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Thread: WWE Judgment Day: WWE Championship

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    WWE Judgment Day: WWE Championship

    WWE Judgment Day

    WWE Championship

    Randy Orton {c} vs Batista

    Discussion Thread

    WWE Champion Randy Orton has made a career out of accomplishing the unthinkable.

    At just 24 years of age, The Legend Killer became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. He’s held the coveted WWE Championship a total of three times. And, most notably, he has single-handedly brought the McMahon family to their knees – a conquest culminated by a kick to the skull of Triple H at Backlash.

    The time to celebrate his latest unsavory success, however, may have already passed. Now, it appears, another seemingly insurmountable challenge presents itself: Retain the WWE Championship at Judgment Day against a fuming Batista bent on revenge.

    It’s not an easy proposition. After all, The Animal has been starved for competition for months while rehabbing from a blow to the head, an injury caused by a kick from Orton. There’s little doubt that Batista would love nothing more than to punish the man who put him on the shelf. And if his performance of late is any indication, The Animal appears more than ready to administer retribution.

    If any opponent can slither out of the ring with a victory, though, it’s most definitely the current incarnation of Orton. The past seven years have wizened the once self-destructive rebel. While he remains as unpredictable as he was while in Evolution with Batista, his attacks appear more calculated, more focused – there now appears to be a method to his madness. His cultivation of his Legacy cohorts Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase only serves to bolster the argument that Orton is willing to wait for just the right moment to strike, and he isn’t afraid to enlist help to further his cause.

    The WWE Champion has been relishing his recent conquests in the lead up to Judgment Day, and would likely savor the opportunity to add Batista to his list of already impressive accomplishments. For his part, the challenger – a multiple-time former World Heavyweight Champion – would like nothing more than a chance to end Orton’s tyrannical reign and, in the process, lay claim to a title he’s never held.

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    Re: WWE Judgment Day: WWE Championship

    400 on Orton.

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    Re: WWE Judgment Day: WWE Championship

    I'm doubling my chances for Orton to retain the WWE Championship.

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