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Thread: Oasis keen to record again

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    Oasis keen to record again

    I thought they may have run out of material a couple of years ago, but they seem to have gotten a new lease of life since Don't Believe the Truth.

    OASIS have already written half an album's worth of new material, Liam Gallagher said today.

    And the frontman said he he was keen for the band to get into the studio as soon as their world tour finishes.

    Speaking to Portuguese TV show 'Top+', he said: "I reckon we'd get half of it done [if the band went into the studio now].

    "Personally, after the tour I think we should have a couple of months off - not too long, maybe six months. Then I think we should go back in the studio, make another album."

    "But it's not down to me, you know what I mean, because I'm not a solo artist."

    Gallagher, an ardent Manchester City fan, also sang the praises of Inter Milan manager, Jose Mourinho.

    He said: "He's a dude and I like him. He's cool man. And he's got passion. But he's not as special as me though."

    He added that he would "love to see" Mourinho managing Manchester City.
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    Re: Oasis keen to record again

    Watch the Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect Film.

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