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Thread: Adrenaline Rush - April 22nd 2009 - Live from Providence, RI

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    Adrenaline Rush - April 22nd 2009 - Live from Providence, RI

    A massive pyro explosion welcomes CWA Adrenaline Rush to Rhode Island. The camera quickly pans around the sold out arena before settling on the commentary booth where Jim Taylor and Harvey Buckworth await us.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome everyone to another exciting edition of CWA Adrenaline Rush. We have a jam packed show tonight, headlined by a CWA World Tag Team Championship match. The new champions the Future will defend against the team who should be champions right now in Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain.

    Harvey Buckworth: And why should they be champions right now? They lost. I don’t agree with the Future or how they won the titles but they got the job done, that’s all that matters.

    Jim Taylor: Had they not blatantly cheated then I would not have …

    Unannounced and uninvited the new CWA World Tag Team Champions interrupt the commentary team of Harvey Buckworth and Jim Taylor as they welcome us to the show. The Future casually make their way to the ring in expensive suits with the CWA World Tag Team titles around their waists but underneath the suit jacket meaning we only see the face of the belts. Daren Storm and Axl Storm take a few more steps before they stop and wait for their manager and valet, Alexis. Alexis in her own time, makes her way out to join her team. Alexis is wearing a long tight dress with a slit up to the hip on her right leg. Alexis joins her team halfway down the ramp before the trio continue to the ring completely ignoring the fans who are asking for handshakes and high fives from the new Champions. Daren Storm and Axl Storm get to the ring and climb onto the apron before they both reach down and take a hand of Alexis each to lift her up onto the ring apron with them. The trio enter the ring and immediately go into their old championship pose. Alexis in the middle, arms outstretched as Daren Storm takes the corner to her left, and Axl Storm takes the corner to her right. Both men jump to the middle rope and raise their arms in victory before making it clear to everyone that they are the champions. Both men raise the title belts above their head in unison and pose for several seconds before jumped back to the centre of the ring. Alexis fixes her hair as Axl Storm shines up his title belt. Daren Storm asks for and is handed a microphone. Daren Storm heads to the centre of the ring and begins to speak directly to the world.

    Daren Storm: As you all know, we tried the fan favourite route, the fan entertainment route, and it got us nowhere. Luckily, we realised our mistake before In Exile and we changed our ways. Our mistake, it was caring what you people think of us. Alexis was right all along, we stopped caring about you and look where we are now. The first ever CWA World Tag Team Champions.

    With that, both men raise their title belts again in victory as the fans in attendance voice their disapproval at being brushed aside by the team they supported all along. The Future doesn’t seem to care and continue to speak.

    Daren Storm: We are and will forever be, the first CWA World Tag Team Champions. This is despite the best efforts of one Charles Anderson. Mr. Anderson did everything he could think of to try and prevent the inevitable from happening. It’s no secret that he is a big fan of Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain. Apparently, he doesn’t know what talent is. The bias Mr. Anderson has against us was in full display at In Exile in the make believe random drawing for the Tag Team Gauntlet. Seven spots in the match, we were drawn number three. Number one or two would have been too obvious so Mr. Anderson went with the next best thing to try and gets rid of us early. We have no problem with coming in number three of seven and showing everyone how it’s done. We do however have a problem with Mr. Anderson’s favourite team coming in last. We were tired and worn out, they were fresh and ready to go. Mr. Anderson staked the odds as high as he could against us, and as high as he could in favour of Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain.

    The fans again voice their disapproval at what they see as nothing more than crying over spilled milk by the Future.

    Daren Storm: Boo us all you want. I have something to say, and I’m going to say it.

    The Rhode Island fans don’t need to be asked twice to let the Future have it and not a single person holds back after practically being invited to boo the new Champions. Daren Storm doesn’t look happy with the response but keeps his cool and merely waits for the fans to quite down a little before he continues to speak.

    Daren Storm: Despite the unrelenting adversity we faced in Canada, we did exactly what we said we were going to do. We climbed to the top of the Tag Team Mountain yet again. We went through everyone to be where we are today. Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain meanwhile were given a free ride to the top. They beat nobodies, we beat everybody. Simply put, we earned our spot at the top and we don’t plan on letting anyone else see the view from up here. You know, as well as I do that Charles Anderson would have done anything to prevent this current situation from happening. Mr. Anderson did not want us to win, because he knows our history. He knows what we are capable of as the CWA World Tag Team Champions and he is terrified of it happening again. So that everyone knows exactly what I mean, I’m going to give you a brief history lesson. Back in the good old days there was this company called IWF. Had you watched IWF you would have seen several familiar faces. One of which is currently going by the name of Hawk Bonsen. Back in IWF he was known as The Artist Formerly Known as Bonsen. He was a nobody with zero prospects outside of being an enhancement talent, almost identical to his position today in CWA. He was and still is a joke that nobody finds funny. Meanwhile, over in the Tag Team Division, we were out there busting out asses night in and night out every single night, all for you people. Despite our hard work and popularity, we didn’t get title matches handed to us like Hawk Bonsen and his prostitute of a girlfriend ToXic Rain. We went to the ring and we earned them.

    Yet again the loyal CWA fans voice their disapproval at the lack of respect being shown by the Future towards their opponents later tonight. And yet again, the Future doesn’t care.

    Daren Storm: In IWF the World Tag Team Champions were a team called the Ainsworth Brothers. Two guys who were at the top of their game and were willing to take on anyone, at anytime. More often than not, they won. But that all changed when we rode into town. The Ainsworth Brothers were used to having everything their own way due to the respect and fear factors that they had built up in their opponents before the bell even sounded. We got into the IWF ring with them after climbing to the top. We didn’t show them any respect and we damn sure didn’t show them any fear. We imply spit in their faces. Now, I admit that may not have been the best idea in the world as they went on to beat us that night and retain their championships. But unlike everyone else they faced before us, we didn’t have the mindset of we tried, now lets try something else. We didn’t do that. We got up, dusted ourselves down, and came back for more. The Ainsworth Brothers had never come across a team like us, and as a result we not only earned their respect, we also earned the IWF World Tag Team Championships. They were now in a completely unknown position and they didn’t know how to react to it. In the end, they couldn’t handle being second beat and turned on each other. We disposed of one of the most legendary teams to ever step inside a wrestling ring. Hawk Bonsen, ToXic Rain, don’t fool yourself into thinking that we rate you anywhere near that highly, we don’t. The only thing that you two nobodies will have in common with the Ainsworth Brothers, is after tonight, you’ll both be non-existent. We made our name in wrestling by not only beating, but breaking up tag teams. CWA will simply be the continuation of our ever growing legacy in this sport. Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain, you can try everything and anything, it still wont change a thing. At the end of tonight, we will still be standing tall as the CWA World Tag Team Champions.

    Daren Storm finally finishes talking and takes a moment to gauge the crowd’s reactions before handing the mic over to his tag team partner Axl Storm.

    Axl Storm: I’m going to keep it short and simple so that you can understand me. You can love us, or you can hate us, either way, we really don’t care. But, you damn sure will respect us.

    Axl Storm drops the microphone as the Future’s music hits and they once again do their signature title pose on the ropes before leaving the ring and heading backstage to prepare for their title defence later tonight.

    As the Future depart the arena, we are ready for our first match of the evening.

    Ruben Johns vs. The Machine vs. Bret Storm vs. Adam Brown

    The Machine lived up to his name by dominating in the early going. Machine hit everything and anything that moved and he hit hard. Machine hits Storm with a stiff scoop slam before a choke slam for Johns. Brown tried a running forearm smash but it had no effect. Brown went off the ropes for a second attempt and ran into a big boot as a result. The inexperience showed in the machine as he played to the crowd instead of continuing the beatings. Ruben Johns and Bret Storm teamed up to form an alliance in a bid to take the Machine out. A double dropkick was followed up with a double clothesline to knock the machine off his feet. Brown recovered and joined in to make it three on one. Storm and Brown hit a double suplex while Ruben Johns went to the top rope to follow up with a diving elbow drop. All three men then proceeded to dump the big man out of the ring. Bret Storm talked the talk then walked into a Superkick from Johns to send Storm crashing out of the ring and onto The Machine. Brown tried to take advantage of Ruben being distracted but his German suplex attempt was blocked and countered with elbows to the head. Ruben fought out and went off the ropes only to be tripped and pulled out of the ring by Storm. Storm quickly slid back into the ring and ended up getting spiked in a DDT by Brown. Ruben recovers quickly and shoves Brown out of the ring before pinning the prone Bret Storm to pick up the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, in 9 minutes and 21 seconds is Ruben Johns.

    The rookie makes a successful start to his CWA career but on another night it could have gone to Adam Brown as he was also so close to winning.

    Next we are shown a short video package highlighting another of the CWA Development camp graduates. Simon Steiner will be making his CWA debut next week in Boise, Idaho.

    At In Exile recently in Canada we saw what looked like a strong team on paper fall apart before our very eyes. Top Dog and Steel had entered the gauntlet but failed to win like several other teams did. The difference was Top Dog and Steel each blamed each other for the loss. Neither man was prepared to accept the blame himself which leads us to tonight.

    Steel vs. Top Dog

    Steel and Top Dog spent the early part of the match trading insults until Top Dog finally had enough and punched his former ally in the face, hard. Steel stumbled back and only for the ropes was able to stay on his feet. Steel spit’s the blood from his mouth along with what looked to be a tooth. Steel tries to spear Top Dog but Top Dog isn’t having any of it and connects with a stiff knee to the temple to stun Steel. Top Dog proceeds to hit a devastating power bomb for the empathic three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 2 minutes and 48 seconds, is Top Dog.

    Top Dog has had a hard time as of late but this looks like a potential turning point in his CWA career. Steel will have been left in no doubt about as to who was to blame for the loss at In Exile after this performance.

    A short advert is aired next which features former CWA World Champion Roberto. Roberto is making some extra cash by advertising the GAP clothing range to the CWA audience.

    Kennif leBlanch vs. Joey Nicholas

    LeBlanch has for so long remained the quite man in the background of the Brotherhood, now, he is looking to step out of the shadows and make a name for himself by beating one of the best in CWA. The CWA World Lightweight Champion Joey Nicholas. Nicholas didn’t seem to be in the mood to let people make a name for themselves and he showed it with a vicious and dominating performance. LeBlanch tried everything he could think of from eye gouges to high risk moves but Nicholas was ready for everything. Nicholas stopped the games when leBlanch missed a cross body from the top rope. Nicholas hit the Deal Breaker but decided he wasn’t done yet. Nicholas wants to show the world how dominate he can be and thus hit three more Deal Breakers to ensure leBlanch had zero chance of getting up, let alone kicking out.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 7 minutes and 31 seconds is the CWA World Lightweight Champion, the Real Deal Joey Nicholas.

    Nicholas stood over the fallen body of leBlanch and raised his title belt in victory. Tonight was a much easier night for the champion than in recent weeks and he was relieved to get back to his dominating victory routine. Nicholas is once again full of confidence but Shadow Equinox decides to start the mind games. Equinox comes from under the ring and sneaks up behind Nicholas. Nicholas turns and is face to face with the man he beat at In Exile. Neither man moves until the lights go out. When the come back on Equinox has disappeared to leave a confused and maybe even worried Joey Nicholas alone in the ring.

    Backstage and Orlando Maxwell is standing by with a statement in his hand.

    Orlando Maxwell: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this moment in time it is my duty to give you an update on the condition of the now former CWA World Heavyweight Champion. As you all know, Roberto needed medical treatment after his match with Ultimate Pain at In Exile. CWA would like to announce that Roberto was not seriously hurt and was more tired than anything. The local medical team that was on hand decided it would be best for Roberto to go to the hospital to get checked out just in case. Roberto obliged. Roberto spent several days in hospital running a needless amount of tests which meant he missed his flight home. Roberto has been advised against long distance drives and thus has been stuck in Canada since In Exile. For some reason very few flights leave Canada. I’d of thought they would be lining up to leave but I guess not. We at CWA apologize to the billions of Roberto fans all over the world for his absence and we hope to have him back in the very near future. Thank you for listening.

    Maxwell lowers his mic and breaths heavily after doing the entire statement in a single breath.

    Ultimate Pain vs. TJ Styles

    At In Exile the newcomer the CWA TJ Styles decided it would be a good idea to pick a fight with Ultimate Pain. Yes, the man who would later go on to become the CWA World Champion. Pain didn’t forgive and he didn’t forget about the altercation. Sometime after his match with Roberto, the new champion decided he wanted to be TJ Styles first opponent and thus demanded this match. Pain seemed to be suffering a championship hang over early on as the newcomer took the fight to the champion with several dropkicks and even a near fall after a swinging Neckbreaker. A Spike DDT woke up Pain as he completely no sold it and went on to a blistering offence. Pain completely dominated the rookie from here on out and eventually put him out of his misery with the Ulti-Bomb for the three count.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winner, in 9 minutes and 21 seconds is the Ultimate Pain.

    Pain, clearly not happy with having to work so hard, decides to send a message to the CWA roster. Pain drags Styles to his feet and drives the title belt into his skull knocking the rookie out cold. Pain stands over Styles and raises his title above his head.

    Next we go backstage, where Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain are standing by with Michelle Kelly. Bonsen doesn’t wait for a question and goes straight into his speech.

    Hawk Bonsen: No more games, no more jokes. I'm sick and tired of being the underdog, and I'm sick of not having CWA gold.. April 22nd, Toxic Rain and I get another shot at the belts that we were screwed out of winning. Alexis, your boys couldn't even beat us straight up. You had to give them your shoe. Who throws a shoe? I mean honestly. The Future, you pissed of the fans, you pissed off the boss, but most importantly, you pissed me off. I don't care what I have to do to win, but know that tonight it's over, it's done.

    Hawk Bonsen: I've never been one to believe in luck, but at In Exile, someone was watching our backs. Toxic and I, who were unbeaten. We drew the final spot in the tag gauntlet. The unbeaten team enters last, what does that mean? What does that ALWAYS mean? We should be the CWA Tag Team Champions. But we're not, because I got hit in the head with a damn boot. You know what? I can bitch and moan all I want, but lets face it, that already happen. Our next match hasn't yet. I'll pull my weight, and Dammit I'll pull Toxic's too if need be. Boys, this is about more than the straps, this is about getting revenge. I can hit the Black Hawk Down, or I can just cave in your skull with a chair. And Alexis, I'm going to pull a Sham Wow Vince and punch you in the face like the hooker you are. I'm hungry.

    Dmac and Rich Stone vs. Shaun Quinn and Mike Rotch

    Shaun Quinn appears to be running out of options as he has resorted to the winless Rotch to aid him tonight against the quite intimidating team of Dmac and Rich Stone. The intimidating team soon became a one man team as Rich Stone turned on Dmac as soon as the opening bell sounded. Stone spiked Dmac with a piledriver before standing back and watching the two on one beating from Shaun Quinn and Mike Rotch. Dmac tries to fight back but is quickly outnumbered and beaten to the mat again. Shaun Quinn decides to put his stamp on the match as he brings his signature light tube into the match. Mike Rotch hold Dmac up as Quinn takes aim. Quinn goes to swing but Stone grabs the light tube and smashes it across the head of Quinn. Mike Rotch takes one look at Stone and decides its better to walk away. Stone pins the lifeless Quinn to pick up the victory for his “team”.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, in 9 minutes and 45 seconds are…

    Rich Stone grabs the mic from Lindsay and heads back into the ring with it.

    Rich Stone: And the winner, by himself is Rich “The Future CWA World Champion” Stone.

    Stone then drives the mic into the head of Dmac for good measure. Stone has put Dmac and Ultimate Pain on notice.

    The main event, is up next.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships
    The Future © w/ Alexis vs. Hawk Bonsen and ToXic Rain

    The champions debuted new wrestling attire to match their newly won titles. Long pants as apposed to the previous shorts are the biggest change beside the colours. Axl Storm and Hawk Bonsen wrestled much of the match at a high tempo leading to several near falls aswell as several near misses. Axl thought he had stolen the quick victory with a sunset flip into a pin from the middle rope but Bonsen fought out. Bonsen tried a small package driver but Axl fought it off and hit a grazing Superkick to end the offence of Bonsen. Daren Storm and ToXic Rain got tagged in at the same time following the double down. Storm went to punch Rain in the face but she used her speed and mobility to easily dodge it. Storm stumbled forwards allowing Rain to hit a lung blower for a long two count. Rain went for the figure four leg lock but Axl recovered and took her out with a running knee lift. The Future climb the ropes and hit Rain with the Frog Splash - Leg drop combination attack. Bonsen breaks the pin attempt at two. Bonsen sends Axl shoulder first into the steel ring post to eliminate him from the match. Alexis sensed the danger mounting and got up onto the ring apron. ToXic Rain didn’t need to be told twice and speared Alexis off the apron and to the floor below where Rain took it to Alexis in a payback attack. Daren Storm meanwhile had added an elbow pad from the ring corner to his attire as he lays down feinting injury. Hawk Bonsen falls for it and gets a stiff elbow smash for his troubles. The normally non lethal moved knocks Bonsen out cold to allow Daren to make the cover and keep the tag team titles for now.

    Lindsay Monahan: Your winners, in 24 minutes and 57 seconds and still the CWA World Tag Team Champions, The Future.

    ToXic Rain climbs back into the ring to check on her unconscious partner. Daren Storm raises the title belts in victory. ToXic Rain turns to ask the official for some help but gets an Elbow Smash for her troubles aswell. Rain falls lifeless on top of Bonsen as Daren Storm exit’s the ring to join his partner and manager on the outside. The Future end the show heading back up the ramp still the champions, by any means necessary.
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - April 22nd 2009 - Live from Providence, RI

    Interesting show.

    Looking forward to see where everythings going for the next PPV now.

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - April 22nd 2009 - Live from Providence, RI

    Nice show worth the wait, cant wait to see what happens for the PPV

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - April 22nd 2009 - Live from Providence, RI

    fuggin' KO'd. Oh well, I like it.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - April 22nd 2009 - Live from Providence, RI

    Great show, I'm digging all the Heels as champs atm as well

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