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    Superbrawl WCW Superbrawl I Review

    May 19, 1991

    The Fabulous Freebirds w/DDP and Big Daddy Dink vs The Young Pistols - US Tag Team Titles Match
    The Freebirds lost the Tag Team Titles to the Steiners shortly after Wrestle War. Well actually, they lost the titles BEFORE the PPV. But thanks to tape delay, it occurred after the event. Which is kind of weird realizing that Doom lost the titles to a team that already lost them. Anyways, since The Steiners were already the US Tag Team Champions, they had to forfeit the US straps. Supposedly there was a tournament, however; I can't find any information on it. It's quite possible they just made it up. The Young Pistols are the Southern Boys who had a WCW MOTYC in 1990 against the Midnight Express at the Great American Bash. The Pistols are Steve Armstrong and Tracy Smothers. Steve is of course from the Armstrong family. Smothers would eventually go on to be a member of the FBI in ECW. Hayes gets in a little offense on Armstrong. Armstrong is tossed out of the ring and once Smothers tries to help out his partner, the ref becomes distracted. The Freebirds set up a closeline by Dink, but Armstrong ducks and comes back with his own on the manager. Double closeline on the Freebirds. Back inside, Dink trips up Armstrong. This brings out Brad Armstrong not happy about seeing his brother doubled and tripled teamed. The referee throws both Brad and Dink out of the ring side. Smothers is tagged in, but Freebirds continues to double team to stay ahead. Loud 'Badstreet' chant from the crowd. Jim Ross tries to downplay it claiming the Freebird's fans are in the minority here tonight. I don't know about that JR, it sounds like the Freebirds are the only ones the crowd cares about. The Pistols gives up being fair and we get several minutes of spots. Even with some nice top rope moves, the fans still cared more about the Freebirds. The referee gets knocked down as the Freebirds are both covered. From the back, a mysterious man in a semi bird suit runs out. Tornado DDT to both members of the Pistols. The ref awakes and Hayes covers a Pistol to win the match and become the new US Tag Team Champions. The Freebirds are now 2-0 and won titles at both 1991 PPV's. There was some decent action, but the match lacked any real direction. It was just heat, tons of spots and finally, the run in by the man to be known as Badstreet. The Badstreet gimmick made the Gobbledygooker look cool. Fun fact - Badstreet was played by Brad Armstrong, although he was never revealed to be him. 10 Minutes. 2 1/2 Stars.

    Backstage, Missy Hyatt is about to enter the locker room again. Oh yeah, this should be good. Hyatt calls out for Z-Man or Pillman, but he wasn't there. Terrance Taylor (The Red Rooster) asks what she's doing there. She hears someone singing in the locker room and asks if that could be Z-Man. Taylor tells her to check it out for herself. She's horrified to find...Stan Hanson again. Hansen in only hit boxers and cowboy hat yells at her. Hyatt screams she's only her for an interview. Hansen runs her out of the locker room by spanking her with his cowboy hat. Hyatt is nearly in tears as we go back to the ring side. This is seriously awesome. It's pure wrestlecrap, but it's so great.

    Flyin' Brian vs Barry Windham - Taped Fist Match
    This feud got it's start while they were building up the War Games match. All the stipulation means is that you can punch each other with your taped fist. All other weapons are still illegal. Both men starts pounding each other early on. They battle on the entrance ramp before coming back in. Windham is busted open somehow. With Pillman on the outside, the camera picked up a shot of him putting something under the ring, I assume the blade. So now Brian is bleeding as well. Pillman has bursts of energy attacking Windham. With Pillman on the top rope, Windham shoves the referee out of the way and low blows Pillman. Superplex by Windham gets him the victory. Post-match has Windham continuing the assault. It didn't really feel like a stipulation match. While it wasn't bad, things didn't really get going either. The finish seemed a bit abrupt as well. Still, it was a little entertaining. Some more time would of helped. 7 Minutes. 2 1/4 Stars.

    El Gigante vs Sid Vicious - Stretcher Match
    Another feud that began thanks to the War Games. To win the match, you have to cart your opponent out of the ring on a stretcher. Sid is from "Anywhere he darn well pleases." Excellent. The stretcher refuses to cooperate for Gigante, so he just carries it to the ring. Oh, the foreshadowing. Gigante just throws Sid around for most of the match. Sid runs into a big boot and Gigante locks in the claw. The referee counts three and Gigante wins. Um...didn't you need to use that stretcher? Out comes Kevin Sullivan and the One Man Gang to attack Gigante. Gigante easily holds his own against OMG and Sullivan. Sullivan holds the stretcher as Gigante shoves OMG down on it (No, I didn't confuse names). Sullivan throws some powder in the eyes of Gigante. OMG uses the stretch to hit Gigante a few times. Gigante wakes up and a scared Sullivan and OMG runs to the back. Um...okay. I guess it wasn't a stretcher match. Or I guess the stretcher was just a weapon you could just use in the match. I suppose the announcer just got the rules wrong. I suppose you really had to throw a different man on the stretcher to win. I suppose...this was pure shit. God, they couldn't even remember the rules in a match that was shorter than three minutes. This makes Gigante's WWE work look like MOTYC's. As for Sid, he was now on his way to the WWE just in time to be the referee at their next PPV. 3 Minutes. 1/8 Star.

    Ron Simmons vs Butch Reed - Thunderdoom Cage Match
    Because cage matches doesn't contain enough doom...anyways, after Wrestle War, Ron Simmons was a little upset with his ex-partner. To ensure that Teddy Long wouldn't be able to interfere at all, he's suspended in smaller cage above the ring. See...a smart manager would of realized he can still throw things in the cage for his partner...or at least try spitting on Simmons. Jim Ross mentions Long's newest protege, Johnny B. Badd. Badd's match was cut from the Turner Home Release though. For some reason, all three entrances are still using the same music. More shilling of Ron Simmons being Bruce Renyold's favorite wrestling. Dusty mentions Jason Hervey is here too. A lot of throwing against the cage early on. The camera picks up Ron Simmon's entire blade job. Come on WCW, this is why you have guys in the production truck. When a wrestler reaches for a blade, change the camera. Reed yells to Teddy to not worry, that he has him. Reed is trying far too hard to hit the cage. Simmons at least makes his cage collisions look realistic while Reed is jumping into the cage. Mean looking piledriver by Reed only gets a two. Simmons comes back and back body drops Reed. Reed with a running knee. Double closeline. Teddy Long throws some object into the ring. Holy shit, Teddy Long IS a smart manager. Ron Simmons ducks the punch with the object and nails Simmons with a Spinebuster to get the victory. My brilliant telepathic channeling to Long aside, the match had some major flaws. Simmons did fairly well, really selling the neck. However, Reed was just too over the top. I also didn't like how easy it was for Simmons to win. He literally hit a half dozen or so moves. While Simmons was going to be the major star from Doom, they could of at least made it a little more even. However, looking more into Reed's career, he like Sid, was on the way out of the company. So I suppose they wanted to bury him a bit. Burying Reed only hurt the match though. Reed would return to WCW in 1992 for a brief time. As for Simmons, I guess we shall have to wait to see if he's able to continue his singles success. For a short cage match, it was good enough. They didn't overload the match with a ton of spots and tried to keep it realistic. The fans were into it at least. 10 Minutes. 2 1/4 Stars.

    The Steiner Brothers (c) vs Lex Luger and Sting - WCW World Tag Team Titles Match
    Luger is still face, so we get the ever elusive face vs face match. Odd since the last PPV saw a heel vs heel match for the titles. I wonder when we'll finally get the normal face vs heel. Before the match, Dusty Rhodes puts over how they're all friends. As the WCW crew works to take down the cage, we're shown a video package of both teams. Very Rocky-ish in feel. It's slightly corny, but it does a hell of a job to make the match feel huge. Some girl is shown holding the action figures of Sting, Luger and Rick Steiner. I used to have all of them. Terrible figures though. All of the bodies were sculpted in a pose which made pulling off moves difficult. Unlike other kids, when I used to play wrestling, I was very determined to actually do moves instead of just smashing them together. Fucking WCW figures ruined the workrate of the matches. Wow, I'm really getting off of the point. Luger and Rick starts off. It's a stalemate early on. Rick goes for a running shoulder block, but he just bounces off of Luger. Holy shit. Rick comes back with a release German Suplex. Steinerline by Rick. Luger turns Rick inside out with a closeline. Luger tags in Sting. Closeline over the top rope to Rick. Sting runs and easily flies over the top rope to splash on Rick on the outside. Fuck. Rick no sells a Sting bulldog. Oh's on. Sting uses a Steiner move on Rick. Rick avoids a Sting Splash. Tag into Scott. Huge sitdown Powerbomb. The crowd is erupting. Tilt-a-while on Sting. Sting Hotshots Scott. Luger is tagged back in. Suplex to Scott. Sting's tagged back in, but tags an inverted Atomic Drop. Belly-to-belly from the top rope to Sting by Scotty. That only gets a two though. Sting ducks out of the way of a big closeline. Luger suplexes Scott back in the ring. Luger hits a big Powerslam to Scott. Scott counters the Torture Rack with a Side Russian Legsweep. Blind tag into Rick. Rick gets a top rope bulldog to Luger to get a 2 count. Sting with a Missile Dropkick to Rick. Rick and Luger collides together. Sting reverses a Tombstone Piledriver for his own to Scott. Luger and Rick fights on the outside with the ref taken out. Sting with the Stinger Splash to Scott in the ring. Nikita Koloff comes out looking to take out Luger. Sting shoves Luger out of the way and takes a chain shot. Scott covers Sting and the ref sees it in time to count the 3. Post-match has the Steiners and Luger worried about why Sting is suddenly bleeding. Tony Schiavone is with Koloff as Sting runs to the back to attack Nikita. Koloff and Sting fights outside of the building. For such a short match, there was a ton of action and the crowd loved every minute. The whole face vs face match wasn't played out at this time and it only helped create a huge match environment. In many ways it feels like an exhibition match between two friends. However, that is where the charm lies. As big of stars the Steiners were, a throw together team like Sting and Luger didn't make the Steiners the easy favorites. The main goal of anything match is to make you want to see more, well I wanted to see these two wrestle for another 30+ minutes, so it accomplished that goal. The Koloff run-in just gave Sting more face sympathy and started that feud off. Along with Steamboat vs Savage, this is one of those short matches that are just gems. 11 Minutes. 4 1/2 Stars.

    Arn Anderson (c) vs 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton - TV Title Match
    Eaton is now referred to as hailing from Alabama as opposed to the Dark Side. WCW still has the old TV title that looks cheap. Your run of the mill match is shown early on. Bobby heads to the top rope, but Arn launches him off and onto the entrance ramp. Arn attempts a Piledriver on the ramp, but Bobby blocks it and hits a Back Body Drop. Arn uses the ring post to injury Eaton's left knee. Anderson works over the knee for the remainder of the match while Eaton shows heart and doesn't give up. Spinebuster by Anderson. 1...2...NO! Eaton kicks out of Anderson's finisher. Anderson can't believe it. Bobby on only one leg gets in a neckbreaker. Dusty Rhodes doubts Eaton can hit the Alabama Jam on a bummed knee. Pickup slam to Anderson. Eaton climbs to the top rope. Barry Windham runs out to interfere, but Flyin' Brian runs out and fights Windham back to the locker room. Nice added touch with both men having wrapped up heads selling their injuries. ALABAMA JAM! ONE...TWO...THREE...NEWWWWW TV Champion. Bobby Eaton celebrates as the fans cheer. I love whenever a body part is focused on in a match and it comes to play in the finish. You had Arn doing his thing by focusing in on a body part just as an Anderson would. Eaton showed a lot of heart and really helped the match out. It looked like they were holding back a little though. 13 Minutes. 3 1/2 Stars.

    Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami - WCW World and NWA World Title Match
    Back at the NWA/Japan Supershow in April, Tatsumi pinned Flair to become the NWA Champion. The only problem was that WCW had started up their own World Title, but never really made reference to it being different from the NWA championship. So this in lies the problem. WCW still recognized Flair as the real Champion, while Japan and the NWA said that Tatsumi was their champion. This match would now re-unify the titles. The only thing is that WCW refused to acknowledge that they had two World Champions. So they just made it a whole lot more confusing than it had to be. Your guest referee is Tiger Hatori, the referee who gave Michael Cole the idea of being nicknamed Michael 'Tiger' Cole. With this being such an important match, referee Bill Alfonso is on the outside ready to step in if needed. Tatsumi works on Flair's back early on with a Bow and Arrow. He changes gears to focus on Flair's legs. A lot of various leg locks follow. Flair and Tatsumi fights on the outside, but that just leaves Flair bloody. Flair does several Flair bumps including some while falling out of the ring. The crowd is fairly quiet. Flair goes for an Oklahoma Roll, but he doesn't even come close to being able to hold on to the legs. Flair gets a two with a Jackknife cover. Awkward moment comes when Tatsumi tries to pull up from the cover, but he keeps falling. They try a few more times before Flair just gives up and stands. During an Octopus hold by Tats, some crowd members starts an 'USA' chant. Tatsumi gets a roll up on Flair, but Flair kicks out sending him crashing into the main referee. Flair rolls Tatsumi up by holding the tights. Fonzy climbs in ring to count 3 in plain sight of the tights holding. Flair wins and re-unifies the titles. Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes tries to put it over as a huge victory while ignoring the cheating. There's a small 'Bullshit' chant. I concur. Neither Tiger or Tatsumi seem to understand what happened. This would should/could of been great. However, Flair and Tatsumi had zero chemistry together. It was a sad sight to see both wrestlers botching so many easy moves. The worst part about the match was the lack of heat. For whatever reason, WCW felt that a heel Flair vs an unknown (to America) Japanese wrestler who wasn't acting heelish would get a good reaction. Instead, the crowd just seems to not care either way. It's just bad booking and a letdown performance from both wrestlers. It's not terrible though, but it should of been an easy great match. 19 Minutes. 2 3/4 Stars.

    With the exception of one match, everything was at least good. The thing that makes this a winner of a PPV is the fact that WCW once again produced a MOTYC for the second straight PPV in 1991. Much like their Wrestlemania counterpart, Superbrawl relies on it's one great match and a few good matches to make up the show. I would give it the slight win over Wrestlemania increasing WCW's lead to 2-0 in their 5 match PPV series with the WWE in 1991. Two PPV's into 1991, WCW is creating some good storylines and are seemingly unable to be stopped. With Flair now free to feud with a WCW wrestler, the Steiners kicking ass and several others helping WCW be the top promotion in the US as far as quality, they most certainly can't fuck up the rest of the year, right?

    Best Match: The Steiners vs Lex Luger and Sting
    Worst Match: El Gigante vs Sid Vicious

    Overall Grade: B
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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    Good review.

    The main event sounds like a HUGE let down, which is too bad.

    The show sounds decent but nothing special, tbh.


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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    Quote Originally Posted by KenTheKiller View Post
    The main event sounds like a HUGE let down, which is too bad.
    Even though it was better than Wrestlemania 7's main event, at least for the WM match, we knew it was going to possibly be bad. Slaughter was badly out of his prime and Hogan really struggled to get a good match from someone not totally driven to have a great match. But for WCW, they had one of the best technical wrestlers of all time and Ric Flair. My expectations instantly went high.

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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    Watch the Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect Film.

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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Red View Post
    I don't recall ever seeing an 11 minute match awarded such a high rating by anybody, but you seemed to suggest yourself that it is a rarity. I would certainly be interested in seeing that match. Everything I have seen from the Steiner Brothers (in their prime, not TNA) so far has been very good, although admittedly I have only seen a couple of matches, and I think both may have been recommended by you.
    You know of one match that was given 5 stars that was only around 14 minutes.

    And the Steiners were fucking incredible at one time. From 1991-1992 in WCW to their amazing WWF run culminating in the epic match with the Harts was all just so great. As I continue through 1991 WCW, the Steiners I suspect are going to be the ones making it bearable.

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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    Watch the Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect Film.

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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Red View Post
    What match was that?

    Any other Steiners matches you would recommend?
    Steamboat vs Savage - Wrestlemania 3. That wasn't even 15 minutes long.

    Let me finish up 1991 (And if I go into 1992 as well) before answering. There's a couple of major matches I know are still to come from this year. If I do keep going into 1992, I know that there will be even more goodness.

    For the most part, I'm still learning about the early 90's from WCW. While I have a good grasp on the late 80's and once Hogan came into town, most of the in between years are all new to me.

    But just so I'm not totally useless:

    The Steiner Brothers vs Hart Brothers - Wrestlefest 1994 - This is pretty much my favorite tag match of the 1990's. Up until a few days ago, I never heard anyone say anything bad about it. Most fans consider it the true hidden gem of the WWE.

    The Steiner Brothers vs Money Inc. - I'll post this in the media forum in a minute. In a bad year of 1993, these two teams had a fantastic little feud during the summer. I'd advise you to just watch from the first match to the third. The cage match has an ending that I've never forgotten from when I watched it just one time (Before finding the file years later).

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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    I don't recall a Cage match between the Steiners & Money Inc. was it the last one? Was it good? (I mean, did it felt like the culmination of a feud?). As far as the Luger/Sting vs. Steiners match, watched it recently and sure hold up well. It was non-stop and the crowed loved every second.

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    Re: WCW Superbrawl I Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Chorros View Post
    I don't recall a Cage match between the Steiners & Money Inc. was it the last one? Was it good? (I mean, did it felt like the culmination of a feud?). As far as the Luger/Sting vs. Steiners match, watched it recently and sure hold up well. It was non-stop and the crowed loved every second.
    Yeah, it was the last one. Ted DiBiase was forced to retire soon after the match. I loved the cage match though. Like I said, it's one of the more memorable matches I remember watching as a kid.

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