has managed to climb onto the mattress again, but he receives a Deal Breaker for his trouble, knocking him down and out. Joey then turns his attention back to Equinox, who is slowly getting back to his feet, trying to take in his surroundings. He then turns around into Joey who hits him with a perfect Deal Breaker. Joey then covers Equinox...1...2...3!!

    Nicholas jumps up and begins to celebrate his huge title defence. He quickly goes over and grabs the title off the referee.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, and still CWA Lightweight Champion, in 31 minutes and 12 seconds, Joey Nicholas!

    Joey jumps up and down, putting his title above his head in delight with the result. As Joey climbs out of the ring, Demon Deeds climbs into it, looking in disgust at Shadow Equinox. Deeds walks over to the slowly recovering Equinox and slaps him before shaking his head and walking off. Equinox wait’s a few seconds before sliding out of the ring and following with his head hung in defeat.

    We cut backstage, to where Ultimate Pain is sitting half asleep on one of the two Brotherhood couches within the Brotherhood locker room. Pain is laying up the couch with a UFC: Undisputed strategy guide placed over his face, and a slice of pizza still half in his hand, as his arm drapes off the sofa. Matt "Minimal Pain" Jones and Kennif LeBlanch are also in the locker room but they are both busily sitting playing UFC: Undisputed on the Xbox. It's clear that Matt has the upper hand on Kennif for once, as he is noticeably excited, when all of a sudden his excitement suddenly stops and he completely freezes. The camera zooms in on the huge 52" television, and it can clearly be seen that it says "Kennif Wins!" Matt sits in silence for a moment, almost in disbelief, before he finally snaps and slams the controller down, suddenly waking Ultimate Pain up out of his slumber. Pain jumps up, knocking the strategy guide onto the floor. Pain looks around at the locker room in disgust.

    Ultimate Pain: What in the hell? Didn't I tell you idiots to clear this junk up? Tonight's a huge night for the Brotherhood. Not only am I going out there to defend my title against Roberto, and by defend I mean beat! But we're also going to have a whole host of new guys back here, and the place looks like this?

    The camera zooms in on an angered Ultimate Pain. As the camera gets closer, it's became clear that Pain has had something written on his face in some sort of marker ink. As the camera gets closer, it becomes clear that "Ultimate Ass" is what is written on Pain's presumably unsuspecting face. Pain kicks some of the rubbish around, and the camera sees notes on members of the roster laying around, as the Brotherhood continue to scout for new members.

    Ultimate Pain: Alright, Kennif, you're on mop duty. Matt you're picki...

    Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Pain looks around startlingly at it. Michelle Kelly then comes bursting through the door, microphone in hand. She looks around at the locker room, amazed at how it could possibly be such a mess. She is clearly very unimpressed.

    Matt Jones: Ahh, I knew you'd come for that date eventually. No woman can resist, The Minimal Pain!

    After Matt has smugly said this, Michelle simply glares at him.

    Michelle Kelly: Dream on. I've been forced to come to this tip by Mr. Anderson to interview Ultimate Pain. Though, first and foremost, I've got to ask, what's with all the rubbish? This doesn't look like your usual preparation Ultimate Pain. What's happened? Little arrogant perhaps?

    Ultimate Pain: Whoa! Me? Arrogant? I think you have me confused for someone else darling.

    Michelle Kelly: Don't call me dar...

    Ultimate Pain: Yeah, ok that's great dear. Now listen up. You want an interview with me? Ha! Who doesn't these days, but if you want an interview, you don't insult the Champ. You say I haven't been preparing for this match? This is the biggest match of my life to date, at the biggest event of my life to date. A huge night for myself and the Brotherhood. You want to see preparation? Roll the footage.

    Suddenly the coverage cuts to Ultimate Pain in a gym, working weights. The camera moves around and Pain appears to be alone in the gym.

    Ultimate Pain: Holy crap Matt! You really think people are going to buy this?

    Matt Jones: Course bro. Have I ever let you down before?

    Ultimate Pain: I won't even bother answering that. How many reps do I have to do anyways? This is killing me already. Remind me never to do this again!

    Matt Jones: Just a few more and I'll edit all the good footage. No worries Mil...Pain.

    Pain continues to lift his weights before he finally drops it, evidently exhausted. He then gets up and grabs a Mountain Dew to refresh himself.

    Matt Jones: Wait, don't you hate that stuff? You really are getting unhealthy bro. Whatever happened to water only?

    Ultimate Pain: Like the champ needs to drink just water. I'm way past that now. Plus Mountain Dew will pay me a nice little fee if I get this into the show so make sure you don't edit it out.

    Pain takes another swig of it, before smiling at the camera and showing the Mountain Dew can to it.

    Ultimate Pain: Oh, and can you make sure we grab a Wendy's or something before we do the next scene Matt?

    Matt Jones: Uh, sure? This doesn't seem very like you Pain.

    Suddenly the footage cuts, and Pain is seated at a desk. He has his feet up on the desk, which is scattered with notes, that appear to all be on Roberto. As the camera turns around, it becomes clear Pain is now watching videos of Roberto.

    Ultimate Pain: Alright, surely you've got enough of this crap? I can't stick watching this guy wrestle much more. Seriously, I dunno what the fans see in this idiot. I'm starting to wonder how he even beat me before. Talk about an off day.

    Matt Jones: Yeah, no worries, we've got enough. I just hope you aren't getting too cocky Ulti.

    The video package now cuts to Pain standing in front of the camera, with a simple black background behind him.

    Ultimate Pain: You want to know something Roberto? This belt means everything to me now. This event means everything to me, as not only do I intend to become the first man to retain this gold, but I expect it to be the biggest night in Brotherhood, CWA, and possibly wrestling history. Two months ago, when you faced me, you saw the Ultimate Pain who had a terrible off night, whilst you wrestled the best match of your life, and I've came to accept that you beat me fair and square. Last month, when we faced each other, you saw the Ultimate Pain that was beginning to wonder if he'd wrestle again. I gave my all, and on the night I beat you fair and square. We're all square now, and tonight you're seeing a more confident, a perfectly prepared Ultimate Pain. You're seeing an Ultimate Pain that's expecting to go out there tonight and beat you and put this feud to bed once and for all. You might want my ass to be yours, but Roberto baby, you can keep on dreaming, cause nobody can beat the Ultimate Pain in the physical shape of his life. I wish you the best of luck sir, because when it comes down to it, you're definitely going to need it. Come the Hoodly's Hostile Takeover Roberto; you will experience the Ulllllltimaaaaate...PAAAAAAAINNNN!! one final time.

    Matt Jones: Andddd, that's a wrap. This is all going to go together just sweet.

    Ultimate Pain: As long as everyone buys it I don't mind.

    The footage then cuts back to a rather content looking Matt Jones, a highly amused Michelle Kelly and a completely irate Ultimate Pain. Pain is simply staring at Matt in complete disbelief. He finally jumps at Matt and starts and swinging wildly at him whilst shouting obscenities. The camera then cuts to black with this still going on.

    We're back in the office of Charles W. Anderson, who is sitting at his desk while Dr. Adams paces back and forth and Jerry Black sips on his flask. Adams finally stops in his tracks and chuckles softly.

    Adams: It all makes perfect sense. I put Quade in that wheelchair. Even though I did what I could to help him financially, I will still have that guilt on my head for the rest of my life. Besides that, if I don't take this offer, he's going to make the rest of my life a living hell. I have to do this.

    Black: Don't you see what he's doing? Don't you realize the way he thinks? He wants to cripple you! In his warped mind, the only thing better than crippling you is crippling you live on television! Think about this, man!

    Adams: You're probably right. I wouldn't put it past him. However, the way I see it, this match is my only chance at redemption. If I win, I've proven to myself that I have no more reason to feel guilty and Quade still gets some measure of satisfaction. Plus, he's out of my life forever. If I lose, he gets his revenge and I'll have no more reason to feel guilty. Besides, I'd rather spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair than live in regret of putting another human being in one.

    The office is overcome by an awkward silence. After what seems like an hour, Jerry Black takes another swig from his flask and opens his mouth.

    Black: Just for the record, I'm 100% against this move. But if it's something you feel like you have to do, then I'll be your corner man.

    Adams: Thanks, Jerry. I knew I could count on you.

    Adams grabs a pen from Anderson's desk and signs the contract.

    Black: You're one crazy bastard.

    Anderson watches in disbelief, but reluctantly signs his name under Adams'.

    Anderson: Now it's official. On June 17th at Adrenaline Rush in Columbus, Ohio, you'll compete in an unsanctioned match against an unknown opponent for your reinstatement. I hope, for your sake, you know what you're doing.

    The scene fades out as we go back to ringside for our next match.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit and is for the CWA World Tag Team Championships. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 437 lbs, they are the current, reigning, and defending CWA World Tag Team Champions, they are collectively known as The Future.

    Daren Storm and Axl Storm walk through the entrance curtain before stepping to either side as the valet of the champions, Alexis makes her entrance. Alexis walks between her team and leads them to the ring as they ignore each and every fan along the way. The trio climb into the ring, Axl goes to the immediate left turnbuckle while Daren goes to the immediate right. Alexis steps up onto the bottom rope and the Future do their signature pose as the title belts are raised above their heads.

    Lindsay Monahan: And the challengers, at a combi…

    Daren Storm grabs the mic off of Lindsay Monahan as she prepares to introduce the challengers. Daren talks to Lindsay off the mic and Lindsay steps out of the ring. Apparently Daren very nicely asked her to leave the ring.

    Daren Storm: I know you are expecting a title match right now, but, before that happens, we have something to say.

    The crowd are clearly not happy with the interruption as they don’t particularly care what the Future have to say, they paid to see them lose the titles tonight, not stand in the ring and talk.

    Daren Storm: I don’t care if you cant understand me, we have something to say. If you’ve a problem with it, learn English.

    Some fans at ringside start making obscene gestures at the champions who laugh it off but then cant resist replying.

    Axl Storm: Hey kid, does your mommy know that you are out this late at night? I mean, it is after eight pm on a school night, maybe you should be getting home and drinking your milk and eating your cookies before mommy tucks you in and tells you your bedtime story.

    The said fan decides to shout a reply that we cant repeat.

    Axl Storm: Now that’s not very nice. Where did you learn such foul language? Was it in the gutter in which your girlfriends sleeps or the back alley in which you sleep? You know what, don’t answer that, I don’t care.

    With that Axl turns away from the fan and hands the mic back to Daren.

    Daren Storm: For some unknown reason we seem to have been saddled with the moniker of not caring about other people. I have absolutely no idea where this came from, but believe it or not, several members of the CWA roster apparently feel the same way about us. I know its shocking.

    Not that hard to believe judging by the fans reaction to that last statement.

    Daren Storm: When we heard about this mindset, we decided we best do something to show the world our true colours. We decided to show the world that we are not uncaring bastards but are instead some of the nicest and most thoughtful people you morons will ever get the pleasure and honour of meeting. I know this may be a shock to you midgets as you are used to Misogynistic males, better known as insensitive and disrespectful as well as the predatory females who are better known to normal people, as gold diggers.

    The Japanese audience are clearly not happy with the amount of stereotypes being thrown their way in such a short period of time.

    Daren Storm: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. To prove that we are not like that, we have made a very special video for you to watch. Roll the clip.

    The attention is quickly diverted to the big screen in the arena as a short movie starts to play. We open with what appears to be New York City before we spot Daren Storm and Axl Storm on the street corner with a map opened out in front of them. The camera looks over the shoulder of both men to reveal that it is in fact New York City.

    Axl Storm: How the hell do people find their way around this dump?

    Daren Storm: What street are we on?

    Axl Storm: Sewer street from the smell of things. No wonder Alexis refused to come.

    Daren Storm: I think that’s just the junkie passed out behind you. We’ll need to ask directions.

    Axl Storm: Most of these scumbags look as if they would rape their own mother.

    Daren Storm: To gain what?

    Axl Storm: Who said their was anything to gain? It was merely a blanket statement.

    Daren Storm: Across the street, the guy in the suit, he doesn’t look like a scumbag or even a junkie, lets try him.

    The Future carefully make their way across the street being careful not to step on any discarded syringes that may be scattered across the heavily littered streets.

    Axl Storm: Excuse me! Hey, you, can you help us? We’re a little lost.

    New Yorker: It’ll cost you.

    Daren Storm: Tell us what we want first.

    New Yorker: What do you want?

    Axl Storm: The homeless shelter.

    New Yorker: Four blocks that way. That’ll be $2000.

    Daren Storm: How about, no.

    Without warning Daren Storm punches the local in the face to send him stumbling backwards and eventually tripping over a trashcan. While the camera man was watching the fall, the Future took off running in the direction they were told. The camera turns to see both men rounding a corner and runs to catch up with them.

    The camera man finally catches up with the Future just as they reach the homeless shelter. More garbage and syringes litter the surrounding walkways as the Future are trying their best not to catch anything from them. Luckily, both men and the cameraman make it inside the building. Daren Storm and Axl Storm walk up the end of the food queue before looking around the jam packed building. You couldn’t fit more people in here if you wanted to. As the Future patiently wait in line, Daren Storm spots a familiar figure in the crowd of people.

    Daren Storm: Third table from the end, fifth seat on the left. Recognize him?

    Axl Storm: Frankie Enzo. Ha-ha, it seems momma Roberto has gotten what she needs from him and kicked him out of her house.

    Daren Storm: Its pathetic that people actually live like this, I mean, how lazy can you be? Get out there and get a flipping job.

    Axl Storm: No wonder New York is such a cesspit.

    The Future continue to queue up as they slowly get closer to the top of the line. Once they get there they are greeted by a morbidly obese chef who is handing out what can best be described as slop.

    Daren Storm: I take it your pretty much in charge here?

    Chef: That I am.

    Axl Storm: We’re looking for someone. Someone we have been fairly mean to and would like to make it up to by making his life worth living.

    Chef: And who would that be?

    Daren Storm: That would be Hawk Bonsen. We have selected him to be the first recipient of the Future’s Outreach to the Homeless program. We are going to take the scum of the earth like yourself and give them something to live for.

    Chef: Boy, I think you better leave.

    Axl Storm: Hey fatty, what’s your problem? We asked nicely.

    Chef: That’s ma problem. You two rich punks come in here and try to make the rest of us feel bad! Get the hell out of ma soup kitchen before I kick you out myself.

    Daren Storm: Believe me, if you even tried to move, you’d probably have a heart attack. How the hell does that chair even support your enormous weight?

    Chef: Get the hell out of here, now!

    Axl Storm: Fine we’re leaving, we tried to help you and your fellow rats of the earth out but noooo, you have to protest. Just accept that your life is worthless.

    Chef: Last chance before I stick this spoon up yo ass!

    The Future decide it best to turn around and leave. At this point the video fades to black and we go back live to Tokyo, Japan.

    Daren Storm: There you have it ladies and gentlemen, undeniable proof that we are in fact nice people. We tried to help that fat slob but he was too up his own ass to let us. Some people, I guess enjoy being at the bottom. Some people like Hawk Bonsen, enjoy being a scumbag and enjoy being the lowest of the low. Hawk Bonsen, gets your pathetic ass out here right now, get ToXic Rain off her knees and bring her with you. We are going to settle this once and for all. Tonight, we will beat you so badly, that even Wrestling Society wont want you.

    Daren Storm passes the mic over to Axl Storm to have the final words.

    Axl Storm: Hawk Bonsen, ToXic Rain, its time to face your destiny. Its time to see what your Future has in store for you, because the Future, its now.

    Axl Storm turns and tosses the mic in the general direction of Lindsay Monahan on the outside as both men now await the introduction of their opponents tonight.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 313 lbs, they are the challengers and number one contenders for the CWA World Tag Team Championships, Hawk Bonsen and Toxic Rain.

    The challengers are looking in serious business mode tonight as they forgo the usual playing up to the fans routine and charge to the ring to get the match under way.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships
    Ladder Match
    Hawk Bonsen and Toxic Rain vs. The Future ©

    - Hawk Bonsen and Toxic Rain have failed to win a match since March.
    - The Future in stark contrast are unbeaten in CWA but have never been in a ladder match before tonight.

    Bonsen doesn’t waste anytime in spearing Axl Storm into and then through the ropes to a hard landing on the outside. Toxic Rain goes for Daren Storm and starts with how she looks to continue. Toxic Rain plants a kick right between the legs of Daren Storm to send him to the ground in a heap. Toxic Rain delivers a few stomps to the ribs before exiting the ring to being in one of the ladders. Rain slides the ladder into the ring and follows it in. Daren Storm is back to one knee until Rain kicks him in the chest to put him back down on the mat. Rain uses the ropes for leverage as she puts her foot across the neck of Daren Storm and steps up in a bid to choke the life out of her opponent tonight. Rain goes from the neck to the face as she jumps into the air and delivers a sadistic face rake that sends Daren Storm rolling in agony much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Rain begins to set up the ladder but Axl Storm cuts her off. Axl hit’s a backdrop before Bonsen hit’s a dropkick to the knee of Axl. Bonsen goes off the ropes but a running kick from Daren saves his partner and sends Bonsen face first into the ladder. Daren and Axl decide to eliminate Bonsen from the proceedings and do so with a double Irish whip into the ladder. Bonsen falls to the mat holding his face as the ladder falls and comes to a stop against the ropes.

    Axl Storm turns his attention to Toxic Rain who is swinging for the fences with a steel chair in hand. The first swing connects with the side of the head of Axl to send him out of the ring. Daren Storm backs up as Toxic Rain stares him down with the chair in hand. Daren tries to talk Rain out of taking his head off but the fans are trying to talk her into doing it as hard as she can. The decision is made for her when Hawk Bonsen hit’s a hangman neck breaker from behind on Daren. Rain takes a shot at the back of Daren for good measure as Bonsen sets up the ladder. Rain takes the chair to the ribs of Axl as he tries to climb back into the ring, still dazed from the previous chair shot he received. Hawk Bonsen climbs the ladder and gets one hand on the title belts when the ladder is pushed out from under him. Bonsen goes sailing through the air and crashes through the announce table with a sickening thud. Bonsen isn’t moving as Toxic Rain sets the ladder back up. The same ladder she shoved over a few seconds earlier. Toxic Rain moves the ladder into place before pulling Daren Storm back to his feet and telling him to climb. Daren Storm isn’t sure what just happened but climbs anyway. Toxic Rain watches and doesn’t make any attempt to stop him. Daren pulls down both title belts to get the victory.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, in 27 minutes and 31 seconds, and still the CWA World Tag Team Champions, The Future.

    Toxic Rain leads the applause which consists of herself and Alexis after the match. Daren Storm climbs back down the ladder with the title belts in hand before handing one back to his partner Axl Storm who looks equally as confused. Alexis climbs into the ring and shakes the hand of Toxic Rain before celebrating with her confused team. Toxic Rain walks out of the ring and heads backstage as Alexis appears to be explaining Toxic Rain’s actions to her team. Hawk Bonsen meanwhile is being loaded onto a stretcher and brought backstage for medical treatment.

    CWA Owner, Charles W. Anderson appears on the big screen next as he is shown seated in his office with a smile on his face.

    Anderson: Forgive me for this interruption but I promised an announcement regarding the status of the CWA Brotherhood Championship and now I’m going to deliver on it. As you are aware, the CWA Brotherhood championship is current vacant with the prior champion having been stripped and suspended pending an investigation. I hate seeing title belts not being used and thus have decided to crown a new champion. Unlike other companies, I’m not going to pick a name out of a hat. I am instead going to make a tournament. On the next edition of Adrenaline Rush, you will see four first round matches in this tournament. The following week you will see one semi final match, and the other the week after that. The finals, will take place at the Redemption Pay Per View.

    Anderson takes a moment before he continues.

    Anderson: Now, this is where it gets messy. Joey Nicholas, still the CWA Lightweight Champion has been complaining about a lack of competition for himself. After tonight, it appears we are running low on the fresh challengers that he is demanding. We could give him matches against any lightweight on the roster, but we want people to earn their title shots. Joey Nicholas, you may not like this decision, but, as of Adrenaline Rush you are no longer the CWA Lightweight Champion because that belt will no longer exist. You will however be compensated with a place in the tournament to crown the first champion of a brand new title belt. Joey Nicholas, this is your chance to make history. You are in the record books as being the first ever CWA Lightweight Champion, now you get the chance to go in again as the first ever CWA X-Fly Champion. In short, the CWA Lightweight Championship will be merged with the CWA Brotherhood Championship to create a brand new title belt. You wont need to worry about a lack of challengers as this title belt hold no weight limits.

    Anderson takes a sip of his water before making his closing statement.

    Anderson: Joey Nicholas, I apologize for you finding out this way, but I have been up to my eyes all day today. I hope you wont hold it against me. You will be one of eight men who bid to make history on Adrenaline Rush. Good luck and thank you for your time.

    The camera slowly fades out as Anderson returns to his heavy workload.

    Backstage now and Toxic Rain is changed, showered and on her way home when Michelle Kelly catches up with her.

    Michelle Kelly: Toxic Rain, wait.

    Toxic Rain: Can you make it quick?

    Michelle Kelly: Sure, I just have one question. What the hell has happened to you?

    Toxic Rain: What has happened to me? I’ve seen the light, you could say, I’ve seen the future. And it’s not Hawk Bonsen. He was doing nothing but holding me back.

    Michelle Kelly: So now what are you going to do?

    Toxic Rain: You said you only had one question. But, honestly, I don’t know yet. I’m going to go home, relax, get the smell of Bonsen off of me, and re-evaluate my career path. I might be back next week, or next year, for now Michelle, this is goodbye.

    With that, Toxic Rain slides into the back of the waiting limo and slams the door shut behind her. The limo soon drives off leaving Michelle Kelly alone with the cameraman in the parking lot.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is your CWA Hostile Takeover Main Event of the evening and is a Last Man Standing match for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, the challenger. He is a former CWA World Heavyweight Champion and the current number one contender to that very same title belt. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Roberto!

    The former champion keeps his word as he bursts through the entrance curtain and heads straight to the ring. Roberto said that the fun and games would be put on hold for tonight and he looks to be sticking to it. Roberto is in the ring within seconds, a very different entrance than his usual playing to the crowd routine.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, he is the current, reigning and defending CWA World Heavyweight Champion and he is also the leader of the Brotherhood. Tonight he is accompanied by his younger brother and fellow Brotherhood member, Minimal Pain. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is The Ultimate Pain!

    The champion casually makes his way through the entrance curtain but is clearly still unhappy with his brother. Pain is rubbing his forehead the entire way to the ring as he tries in vain to remove the writing done by his fellow hoodlums while he was asleep. Pain smacks his brother in the back of the head as they reach the ring side area. Minimal Pain slides into the ring but Ultimate Pain grabs a cup of water from a fan at ringside and takes a sip of it. Pain continues around the ringside area before disposing of the water by throwing it in the face of Ryan Hall in the front row. Hall jumps to his feet and swings for the champion but CWA security move in to calm him down as Pain slides into the ring.

    CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Last Man Standing Match
    Roberto vs. The Ultimate Pain ©

    - Roberto has seemingly lost his spark since losing the CWA World Heavyweight Championship at In Exile.
    - Roberto was the first ever holder of this title belt.
    - The Ultimate Pain risked making the Ultimate Sacrifice at In Exile when he put his career on the line against Roberto, luckily for Pain, the risk paid off as he claimed his first gold in CWA.
    - This is The Ultimate Pain’s first title defence.

    Before the match starts, the referee sends Minimal Pain to the back to ensure there are no interferences. Pain and Roberto squared up to each other to begin the match. They circled each other and Pain swung and missed. Roberto hit a chop, then a few of them in a corner, then moved away. Pain kept stalking Roberto, who dodged a punch and hit a series of shots in a corner. Roberto went for a whip, but Pain reversed and Roberto dodged a clothesline. Roberto went off the ropes before Pain leapfrogged Roberto, pretended his knee hurt, Roberto rightfully didn’t buy it as Pain then jumped on Roberto and delivered stiff punches. Pain threw Roberto into a corner and began pounding him. Pain then back dropped Roberto, then hit an elbow drop. Pain grabbed Roberto’s arm and hit a short arm shoulder block, then a second. Roberto hit a shin breaker and then a chop block to the leg. Roberto hit Pain with an enzugiri as he knelt on the mat. Roberto went for a Boston crab, but Pain blocked it. Roberto stomped Pain and locked in the hold. Pain struggled in the hold, then got the rope break. Roberto dropkicked Pain’s leg out from under him, but then ran into a European Uppercut. Pain rammed Roberto into a corner and worked him over with punches. Pain whipped Roberto across the ring, then hit a splash. Pain was limping, but hit another splash, then delivered a shoulder block in the corner and a running boot to the face.

    Pain got cocky and allowed Roberto back into it. Roberto delivered a flurry of chops, then a flying forearm. Roberto followed up with a reverse atomic drop and another chop. Another reverse atomic drop, another chop and a clothesline brought Pain down. Pain wisely slides out of the ring as Top Dog is shown atop the stage watching with great interest. Roberto follows Pain and Pain rammed Roberto into the ring steps, then placed him on the apron and kicked him in the head. Pain went for the ring apron elbow drop, but Roberto moved out of the way and Pain crashed on the apron. Roberto hit a baseball slide kick, then went to the top rope and moonsaulted to the floor. Pain sidestepped it and Roberto crashed to the floor. Pain rolled into the ring, before telling the referee to count. Roberto is back to his knees by six. Pain went for a dive over the top rope, but Roberto saw it coming and got the hell out of there.

    Roberto crawled into the ring and surveyed the scene as the referee counted on Pain. Pain slowly got up just before ten. Roberto looked angry, and got ready for the colours of the rainbow. Pain got to his feet, and Roberto went for the kick, but Joey Nicholas running to the ring did enough to put Roberto off. Pain dodged it and hit a full nelson bomb. Nicholas slides into the ring and prepares to smash Roberto in the face with the CWA Lightweight Championship belt. Nicholas pulls back but finds the title belt gone from his grip. Nicholas turns and is met by punches from Dr. Jack Adams. Adams it seems isn’t going to allow his good friend Roberto to get screwed. Adams and Nicholas fight to the outside. Pain sets up for the Ulti-Bomb but Rich Stone has other ideas. Stone slides in behind Pain and hit’s a super kick to the back of Pain’s head. Pain falls to the mat as Stone turns his attentions to Roberto. Stone waits and hit’s the Franchise Tag before leaving the ring with both men down and out.

    The referee reaches the count of eight and neither man has moved. Daren Storm and Axl Storm prevent the count continuing as they slide into the ring and go to work on Roberto in a desperate bid to buy the champion some more time to recover. The CWA World Tag Team Champions soon have a much bigger problem as Axl Storm gets smashed in the back with a steel chair. Daren Storm turns and is greeted by none other than Ryan Hall. Daren Storm tries to run but Hall grabs him and hit’s a quick Inferno Cutter. Hall dumps the tag champions out of the ring before turning his attentions to the two men in the match. Hall picks his steel chair back up and patiently waits. Ultimate Pain is first to his feet and he gets the chair shot to the skull. Pain falls with a loud thud that signals he isn’t getting back up. Roberto has slowly gotten back to his feet just in time to see the chair shot. Roberto uses the ropes to keep himself up. Hall offers him a handshake but soon stabs him in the back. Hall kicks Roberto in the ribs before hitting a Package Piledriver that he calls the Wrath of the Inferno. Ryan Hall exit’s the ring and goes back into the crowd where he manages to lose the cameraman. In the ring the referee is counting and neither man looks like getting back up. The referee reaches ten and calls for the bell before explaining his decision to Lindsay Monahan.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, as a result of neither man being able to answer the ten count, this match is a draw. Therefore, still the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, the Ultimate Pain.

    Pain keeps his title but from the looks of things, you’d think he had lost. The ring is a sea of bodies as we end the show with the medical team coming in to check on both participants.

    Quick Results:

    Top Dog wins a 20 Man Battle Royal
    Rich Stone def Dmac
    Joey Nicholas def Shadow Equinox
    The Future def Hawk Bonsen and Toxic Rain
    Ultimate Pain vs Roberto ends in a Double Count Down


    ===Matches written by===
    The Brain

    ===Used Promo's by===
    The Brain

    ===GFX by===
    Dr. Doom

    ===Matches graded by===
    The Brain
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Awesome show guys, well written and put together. Makes me wanna come back <_<

    Team Cyrush T: ftBest

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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Quote Originally Posted by Guardian Devil View Post
    Awesome show guys, well written and put together. Makes me wanna come back <_<
    Before Stevo says it:

    Do it gui >_>
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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Awesome show...I lost! lol

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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    great show, Ultimate Pain Im coming for your title now

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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Great show
    All the storylines progressed smoothly
    good job to our writers
    Joey Nicholas will be the 1st ever X-Fly champion

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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Best written show thus far...Triple threat for the HW Title?

    ps: are you gonna post all the promos as well?

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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
    Best written show thus far...Triple threat for the HW Title?

    ps: are you gonna post all the promos as well?
    I'll leave it for a few hours to let people who want to post their own do so, after that i'll post whatever hasent been.
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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Are the rankings going to be posted for this show?

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    Re: CWA Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Aw man, I lost.


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