At No Way Out, Randy Orton might learn that it was in err to target not only the most legendary namesake in the history of the squared circle, but also its greatest spectacle: WrestleMania. Standing across from the Legend Killer in a No Holds Barred Match will be the McMahon familyís champion, Shane McMahon.

In a confrontation where anything goes, the WWE Executive Vice President will shed his familiar pinstriped, two-piece suit for far less corporate accoutrements: Nike Air Jordans and virtually any weapon he can find. Despite the most dangerous stipulation set before him, Shane McMahon will fight a Superstar without conscience Ė the individual who callously punted his father, the WWE Chairman, weeks ago.

After winning the 2009 Royal Rumble Match (and a World Title Match at WrestleMania XXV along with it), Orton threatened litigation against Raw General Manager Stephanie McMahon in the event she or WWE attempted to fire the Legend Killer for his heinous actions against Mr. McMahon. The Chairmanís daughter, however, revealed part of a more intricate plan for Orton. Intermittent Explosive Disorder or no, the ďLegacyĒ leader was met by an unexpectedly hostile, seemingly unstoppable assault from Shane OíMac, whose torrent of fists were left unrestrained by Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and their chief.

Shane OíMac is focused on defending the dignity of his kin Ė a bloodline that extends into the entire WWE locker room, which Orton essentially threatened as well when he claimed willingness to jeopardize WrestleMania. If past confrontations involving the Chairmanís son have proven anything, itís that no risk (or leap) is too great when it comes to winning. And, this time, Shane isnít just seeking victory; heís seeking to revoke his enemyís guaranteed position on The Grandest Stage of Them All by crippling the Legend Killer.

Though itís possible that Orton is moving directly into the pre-conspired scheme of the McMahon clan, this No Way Out bout comes at the behest of the Legend Killer, himself. The 2009 Royal Rumble victor always bears an ill-willed agenda accented with meticulous detail. Is a No Holds Barred confrontation with Shane McMahon exactly what he needs to secure his Legacyís permanent foothold?

Mr. McMahon rests atop the current list of many men who have succumbed to Ortonís vile skull-rattling kick Ė Batista, Dusty Rhodes and many more. Will his son be the next notch on the Legend Killerís impressively studded belt of fallen adversaries? Or will Shane OíMacís wild emotion be enough to extinguish Orton and his Legacy?

Find out live and only on pay-per-view at No Way Out.