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Thread: Adrenaline Rush - May 6th 2009 - Live from Boise, ID

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    Adrenaline Rush - May 6th 2009 - Live from Boise, ID

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome once again, to CWA Adrenaline Rush!

    Hawk Bonsen w/ToXic Rain vs. Ruben Johns

    Ruben was looking to continue his good start while Hawk Bonsen was looking to stop his recent losing streak by going back to singles action. Bonsen used his experience advantage well in the early going and controlled the pace of the match. Bonsen kept it slow and would not allow Ruben to get it going at all. Bonsen soon left his game plan and went high risk in a bid to cause some serious damage to his rookie opponent. Bonsen came off the top rope with a Moonsault but ended up eating the canvas. Ruben took the opening and went off the ropes before hitting a running DDT. Ruben quickly hooks the leg and scores the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in six minutes and thirty-one seconds is Ruben Johns!

    Ruben celebrates his second consecutive victory in CWA by climbing the turnbuckles in succession. At this rate, it wont be long before Ruben starts to wonder about a possible number one contenders match.

    Adam Brown vs. Simon Steiner

    Adam Brown made his CWA debut last week but came out on the wrong side of the result as Ruben Johns was able to snatch the victory. Simon Steiner meanwhile, is making his CWA debut. Brown and Steiner lock up in the centre of the ring but neither man gains any advantage. They go to lock up again but the presence of a large man slowly making his way to the ring distracts them. White tights and white boots are his simple attire as he calmly climbs into the ring and confronts the two confused men already there. The unknown man looks at Simon Steiner before delivering a stiff punch to the face, Steiner falls backwards and out of the ring. Brown watches it happen but is soon involved in it as he gets kicked in the ribs before a Tiger Power bomb follows.

    The unknown man slowly makes his way over to the nearest camera and speaks into it.

    Unknown wrestler: My name is St. Deuce, what you see, is what you get.

    The man we now know as St. Deuce shoves the camera back causing the cameraman to fall off the ring apron and crash to the floor below. St. Deuce turns and steps over Adam Brown before exiting the ring and heading backstage.

    A tall, burly man in a suit is pushing another well-dressed man in a wheelchair through the backstage area. They are stopped by Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Excuse me, you can't come through here without a pass.

    Wheelchair Man: The head of your medical staff put me in this... thing. I'd like to speak to his superior.

    Michelle Kelly: JOHN! Get your ass over here!

    John the Cameraman runs over to capture the scene.

    Wheelchair Man: No, no, NO!! I will not be a part of some lame segment for some lame wrestling show! Listen carefully, babe. I want to see Charles Anderson. Tell me where he is or get the hell out of my way.

    Michelle Kelly: Ugh! Find him yourself!

    Michelle Kelly storms off as John points the way to Anderson's office.

    Bret Storm vs. Rich Stone w/ Victoria Stone

    Rich Stone continued his march towards the CWA Heavyweight Championship with a truly dominating performance against the rookie. Storm could have ended the match after only a couple of minutes as he hit a sick piledriver to end any hopes of an upset tonight. Stone went on to toy with Storm while at the same time sending a message to both Roberto but especially Ultimate Pain. Stone sent his final message loud and clear when he locked Storm into the Ulti-Vice to force the submission.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 7 minutes and 58 seconds is Rich Stone!

    Rich Stone breaks the Ulti-Vice but only to help his wife into the ring. Rich Stone then proceeds to lift the lifeless Bret Storm back to his feet and hold him in front of Victoria. Victoria takes aim and delivers several slaps across the face. Rich Stone finishes the job when he makes Storm fly by throwing him over the top rope to the floor. As Rich Stone mouths off to Storm on the outside, his opponent at Hostile Takeover sneaks in behind him. Dmac stalks Stone until he turns and ends up getting hit with the D-Mark. Dmac blows a kiss to Victoria who is clearly unimpressed with his actions as she checks on her husband.

    We go backstage now where Orlando Maxwell is standing by with a mic in hand.

    Orlando Maxwell: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time I am here with the man who will be the special guest referee for tonight’s bout featuring Frankie Enzo going one on one with Shadow Equinox, he is the two-time CWA World Lightweight Champion, The Real Deal, Joey Nicholas!

    The camera zooms out revealing Nicholas sporting a sleeveless referee uniform along with the Lightweight championship draped along his shoulder. A chorus of boos instantly resounds throughout the arena at this sight.

    Orlando Maxwell: Joey, rumours have been circulating in the back all week that you have inserted yourself as the referee in tonight’s bout as retaliation for Shadow Equinox‘s actions on the last Adrenaline Rush. Is there any truth to these allegations?

    Joey Nicholas: Could Michelle Kelly actually find someone who can put up with her and actually care as to what she thinks? Hell no! What all you idiots in the back and obese losers watching at home do not realize is that The CWA needs The Real Deal to be featured on every show in any shape or form as I’m the main attraction that puts people’s asses in those seats out there and all arenas around the world. As for Equinox, he shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not I will call the bout straight down the middle as there’s absolutely nothing left for me to prove to him or Demon Deeds, I’ve already beaten everyone in my wake with ease an…

    Joey pauses looking off camera stunned.

    Joey Nicholas: The hell do you want!?

    The camera shot widens to reveal Dr. Jack Adams, the head of CWA medical staff, looking over the clipboard in his hand. He looks at Joey Nicholas.

    Dr. Adams: Is that any way to greet your Doctor? Oh, why am I kidding myself? I should be used to your manners, or lack thereof, by now.

    Adams looks back down at his clipboard.

    Dr. Adams: I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that you're past due for your monthly check-up. The CWA can't afford to have one of it's athletes competing without a clean bill of health, you know.

    Adams and Nicholas square up to each other but Adams knows better than to provoke and waits for Nicholas to make the first move. Nicholas does make the first move but its turning his back on Adams and walking away.

    Ultimate Pain vs. Eoghan O’Neill

    The current CWA champion shows exactly why he is the champion tonight as he didn’t even break a sweat in defeating Eoghan O’Neill. Pain squared up to O’Neill but one kick later and it was Ulti-Bomb time. Next it was hit the showers time as the match was over before it even started.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, in just 19 seconds, is The Ultimate Pain.

    Pain doesn’t seem to be in a good mood tonight as he doesn’t even bother with the celebrations. Seemingly he has something more important on his mind as he quickly leaves the ring to head backstage.

    The current CWA World Tag Team Champions Daren Storm and Axl Storm, collectively known as the Future, are making their way to the ring. Unlike last week, the Future are dressed to compete but much like last week still carry the CWA Tag Team Championships and wear them proudly ahead of tonight’s title defence. Both men slowly make their way to the ring as the fans nearest them throw every insult they can think of the cocky duo. It doesn’t seem to have any effect as both men simply brush it off. After quite possibly the slowest entrance in the history of CWA, the Future finally reach the ring just as the fans patience with them wears thin. Daren Storm slides in first and goes to the left turnbuckle. Axl Storm follows him in and goes to the right turnbuckle. The Champions slowly raise their title belts above their heads in the corner as the fans have truly run out of patience. This is after all a wrestling show. The Future are loving the reaction and are in no rush to say their bit and get lost. Daren Storm eventually takes a microphone in his hand and addresses the public.

    Daren Storm: Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who have sub-par intelligence much like our opponents tonight, we are the first and only CWA World Tag Team Champions who just so happen to be undefeated in CWA. That’s right, two hard fought wins in which the stakes were high and the odds against us even higher. Tonight, Mr. Anderson has thrown us a curve ball. The Machine and TJ Styles. Neither man is competition to us so we are left wondering what else he has up his sleeve. Then again, its not like it will matter anyway. At In Exile we defeated six teams to become the Champions. Two random nobodies thrown together isnt going to change that. TJ Styles, we’ll start with you. At In Exile you looked to make a name for yourself. You showed your severe lack of intelligence when you went up to the Ultimate Pain and picked a fight with him. The only way that could have been any dumber, was if you then went and picked a fight with us. Last week, the Ultimate Pain killed you with minimal effort. Tonight, we finish the job with even less effort required. Now, we move onto your big bad buddy, The Machine. Or should I say generic ring name 101? Machine, you debuted last week against three nobodies, and lost. Your best, or rather only, attribute is your size advantage. It doesn’t count for shit when you get outsmarted by idiots. Had any of your opponents pointed to the sky, you’d have looked. Machine, its not going to be hard to defeat you tonight. Its going to be even easier when we bring something sparkly to distract you with.

    Daren Storm pauses and listens to the disapproval of the fans in attendance. Their dislike of the Future is so deep that they are willing to get behind anyone else. Daren Storm seems to have said his piece and hands the microphone over to Axl Storm.

    Axl Storm: Well said, very well said. I think my partner covered just about everything in regards to the match tonight, but he did miss out on one thing. We, are going to make an effort. That’s right, we are going to make the effort that you lazy pigs wouldn’t do otherwise. We are going to give one lucky person the chance to become famous. One of you inbreeds out there will get to step into this ring in only a few short minutes. Whichever one of you is selected will stand in the centre of the ring, Daren will then proceed to hit his devastating elbow smash to your jaw. If you stay conscious and keep more than half of your teeth, you win a prize. The prize is yet to be determined because quite frankly, none of you stand a chance as most of you are already missing more than half of your teeth. The requirements, to take part are very simple. You don’t need talent, motivation, money, good looks, intelligence or even mobility. Hell, TJ Styles doesn’t have most of them and he is getting a CWA Tag title match tonight. Simply put, anyone can take the challenge. Do we have any volunteers or will we have to select someone ourselves?

    As soon as Axl Storm says it, most of the arena are begging for the chance to make a fool out of the CWA World Tag Team Champions by taking the elbow smash and staying up.

    Axl Storm: We should also point out that you must be male. Some of you may require a DNA test to confirm your gender. Especially that girl? guy? thing… in the front row. With the beard.

    Daren Storm: The guy in the straw hat in the third row will do. That guy right there. Security, please help him out of his seat and you’ll probably need a forklift to get him over the barrier.

    A rather large man makes his way angrily to the barrier where security are waiting to help him over and escort him to the ring. The large man climbs into the ring and takes his place in front of the CWA World Tag Team Champions.

    Axl Storm: Are you from Idaho?

    The fan doesn’t respond but simply shakes his head saying no.

    Daren Storm: You’re one of the lucky one’s so. Where are you from?

    Fan: West Virginia.

    Daren Storm: I retract my previous comment. Is your mother/sister also here?

    Axl Storm: Are you related to TJ Styles? You look a lot like him.

    Daren Storm: TJ’s father was also his brother. He’s dead now I believe, his cousin who just so happened to be his sister decided she didn’t want to become a mother at age seven and pushed him down the stairs.

    The fan is not happy with these comments and its easy to tell from his facial expressions.

    Axl Storm: We better start this competition thing. Firstly, how many teeth do you have?

    Fan: I have…

    Axl Storm: I count thirteen.

    Daren Storm: More than anyone else in this arena. Out of curiosity, which is higher, your teeth count or your IQ?

    Fan: Obviously my IQ is.

    Axl Storm: Its not that obvious but anyway, who has the higher IQ, yourself or The Machine?

    Fan: What’s his IQ? I’m guessing mine but i’m not entirely sure.

    Daren Storm: His IQ is two. It takes three to write your own name.

    Fan: Then I’m definitely higher.

    Daren Storm: Are you sure about that?

    Fan: Yes I am.

    Without warning, Daren Storm drives his padded elbow into the jaw of the unlucky fan knocking him out cold with one shot. Daren Storm and Axl Storm both stand over the fallen fan and raise their CWA World Tag Team Championships above their heads in victory over someone who had no chance of surviving. The Future leave the fan old cold in the ring as they head backstage to finish preparing for their title defence later tonight.

    We go backstage to the office of Charles Anderson. Anderson is sitting back in his chair and deep in conversation with someone on his cell phone.

    Charles Anderson: I’m sorry but it’s non negotiable. I have the report from Dr. Adams in my hand right now and it is the polar opposite of what your personal doctor submitted to me only last week. Quite frankly, i’m inclined to believe the head of my medical staff ahead of some doctor I have never met before. I’m sorry Mr. Devil but you are suspended with an investigation to follow. Goodbye Mr. Devil, I will speak to you again soon.

    With that Anderson puts the phone back down before throwing the medical report onto his desk in front of him. The camera zooms in to confirm what we suspect as it reads Guardian Devil in the name space.

    Frankie Enzo vs. Shadow Equinox
    Special Referee: Joey Nicholas

    Joey Nicholas claimed early in the show that he would be unbiased, based on his performance tonight, we assume he meant biased. Nicholas slow counted whenever Equinox was going for a pin and even threatened to disqualify Equinox for using an Irish Whip off the ropes citing an unfair advantage. Equinox spiked Enzo with a DDT and should have gotten the win but Nicholas found arguing with the fans at ringside more entertaining. Equinox confronted the referee as he spun him around. Nicholas was caught off guard and blinded with the Black Mist of Equinox who has seemingly had enough. Nicholas swings blindly trying to catch Equinox. Equinox thinks quickly and sends Frankie Enzo to the wolves. Nicholas grabs Enzo and hit’s the Deal Breaker thinking it was Equinox. Equinox stood back and took advantage by pinning Enzo and taking the fast count for the victory.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 17 minutes and 31 seconds is Shadow Equinox.

    The reality sets in for Nicholas that he has gotten the wrong man. Nicholas demands some water to clear out his eyes but Shadow Equinox is long gone with the victory.

    Backstage now and Charles Anderson is sitting at his desk with the man in the wheelchair we saw earlier.

    Charles Anderson: Let me get this straight. You put my former Lightweight Champion out of wrestling and now you're asking for my cooperation?

    Wheelchair Man: Correct.

    Charles Anderson: Mister, you have exactly five seconds to convince me why I shouldn't have you thrown out of this building.

    Wheelchair Man: Hey, take it easy! Sure, I pulled a few strings to get his wrestling license revoked, but I also have the power to get that license reinstated. You're obviously a business man, so I have a business proposition. If you truly value your 'former Lightweight champion', then you'll hear me out.

    Charles Anderson: I'm listening.

    The scene fades out before the conversation can really get going as we return to ringside to continue with the in ring action.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships
    The Future © w/ Alexis vs. TJ Styles and The Machine

    The Future made their game plan clear right from the start when the double teamed TJ Styles and isolated him in their own corner. Axl choked TJ out in the corner with the tag rope as Daren taunted The Machine until he shoved his way into the ring. Daren makes a run for it allowing Axl to continue the choking in the corner. Daren eventually got to safety when he used Alexis as a human shield. Hiding behind Alexis, Daren takes the elbow pad from her and pulls it on as the referee sends The Machine back to his corner. The Machine turns his back on Daren and gets a vicious spinning elbow smash to the back of the head that knocks the big man out cold. Daren slides back into the ring and climbs to the top rope while Axl climbs the other side. Axl comes off with a diving leg drop while Daren hit’s a Frog Splash at the exact same time to pick up the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners in 14 minutes and 12 seconds, and still CWA World Tag Team Champions, the Future.

    The Future stand in the ring and demand their title belts but they seem to be missing. After a few seconds of both men arguing with the time keeper who had the belts, Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain appear on the stage with the title belts in hand. The Future spot their rivals with the belts and make a beeline for them as both men charge up the ramp after Bonsen and Rain. The number one contenders quickly head backstage with the title belts still in hand.

    We go backstage now where we see Shaun Quinn and Kennif leBlanch heading to the ring. Kennif leBlanch see’s the camera and cant resist it.

    Kennif leBlanch: Winning...Now that's what I'm talking A-BOOT!

    LeBlanch quickly catches back up with his partner quite clearly happy with getting some unplanned air time for himself. As leBlanch and Quinn walk out of the picture we see Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain still running and still in possession of the tag title belts. Bonsen and Rain both jump into a waiting car and speed off before the Future can catch them and reclaim their belts.

    Shaun Quinn and Kennif leBlanch vs. Roberto

    Roberto dominated both his opponents for the nearly the entire match as he didn’t allow either man time to breath let alone get a move in. Quinn finally got the upper hand when the presence of CWA World Heavyweight Champion The Ultimate Pain got Roberto’s attention. Pain along with his little brother Minimal Pain both came to ringside and shouted encouragement to their stalemates. The encouragement worked as Quinn got going, for about six seconds. Roberto catches the on rushing Quinn with a shoulder tackle before snapping off a suplex. Roberto goes off the ropes and hit’s a running forearm smash to the face of Quinn but it doesn’t look like Roberto is done yet. Roberto goes off the ropes again and ends up with a nice impression of a steel chair left on his back as Ultimate Pain gets physically involved. Roberto stumbles forward allowing leBlanch to grab him in a small package and steal the victory.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, in 13 minutes and 28 seconds, are Shaun Quinn and Kennif leBlanch!

    Roberto protests to the referee on the outside but he isn’t interested in hearing it and heads backstage as Roberto follows. With leBlanch having picked up the shock win over Roberto, largely thanks to Ultimate Pain, the CWA Heavyweight himself along with his brother Matt, climb into the ring to celebrate with their fellow Hoodlums. After a moment or two of congratulating Quinn and LeBlanch, and letting them soak in this moment, Pain requests a microphone. Clearly the Champion has something on his mind.

    Ultimate Pain: As you all may remember, prior to my sensational title victory at In Exile, I not only made a promise to retire if I lost, but I also made a promise that if I won, I'd give the Brotherhood some fresh life. Well, with GD now suspended for the foreseeable future, and LeBlanc still nowhere to be seen, I've decided the time to act on this promise is now.

    Crowd pops in excitement, wondering who the Brotherhood's latest members will be.

    Ultimate Pain: First thing's first. It's time to get rid of the weak.

    Ultimate Pain turns his attention to the other members, but it appears like he is mostly aiming this announcement at Kennif.

    Ultimate Pain: This stable, was the greatest the world had ever seen a few years back, holding all the titles, winning all our matches, and doing it in style. Now look at us. Take a look at what we've become. Only for myself, we'd be a joke of a stable. Let's take tonight for an example; none of you even look capable of winning any matches without my help...

    Matt Jones: Well to be fair, I am the only unbeaten member in the Brotherhood at present.

    Ultimate Pain: Not now Matt. I'm not afraid to kick family out of the Brotherhood either you know. Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. None of you can win, so how in the hell can any of you expect to hold any gold here in CWA?

    Quinn moves closer to Pain in an attempt to plead his case to him.

    Ultimate Pain: Whoa there Shaun. It was a rhetorical question thanks. Now, I've had enough of talking, it's time to say goodbye to the latest casualty of The Brotherhood...

    Pain turns his attention slowly back to LeBlanch, before swiftly turning round and kicking Quinn in the gut, and nailing him with the Ulti-Bomb! Pain simply stares at Quinn like a man possessed, before signalling to LeBlanch to throw him out of the ring.

    Ultimate Pain: You've had more than enough chances now Shaun. This is for your own good. If you ever want to become a Brotherhood member again, you've got to learn to win, before you tarnish the good name of this stable anymore. Feel free to get back to me when you can pick up a 3 count.

    Crowd is surprised at this recent development, and is now eagerly awaiting who Quinn's replacement will be. Even Matt and LeBlanch seem blissfully unaware of who is going to be joining them in the stable.

    Ultimate Pain: Now you all want to know who's going to replace Quinn in the Brotherhood, right? Well, unfortunately for all of you, even I don't know yet. I'm not going to rush greatness, so I'll be watching every potential Hoodlum very carefully over the coming weeks, taking some notes, and will be making my decisions on future members very shortly. Feel free to try and impress me, but be warned, it isn’t easy to get into the 'Hood, and as Mr Quinn just found out, it's even harder to stay in it!
    Pain drops the mic and exits the ring, simply walking over Quinn, as if he isn't there, on his way to the back to end the show.

    Quick Results:

    Ruben Johns def Hawk Bonsen in 06:31.
    Adam Brown vs. Simon Steiner ends in a No Contest.
    Rich Stone def Bret Storm in 07:58.
    Ultimate Pain def Eoghan O’Neill in 00:19.
    Shadow Equinox def Frankie Enzo in 17:31.
    The Future def TJ Styles and The Machine in 14:12.
    Kennif leBlanch and Shaun Quinn def Roberto in 13:28.
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - May 6th 2009 - Live from Boise, ID

    Really good show.

    Whole load of interesting storylines going on at present. Good work Daren.

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - May 6th 2009 - Live from Boise, ID

    really nice show well worth the wait

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - May 6th 2009 - Live from Boise, ID

    I'm digging the Adams and brotherhood storyline
    I can't wait until next show

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