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Thread: Guns N' Roses plan tour

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    Guns N' Roses plan tour

    This would be the third Chinese Democracy tour but at least this time, they would have an album to actually play songs off of instead of just the three or four they played last time around.

    GUNS N' ROSES are reportedly planning a worldwide stadium tour to support their latest album Chinese Democracy.

    Up until now, frontman Axl Rose has ruled out reforming the original line-up of the legendary band after he called former guitarist Slash "a cancer".

    But the current line-up could be set to hit the road this year.

    Manager Irving Azoff told Rolling Stone magazine that Rose had deliberately stayed away from the limelight for nearly 15 years.

    He said: "People think they know him but they only really only know what has been said about him by questionable people.

    "He is a good guy and often misunderstood - he is a professional who has worked very hard to build and maintain a high creative standard for Guns N' Roses, which I support."
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    Re: Guns N' Roses plan tour

    Axl is a twat.

    Firing Buckethead, the hatred for Slash, kicking people out of his concert for wearing a Velvet Revolver Shirt.

    Sure he makes great music; still....

    Hopefully they come to australia again, I missed their show last year


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