In preparation for the release of his new album on March 24, Houston’s Slim Thug has announced a 24-city promo tour and a brand new mixtape.

Seeking to build on the success of his 2005 national debut Already Platinum, Slim explained that the new album is free of the major label constraints he was obligated to under his previous Star Trak/Geffen deal.

“This album is me doing what I wanted to do,” Slim told “I put it together the way I wanted without being influenced by any other people, no A&Rs, none of that. What people are gonna get from this album is Houston. I have all artists out of Houston on it: UGK, Scarface, Lil Keke, [and] Z-Ro.”

Entitled Boss of All Bosses, Slim expects the LP to showcase Houston’s unique sub-culture and offer an alternative to Hip-Hop’s current mainstream sound.

“These are the people I listen to all the time, all day,” Slim explained. “And I just want to give the world that, let the world know the type of stuff that we’re on because I don’t see too many people outside the southern region catching on to how we do our stuff out here. There’s still a whole other side of Houston that hasn’t been displayed so I’m still trying to bring it out to a broader audience.”

Slim Thug is also dropping a new 28-track mixtape dubbed I Represent This Pt. 2; 10 Years Later.

The project is a sequel to Slim’s very first mixtape, and is also Houston-centered with appearances from Trae the Truth and Chamillionaire.

When asked about the deluge of promo activity he’s planned, Slim explained that after 3 years away from the national spotlight, the work will serve as a reintroduction to fans who may have been disappointed with the concessions he was forced to make on his major label debut.

“It’s always been like that,” Slim stated. “I was always in control of whatever I did. That’s why when I got with the majors I wasn’t comfortable because I wasn’t calling the shots. I’ve always been a boss in this music game. Now, in my mind, I’m starting over from scratch. I’m just hitting the reset button and starting from there.”

Slim Thug’s Boss of All Bosses will be released March 24 through Slim’s very own Boss Hawg Outlawz imprint and E1 Music (formerly Koch Records).

Below are the scheduled tour dates for Slim’s promo tour.

February 25th - Montgomery, AL
Feb 25 – Tallahassee, FL
Feb 26 – Gainesville, FL
Feb 27 – Jacksonville, FL
Feb 28 – Tampa, FL
March 1 – Orlando, FL
March 3 – Birmingham, AL
March 3 – Memphis, TN (night)
March 4 – Nashville, TN March 5- Lexington, KY/Louisville, KY
March 6th- Louisville, KY
March 7th- Cincinnati, OH
March 8th – Chicago, IL (off)
March 9th – Chicago, IL
March 10th- St. Louis, MO
March 11th- Wichita, KS
March 12th- Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK
March 13th – Dallas, TX
March 14th – Houston, TX
March 15th – Corpus Christi, TX
March 16th – Baton Rouge, LA
March 17th – Lafayette, LA
March 18th- New Orleans, LA
March 19th- Beaumont, TX/Home
Slim thuggggg. I know Randy Orton is excited about this great news.