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Thread: SummerSlam 2004 :Raw - A.J Harvey and Smackdown - Sohail1234

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    SummerSlam 2004 :Raw - A.J Harvey and Smackdown - Sohail1234

    WWE Summerslam has proved one of the biggest shocks in WWE history.With the 24 year old underdog Randy Orton beating the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit for the Tittle.This meaning he is the Youngest WWE champion in history,His Evoltion team mates HHH won his Grudge match with Eugane while Batista lost an Intercontiatal tittle match to Edge.Edge pick up an Injury from this match.Kane will marry Lita in the next coming weeks after beating Matt Hardy in a death do us part match.With this happing it has to be said Raw is the top brand.

    WWE sumerslam was an exciting ppv for raw and especially smackdown it saw a screwjob as the undertakers road to the wwe title ended in a defeat by jbl and his manager orlando Jordon. A relentless john cena defeated booker t to climb up the ranks in smackdown. Another exciting part was the match between eddie guererro and kurt angle which kurt angle won thanks by his friend luther reigns. Summerslam ended and this made smackdown the dominant brand as who would face the unbeatable jbl for his title and the youngster John cena

    G.M of Raw- Eric Bishoff
    Commentery - JR and Jerry 'The King' Lawler
    Ring Annoncer - Lillian Garcia
    Interviewers - Todd Grisham and Maria


    Main Eventers

    Chris Benoit - Face
    Shawn Micheals - Face

    Randy Orton- Heel
    Triple H - Heel

    Upper Carders

    Chris Jericho - Face
    *Edge - Face*-Injured

    Christian - Heel
    Batista - Heel

    Mid-Carders Carders

    William Regal - Face
    Shelton Benjamin - Face
    Matt Hardy - Face

    Tyson Tomko - Heel
    Kane - Heel
    Ric Flair - Heel


    Lita - Face
    Stacy Keblier - Face
    Christy Hemme - Face

    Trish Stratus- Heel
    Victoria - Heel
    Nadia - Heel

    Lower Carders

    Maven - Tweener
    Val Venis - Tweener
    Stevie Richards - Tweener

    Tag Teams

    The Justice League
    The Hurricane and Rosey - Face

    Rhyno and Tajiri
    Rhyno and Tajiri- Heels

    La Resistance
    Sylvain Grenier and Robert Conway- Heels


    World Heavyweight Champion - Randy Orton
    Intercontinental Champion - *EDGE*
    World Tag Team Champions - La Resistance
    Womans Champion - Trish Stratus

    G.M of Smackdown - Teddy Long
    Commentery - Michael Cole and Tazz
    Ring Annoncer - Tony Chimel
    Interviewer - Josh Matthews


    The Undertaker - Face
    Eddie Guerreo - Face
    John Cena - Face

    JBL - Heel
    Kurt Angle-Heel
    Booker T - Heel

    Mid Carders

    Rey Mysterio-Face
    Rob Van Dam - Face
    Big Show - Face
    Billy Gunn - Face
    Scotty 2 Hotty- face

    Mark Jindrak – Heel
    Luther Regines – Heel
    Chavo Guerreo – Heel
    Chavo Guerreo Sr - Heel
    Orlando Jordan - Heel
    Jamie Noble - Heel


    Dudley boyz
    Spike/ bubba ray / dvon /– heel

    Nunzio and Johnny stamboli – face

    Billy kidman and Paul London
    Billy kidman and Paul London – face

    Charlie and Rico
    Charlie Hass and Rico - Face
    Rene and Kenzo
    Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzoki - Heels

    Basham Bros
    Doug and Danny Basham - Heel


    Miss Jackie – Heel
    Dawn Marie–Heel

    Torrie Wilson -face
    Amy Webber - face
    Michelle McCool – face


    WWE Champion - JBL
    United States Champion - Vacant
    WWE Tag Team Champions - Billy Kidman and Paul London
    Cruserweight Champion - Rey Mysterio

    PPV Events:
    August: SumerSlam - 15.08.04
    September: Unforgiven - 12.09.04
    October: No Mercy - 3.10.04 &Taboo Tuesday - 19.10.04
    November: Survivor Series - 14.11.04
    December: Armageddon - 12.12.04
    January: New Year's Revolution - 09.01.04 & Royal Rumble - 30.01.05
    February: No Way Out- 20.02.05
    March: -
    April: WrestleMania 21 - 3.04.05
    May: Backlash- 1.05.05 &Judgement Day - 22.05.05
    June: ECW One Night Stand - 12.06.05 & Vengeance - 26.06.05
    July: The Great American Bash - 24.07.05

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    Re: SummerSlam 2004 :Raw - A.J Harvey and Smackdown - Sohail1234

    How can you run this? Your last post, in your last booking was two days ago. 30 day rule ain't it

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