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Thread: Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Tokyo, Japan [Preview]

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    Hostile Takeover - June 3rd 2009 - Tokyo, Japan [Preview]

    CWA Proudly presents Hostile Takeover, Live from Tokyo, Japan.

    The Main Event of Hostile Takeover has been building ever since the very first show back on December 31st 2008. The Ultimate Pain will put his prized possession on the line when he defends his CWA World Heavyweight Championship against the former champion and current number one contender in Roberto. Oh, did we mention its a Last Man Standing Match?

    The CWA World Lightweight Championship will also be on the line. The current champion Joey Nicholas has been champion for nearly his entire stay in CWA and he doesnt look like he's willing to lose it anytime soon. Shadow Equinox on the other hand is still a relative newcomer to CWA but will be looking to do what he failed to do at In Exile, send Joey Nicholas to hell and claim the CWA Lightweight Championship as his own.

    CWA World Tag Team Champions The Future have been very vocal about what they precieve as favouritism towards Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain. You can actually see their arguement when you look at the record of Bonsen and Rain as neither person has even won a match since before In Exile. The Future will be looking to send a clear message to Charles Anderson, that message? Nobody is on their level. Pehaps thats why it was made into a Ladder Match on the final Adrenaline Rush before Hostile Takeover?

    Dmac and Rich Stone have been at each other's troaths ever since Dmac came to CWA. The first time the two met inside the ring, Dmac was able to walk away with his arm raised in victory. He'll need to repeat that if he plans on staying in CWA as Rich Stone challenged Dmac to change this match to a Loser Leaves Town Match. Dmac showed his confidance and accepeted without delay. One of these two will have their final match in CWA in Japan.

    And to open the show we will have an over the top rope Battle Royal pitting some of the best from CWA against each other. Their will be no titles on the line, but a hell of a lot of pride and bragging rights are up for grabs.

    CWA Hostile Takeover Main Event
    CWA World Heavyweight Championship
    Last Man Standing Match
    The Ultimate Pain (c) vs. Roberto
    Writer: God

    CWA World Lightweight Championship
    Joey Nicholas (c) vs. Shadow Equinox
    Writer: PS

    CWA World Tag Team Championships
    Ladder Match
    The Future (c) vs. Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain
    Writer: God

    Loser Leaves Town Match
    Dmac vs. Rich Stone
    Writer: Sonic

    Twenty Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
    Top Dog vs. Shaun Quinn vs. Ralph McCoy vs. Steel vs. Lord of Darkness vs. St. Deuce vs. TJ Styles vs. Mike Rotch vs. Adam Brown vs. Bret Storm vs. Frankie Enzo vs. Don de Vries vs. Eoghan O'Neill vs. Kennif leBlanch vs. Ruben Johns vs. Devon Jones vs. Simon Steiner vs. Amazing Shine vs. Tony Burlom vs. The Machine
    Writer: The Brain


    Private Message your Promo's to God, PS and The Brain by Sunday, May 31st 2009 at 6 PM (GMT). If you wish to help you can send me a Private Message and we will work out something for you to do. The more people that help, the quicker the show gets done.
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