Name*: Bret Storm
Nickname: The English Canadian
Age*: 20
Hometown: England
Height: 6ft
Weight*: 234 lbs
Gimmick*: American Hated. Loved in England and Canada, because he is half English, Half Canadian
Disposition*: Heel

Wrestling Style*: Techinical and High Flying
Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed= 2, Technical= 1, Power = 5, Brawling= 4, Charisma= 3.

Signature Moves*:figure 4 leg lock, Drop kick, DDT, headlock takeover, arm drag
Finishing Moves*: Stormbreaker ( Sharpshooter), Piledriver

Previous Expierance: None


Introduction: (Short hype video)