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Thread: WWE Extreme Rules: Submission Match

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    WWE Extreme Rules: Submission Match

    WWE Extreme Rules

    Submission Match

    John Cena vs Big Show

    Discussion Thread

    John Cena thought his bitter rivalry with Big Show ended when he delivered an Attitude Adjustment to the giant and pinned him at Judgment Day.

    But the 7-footer had other ideas.

    The World’s Largest Athlete’s massive ego and vindictive streak just won’t let him accept defeat at the hands of Cena. That’s why, thanks to Show’s powerful business associate, Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero, a rematch between the two Superstars has been set for Extreme Rules — and this time it’s a Submission Match.

    Clearly, it’s a stipulation that was chosen carefully by the sadistic behemoth. Three times during their encounter at Judgment Day, Cena attempted to apply his STF submission hold to the mammoth Superstar, but he simply couldn’t get his arms around Big Show’s 485-pound frame to lock the hold in properly. Sensing that he disarmed one of the most devastating moves in Cena’s arsenal, The World's Largest Athlete sees a huge opportunity to defeat his nemesis in a match where making him tap out is the only path to victory.

    Granted, Big Show is more feared for his raw power than his technical skill, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take advantage of the situation. Although Cena has looked healthy in recent weeks, his back and ribs may still be vulnerable from Backlash, when Big Show chokeslammed him through a 7,000-watt searchlight. If this incident is still affecting Cena, a simple Camel Clutch or Boston Crab from the goliath could spell doom for the wildly popular Superstar.

    Whether or not Cena will be 100 percent for Extreme Rules is still unclear, but rest assured, when the heart and tenacity of John Cena collides with the mass and brutality of Big Show, the WWE Universe can expect an all-out war.

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    Re: WWE Extreme Rules: Submission Match

    300 on Cena.

    Quote Originally Posted by DD View Post
    Cyber bullying just made me 12 bucks. Sweet.

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    Re: WWE Extreme Rules: Submission Match

    I've been a mite unsuccessful at this virtual betting thing... 50 on Cena.

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