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  1. Creed-They Still Got It
  2. WC's Artist of the Month Voting Thread - July
  3. Rockabilly
  4. One Artist You Haven't Seen Yet.....
  5. Buckethead Posts Guitar Tribute to Michael Jackson
  6. Rob Halford Doesn't Look So Good...
  7. Ryan and Jon Leave Panic! At The Disco
  8. KISS Album News
  9. What Will This Decade Be Defined By?
  10. Michael Jacksons still tearing it up on album sales
  11. Are Killswitch THE metal band of the 21st century?
  12. Slayer Announce New Album
  13. Ace Frehley Returns With New CD
  14. Unpopular Music Opinions
  15. Details on new Lynyrd Skynyrd album.
  16. Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Dissed By The Game
  17. Pearl Jam Announce Tour Dates, “Backspacer” Out September 20th
  18. Ozzy Osbourne fires Zakk Wylde and looking for replacement
  19. Nine Inch Nails Says "Goodbye Cruel World"!
  20. Leave This Town, Anyone get it yet?
  21. Throwdown finishes recording new album
  22. Bands you hated, then suddenly liked
  23. MARILYN MANSON: 'TWIGGY Writes Songs From The Heart, And TIM SKOLD Writes From...
  24. Slayer and Marilyn Manson Announce Summer Tour
  25. I play in a band, who wants to listen?
  26. Cobra Starship
  27. Steel Panther
  28. Beastie Boys’ “MCA” Adam Yauch Has Cancer
  29. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  30. Buzz Aldrin, one of the first astronauts to land on the moon, makes a rap song......
  31. July Artist of the Month - Killswitch Engage
  32. August 2009 Artist of the Month Nominations Thread
  33. Nicky's 2009 Warped Tour Diary
  34. Children of Bodom Announce Forthcoming Covers Album
  35. EWWW!! Has this ever happened to you?
  36. I'm A Flaming ****!
  37. Best/Favorite Instrumental?
  38. Craziest Song You've Heard?
  39. Bon's CD reviews
  40. Good R'n'B/Hip Hop Albums/Songs
  41. Songs That Effect You Emotionally..
  42. Kerry King having a whine again...
  43. Dave Mustaine to undergo surgery.
  44. Lynyrd Skynyrd Set to Return with New Studio Album
  45. Hey, that's make a great band name......
  46. What was the Number One Song when you were born?
  47. I was watchin
  48. Rate That Playlist!
  49. Just Five Songs
  50. The Three Songs That Define......(Metallica)
  51. Mayhem Festival Brief Review
  52. AC/DC @ Wembley Stadium
  53. Cannibal Corpse/Slayer/Manson Quality Concert Footage
  54. Alice In Chains: New Album Track Listing Revealed (Single Inside)
  55. Gwar Set to Release "Lust in Space" + Footage From Wacken Open Air festival
  56. Rammstein Signs U.S. Deal With Vagrant Records (New Album in Fall)
  57. Killswitch Engage/In Flames to Tour UK/Germany in Winter
  58. Hypocrisy - New Album Track Listing Revealed
  59. Dethklok and Mastodon Team Up for North American Tour
  60. The Return of Living Colour!!!!!
  61. If You Had To Listen To One Album For The Rest Of Your Life........
  62. Guitar Hero: Van Halen Set List Announced
  63. O' Death. Check them out.
  64. Post A Song
  65. Bad Solos In Songs?
  66. Fall 2009 Album Preview
  67. C-Murder Gets Life In Prison
  68. Marilyn Manson threatens to rape Black Dahlia Murder frontman
  69. Details On New KISS Album + Audio Preview
  70. Lit's drummer Allen Shellenberger Passes away